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part 19 & 20 : Tumhare hum

part 19 :

 had fallen asleep for about an hour
until that is, the car started to slow
down, eventually coming to a
complete halt. I jerk forward in
response and look at Armaan
annoyed yet dizzy. He shrugs his
shoulders and I turn my face so I
can see the rain pouring hard
against the windshield. I sigh
knowing that we can't possibly drive
in this type of whether. I roll down
my window slightly and notice a

Part 7:Will You Ever Love Me?

  'Mr.Mallik''."Mr.Mallik"'.he came out of the bad dream'he was sweating badly'the fear of losing her forever'.he saw a nurse calling him'he answered "yes"'."Sir you have to sign these papers'.so that if anything happens to your wife the hospital will not be responsible for her death'."'..He signed the papers'"sister 'is she ok'.please save her please'.."'"Sir we are giving our best to save your wife and the rest is in god's hands"'.the nurse went away'.Armaan called up Rahul and said him to come as soon as possible'

 Rahul reached there within 20 minutes'seeing Armaan sitting on the floor and his hand on his knees and tears continuously flowing and he was staring blankly at the floor'"Armaan'everything will be alright don't worry I m here"'."Rahul'why does it always happens to me'and this is again my fault'Mom's accident was also because of me' I lost her ' I can't lose Riddhima' Sab mere Wajah se hua pehle mom ki death aura b riddhima ki halat bhi thik nahi hai'.every time'and every thing is done by me'its my fault'Kyun bhagwan mujhe nahi uthaleta'if I m dead it will be good for everyone '  I m really bad'mom why did you go away..Why did you not take me with you?".'

Part 18 : Perfect

"Let me get that for you" said ridz as she saw armaan pick up the black tie she had chosen for him to wear with an elegant red formal shirt inside a black and black together was what she had wanted him to wear....same as the combination of her as she tied the knot of his tie, she could feel his gaze on her, his silence emaphasizing the on going battle in his head....asking her the unspoken doubts...what was on her mind and why could she not share it with him in plain words.....finishing the knot she looked up into his hazel eyes, with a calm look, squeezing his hand she said..."armaan.....i know i did not put you through a pleasant test in there....n i know what making that choice meant to u....but now i want u to know....that i am doing this for the good of your family...beg your pardon, i mean our family....alot will be happening tonight....and you are not likely to receive it too well....but please remember...i am with and forever"....saying this she stood on tip toes, and gave him a quick yet passionate kiss on his if reassuring him of how seriously she meant the words she had just said....and hugging him she said " i love u armaan...not because u signed those love for u doesnt need reasons and conditions....but i also feel the same unconditional love towards the family u have given me, since i never had one for real all these

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part 17 & 18 : Tumhare hum

part 17 :

Today is the day Muskaan and Rahul
have been desperately waiting for,
their wedding day! This morning
when I burst into Muskaan's hotel
room I find her in a deliriously
happy state. She grabs my hands
and starts twirling me around
screaming, "It's my wedding day!" I
gasp sarcastically saying, "Are you
serious? I would never have known
without you telling me right now!"
She frowns and sarcastically laughs,

Part 17 : Perfect

As she stood there looking at him, armaan, with all the movement that had been caused, finally woke up, and suprised to see her just standing over him, stared into her emerald eyes, willing her to say that she had forgiven him, whatever she would expect in return he would do, but just this once.....ridhima meanwile could not hold his gaze too long, for she felt equally guilty now....knowing the whole truth....she could see how armaan had just been used by his father for his benefits, and knowing how high armaan held his father in his life she just couldnt see how he would face the truth....but she decided, i am going to be with him now...i wont let the news break him, i will be his strength, as he has been mine all this she made a move to go, he held her wrist, and his touch made her weak, made her wish to turn around and tell him that she knew he needed her, and that she was indeed with him....but not the way he wanted right she told herself....ridzi be firm, its just a little more wait till you fix the issues in this house, and then its just u and him forever.....and hard as it was, she knew if she just turned around and told him he was forgiven she would never be able to implement the plan she had in she just turned around with the same expressionless face and removed her wrist from his killed her to see the hurt in his eyes when she did that, and she knew what it felt like to him then....but the toll it was taking on her to do this was much greater, and so she just could not stop herself from saying in a much softer tone "armaan, i will be preparing the

Part 73 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"In this lifetime span, if I wont get to have you, I'll make sure that if I meet you in my next life I wont have to think twice on saying that "I have waited a lifetime to say I love you"
After their chats Aditi came back in her room and immediately dailed Armaan's number who picked after two rings, she didn't informed on phone she directly ordered him to come in her room and when Dev asked she informed in a go which made him shocked also he decided to take Armaan's class, In Evening Armaan came back in his cool mood but when Aditi informed everything also scolded him for not informing Shilpa anything his cool mood went into gutter, he was shocked also was confused
"Kya karoon ab...??" he sat worriedly on couch
"Ab kya faida... Pehle hi kaha tha tujhse... Usse sab bata de... Lekin tu meri sunta kaha hai..." Dev scolded looking at him
"By god.. Tum chup raho Dev... Ab chillaane ka nehi... Kuch sochne ka waqt hai..." sitting beside Armaan she said "Ab tum suno... Kya tumne apni yaadaast k baare mein Shilpa ko bataya... Kyunki yeh bhi sunne k baad vo thoda shock lag rahi thi" as she said he looked at her
"Haan.." he replied calmly
"Toh yahan kyun baitha hai... Jaa sab kuch clear kar... Isse pehle koi misunderstanding aaye tum dono k bich..." Dev ordered making him to stood up

Thursday, 28 February 2019

part 15 & 16 : Tumhare hum

part 15 :

After a good night's rest and
probing Muskaan about how she
could have picked the best friend of
my mortal enemy, I welcome the new
day. I wake up quite late in the
afternoon, I knew I should have set
the alarm! Anyways I make my way
towards Muskaan's room so that we
could head over to the beauty
parlor. Muskaan quickly opens the
door, throwing her arms around me.
She grins happily, "Thank god you're
here! Now we can go to the beauty
parlor!" I roll my eyes
unenthusiastically, "Yipee!" She

Part 6:Will You Ever Love Me?

Armaan had a hard time controlling riddhima after their passionate kiss'she was most interested in dancing with him'.but unfortunately she couldn't even stand properly'Rahul advised Armaan to take her back home'.Riddhima's angelic innocent face was melting armaan'.She was not letting him to leave her hand as well as to leave her 'she hold his left arm tightly so that he couldn't leave her'Armaan requested her to leave his hand as he had to drive the car but she was not listening to him at all'"Riddhima please leave my hand I promise to hold it after we reach home'I promise"'"'no'"she started crying and said him "I know if you leave my hand you will never hold it back 'so I will not leave you'"'.there was a fear of losing a precious thing as he saw into her eyes'.fear of not getting him back'there was some sort of pain in her eyes'the green beautiful eyes was expressing a number of emotions to his blue oceanic ones'."riddhima I promise not to leave you'but see if you don't leave my hand how will I drive and reach home'so please leave just for a few minutes then I promise to hold it back again.."'."Pakka plomish?"'she asked him like a little kid'."yes baba'pakka promise.."'she left his hand and he drove towards their house'

Part 16 : Perfect

As the early morning sun shined down upon her tear strained face, ridhima frowned a bit, and then almost at the same moment the strong fragrance of the mehendi on her hands, reached all the memories from the night before came back in a flash, she sat up in her bed wide awake now....and looked at her hands....slowly, with tears in her eyes, she traced the letters of the name on her hand, thinking of the resolve she had made last night before finally dozing into a disturbed sleep.....initially her impulse had driven her to decide to break off the wedding in the morning itself...but then as she had sat down, just sorting out the million thoughts which were swamping her head, she had realized with resignation, that this had to be it....she reasoned, hard though it had been in that state of mind...that as the gupta heiress this fate had been decided the day she was born into the house...her marriage, whoever it was with, would never be the kind of fantasy she had would be a deal....the only thing that could be changed is the names involved in the deal....and so she told herself, as she had for everything else in her just take what comes to her....she knew it would be extremely hard, because she had to live with the truth that the man she had loved, and still did she admitted swearing aloud for the first time in her life....was the same who had cheated her....and was marrying her for a deal....a marriage cum deal would be painful in any case....but this was probably

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Part 41: college life

Shimla trip 
Morning 6 am everyone gathered at the pick up point from where they are leaving for the shimla. 
Atul: so now only we six are going. 
Armaan: yup. 
Riddhima: actually everyone is busy because they all have plan with families as our college is opening soon. 
Anjali: ohh but ye to or acha hai na we will enjoy more and wink. 
Armaan smile mischievously. 
Armaan:riddhima vese you want to go shimla alone na with me. Armaan wink 
Riddhima cheeks turn red because she remembers her talk about shimla.
Armaan and riddhima relationship just started its before their first break up. 
They are talking on phone 

part 13 & 14 : Tumhare hum

part 13 :

Over the past couple of days,
Armaan has been acting a bit
strange lately at work. He is for the
most part avoiding me. It's actually
starting to creep me out. What if he
has discovered that I'm the same
girl from eight years ago and that I
am only seeking out revenge. Like I
said, I'm totally freaked out. There is
also the possibility that maybe he's
scared of the falling in love with me.

Part 15 : Perfect

Biggest Alliance in the history of LONDON-GMG: Gupta Malik Grewal collaboration announced, as planned, on the eve before the couple Armaan Ridhima tie knot....our congratulations to the families for this double celebration occassion" ridhima had re read that footer countless times standing before the TV in the past less than 2 minutes....somehow, though her head could comprehend what it meant, her heart was just not ready to comply....but for then she was so numb with shock, that there came no armaan moved towards her the moment samrat left, he suddenly saw ridhima swaying slightly and then holding on to her head she just almost collapsed, except that armaan caught her in time....getting really tense now, he yelled for maria while lifting her gently, taking care to not spoil her mehendi he put her on her bed, and yelled for maria again...who came rushing in at that very moment...."quick call a doctor...NOW....ridhima just fainted....HURRY UP MARIA....not a second to waste" while getting back to ridhima, armaan said, shaking her face with an extreme gentle touch "rid...ridhima plzzz honey....wake up....ridzi u gota react baby....OMG what did i do....ridhima if something happened to u i would no relax armaan....nothing can happen to her....god will not do this to u...."even while saying these words he wondered if they were right

Part 72 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Love sees to be the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. You must have faith in my love for you"

Tu aati hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharta hoon
Tere dil ki galliyon se
Mai har roz guzarta hoon...

"Armaan... Aapko aur kuch kaam nai hai... Jo mujhe tang kar rahe hain..." she scolded in her angry tone
"Tumhe tang karna hi toh mera kaam hai..." in a teasing voice he moved closer to her
"Kyun... Retirement le liya hai kya... Hospital se..." she taunted while turning back at her work again
"Pagal ho... Abhi retirement lunga toh humaare baccho ko kaise sambhalunga..." throwing the petals again on her he said in normal tone making her to look at him annoyingly
"Baccho nai bacchi..." she corrected pushing him on side and turned to go when he gripped her wrist wd a grin, pulling her closer to him
"Aree Meri Cinderella... Mai aage ki baat kar raha tha..." as he said in teasing voice she hided her blush and showed a fake glare to him who grinned

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Part 40: college life

Abhimanyu and nikita enter in the room where riddhima is sitting she is looking beautiful and royal. She is wearing Dove colour heavy lehanga choli her dupata is tied properly. in her one hand she is wearing matching bengals and in another she is wearing kangan which armaan given her. She is wearing beautiful diamond necklace and heavy earrings.and she curl her hairs and open them and she is looking beautiful like a queen.
Abhimanyu: ridhu bache you are looking so beautiful.
Nikita: sach me ridhu aj ap bhut pyari lag rhi ho then she put kala tikka behind riddhima ear kisi ki najar na lage.
Anjali: han par apke bhai ki to lag jayegi bhabhi.
Niki : han ye to hai but lagta hai apko bhi lag jayegi aj atul ki najar. Ap bhi bhut khubsurat lag rhi ho
Anjali is wearing black and peach colour lehanga choli. Her choli is off shoulder and she is wearing heavy necklace and small earrings. And in one wrist she wear kangan. She put tie her in messy bun.
Riddhima blush and anjali both blush.
Anjali: fir to bhai ki najar bhi apko lag gyi hogi. 

Part 18 : pyar ke mod par

Riddhima came in her room and threw herself on the bed. she closed eyes but sonu’s sad face came in front of her. She understood sonu was attached with arman and didn’t want to go from here.her heart asked her….”kya tu jana chahti hai riddhima? Jab se tujhe pata chala hai arman ne dusri shadi nahin ki aur abhi bhi tujhse pyar karta hai,tab se tere dil me bhi ek aas bandhi hai. phir jaakar kah kyon nahi deti apne dil ki baat arman se?”

She got up and mumbled : “haan,mujhe hi arman se kahna hoga.” 

She took out mobile and about to call arman but again stopped. Her mind mocked her… “tu khud ko kya samajhti hai? Tu jo chahegi karegi? Jab dil kiya arman ko chod diya,jab dil kiya apna liya…shadi, pyar koi gudde-gudiyon ka khel nahi hai pahle tujhe yeh samajhna hoga.”

part 11 & 12 : Tumhare hum

This time I wake up to Armaan softly
whispering my name. I look at him
slightly confused until he says, "We
just landed Riddhima, come on lets
go!" I quickly get out of my seat and
follow Armaan out of the plane. We
quickly get our baggage and then
hail a taxi. When we arrive at the
hospital, I run to the receptionist
asking, "Shashank Gupta?" She

Part 5:Will You Ever Love Me?

A new morning and the end of waiting for the most awaited person chimpanzee...Armaan was eagerly waiting for him in his cabin as he was informed that chimpanzee will meet him today in the office.

 A handsome hunk with grey eyes as tall as armaan wearing an Armani suit enters M&G group of Industries ….the employees greeted him good morning and he just showed his pleasant smile and walked towards Armaan's cabin….Riddhima hasn't arrived yet as she had some work but Armaan was in his cabin reading some files…As he heard a knock on the door of his cabin he answered "come in"…He didn't look who came in as he was too busy reading the file…"I m really sorry sir"…a voice came up. He looked above and saw Chimpanzee his buddy, his bestfriend, his family, his everything, a very important person in his life. He went towards him and hugged him tightly and said"Rahul, you chimpanzee. Where were you?"…"I m sorry yaar actually after going to London I had to go to Patiala as Muskan's father was not well so they said us to get married…It was so soon that I couldn't inform anyone…I m really sorry yaar"…."its ok buddy I understand."…"And so whats up?...and how is your married life going on Armaan"…"oh just don't tell me…I m going mad"…"Why I heard your voice message that you said her 'sorry' but she still didn't take

Part 14 : Perfect

what in the name of heavens were u thinking ridzi, staying over with armaan the whole night....great!! now bear the consequences, have fun at mehendi tonight with an impending insomnia attack to hit u any second, and since no bride can ever sleep with her legs and arms full of wet mehendi, stay up yet another night, and then god save you from fainting in the mandap of ur own wedding the following evening....awsome....and lets say u are lucky to survive that too, with your eyes somehow kept open, what about the wedding will love me for being the first bride in the world who slept on her own suhaag raat before her husband even entered the bedroom...uufff shut up ridzi what are u thinking...."bhabhi are u ok???" atul quipped interrupting her thoughts....armaan, ridhima and atul were in the mall completeing some last minute shopping for the mehendi tonight, and the wedding tomorrow....he had come over for lunch to ask armaan about the previous evening and if things were right with ridhima, and just when armaan was ending his naration, leaving out the extremely personal parts of it, ridhima had come along.....atul had not wanted to barge between the two lovers, but armaan had insisted blackmailing him, "as it is rahul is not here yet, how can i do my wedding shopping without both my brothers"....seeing his still unconvinced look ridhima had

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Part 39: college life

2 days before AR engagement abhi and niki also return from the honeymoon and abhi recently received youngest business man of the year award.
So maliks elders along with gupta elders have to go in a business party which is held in Mumbai so they are in Mumbai with niki and abhi.
Armaan call riddhima.
Armaan : kya kar rhi ho.
Riddhima: kuch khas nyi bore ho rhi hon tum batao.
Armaan: main bhi bas aise hi betha hon acha riddhima ek cheej puchni thi.
Riddhima: han bolo.
Armaan: will you be my date for tonight.
Riddhima chuckle softly.
Riddhima: i will be your date for rest of my life.
Armaan smile on this. 

Part 17 : pyar ke mod par

Morning at 7 when dadi came back from temple,surprised to see the whole house was cleaned and decorated beautifully. She heard arman’s voice from kitchen,so being curious she came there and more surprised to see that arman was instructing something to the cook. She heard arman was saying : “kaki,aapko toh meri pasand pata hai,aaj breakfast and lunch me wahi banega par bilkul spicy nahi.sonu bahut chota hai ,spicy uske liye thik nahi hai.”
Dadi uttered smilingly : “aur riddhima ko bhi spicy pasand nahi hai.”
Arman looked at dadi and asked surprisingly : “aap kab aayi dadi?”
Dadi uttered with a smile : “jab tu apne bĂȘte ke yaad mein khoya tha.”

part 10 : Tumhare hum

The next morning I take my
sweet time getting up. I am so
happy not to wake up to see
Armaan's face in front of mine. It's
no fun seeing that your enemy is in
your personal space. I yawn loudly
and smile thinking of the
development I achieved last night. I
just hope it affected Armaan
because I don't want my sacrifice of
kissing him to be in vain. Okay, so it
barely qualifies as a kiss, it was
more of a brush of the lips, but still

Part 13 : Perfect

"hmmm that was a scrumptious full now" armaan sighed with satisfaction "yeh i sure hope so....u have been eating for like the past half an sorry eating is an understatement, uv been hogging on the pasta for the past half an hour....teme something armaan do u always eat this much????" ridhima said with mock concern in her voice while she had a sly teasing look in her eyes...armaan looked at her, and said "yeh well mostly just this much, but occassionally i get hunger pangs... then i eat more..."grinning at her as she gave him the 'u must be kidding' look, he continued "but dont worry u have emerged victorious in the stiff competition among the many applicants i had file in for this post, so ur hired for the job of my personal assistant at home, to cook all three of my meals, along with just 6 mid snacks, and other general chores that have to be taken care of in the bedroom....congratulations ms. gupta u must be excited about your new job...." she now stood gaping at him and then coming back to her senses finally retorted "fine mr. malik but u have to know that to hire perfection u will have to part with high monthly salaries....i am going to be an expensive

Part 71 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It's not what I feel for you;It's what I don't feel for anyone in this world BUT for you"

In Ajmer
00:25 Night
"Ab tumhe kya huaa...??" hearing Armaan's serious voice Surbhi immediately cleared her tears and looked in front of her where he is standing wd crossed arms
"Mr Khan... Aap kab aaye...??" clearing her voice she asked in her fake normal tone as Armaan sat beside her on Sofa which was kept on corner of corridors
"Jab tum ro rahi thi..." he replied in calm tone moving his hand to take out his handkerchief from his pocket
"Vo toh bas aise hi..." she said in normal tone on which he chuckle coz she reminds of Shilpa
"Girls..." shaking his head smilingly he forwarded his handkerchief to her who looked at him quietly "Jaldi lo..." his voice made her to took that wd a smile

Sunday, 24 February 2019

part 16 : pyar ke mod pe.....

As soon his friends left the room..arman took his mobile and pressed the numbers...and in a while he heard the sweet voice for whom he was waiting from years......
A shiver ran down through his spine.riddhama!its riddhima..his love his life….AAh!after how many years he heard his name from her mouth!his lips trembled but he didn’t speak a word…like he had lost his voice…he got his sense back hearing again… “Arman…
Tears started flowing down his eyes. He heard riddhima’s crying voice… “tum ro rahe ho arman?”
Arman wiped his tears and uttered in a teary voice : “tum bhi toh ro rahi ho riddhima…”
he didn’t get any reply but he understood riddhima was crying silently. after sometime he whispered…. “congrates for award riddhima..”

part 8& 9: Tumhare hum

part 8 : 

When I wake up the
following morning, it's worse than
how I woke up yesterday! I feel soft
skin underneath my hand. I look up
instantly to see my head resting on
Armaan's broad bare chest. My hand
rests carelessly over his heart, while
his arms are securely around my
waist. I panic and quickly look down,
making sure all my clothes are
currently on me and not scattered
across the room. I sigh in relief
knowing that at least the thing I
dread the most did not occur. I

part 4 : Will You Ever Love Me?


"Armaan"….she couldn't say anything further…she just went away from the room…she was standing alone in the balcony…she did not know why was she feeling so hurt…her heart was aching badly…and tears were coming out of her eyes…she closed her eyes…she just remembered the moment she hugged armaan when she was scared and the next moment she remembered those words that armaan said to her few minutes ago,,,she was confused…she was  not prepared for such a truth but after listening to him she was angry….she was not angry at him but she was angry at herself that for a moment she believed armaan….

 While on the other side Armaan was hurt…he was also angry on himself for doing such a deed…he just wanted to talk to Riddhima…But she was not even speaking a word…So he lied down on his bed and closed his eyes…….riddhima came inside and saw armaan lying on the bed…she also lied down on the other side of the bed and switched off the lights knowing that Armaan could not sleep if the lights are on…as soon as she switched off the lights armaan said "You can put on the dim lights I can adjust and I know you are scared of darkness"…."I don't need your pity…its your house, your room, and I should adjust" she replied…she closed her eyes and went to sleep…but armaan got so hurt that he was not able to sleep …he didn't know when he started to cry…no one has talked or hurted him so badly….he promised himself to say her sorry…which was a bit difficult to him as he had never ever said sorry to anyone…..he also drifted off to sleep a bit late…

Part 12 : Perfect

He stared at the cake dumbstruck for several moments, and it felt like the world had stopped for him....DAM IT he thought....birthday????its her birthday today????thats why she was....OMG....what did i do....shit and all that crap i just said to her instead of what i had been waiting to tell her all day and....dam dam dam....saying this he ran out of the bar grabbing the cake swiftly and going out carefully making sure nothing happened to it.....ridhima in the meanwile had rushed towards her car in the parking lot colliding with many on the way out since she was blided by the streaming tears. she was greatful, to see it was dark outside and not many people around to see her in that she finally reached her car she got in and slumped on the seat her head on the steering and burst out crying....she felt completely she had longed all day to see his expressions when she gave him the cake and then the gift....the gift....remembering it was still in her bag, she ripped it open and looked at it for a long moment before opening her window and throwing it out.....but....instead of hearing the crashing sound she had expected she just heard a familiar "OUCH" and turned around just in time to see him trying to catch the gift with one hand, balancing the huge cake with the other, and