Saturday, 23 March 2019

part 44 : Tumhare hum

Soon enough Armaan and I find ourselves on a flight back home. The honeymoon is over, but neither of us would be able to forget it because it marks the real start of our life together. Yesterday, we did end up having dinner at Armaan's house because in someway we were both eternally grateful to him for helping me see Armaan for who he truly is, a good person.

Armaan tightens his hold on me and I continue to find comfort by hiding in Armaan's chest. I really hate turbulence! Armaan continues to whisper comforting and reassuring words into my ear. You gotta love him! I am really excited about going home and so close my eyes to let those happy thoughts consume me. Suddenly Prithvi's face flashes before my eyes and they fly open. Fear takes over me and I shiver against Armaan. He must have felt it because he tilts my chin up and asks,

last part : We Met -We Touched

"Wow Dad ' u both ran away?"

"Yes Ariya' and now would u close your big mouth and sleep'"

"No' Tell me' what happen after u left?" she pulled the blanket off and jump on his lap'

"Where'?" he felt shy'

"Oh Dad!! At hospital and house!!" she said irritatingly..

"Oh I thought" he was embarrassed

Part 84 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"It's not what I feel for you;It's what I don't feel for anyone in this world BUT for you"

Deewangi kahun isey
Yaa hai mera fitoor...

"Sshhh Shilpa... Tum usse jaga dogi..." Armaan whispered in very low voice which made Shilpa to smack his head lightly
"How stupid! Armaan... Jagaane hi toh aaye hain" she whispered in low tone while glaring him who simpered "Ab uthao usse..." as she mumbled he sat on other side of bed accompanied by her and in excited way Shilpa nudged Ohaana who was not in mood to wake up but when Armaan tried to wake her; she woke groggly which made Shilpa amused "Aree... Waah.. Mumma utha rahi thi toh nehi uthi... Meri iklauti" caressing her hairs she said smilingly which made their little doll to hug her mother sleepily, she was laying b/w her parents who were admiring her "Ohnu utho naa... Dekho aapke liye kuch surprise hai..." trying to waking her she said in loving voice while patting her little back who snuggled more closer to her mother's chest

Friday, 22 March 2019

Part 32 : All for ur Love

They returned Mumbai next day and arman had a very good memory of there. he remembered how riddhima was happy there and everyone of that orphanage respected arman as their son-in law. He had Goosebumps when they called him ‘damad ji’ but he didn’t know when he would become their real damad ji ,when riddhima would accept him in her life..he didn’t know its answer but he was ready to wait for riddhima’s ‘yes’ till the end of his life. Coming back Mumbai,riddhima again kept ‘moun vrat’.everyone was trying to entertain her,to talk to her but she was in the same condition. Balvinder was trying to shift his business there as annaya wished to stay with riddhima as they afraid of leaving her at home alone.
One day dr. shshank came and asked riddhima to join her course again but riddhima refused totally. She didn’t want to go the same hospital where was sumit with her. Then dr. shshank talked to the management of that hospital and shifted riddhima in sanjivani and gave to the responsibility to sumit’s mom to make her agree. 

part 43 : Tumhare hum

I slowly open my eyes this blissful morning to see Armaan's face so close to my own. I look down to see our hands and legs entwined. I smile as I look up to see his innocent expressions as he sleeps. He looks absolutely adorable… well he probably did every morning, but this morning is special. I am in the arms of the man I am madly in love with. I snuggle closer, noting how we fit together perfectly. I guess he always was my other half. I can't help myself from leaning over and pressing my soft lips to his. His eyes flutter open catching me red handed. A lazy smile spreads across his face as he sees me so close. He murmurs against my cheek, "Hi beautiful." I skim my hand over his stubble, smiling,

part 5 & 6 : Is This Love? (Arsh)


She lay next to him..peacefuly.. she felt safe in his protective arms' she knew he was the one.. there was no separating them now.. she felt on top of he world with him' she knew he was all that she could possibly ever ask for.. she finally had an actual family.. it was her family.. she knew come wat ever gonna break HER family.. she would do anything and everything for her family'

i was the most happiest person on earth yesterday when you actually put the manglasutra around her neck'oh no no..she says looking towards him..not than.. i was the most happiest person on this planet when you said those three lovely words to actually said I Love You to m'
And now..they were one.. she looks at him with eyes filled with intense love..
She seems him wriggle a bit..

part 11 : We Met -We Touched

"Riddimaaa we are late… Mom… will kill us… if we don't report on time.." he shouted jumping out of his bed…

"Is it my fault…!" she shouted back… rapping a white silk sheet around her…

"No…" he grinned and pulled her in the bathroom                   

"NO ARMAN!! WE R Late…!" she tried to say but he has just thrown her sheet away on the marble… and pulled her close….

Thursday, 21 March 2019

part 42 : Tumhare hum

I finally make it back to the hotel and approach our room while still lost in my own thoughts. I am just about to knock on the door, but stop due to Armaan's voice, "HOW CAN I LOVE SOMEONE SO MUCH? I COULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU… ANYTHING… WHY CAN'T YOU SEE HOW MUCH I NEED YOU… HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU…" I slowly turn the knob and stand there frozen seeing Armaan's face buried in his hands, as he weeps, "Why don't you love me Riddhima, why?" Tears fill my eyes as I see him so vulnerable. I gently whisper, "Armaan…." He slowly wipes his tears and stares at the burning flames. I slowly approach him and kneel before him. I gently take hold of his hands, while he stares at me intently. I press his hand against my cheek and cry, "Armaan I'm sorry… I never tried to understand you. Why didn't you ever tell me that you broke up with me for Armaan?"

part 10 : We Met -We Touched

Once he entered the car'



Yes Riddima'

She was not in the car'

Where the heck she went? Summit thought' and looked back in to the car

And at once came out'

Part 83 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Let's see... Tum kitni romantic ho..." saying this huskily he kissed her on her ear who blushed
"Let's see... Nehi..." moving her hands on his exposed chest (Coz his shirt's buttons were already opened by him) "Let's feel..." whispering this huskily she removed his shirt and kissed near his lips whose hands automatically moved on her back wd closed eyes, he was about to kiss her when she pushed him a little making him stunned who looked at her incredulously
"Mujhe bhook lagi hai..." controlling her smile she almost ordered him who looked at her angrily coz she again spoiled their romance
"Toh phir jao... Vahan lunch rakkha hai... Khalo..." saying this angrily he picked his shirt from bed and started wearing it which made her gulped coz she was just trying to make him grumpy but it backfired her in return of his anger

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

part 41 : Tumhare hum


After we enter our hotel suite, Riddhima helps me to the bed. I am about to protest, but I know she is just as stubborn as I am. I see her looking at the clock and I notice it is 6:30. Then she grabs her purse and I ask worriedly, "Where are you going?" I don't know why I even bothered asking her this because I know exactly where she is going. She is going to meet Armaan at 7 tonight. She stops in her tracks, slightly turns towards me, and says, "Ill be back soon." She closes the door and I close my eyes. I run a hand through my hair in frustration. I get out of bed and grab a bottle of alcohol as I remember Riddhima and Armaan's conversation more vividly than I had hoped.

part 4 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

After six.. armaan drops shilpa at Hotel Ritz where she was currently working as a part time employee as a receptionist and a full time as a lead singer for same'


That whole night shilpa was unble to sleep.. she could hear the painful cries of armaan.. she had made up her mind.. its high time now.. He has to come out of it.. And I will get him out of it'
On the other hand armaan in his bedroom felt lost..
He had lost the will to go out, socialize, even to talk to friends'he felt all alone in this world he couldnt laugh the way he used to do like before. He left out a sigh and opened a case file to study'
And yet again.. he was able to grin'
It was the note that shilpa left him.. he took it in his hands and said "paagal"'
And continued with his work'.


part 9 : We Met -We Touched

"Why …. Don't u go … sleep in the room beside mine? She walked at the door and pointed at the door

"u throwing me out?" he walked up to her "u don't trust me..? His weight pushed her beside the wall….

 "No …. Arman I m just … not ready…" she tried to explain… 'Why is it soo hard…'

 "Ok!" he walked out

 She frowned … did he understood? Did I do right? Ok I trust him…! And I can't just knock him out like that… how must be he feeling … I will apologize in morning…!

 She hurtful walked to her bed


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

part 40 : Tumhare hum

I take a taxi to get to Armaan's house. When I arrive, I notice the beautiful house has two cars parked in the garage. I think nothing of it and ring the BELL. When the door opens, I am shocked to see who is on the other side. It is RIddhima. She smiles at me and says, "Hi Riddhima, come… Armaan was expecting you." I nod and slowly enter the house. I turn to Riddhima and ask, "Do you two live together?" Riddhima laughs, "Of course Riddhima, usually married couples do live together." My jaw drops, "Armaan never told me you two were married." Armaan interrupts, "That's because Riddhima and I like to keep our professional and personal lives separate, although it's kind of hard since she is always arguing with me at the hospital." Riddhima smacks Armaan over the head exclaiming, "I do not! You always start it Armaan! Anyways didn't you have something important to tell Riddhima." Armaan looks serious at this point and says, "Let's talk in the study." I nod and follow Armaan into the study. I start looking around at the numerous books and then turn my attention over to Armaan.

part 8 : We Met -We Touched

"Riddima???" he ran behind her… he asked the girl… going out… the guard said yes… he went out …. He ran on foot paths…. Asked the taxi's near by him…

But couldn't find her…

He got tensed… tense if she is in trouble… running back in ….

"PAPA!!" he shouted in the middle of corridor... and fell on the bench


Part 82 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

Love doesn't lie, people do. Love won't hurt you, but people will.Love doesn't leave, but lovers do.

"Toh phir karti raho..." entwining their hands he pressed it on the glass door beside her face who arched slowly and her chest went up making him lost in her again, their fronts were pressed together coz now she is stuck b/w him & the wall
"Armaaan..." she hitched wd close eyes as his face nuzzled on her side of face, he rubbed his lips over her cheek whose heart was pounding inside which he also can feel

Monday, 18 March 2019

part 39 : Tumhare hum

The ambulance soon arrives to take Armaan to the hospital. I hold his hand in the ambulance as tears stream down my cheeks. I wipe my tears knowing that I have to think positively and be strong. Nothing is going to happen to him. He wouldn't leave me or else who would annoy me? I rub his hand as my vision starts to blur again. I can't act weak in front of him! I couldn't let him see me so vulnerable and so broken because of him and his fragile state. I close my eyes and pray to God to keep Armaan safe. We soon arrive at the hospital and they took him to the emergency room while I fill out paperwork. I feel so alone as I sit in the waiting room with no one for support.

part 3 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Armaan: btw.. not bad ha'
Ananya: wat do u mean ..??Not bad??? It's awesome'.
Armaan: hmm'*smiles*..kkk'awesome'so'which standard are u in?
Ananya: second standard'hate my teacher tho''she keeps on blabbering soooo much'she starts somewhere n ends somewhere else.. nobody likes her..specially me'and besides..
Armaan..:*giggling*..ohk ohk..i get ur point'n your parents..??
Ananya's face falls down a bit'armaan notices this and before he could say anything further, shilpa cuts in and asks ananya to go wear her socks and shoes..and gives a weak smile to armaan.
Armaan senses the tension and decides not to go on further'
Armaan: ohk then.. thnx for the breakfast..i better get going now'have to get ready as well.. * in a very serious tone* n shilpa'be on time..
Shilpa: yea..its just 7.30 now..duty starts at chill mr.senior doctor'
Armaan just smiles and kisses anu on her forehead and leaves.

part 7 : We Met -We Touched

HE thought to divert his attention' but he couldn't find anything... Good compared to her' who could divert him' he leaned back on the door as his back closed the door' while pulling Riddima closer to him

 His hand stuck at her waist'and he stared at her' as if he has seen her first time' and he could stare at her' like this for whole life'

He frowned ' to see her protest'.he pulled her closer' and soon her feet were a bit up from floor' and then 'she kept her toes on his '

Her eyes were still closed' he touched her cheek 'with a finger moving down to her neck'. His eyes were still locked on her face'. His finger touched her long throat' where he felt her taking a gulp' moving his finger down'

Sunday, 17 March 2019

part 6 : We Met -We Touched

Soon he moved away…. And walked up to door… he knew his kiss has alarmed her… and she won't sleep …. He walked out with a stupid grin…

As the door closed Riddima fell bed on the bed… blinking her eyes … looking up at the ceiling… still feeling his lips … on her cheek… touching her cheek... and then after some dizzy moment…she jumped out of her bed… and peeped in the shopper…

'Which shop is opened at eight in the morning' she frowned

Her frowned deepened when she saw a letter…

part 38 : Tumhare hum

After waking up and getting ready, Armaan and I head towards the mall. Being in the fashion industry, I loved shopping. I am taking my sweet time while trying on these clothes and Armaan gives me advice. The first couple of times he seemed enthusiastic about getting a chance to express his opinions. Now he just looks utterly bored as he stares into space. Looking at his bored expression makes me chuckle while he turns to glare at me. I start laughing hysterically and he starts to mumble under his breath. Eventually when my shopping spree ends, I walk to the car. I turn to see Armaan nearly tipping over all the bags I'm making him carry. It's not my fault he wanted to marry me so badly now is it? Husbands are made to do this stuff anyways, you know manual labor.

Part 81 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


You meet one true person in life and your whole life changes forever.

"Kya huaa aapne mujhe yahan kyun bulaaya...? Aur aap kahin jaa rahe hain??" she questioned confusedly as she stood in front of him who wdout saying anything opened the car's door "Armaan??" she looked at him wd a frown as he opened the door calmly
"Aree yaar baitho toh... Kitne questions puchti ho tum..." he gave her annoyed look which made her to cross her arms
"Kyun naa puchun... Sab andar hain.. Aur sone jaa rahen hain... Par aapko bahar kyun jaana hai... Uper se Ohnu bhi nehi dikh rahi hai..." she started her lecture only to made him to roll his eyes
"Shilpa Ohaana mom dad k saath hai... Aur baaki sabko sona hai toh sone do... Par mujhe long drive pe jaana hai toh... Tumhe toh chalna hi padega..." answering her he almost ordered which made her to shook her head in disbelief
"Long drive vo bhi... Ispe... Aapka dimaag thik toh hai?" pointing at her Lehenga she looked at him angrily who shook his head