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Part 31 : All for ur Love

I friends, it’s a long time…I think it’s around one year I haven’t updated “all for ur love” know my problems so I don’t want to discuss again..but I didn’t forget this ff as it is one of my favorite ff. so again started it and today it’s a short part..hope you will like it.
I am giving a summary of it for those who didn’t read this ff and if anyone wants to read this ff and also giving link of parts too.

SUMMARY - arman is a senior doctor in sanjivani and dr. shshank is the head .shshank’s daughter riddhima is a PG in another hospital.arman was a shy guy and not interested to make friendship with girls but after seeing riddhima,he wished if he could get her as wife. After some days shashank sent a proposal to his parents if they accept riddhima as their daughter in law. Billy and annaya agreed happily as they got to know that arman liked her. Arman and ridhima got married but arman felt riddhima was not interested to grow relationship with arman. at first arman got angry thinking that why she not refused to marry but slowly he discovered that riddhima was scared of her papa and she loved someone else. Arman got to know that it was sumit,who went away leaving riddhima but ridhima believed he would be back.

part 37 : Tumhare hum

After the guests leave because of tonight's events, Naina Mom and Billy Papa come into the room to see how I am doing. Armaan is downstairs at the time, talking to the police because I'm just too shaken up to reaccount the whole story. They both come in and sit on the bed next to me. Billy Papa asks, "Beta you're okay right?" I nod and he continues, "I'll make sure that Prithvi rots in jail for trying to hurt my daughter." Naina Mom notices how I am zoning out because the chain of events keep replaying in my mind over and over again. Armaan soon enters the room and my eyes shift over to him. Armaan says, "I talked to the police, but they still need Riddhima's version. I managed to put it off until she is ready to talk." Billy Papa agrees and signals Armaan to come closer to me. He hesitantly comes because he gets no reaction from me. Naina Mom puts a hand on my shoulder saying, "Riddhima, we were going to give this to you in front of everyone at the reception and looking at your state, you really do need this." I look at her somewhat confused as she pulls out an envelope.

part 2 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Next morning:
Armaan senses someone next to his bed n gets the aroma of hot coffee'
He smiles'n opens hez eyes n to his horror he finds shilpa standing'

Aaarrrrggghhh..he screams'.
N jumps from his bed'
Thank god twas just a dream'oh god'they say that morning dreams do come true..oh god..not this one please'

He freshen ups n goes to make breakfast.
There were no eggs in the house..and no bread as well'
What m I supposed to do???i din have dinner last night as well..wat if I go to my neighbours house??? hw typical !!!he thinks'go to ur neighbours house n ask for bread???i mean that's so'hindi serial or muvee type'

part 5: We Met -We Touched

"Young lady we are hear to help you'." Other guy said '. And chucked

 The guys had came from other branch of sanjeevani for a check over'

The one who was holding her arm' went down and touched her waist'.

 "Chooro' yea kya kar raha'hoo'" she shouted'. While the guy ignored her request and soon he went to the thread that was tied on the left side on her chest' she felt another guy holding her hands'.

She kept on requesting them'.  But soon her first thread was open '

Friday, 15 March 2019

part 36 : Tumhare hum

I wake up bright and early to the sounds of Armaan snoring. Even when he isn't trying to be annoying, he is. Well atleast the sneezing stopped, although it is replaced with his abnoxious SNORES! I quickly get out of bed remembering that today is our reception, which is something I am definitely not looking forward too. The reason being I will have to pretend to be madly in love with someone who I despise. I glance over at the sofa to see him sprawled out on it. He looked so peaceful that I really wanted to ruin his sleep. My evil mind starts going to work and I even have the jug of ice water in my hand, but I stop because my logic kicks in. Not only would he get sick again, but I would also have to take care of him and so in conclusion it's definitely not worth it. I take a quick shower and change into a sky blue sari with silver embroidery. I sit in front of the mirror lightly applying makeup. I start combing my hair with my hands to untangle the ends. I catch sight of Armaan staring at me through the mirror from the sofa. I shoot him a glare and he quickly looks away. He grabs his towel and heads to the bathroom to have a shower.

part 4 : We Met -We Touched

"Hmmm" he let out a sigh' and moved his head in her hair' and went in to search her neck'.

 For once she herself didn't knew how to push him away'. She was not the same Riddima' she was being tortured ' and she couldn't help herself' his touched made her weak'. She was letting out cries --moans every moment'. Every second ' Every minute'. But she can't move away ' she can't fight back' she felt weak' tired' exhausted' she needed 'what? She herself didn't knew'. But right now her brain has stopped working -- her heart beat was far too fast'.

 "Armann'" she moaned his name' as she felt his breath on her neck'he dig his head further rubbed his nose on her neck'she gasped when her skin came in contact with his'

 His nostrils were leaving breaths on her neck' his fingers were doing his work too' he moved his lips near her nape' and kissed her lightly'. She cocked her head up' frowning in delight' he took hold of her skin'. Lightly' threw his teeth but soon left it'

Part 80 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I am not perfect. I'll annoy you,say you stupid things, even make fun of you, but you'll never find someone who truly loves you as much as I really do"

In Arsh's room
Tum jo aaye
Zindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq mazhab
Ishq meri zaat ban gayi...

"Kya ho raha hai yeh humaare bich... Kuch nehi samajh paa rahi main... Itna distance kaise aa gaya humaare bich...??" a tensed Shilpa questioned herself mentally while sitting on edge of the bed "Hum aise toh nehi the na Armaan... Haan humaare bich bahoot si galat femiyaan aayi... Par aakhir mein humaara ek dusre k uper vishwash jeeta... Chaahe vo Dairy waala scene ho yaah Kiya waala... Harbaar humne ek dusre ko dur jaane se roka tha... Phir ab kya ho raha hai??" her heart was in big confusion First coz of her strange behavior, Second coz of Armaan "Most important yeh tujhe kya huaa hai... Jo

Thursday, 14 March 2019

part 35 : Tumhare hum


I wake up in the morning and look around the empty room. The maroon silky bedsheets are still untouched, the champaigne is no longer chilling, and the flames from the candles have extinguished long ago. I get up off the floor and throw my dupatta across the room in anger. I am so fruastrated with my life, nothing can ever go right. I start approaching the bed, forgetting about the broken bangles scattered across the room. That pain is nothing in comparison to the pain Armaan has given me. I walk into the shower to try and relax, but my anger didn't lessen like it would normally. I just couldn't come to terms with the fact that I was not really pregnant. It was all a lie, but I couldn't accept it. The only reason I accepted this marriage was for the sake of my child, but now I have no reason… none what so ever. The thing that hurts the most is that I was starting to believe that somewhere down the line I would have taken a chance on Armaan again so that we could be a family… I would have done anything for the happiness of my child, but now there is no child. Why does he continue to hurt me?

AR os :'-]]Mistake[[-'

 Mistake, I never thought I would do that to my Love-My life, did I just asked him to leave?and he just left? How could he...? she fell on floor crying her heart out.... I want him- I want him back.

"I want u back Arman..." pause "came back baby!" she whispered hitting her head on the wall behind her."I want u to hold me Arman '. please hold me" she sobbed

"I know u love me' I m sorry' please come back Arman" she mumbled.

"ARMAN.... u r a lair ...bade Pa was right...." she shouted

part 3 : We Met -We Touched

"Shut Up Muskan'!" Arman Said, Rahul pushed her away' "Guys '. Hum Beach pa tah'. We drank coffee' and she told me about her'"

"ooh' she trying to be angel' Huh! She is such 'Bi***" Anjali'


Everyone turned towards the voice'.

They saw a vase broken and Riddima standing beside the pillar'. Tear's rolling down'. All of them stood up '.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

part 34 : Tumhare hum

The car comes to a halt and I look around to see we are at the hotel instead of at the Mallik Mansion. I wipe away my tears angrily and scream, "What the hell are we doing here?" Armaan says secretively, "You'll see, now come on!" I look at him like he has lost his mind and fold my arms across my chest. He sighs, dropping his head against the headrest behind him. He slowly turns his head towards me and says, "Riddhima, it's wasn't my idea okay! It was my parents idea for us to spend the night here, now come on." He gets out the car and opens my passenger side door saying, "Don't make me pick you up!" He inches closer and I point my finger at him, warning, "Don't you dare touch me!" I get out the car in frustration and we go up in the elevator. It is quite awkward going up in the quiet elevator with only the two of us. Soon we arrive at the top most floor and Armaan opens the door to the beautiful suite.

part 2 : We Met -We Touched

"I avoided him… he was being violent… I would have never minded that if I had that feeling for him…. But … but the feeling I never felt… how can I …" she took hold of her third coffee…

"It was ending of our seventh month and starting of eighth… he tried to cross his broad… I didn't like it… I told him to stay away or I would complain to dean…. That was my dad…" she laughed and he smiled at her

"The worst day and night was a week back… when he called me out in the garage to apologies….

Part 79 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"Love is like a Air ..We can't see it but! we can feel it.."
Teri lagan mein
Sab hai gawaaya
Iss tarah se mujhko
Jeena aaya...

"Armaan aapne yeh kya haal bana k rakkha hai room ka...??" hearing her angry voice he turned back at her slowly
"Actually Shilpa... Main vo Bracelet box dhundh raha hoon... Jo maine tumhe diya tha... Kaha rakkha hai tumne?" he asked confusedly still checking inside her bag who hide her smile and slowly walked towards him
"Konsa box Armaan.. Mujhe toh koi box yaad nehi hai jo aapne mujhe diya ho pack karne k liye" standing beside him she replied in fake innocent tone which made him to look at her wd confusion
"Shilpa sachmein maine tumhe di thi ek box rakhne k liye... Yaad karo... Na thikse..." he tried to make her remember who started pretending to think "Maine kaha tha... Us box ko mere bag mein rakhne k liye..." he said wd serious face

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

part 1 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

She woke up early in the morning,gentle breezes brushed her cheeks,chilling her senses in the cold. It was perfect day.At night when she returned home she was waiting to anxiously to tell her lillte angel about this'bt unfortunately'her angel lay fast asleep.

she ran out of her room n quitly tip-toed inside ananya's room'she went close to her ear..n whispered'"anu honey..wake uparent u getting late for school?"..ananya wriggled . turned'then she said'"hmm..okie fine..dont go..btw..i hve a liltle surprise for u'"'
ananya opened one eye...n hugged her n said.. "di..surprise?????wow'ur da best'love u..muuaaahhh'". gave shilpa a tite kiss on her cheek'.. "soo'ummm..di'wats d surprise???"'she replies.. "well'umm..after breakfast.. come on..get ready now.. ive got ur uniform ready'"

part 1 : We Met -We Touched

His car reaching 100Km/hr' her smell still linger around him' he felt dizzy'  he still remember few minutes before, he saw her entering through the club doors. A face that couldn't be forgotten if sawn once' her eyes' he could see pain ' tears ' a flood that was hold back

Kyun mera dil, oh ho kyun mera dil
Tujhko chaahe tujhko maange kyun mera dil
Aa haan kyun mera dil
Tujhko chaahe tujhko maange kyun mera dil
Tere siva kuchh bhi na soche kyun mera dil
Aa haan kyun mera dil
His radio was on'. He could feel the song's depth ' he was lost in its words

Monday, 11 March 2019

epilogue : pyar ke mod pe….

'Tumse Milke'

Tomorrow is riddhima arman’s wedding ceremony and today is mehendi ceremony.. Riddhima bought a bungalow in Mumbai and shifted there with her mumma papa and sonu . but everyday arman came at morning to pick riddhima and they came in sanjivani where arman went to his duty and riddhima went to the sanjivani’s new research centre where she was continuing her research. Arman got to know that when he was on the bed after his accident,riddhima came sanjivani to open a research centre there and now she was successful in it. Now she could do more work on her subject staying in india and with arman. she smiled remembering how her life turned and she got back her life..her arman. she never thought this magic would happen in her life which would return her everything and of course it was possible because of arman,who forgave her and accepted her .

Introduction : We Met -We Touched

A girl in white Chunrii rapped on her neck ' with a long white Anrkali dress, showing her curves perfectly' a pair of shoes in her hand, hanging beside her shoulder' long thick hair brushing her cheek due to the heavy wind blowing on her face' her face, her grey green eyes' tears falling down'making it hard for her to breath, due to constant crying and hiccups' Walking on a silent road at mid-night. Her eyes fell on a disco-club' feeling damn thirsty she barked in by pushing the door in zap'

She felt totally uncomfortable, feeling eyes on her body. She felt naked!! trying very hard, she looked up and look at a guy who was sitting on a round table' looking at her and licking his lips' she ignored all ' all ' and walked pass them to the bar-tender and asked for a glass of water'

She settled on the stool beside the bar ' giving her back towards the people, who had put their thinking- caps' for get her'

Part 78 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

There's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you I Love You.

"I hope sab thik ho..." she said in understanding voice making him to gave a nod in Yes calmly but from heart he is happy that she easily understood him which wasn't expected from her specially in this matter "Acha ab aap khayenge kuch??" she asked normally on which he was about to reply when his cell phone rang flashing Anita and seeing this he looked at her who was making Ohaana to finish her food
"Shilpa..." hearing his voice she looked up at him "Anita ka call hai..." his slow voice made her smile "Aur Ohaana" he mumble in low voice making her to look down at their daughter
"Aap uthalo... Main isse handle karti hoon..." she said in very cool way which made an urge inside him to pull her in rib crashing hug but right now he only gave a flying kiss to her
"Main aata hoon..." saying this smilingly he made Ohaana sat on chair and he stood up which made Ohnu to look at him questioningly "Actually Princess... Papa ko ek bahoot important kaam hai... Toh papa abhi aayen haan" bending to her level he said smilingly which made Ohnu to gave a nod in Yes innocently

Sunday, 10 March 2019

part 59 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima was searching for Muskaan as she need to ask about some medicines which she was not getting.
“Muskaan, Muskaan” She called her but no response “O God, kaha hai ye ladki” she murmured.
“Aap kisi ko khoj rahi hain?” one little girl asked who came for checkup with her parents.
“Ha beta, jo dusri Didi mere sath thi unko dekha hai apne kahi?” Riddhima asked.
“Ha wo to ek Bhaiya k sath pedo se fal tod rahi thi” she replied cutely and went away.
“Pedo se Fal” Riddhima repeated and shook her head.
“Jab se Rahul aaya hai is ladki ko apne pagalpan me ek aur hamsafar mil gaya hai” she murmured and went to search her.
“Mujhe medicines to khojni padegi na, warna late ho jayega” Riddhima utter and move towards the crowd of trees.
“Rahul, kya kar raha hai khotte” Muskaan shouted.

OS : you are my love (Arsh)

Image result for armaan shilpa

I am not going toh change the carecter the story is start aftet memory loss track but not armaan memory this os is shilpa memory loss..

Armaan is sitting on his bed and think how his life ls change with a few second. that time anjali come and place her hand on her shoulder. Anjali: are you okk armaan. Armaan turn and hug anjali tignt anjali also hug him back. Armaan:(crying)anjali why why always god take my test? Anjali:armaan you have to brave. Armaan:anjali I lost her.she forget me and my love. Anjali break the hug and weap his tears. Anjali:armaan you love her righi?
Armaan:yaah anjali I love her so much.
Anjali:so for your shilpa you have toh fight the destany also.will you? Atul:why not after all he is my brother. Anjali armaan saw atul stand behind them. Armaan:yaah atul you are right.
Anjali:so ready for mission mere bahan patao. Armaan and atul:yesss. they all share aa group hug. …………… Next day shilpa is sleeping on her room. Padma call her padma:shona beta see its 8:30 and you steel sleeping come on get up beta shona...

part 33 : Tumhare hum

I wake up the following morning because my mother is gently running her hand through my hair affectionately. She notices I am awake and kisses my forehead lovingly, dropping a lone tear on my forehead. I reach up and give her a big kiss on her cheek. I whisper, "Mom, you know you can always cancel the wedding and I could live here with you forever!" I said it almost pleadingly because I really meant it! She laughs and brushes my hair away from my face. She wraps her arms around me and says, "Beta, I wish you could, but one day I won't be here and I need to know that you will be in safe hands. I can see how much Armaan loves you Riddhima, I'm so happy you two found happiness in each other. Every girl gets married one day and leaves her family to start a new life with her husband. Riddhima I'm very proud of you!" I smile slightly and rub a hand over my stomach, knowing who lies within is not something to be proud of. That does not mean I do not love my child. Of course, I do, but I'm not proud of breaking my parent's trust and listening to my idiotic heart. My mother gets up from my bed and leaves my room so that I can freshen up.