Saturday, 9 March 2019

AR os : I Love You

"I love u...."

"And I hate u ..."

"Riddima … I love ..U …." he emphasized on her name... while pulling her closer...

"U know What MR. Arman Malik … U can never have me... as I was never u think that by saying u love me..i will fall over it … so that u can sleep with me...huh?" pause "grow up Arman...i m not the little girl who u use to troll around u ….asking u to be her best friend...!! I m grown up... and by forcing me in this marriage... have created more hatred for u..."she pushed but to be drag back in his muscular well build chest....

last Part : pyar ke mod pe.....

one month passed after arman’s accident.he was injured badly and broken his leg and right hand. In his unconscious state he was only mumbling riddhima’s name and now his friends were teasing him with it. Arman had released from hospital yesterday and now was at his home. His friends came to meet him. muskan uttered sighly : “ek baat toh humey tere accident se pata chal gaya arman.”
Arman,who was lying on the bed,asked her through eyes..
Muski : “yahi ki tu is duniya me sirf aur sirf riddhima se pyar karta hai.accident ke baad us behosh haalat me bhi riddhima riddhima hi kah raha tha.”
Arman smiled only.

part 32 : Tumhare hum

There is one day left before
the wedding. Today I spend the
entire day surrounded by all these
older women, putting all this crap
all over me including haldi. It smells
so horrible! Oh, the things I have to
do for my parent's sake. I am forcing
Muskaan to sleep over tonight since
we are supposed to sneak out and
go clubbing. Muskaan had told
Rahul she was sleeping over, but
conveniently left out the part about

Part 77 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"OUR WORLD......"
There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you I Love You.

"Haww... So gayi...?" she left surprised seeing Ohnu sleeping while wd careful steps Dev walked inside
"Haan... Thak gayi thi toh car mein hi so gayi..." Dev spoke in low voice so that it couldn't disturb Ohnu but it made Shilpa smiled when Dev carefully made Ohnu laye on bed
"Aisa kya kiya in mahotarma ne..." sitting beside Ohnu she asked wd a smile as Dev stood next to her
"Bahoot kheli aaj yeh... I think isse pets bahoot pasand hain...??" sitting in front of her he asked smilingly on which she nodded in Yes wd a smile while removing Ohnu's sandles "Tabhi yeh un birds aur rabbits k saath khel rahi thi park mein..." he chuckled remembering that scene
"Isne zyada tang toh nehi kiya na...?" Shilpa asked wd a smile
"Pagal ho... Iske saath itna maza aaya naa ki tum soch bhi nehi sakti... Bahoot masti karti hai yeh... Par har baat pe isse tum zaroor chaahiye thi..." as Dev said this smilingly she caressed Ohnu's hairs lovingly when Armaan came from balcony after finishing the call
"Oye... Kahan tha tu...??" Armaan's voice made both of them to look at him

Friday, 8 March 2019

part 58 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

They were making food together helping each other happily.
Armaan and Rahul were talking to each other about something and Armaan was making faces while Rahul was showing eyes to him.
“Ye Ulti Ganga kyu bah rahi hai” Muskaan murmured near Riddhima’s ear and she look towards them.
“Pata nhi, dekhte hain” Riddhima get up to see them.
“Kya hua?” Muskaan asked coming towards them.
“Kuch nhi Muskaan” Armaan said getting up and went away.
“Ammy ruk” Rahul said but he left.
“Aisa kya ho gaya?” Riddhima asked.

part 31 : Tumhare hum

Two days later, I wake up to Muskaan jumping on my bed. I groan and pull the covers over my head. Muskaan yanks the covers and says, "Riddhima come on, get up!" I protest and start muttering incoherent phrases under my breath. Muskaan rolls her eyes and says, "Riddhima you've been sleeping forever! Auntie got so annoyed with you and your laziness that she called me over, so now come on you have to get ready for tonight!" I sit up unwillingly and look up at my ceiling screaming, "Why can't you give me a break?" Muskaan laughs at my overdramatic behavior and drags me out of my bed. She shoves me into the bathroom with a bathrobe, then says while leaving, "Hurry up in there!" I slip into the bathtub and decide to take a nice long relaxing bath instead of the quick shower like she suggested. Twenty minutes later, there is an incessant pounding on the door. I finish up in the bathroom and open the door to see a very aggravated Muskaan in front of me. Before she can

Last Part :Will You Ever Love Me?

Riddhima was feeling lonely'.as armaan was not their 'she was missing him badly'there was a certain happiness when he was around her'she missed his childness'his pranks and his madness ofcourse 'There was still few hours left for him to come'.it seemed as each and every minute was like an year. Therefore she was mostly spending his time involving herself in office work'but she couldn't concentrate in her work'her mind was just thinking about someone special'armaan'.she now knew that was nothing else but pure love'

Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana - 2

Angana Phool Khilenge

Barsega Saawan, Barsega Saawan Jhoom Jhoomke

Do Dil Aise Milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum O Saajana, Angana Phool Khilenge

Thursday, 7 March 2019

part 29 & 30 : Tumhare hum

part 29 :

In the afternoon, Muskaan
leaves with Rahul, while I get ready
for the engagement ceremony. It is
being held at the Mallik's house. I
didn't really care at this point.
Fighting it seems useless. There is
no way out of this situation and I
know it. I just have to accept it. I go
take a shower in order to clear my
head. I throw on a bathrobe and
walk towards my bed, where my sari
is placed. It is midnight black sari

Part 23 (last part): Perfect

"OMG stop.....i cant breathe now.....please please....just stop...." muskaan tried hard to complete the whole sentence between her endless giggles as she leaned over her mom for support not quite able to stand straight with the pain in her stomach from nothing but laughing for the last over 5 hours....ridhima and anjali just hi fived each other, both in the same condotion, holding onto their stomachs, while they had tears in their eyes from trying to control laughter all but in the passers by stared at them muttering, they laughed even more until radhika said "GIRLS!!!i know this is awsome fun to you, but much as you love it, i dont think its my age to make spectacles like this in a mall anymore" seeing her fake anger, trying to get them to obey her, they would have laughed more, but since she had indeed made sense they, with considerable effort, gradually stopped their giggles, and as soon as they heard her say "thats my angels!" all three of them pulled her into a bear hug together, she hugged them back smiling...the plan had been set into place the moment atul had come, who when questioned had attributed the procrastination to his car breaking down, and then just as he was thinking of a solution, anjali who had returned the night before had given him a 'hi hello

Part 76 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Love sees to be the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. You must have faith in my love for you."

"Hmmm... Toh tumhe nehi lagta... Kuch baate adhuri reh gayi thi humaari..." caging her he asked in calm tone making her to gulped
"Nehi... Mujhe nehi lagta hume kuch baat karni chaahiye..." she said slowly while trying to free herself which made him to move more closer to her
"Kyun... Abhi toh bahoot bol rahi thi... Video mein...?" wd a calm look he asked softly making her stop wriggling who slowly stared him "I know... Maine tumhe bahoot hurt kiya hai... Tumpe trust nehi kiya... Tumhe bataya nehi..." but before he could explain himself more she pushed him wd her full force which made him step back
"Haan... Ab toh aap... Kahenge hi... Video jo dekh liya hai..." he was stunned at her words How can she think like this??

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

part 27 & 28 : Tumhare hum

part 27 :

I open my eyes to see my
parents and his parents hugging and
congratulating each other. I watch
the happiness reflecting in my
parents' eyes. They look so pleased,
so content. Our parents turn their
attention to us, and start
approaching. I plaster a fake look of
happiness across my face. My father

Part 9 :Will You Ever Love Me?

As armaan's new mission was to make his riddhima happy he started to think about new ideas….his ideas means mischief's…so he thought to ask rahul….he called him up… his brain was not working…"hey rahul…I need to talk to you"…"Ok armaan I m coming there…"….armaan's and rahul's house was at a distance of ten minutes…Rahul came to armaan's place…they went in the study room and sat down there…Rahul and armaan discussed how to make riddhima happy…Atlast  they got an idea…"trip to Goa"…they had to fix a deal in Goa…it was important for their business…and it was the only way by which riddhima would get out of the house from a dark room all day….she hates darkness but for few days it became her companion…as she didn't know what to do….

 Armaan came inside and told her that tomorrow they are going to Goa along with Rahul and muskan…so he told her to pack their bags….but riddhima said" armaan I don't want to go anywhere…please you people go I will stay here…"…."Riddhima you have to go…like we have to

Part 22 : Perfect

She walked upto them n said, "so whats the order for breakfast sir???" and as both armaan and radhika looked up to see her in an apron and a chef's hat, ridhima, seeing radhika's confused look said "he hired me as the servant of the house i am just starting off with my morning duties," she said with a tortured soul look to radhika as if seeking her help....and as armaan who was glaring at her and mouthing warnings for this trick, looked up at radhika to defend himself, she did not give him the chance just turning his ear hard she said "servant huh???? " and armaan just yelled "OOOWWWW mumma....shes lying....u dont know her...dont fall for her 'oh so innocent looks" she is a spoilt brat, and.... " looking at his mother with a humble look of self pity..."u think she would let me dare even speak before her, let alone ordering her about....poor me, infact, she was ordering me to clean up my own room to make space for her stuff" he ended with a bit of indignantion to which radhika reacted by turning his ear harder still "oh yeh????your room????its her room too now n u better clean it up for her...." and then looking up at ridhima she said, "and tell me if he doesnt do that beta....i will make sure i get the servants to throw out all his sports gear from that room......he keeps them all over the place as if its their domain, and they are allowing him to live amongst them..." as ridhima and radhika laughed, armaan just looked up at his mom with suprise and immense

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

part 25 & 26 : Tumhare hum

part 25 :

Another week passes by and
my nervousness continues to grow.
At work, I try not to let anyone
notice, especially not Armaan. He
can't know anything, even if I'm
not… you know. Now again you're
wondering if there were any new
developments with Armaan and his
stupid challenge. You see I have
been pretty good at avoiding him. I
had my secretary say I was out every
time he tried to come in my office.

Part 21 : Perfect

C'mon ridzi, um done here...see i did find an 'A' ,'R' ,'M' and 'N'....thats enough to make up 'ARMAAN' why cant you just let it go at that now...." armaan pleaded with ridhima almost 30 minutes after he had started his alphabet search, and looking at him with a fake stern look while trying to control her laughter she said "No way ur still to find 2 more 'A's and ...."cutting her off he argued "but i found one, why cant u just reuse that ???" then thinking his charm might help him to find an easier way out of this, he nuzzled close to her neck and whispered "ur mehendi is beautiful....and ur husband should love u alot.....thats all i can read in that hand honey... " then feeling her slight shiver on this sudden unexpected move from him he grinned and getting further closer, softly nibbled her ear and said in a suductively hoarse whisper "love u sweetheart," and as he felt she was gona try her last weakening attempt to move and push him a bit away to stop him, he quickly but passionately kissed her neck letting his lips linger on a bit....and from being so close to her he knew she was slowly melting, so now locking his fingers with hers from the mehendi filled hand he been studying for the past half hour, he moved closer to her face and kissed her softly on her cheek, then seeing her close her eyes, and tighten her grip on their interlocked fingers, he knew she had now submitted herself to him not being able to keep within like him, the passion which had

Part 75 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Synopsis of Part 74

"I never thought true love was worth fighting for but then I realize to look into your eyes I'm ready for war..."

"Well last part was a bit of Roller coaster ride nehi!Wink Shilpa lived Ohaana alone wd Armaan so that they both can get closer to each other which worked also wasn't it!Embarrassed the father daughter duo had lots of Masti...LOLeven she started calling him Papa...Day Dreaming

Then he started to manofy Shilpa who was not at all ready to forgive him... but he didn't gave up his Mission Manao Bracelet which was going perfect until Shilpa heard something which he never told her...Cry

And there started their Misunderstanding factor where they had fight Oucheven Surbhi-Rehaan had a small fight which leaded Surbhi to run away from her weddingShocked but Shilpa and everyone reached to stop her... and at that same time Aditi's delivery time came specially on StationLOL How will they handle this... Let's check out...Wink

"Falling in love is only half of I want, staying in love with you for till forever is the other"

Monday, 4 March 2019

part 23 & 24 : Tumhare hum

part 23 :

The next day, I get ready
for work. I wonder how Armaan will
be like today. I saw him last night,
well more like heard him cheering
that he made it home without
totaling his car and then realizing
that it was my house that he landed
himself at. I couldn't help but feel
worried to know if he made it home
alright. Looking at his drunken state

Part 8 :Will You Ever Love Me?

'Yes dad'I m listening''.."Armaan, Shashank and me'we are best friends from our childhood'we never hide anything from each other'.we knew that riddhima and you hate each other'but we still decided to get you people married'that's because of only one reason'.few months back before your marriage'.Shashank went for health check in Sanjivani ' the doctors said that he is suffering from a deadly disease and that is cancer' I didn't knew but meeting him one day I saw him really very tensed'because of riddhima' He very well knew that riddhima has no on except Shashank'.and really very less days were left'. He told me about his disease and his tension about Riddhima'.then I promised him to that I will take care of riddhima' so we thought of getting you married and our plan was successful ' but now the situation is too late'we went to Singapore' not for business trip but for his check up'The doctors said that really very less days are left'As it is the last stage of cancer'Riddhima doesn't know anything about this'you have to tell everything to her'I know its really very hard'but armaan you have to do it'"''"No Dad I cant do it'.riddhima loves him and I cant hurt her by saying this'."his voice choked while saying this'.."Armaan you have to this'there is no other way'".."Dad please"'."NO'.Armaan'please'"

Part 20 : Perfect

Every eye in the room now turned towards radhika n she said "u dont remember it do you samrat???" asked radhika and then samrat realized with panic what she was getting to...seeing his expression she said "armaan and muskaan jointly own the were only the guardian, until they both get legally married.....unless they want you to continue controlling the ownership rights, it is all in their name now....i guess being the boss for so many years faded out facts from ur whole motive was to ensure you would never neglect my kids, because i knew you would snatch them from me somehow, u have the perfect knack of creating crevices in relations.....did you think i just became generous to the man who literally murdered my father????no, i did this knowing that for your own motives you would raise them well....and i figured you would not be bothered by this clause, cause you would never doubt yourself for manipulating situations such that they gave you all control....but at that time i did not care about what they would do at this age with the property rights....i was ready to risk you gaining the ultimate control over the whole empire, if only in return you would have to bestow them with only the very best upbringing....

Sunday, 3 March 2019

part 21 & 22 : Tumhare hum

The following morning I
decide to call in sick at work. I can't
get myself to get out of bed to see
Armaan again. It's way too weird and
awkward for me, especially since he
declared his love for me and I'm
suppose to break his heart in the
end. I lounge around in bed,
knowing that no one else is in the
house. I reluctantly get up and go

Part 19 : Perfect

Ridhima could see the toll this raw truth had taken on Armaan...for those few minutes inside mumma's room, she mused, it was just the instantaneous uncontrollable anger outburst he had displayed, but now she could see that he was undergoing much worse than she had ever imagined...he was not inebriated, but the liqour he had consumed definitely exceeded the usual social amount, and so from the moment they stepped next to the cake she had entwined her fingers into his, to hold his hand in a tight but gentle grip, hoping it was serving at least as a bare minimum support in those hours of pretensen before the guests. remorsefully she thought how samrat's cheap stakes had completely devastated the two most beautiful days of their married life, but then she told herself how much worse it could have been had she not been brought to light by mumma....atleast now armaan and she were facing this together, n that by itself gave her reason to give a small had been evident to her before the start of this plan, how negetively armaan would be affected by it all....but the real situation indeed supremely surpassed all her expectations. while to the whole gathering he had announced with a calculated regret in his voice how his father had suddenly felt dizzy with the

Part 74 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"And, in the end,The love you take is equal to the love you make."
After three hours
In Palace
Surbhi's Mehindi(Henna) Function
"Hmmm... Yeh le tera juice... Aur khabar daar jo uthi ab is couch pe se..." Shilpa warned in her strict tone while giving a glass of juice to Aditi who quietly took that relaxing her back on couch, They both are in Shilpa's room coz when they both were in downstairs Aditi felt something strange inside her So, Shilpa brought her here for rest while in downstairs everyone is enjoying the function even the Henna was also put on Surbhi's hand who is resting in her room, on downstairs dance was going by friends & relatives and about Anant & Ohaana they both are wd their grand parents So no worry about them
"By god acchi lag rahi hai..." Aditi commented on her who wore a midnight blue umbrella dress wd red duppata as always looking gorgeous