Saturday, 30 March 2019

AR os : Let Me Tell You I love You

"I.. I love u..." she said, closed her eyes tight ' scared of what may come up ' confessing love to a boy was way to hard... but she did that. She was scared, if he said no....

Not getting any response, she slightly opened her hazel eyes... and he was no where to be seen ' she frowned and a tear fell...

"Riddimaa..." she closed her eyes 'again' feeling his breath behind her ear... it was He ' she knew it. It was His grave voice. Her breath became irrational. "meet me in the changing room..." he added, as his pager rang. She made an unconscious nod.

Soon she regained her senses and he was gone.

Part 11& 12 : AR ff Nashaa

"I will wear my cloths, I guess they would have been dried by now" Riddimaa got up to go and change, as Rahul announced that they were leaving for the meeting

"No.. you look good in this Riddimaa?" Rahul stopped

"just fold up the sleeves. They might look bad only. Rest is perfect!" Rahul said, texting on mobile.

"Won't it look bad in front of soo many people.?" Riddimaa asked when arman walk up to her. Turning her around as he made her face him, his fingers grabbed her arm and folded her selves, pulled the collar down.... and pulled the shirt out

part 13 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Next morning:

Armaan senses someone next to his bed n gets the aroma of hot coffee…

He smiles…n opens hez eyes n to his horror he finds shilpa standing…

Aaarrrrggghhh..he screams….

N jumps from his bed…

Thank god twas just a dream…oh god…they say that morning dreams do come true..oh god..not this one please…

Friday, 29 March 2019

Part 9 & 10 : AR ff Nashaa


Next morning.
Atul shook her arm that was hanging loose of the bed as she laid over her stomach in deep slumber, "Riddimaa – we have to discuss work here. Could you get up?" Atul shook her again

"did she got up?" Arman walked in restless, as they have been trying that from past 2 hours.

"No... I guess she is in deep slumber. !" Atul got up pulling his hand up in surrender,

"Sleeping beauty..! seriously now?" Rahul chuckled as he placed his weight over the side of door.

"Yrr... here she is sleeping and we are sooo worried about the work" Arman walked up to her and pulled the blanket away. She cared less about it and snuggled in her pillow, slightly wiggling her hip

part 12 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

an upset armaan goes back to see shilpa..she was still unconscious ..
he holds her hand and start rubbing his thumb against her' while his other hand is caressing her forhead'
armaan: shilpa.. shilpa..listen to me baby..i love you..m here for u.. please shilpa' wake up'
but there is no response' armaan closes hez eyes n starts thinking whatever dr. keerti said to him'
armaan goes out of the room and moves towards the temple'
he shuts hez eyes and starts prayin'
armaan: plz god plz' plz don't let anything happen to shilpa and my baby as well' plz god'
he opens hez eyes and turns around to go when he sees Sid nxt to him praying'
armaan: oh plz stop it Sid..if not for u..dis wud neva happen'
sid: wa..wat???**confused*.. wat do u mean armaan'????
Armaan:  stop faking it Sid u know exactly wat m trynna say'
Sid is still confused'

Part 87: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"It's not what I feel for you;It's what I don't feel for anyone in this world BUT for you


"Okay sorry for that... But tell me one thing... About your -Sorry Apology letter..." as he said this she wd pouted lips smacked his arm who smiled "I mean wahi tumhara apology letter..." he corrected carefully making her smile
"Haan... Aage??" she prompted smilingly on which he became serious
"Shilpa see..." looking at her he spoke in serious tone which made her to guess 'He is going to start a serious topic' so she silently gave a nod "Main jo abhi tumse kehne waala hoon... Usse please seriously samajhkar mujhe jawab dena... Kyunki mere liye yeh jaanna bahoot zaroori hai... Ki tum chaahti kya ho" she became confused hearing his serious voice

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Part 7 & 8 : AR ff Nashaa


Arman walk up to her to hold her and shook her up some sense in her, when rahul hold his one arm and pulled him back "I am hungry – don't mess it UP !!" pause "Behave yourself damn self ! Arman, i won't compromise on my Food !" Atul hold from other side and both pushed Arman on floor and ran behind Riddimaa... leaving Arman on Floor "You Both Son of A Bastar*"  Arman shouted as he made himself get up from the floor.
"We are not Kidnappers Riddimaa... we Are Civil Officers and are working to get hold of the drug mafia gang.!" Rahul exclaimed. "And i think we mis-took you as one of them." rahul started, Riddimaa stopped at doors of kitchen and turned her face to Rahul and Atul who stood few feet away

"yea... well your mom is in same business tou it would have been no shock to see that you Could BE involved" Arman spoke as he approached again, eyes her body as she bend it half over the door latch. Her one hand on waist and other on door.

part 11 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Armaan  starts screaming on the fone'
Armaan: shilpa??shilpa..answer me..
He quickly moves out of his house and runs to shilpa's'
He rings the bell continuously' a sacred anu has no clue how to react.. armaan figures thid out.. he quickly disconnects the call and calls again.. anu receives the call..
Anu: jeej..jeej *crying*..
Armaan: anu beta calm down..listen open the main door quick.. its me..
Anu runs downstairs and quickly opens the door.. armaan takes anu into a hug..
Armaan: calm down.. wherez shilpa?
Anu points towards the room.. armaan runs on top.. he enters the room to see shilpa lying on the floor.. her eyes shut her cheeks tear-stained..and blood oozing out of her mouth'armaan rushes to shilpa and take her into a hug'

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Part 5 & 6 : AR ff Nashaa

part 5 

10:00 PM, The moon glowed.

There was a shriek which Made Riddimaa and Rahul look around. "who would it be?" Rahul stood up. Pulled his shot pocket gun from his back, "You! one move and I shot you dead" Rahul pointed at her. She meekly nodded and settled properly on couch. Rahul turned to go out with his gun aimed at door, when the door apart and the driver – constable Raghu fell with bullets fired up on his back. He was dead, with blood oozing out.

"RAGHU!" Rahul ran while Riddimaa stood up with shock, her hand reached up to her lips "Omg.." she mumbled. Soon Rahul ran out to see – the four faced covered man walked in with guns.

"don't move or I will shoot you" One of them aimed Rahul.

 "Kon hou tum log?" Riddimaa shrugged as one of them took hold of her arm "Chalo" she heard a voice boom from inside the mask, as the one of them asked her to come along. "Nahi... chodo mujha..." Riddima winced and kept on dragging her self-back "Dheko..." another man tried to talk. Riddimaa fell on floor and pull herself back

Epilogue : Tumhare hum

5 years later…

A thunderous applause echos throughout the room as a happy couple celebrates their 5th wedding anniversary. A tall handsome man wearing a black suit and black shirt stands proudly looking just as young as the day he had gotten married five years ago. The only difference in his appearance now is his gotee, which only enhances his masculine jaw line. He stands next to a ravishing woman, who is wearing a black sari with heavy silver embroidery, and she also looks just as beautiful as she had five years ago. The only difference in her appearance happens to be her radiant smile rather than her depressed frown on the day of her wedding.

part 10 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

The cellphone kept rigning..
An irritated armaan received'
Ridhimma:armaan.. emergency.. u hve to come 2 d hospita..der been an acciedent.. we require ur assistane..quick'
Armaan:* diconnecting the call*.. dam..*lookin at shilpa wit teary eyes..turns around and rushes to d hospital..*
Armaan comes out of the shower.. he finishez breakfast n both go to the hospital'

Part 86: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Tum pehle Ohaana aur pets ka dhyaan do... Varna kahin bhi andhere mein jaayenge yaah toh lag jaaygi yaah dar jaayenge... Aur saath mein unhe candles se zara dur rakhna..." he instructed normally while reading a file which made her to shook her head coz she already did this
"Armaan vo sab main kar chuki hoon... Bas mujhe fikar is baat ki hai main khaana kaise banaaun kyunki yeh sab mujhe akele chodne se rahe aur saath mein... Kitchen le jaaungi toh kuch bhi touch karenge yeh log..." she put her tensions in front of him who smiled hearing her cute worried voice
"Vo tum mujhpe chod do... Main bahar se khaana le aaunga bas tum unka dhyaan do... Aur khudka bhi..." he said in calm voice while keeping the file on his cabin's table

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Part 4 : AR ff Nashaa

"Huh..?" she got up getting conscious and coughed loudly; as the water poured by RAhul over her head went in her nostrils "Arman can I talk to her..." Atul stepped in, he didn't like the idea of beating at all. "OK..." Arman flung back on his seat and pushed his seat away due to wheels in it.

"dheko Riddimaa, first tie up your hair. They all look messy" Atul spoke polite which made Arman and Rahul look at him with a amazement.

"Has he lost it?" Rahul whispered "I guess he remembers we are here dealing with a criminal, from Gupta family not an innocent girl" Arman whispered back. Atul gave Riddimaa few seconds to get back in herself. She knotted her hair in a bun and looked at Atul with fear.

part 47 : Tumhare hum

I slowly run my hands through Armaan's hair finding it less silky than usual. My eyes are still too tired to open and intake the bright light. I don't feel Armaan's arms protectively around my waist either. His head seems lighter than normal and it is nestled against my chest. His hair is oddly making me ticklish. I run my hands past his head and in search of his broad shoulders, but his hair seems endless. That's definitely not right… I slowly open my eyes to see a ball of white fur laying on top of me. I immediately shriek and then slowly realize that it is only a teddy bear. I breathe heavily as I take hold of my heart.

part 9 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Months pass..say ummm 6 to make it 6months 15days':D'

Everythin was jus perfect..armaan and shilpa hardly had any fites.. even if der were any..  everythin was resolved by the end of the day' shilpa knew armaan inside out and vice versa' dey understood each others feelings really well.. they knew wen to be notty and wen to be nice to each other' armaan loved shilpa uske jaan se bhi zyaada..and so did shilpa.. she was ready to do anything and everything only to see armaan smile..


After a tiring day at sanjeevni shilpa returned home early..armaans duty was ending at 9 tat dae..they exchanged goodbyes and shilpa took  leave..

Monday, 25 March 2019

Part 2 & 3 : AR ff Nashaa

we have dropped her in your room... now?" Rahul, whose hair were chopped and stood up like an army officer, he wore a cream jeans with a white – pure white shirt tucked in his jeans,neatly. On the other hand Atul, whose hair were a little goofy style, but it looked good at him only, loose shirt tuck out – with a fair jeans. Both stood in front of the chief head.

He, the so called Master – Sir wore a simple dark denim jeans with a black shirt, properly tucked in, holding his black leather jacket on his shoulder and a cigarette lit in his hand. "I am too tired – too look up to this operation today... you both." Pointing his cigarette at them "duty over night – outside that room, I am going to take up your room Rahul. I hope its clean and if its not then rush and clean it up for me...before 8" He spoke, while placing the cigarette near his lips and sucking it in with a pleasure. "Am I clear" he announced with a strict voice. "Yes..." Rahul said, in angry manner, he wish to pull Arman on floor and beat the bash out of him for taking up His(Rahul) room, both turned and went away, obvious that they only had an hour in their clock for striking at 8.

part 46 : Tumhare hum

After several weeks, I wake up this beautiful morning by smelling the roses that are lying on the pillow beside me. A smile crosses my face and I slowly reach over to pick up the red roses. I stare at them lovingly and notice a tiny note attached. Before I am able to read the note aloud, I hear Armaan's deep voice echo in my ear, "Happy one month anniversary sweetheart." I turn around and cock my eyebrow as I reply, "Armaan… we celebrated our one month anniversary of our marriage about three weeks ago… remember?" Armaan pulls me into his arms and nuzzles into my neck replying, "Yes I know, but this is the one month anniversary of when we finally became one." A blush makes its way across my cheeks as I say, "Oh, that anniversary." He brushes the hair away from my face, places it behind my ear, and distractedly replies, "Yes, that anniversary." Armaan holds onto my chin and stares at my lips adoringly. I shyly tell him, "These flowers are lovely. I'm going to put them in some water."

part 8 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Armaan shouting outside the bathroom door: boo'pleaseeee'
Armaan realizes that shilpa at no cost would come out when he is around.. he stands outside and explains himself.. shilpa pouts'
She slowly opens the ddor.. and comes out *still pouting*..armaan holds her by her waist and looks at her tear stained cheeks'
Armaan : m sorry boo.. I din mean to hurt you..
Shilpa nods'
Armaan: I love you..
Shilpa looks at armaan in the eyes.. she finds them full of love and apology..
Shilpa nods again'and says.. hmm.. i love you too *pouting* but im still angry'
Armaan kisses her on her forehead.. I promise ill make it up to you..
Shilpa keeps looking that those dreamy eyes..
Armaan: oye dhanno..

Part 85: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

"Your LOVE and My EFFORT together will conquer the WORLD"

"Tujhe itna sab kuch kya zaroorat thi bolne ki... Armaan tension mein the aur uper se tere nakhre alag..." her heart scolded her who was making breakfast for Ohaana "Par usne bhi bahoot kuch bola tha isko... Tab jaakar isne apna hafto ka gubbaar nikaala..." her mind took her side who stared the space lostly "Jo bhi ho... Par ise vo regret waali baat nehi bolni chaahiye thi..." her heart reminded which made her to look at the wall clock waiting for him who still didn't returned from work "Armaan ab tak nehi aayen... Kya bahoot bura laga unhe.. Shilpa tu bhi na ek dum pagal hai..." scolding herself she took the breakfast plate and went on breakfast table where her daughter was waiting, her whole day passed cursing herself and also to apologise wd Armaan for her last night's words not to forget to celebrate their anniversary which they will celebrate after two years separation... Then she planned this surprise dinner for their anniversary keeping her all negativity aside also to apologise but she didn't know Armaan was not in a mood to forgive her for 'Regret' word, all day he was busy in work but on back of his head her words were ringing inside that's why he tried to avoid her when he came back home but Yaah he too want to short out this, By his behavior was hurt even she didn't wished him their anniversary or told him about the surprise which she made for them in their backyard... And now they both were laying on same bed but wd distance, Shilpa went into sleep wd broken heart but Armaan was only staring at her back then at the ceiling coz sleep was miles away from his eyes

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Part 1 : AR ff Nashaa

It was when the clock strike sharp 6 in evening when mostly people retire to their homes... and so was Riddimaa wearing a simple ankarli dress of green color with the duppatta hung beautifully over her neck sides. She went to get her Scotty. When two people tip toed behind her till the parking area; its was semi dark ' the sun would shed down in almost coming 15 minutes. A person holding a black cloth tied it around her eyes and other one turn her arms on her back and tied a cloth over it "Konn hai?" she shouted. "Bachoo..." she shouted, whining to get herself free. "Get me another cloth... u idiot" the one scolded the other one. "yEs sir...." the other stammered and brought a cloth till a fairly large guy was holding her. "Chodo mujha kon hou tum...? kya chate hou?" she looking side ways trying to find out, who it was "Thora sabar karo '. you will get to know..... but not yet" he whispered from behind right near her ear, his breathe creased her nape... making her skin hair stand up...

part 45 : Tumhare hum

I wake up the next morning because of that persistent alarm clock of mine. I roll on the bed and whack the snooze button. Armaan groans as he feels the absence of my warm body next to him. He quickly traps me underneath him and starts falling back to sleep. I start squirming and pushing Armaan saying, "Armaan get up! We have to go to work today! Armaan let me go!" He stirs in his sleep again and moans, "Riddhima just go back to sleep… We don't have work today…" I pout helplessly and then with all my strength, I manage to loosen his grip long enough for me to escape. I run into the shower while hearing Armaan tossing and turning along with mumbling, "Riddhima come back…"

part 7 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

a lot had happened in the last 3yrs.. alot had changed..
They say rite'"whatever happens, happens for the best'"'
Shilpa managed to get armaan out of his depression.. it took her four long months'
She kept arranging for different things.. Sometimes it would be a football match.. Or a picnic.. and sometimes it would be just a muvee and pizza night at her place..
Anu was always der to support her di' she knew her di very well.. She understood when she was upset, happy, angry, excited and all other emotions' she also knew how deeply and madly her di was in love with armaan.. and how much it pained her di to pt it all aside.. and try her best to make armaan happy again..