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part 2 : Taken by Her

She touched her lips with her finger, tracing where he had placed his lips and could not get over how he had violated her by groping her and then kissing her' as she looked in the mirror of the changing rooms she closed her eyes and collected herself.

'Dr Riddhima this is your final warning! ' if we find you have lost your temper with a patient then we will have to reconsider your final year here!!'' Seeing the look of shame on her fathers face as Dr Kirti informed her in the board meeting about what Sanjeevani thrives to achieved 'she could not get over why they where listening to a patient and not her' but the evidence pointed at her being liable as everyone witness her rage'but it was the only way Samar would understand she was not interested' Now she was feeling those same feeling of victimization and this time with a celebrity'

Last part : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)


"Yrr Muskaan chill ' I like her... whats harm in it!? Let's not make a fuss out of it!" Armaan sipped his coffee while Muskan smiled and grinned.

"Well, if you two are good with it ' then who cares" Muskan spoke, lastly getting up when her pager rang... and Riddima came in... At that moment "Hi Riddima..." Armaan smiled at her ' that she ignored completely..."Hi..." she looked straight with no emotion "Did you watched the show?" Armaan spoke again, sighing at himself. "Yes..." she answered in a monosyllables tone."Come on yrr Riddima ' she is just a friend. I don't like her in that way!" Armaan pointed out, irritatedly "Did I said anything?" Riddima spoke frowning.

Part 19 : AR ff Nashaa

She had fallen a sleep along with Rohail who lay his head on her lap. She woke up seeing Rohail getting up
Ridimaa : let me help you... she smiled and made him sit, she looked around to see Rahul and Atul laid on floor carpet while playing video game and Arman still staring at her but he broke his trance as she glared at him

Rohail : HEY, Thats mine!" Rohail got up and pulled one of the video game of Atul hands while RAhul backed away

Rahul : Man... i am not giving you... i am bored ! Rahul went up to Arman while playing game



In Mumbai
Malhotra Mansion in Arsh's room

Dil diyan gallan, Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naale akh nu mila ke, Dil diyan gallan...

"Yeh phone kyun nehi utha rahen hain...??" she mumbled wd a pout as he didn't recieved her call "I know soye toh nehi honge vo... Par gussa toh mujhe hona chaahiye vo kyun phone nehi utha rahen hain... Ek toh Ohnu ke PTM mein bhi late gayye... Aur uper se mera phone hi nehi recieve kar rahen hain... Huh...!" she cursed him angrily and kept the phone beside her(Under the pillow) when she felt someone tapping on her knees who smiled while picking him up on her lap (Actually she was inside Ahaan & Arhaan' s room) "Arhaan... Baby so jao..." correcting her two years small kid's soft hairs she said affectionately which made Arhaan laughed

Friday, 5 April 2019

Intro & part 1 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid


"Happy anniversary beta...." the words fell like a loadful of heavy bricks upon his hollow heart ...."thank you daadu" he replied his baritone voice woven into studied calm syllables, deceiving none of his inner turmoil, n he added after a pause "she is in the shower, let me pass the...." he was interrupted by the deep voice on the other side matching his own, except the evident weathering edge to it, indicating the age difference of about five decades .....

"absolutely not....let her get ready for the special day, um sure u have planned it well....just convey my wishes to her....god bless u both beta...." he half let out an unheard sigh before replying, "i will daadu...i hope you are keeping well...." a light hearted laughter followed, which threatened to turn into a bout of relentless coughing, as the old man managed to hold it somehow n said

"yes i am....perfect....just waiting to cradle another great grandchild in my arms before i close my eyes forever....don't think i sound like those conservative thoughtless oldies, but i hope its a boy, just like you Ormaan...."

Armaan swallowed hard shutting his eyes momentarily as he heard his name pronounced with an 'O' phonetic , the typical bengali way of pronouncing words starting with the letter 'A'.....putting aside the image of the face which flashed inevitably each time on being addressed this way, he replied before his silence caused a suspicious delay, in the same maintained tone

part 4 : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

Her feet were getting sweaty due to endless, prolonged climbing and finally jumping over another step, she twisted up and fell backwards just to feel two arms encircling her from back, timidly or embracing her, in other words. 'Karan' she whispered under her breathe, she just knew it – it was Him ! Holding on to his arms that were just below her breast clutching her tightly, preventing her from any sort of flash wound or wrench. He pulled her up straight, while after a second, she walked out passing by the door to the open-sky-terrace....

"Shilpa, please listen..." he turned her steadily yet firmly. "Karan, please – mujha akela choddo..." she said in palpitation with an irregular heart beat, as from anxiety. She broke the trance and made her way to the railing. "Kitnaa hum issa feeling kou ignore karain gan...? you know? We feel something for each other.... don't you know?" he walked up to her, and pressed his toned chest from the back on to her...' Mujhe akela chod do....'she said trembling from fear now... "kyunn? Kyun Shilpa – why are you doing this with me with us.......?" Karan swiftly turned her...

Part 18 : AR ff Nashaa

As Arman and Riddimaa ran across the road and reached his place. Rahul, who stood guarding at the backyard door of his house, opened door and pulled both of them in the house.

Arman: You won't believe what we found! bombs guns, rifle all in that damn house he closed the door behind, breathing in and out, while Riddimaa walk in the sitting area in garden and throw herself on her chair with shame.

Rahul: Shit...Lets settled down.... first! let me make calls, I will call police at her house immediately – its high time Arman we can't risk their life any more... ! I will tell Shubhankar sir to bring Search warrant and he can go inside …! before Shahank gets the things away. Rahul went and began to make calls as Arman nodded his head in agreement...

Thursday, 4 April 2019

part 3 : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

"Yaar' Open THE DOOR'." He shouted kicking the door hard.

"Kaun hai Batameez''" pause "Riddhima' ???"Padma cried' seeing her daughter in an unknown person's arms.. "Shashaankk" she shouted while Armaan slightly moved forward to which Padma made way for him'
"Kya huaa isaa'" she asked as Arman made her lay on the couch.

"Aunty, relax' kuch nai bas she'."

 "Armaan? Riddhima oh my God'. What happened to her?" Shashank moved forward and holds her wrist to check her heart beat.

Part 17 : AR ff Nashaa

After Dropping Rohail at school, Riddimaa went in the boys house with her extra keys given by Atul. As soon she opened the lounge door she saw the house messed up. Frowning she stepped in and switch on the lights. Her mouth fell a bit open when she saw Atul on floor, Rahul on one couch and Arman on other couch sleeping over his stomach.

Riddimaa: Cough Cough... pause "GUYS WAKE UP ! Riddimaa jumped over Atul and shouted her lungs All three pulled their guns and marked it at Riddimaa, who looked astonish and a bit fear in her eyes.

As her eyes First fell on Arman who stood facing her, ShirtLESS..... and the gun fear was followed later.



"Armaan..." pushing him wd grumpy look she sat wd crossed hand making him chuckled who wdout saying anything layed down while keeping his head on her lap 
"Aree main... Toh isliye keh raha tha... Kyunki kya pata tumne socha ho... Ki main busy hoon abhi toh baad mein bataao..." gripping her one hand firmly he said calmly while staring up at her who smiled looking down at him
"Nehi... Mr... Yehi mera first month hai... Aur aaj hi mujhe pata chala..." caressing his hairs she said in loving voice which made him smile who traced her cheek by his knuckles
"Bahoot bahoot dhanyawaad aapka... Ki aapne mujh naachiz ko aaj hi bataaya..." as he joked she giggled still playing wd his hairs who wd smile kissed her stomach lovingly "I can't wait now..." hearing this she lightly slapped his head who chuckled
"Acha iska koi naam socha hai...??" tracing his face she asked wd a smile on which closing his eyes he started thinking which made her to control her giggle

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

part 1 : Taken by Her

'The new kickboxing champion! ARMAAN MALIK!'  as the referee held up his arm in the boxing ring' his entire body ached as he panted to catch his breath back'. As he turned around to hear the cheers of the crowd he blinked his eyes at the flashing cameras' 'AMMY! AMMY!' as the crowd screamed he looked over at his coach as he bragged his aching body over towards his corner'

'We did it Ammy!' '

'Coach get me out of here ' I cant breathe and my head feels like its going to exploded'' seeing his distress he nodded as the Ammy team go him ready to leave the ring'

As he opened his eyes he saw a light in his eyes'

part 2: On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

"no ' thanks" Riddhima answered pulling the strip of her purse on her shoulder and clutching it under her armpit'.

She looked at Armaan, who was having fun with his girl-friend but he had an eye on her too as she stood just few feet's distance'

"Come on, One dance" the guy said, rolling around her back ' his beard slightly touched her bar-shoulder making her move a bit from her place' she turned aside and looked at Muskan. She looked busy'

Riddhima without wasting any moment makes her way out ' and ran with her heels on

Part 16 : AR ff Nashaa

Arman's mind was master mind behind most of the plan. Similarly getting a house whose back faced Riddimaa's house was not a coincidence... they had been living in this house for last 6 months.... ! Riddimaa herself didn't saw him ! he surely was a mastermind.

or Else she knew every one around her house, then why didn't she come to know about the front of house a road path away only ! it was all Arman's plan to keep his personality hidden till the time he wanted.

Similarly, a door was their too which connected them from her road. in other words, Backyard door!

That Night all the boys were using telescopes to look in her house to see Rohail dancing, as he was enjoying that his parent won't be back home for 7 days.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

part 60 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Once they get free from lunch, last session of check up was done. Doctors were explaining villagers how to take care of their health at normal basis and how to contact other doctors in need.
Mishra uncle ditributed cards of their hospital and few emergency numbers for help. Riddhima and Muskaan were distributing emergency first aid kits for the same. Armaan was observing everything and Rahul was enjoying with kids near balloons.
Once everything was done, Mishra uncle asked driver to send them back in village.
“Aap logo ka kaam aaj khatam ho gaya hai to kal aap log chale jayenge kya?” one lady asked.
Riddhima look towards Mishra Uncle and nodded in ‘NO’ so that Armaan won’t get the hint of their plan.
“Abhi kuch kah nhi sakte, shayad kal v rukna pade kuch logo k check up k liye” Mishra Uncle said.

part 1 : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

"I wish, I could catch Miss. Ahuja on time or else I have to hear a long lecture tomorrow morning.' a girl mumbled under her breath while running

* Thud *

"Ouch" both mumbled ' bumping each other

"Hey watch ou-" the person replied, as he took hold of her in his arms, which crawled around her waist, protectively.

She felt her weight being float in air, as a moment pass and she opened her eyes to see his ocean-blue eyes boring in her greenish eyes. She felt like drowning in it.

"Angel" he whispered

"I'I am..Sorry?" she whispered with a little frown - feeling his hot breathe over her face.

Part 15 : AR ff Nashaa

Finally when after an hour, Arman walked in with Atul – Riddimaa looked calmer.

Rahul: WE Will Discuss about the CASE RIGht NOW ! Nothing Else !

Everyone nodded, but Arman kept a hard glare on her ' I will punish her bad... really bad !' he thought.

Riddimaa: I heard them...

she pulled a paper from paper mate ... and wrote

Riddimaa: they said Blue Gang. Today at 1 in afternoon and its away from my house uhmm papa said 4 hours, approximately no noo sorry 3 hours. writing the small details

Arman: Venue? Arman snatched the paper angrily.



Three years later
In Bhopal
@ Gleneagles Hospital
"Haan... Kabir details maine check karli hai... Bas tumhe dekhna hai..." walking inside his cabin he spoke in serious tone to Kabir who is reading a case inside his cabin
"Yaar... Armaan tum jaa hi kyun rahe ho... Bhopal chod ke... Kyunki tumhaare bina mujhe nehi lagta hai main yeh hospital sambhaal sakta hoon...??" Kabir asked in tensed voice which made him smile who finally relaxed on chair
"Tum kar loge... Mujhe pata hai... Aur agar nehi kar paaye toh... Tumhaari better half Dr Kiya haina... Vo sambhaal lengi... Aur main bich bich mein aata rahunga yahan..." he tried to make his tension vanish
"Kiya toh vaise bhi aaj kal meri band bajaati hai..." Kabir's complain made him smile when a knock came on his cabin's door
"Coming..." he allowed calmly but as he saw Kiya on door a grin formed on his face while wd a smile Kiya moved to give a file when "Haan tum kya keh rahe the Kabir... Kiya ke baare mein" putting the phone on speaker he said loudly
"Tumhe sunnayi nehi diya... Aree main yehi keh raha hoon ki aaj kal Kiya ne meri band baja ke rakkhi hai... Especially jabse usse pata chala hai ki vo ek mahine ki pregnant hai.... Main usse rokta hoon zyada kaam karne se toh mujhe hi sunna deti hai" hearing this Kiya's mouth hung opened
"Nehi yaar vo aisi toh nehi hai... Kitni pyaari hai..." Armaan knowingly defended Kiya who kept the file on his table angrily

Monday, 1 April 2019

Part 33 : All for ur Love

When riddhima got her sense back,realized that she was lying in hospital bed . an oxygen mask was put on her face and IV bottles fixed in wrist.
She tried to open her eyes but everything was blur in front of her. She uttered slowly : “pani..
She heard dadi’s voice : “doctor,riddhima ko hosh aa raha hai..usey pyas lagi hai.”
The doctor replied : “yes dadiji,she is now better but don’t give her water..IV bottles se enough water uske body me ja raha hai.”

Last Part : Is This Love?(arsh)

Night time…
Shilpa is still sleeping... dr.kirti comes up to armaan who is sitting outside shilpaz room..
Dr .kirti : armaan..
Armaan: dr.kirti..ur ok?m sorry for wateva happnd..
Dr.kirti: dr.armaan..u don't worry…. I have already complained about all this to the trustees of the hospital..  armaan..shilpa will wake up 2mro.. it will be better if you go home and freshen up..
Armaan: but dr.kirti..wat if she needs me here???
Dr.kirti: we all are with her armaan.. and if there's anything.. will call u…
Armaan nods and turns to leave…
Dr.kirti: oh yea n pls eat something armaan…
Armaan smile…:thnx..:)

Intro : On The Face Of It (Mini AR ff)

Overview or the basic story line

Arman and Riddima both are true believers of love but their perspective about love is completely different from one another'..

What if a normal life of theirs takes a Drastic Fairytale turn'.putting them in a dilemma'?

What effect does this turn have on them n their lives'.?

Does this turn make them take fairy-tale-type-decision'or do they stay into the reality ?


Arman ' Arman a cheerful lively ' joyful person. He had numerous number of girlfriends,currently dating Tiya. He is 23, his parents live in Foreign though they are not together, still he does not hate them. His mom in Paris n dad in Italy. He's in the last year of his medical.

Part 14 : AR ff Nashaa

At 7:00 am. Riddimaa opened her door and looked around the place. The home was quite may be all were sleeping. The rooms were in order; First her, than her parents and than Rohails which had stairs which led down stairs and Another stair infront of Her room which led upstairs to an open terrace.

She walked up to Rohails room when she heard some sound.Instantly walking back foots to her parents room. She felt awkward to ear drop but she did

Padma: Shahank... if we both left this place right Now. In front of her; she might get suspicious even more … as YOU don't work, officially. That's what Riddimaa had been told..... she spoke in hush voice still in panic.

Shahank: Volume slow, please... but we have to go now... the Blue gang... has marked the time of 13:00... that mean 1... pause

Shahank: and the place is 3 hours away from our place. They need it – its urgents, the kids are ........

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Part 13 : AR ff Nashaa

Whole day, they discussed the plan, till it was time to leave her at her home. So that the plan could be executed.Riddimaa even washed his clothes which she used and wore her green dress back.

"you know what to do?" Arman asked as she stood few feets away from home

"yes Arman – don't worry." Riddimaa kept a hand on his as all four of them stood in a circle in least 40 feets away from her house. A sparkled pass through both of them and Riddimaa pulled her hand back and looked away. "hide your mobile somewhere" he blushed on his own thought making Riddimaa look – rather glare at him " uhmm and keep it silent" Arman added, shamelessly.

part 14 : Is This Love? (ARSH)

In the afternoon armaan goes to meet dr.kirti while shilpa is taking her nap in the hospital room.

Dr.kirti: hello dr. armaan

Armaan: gud ftrnoon dr.kirti'dr., shilpa's health..she improving rite?

Dr.kirt: yes dr.armaan.. shez improving.. she is much better now'

Armaan: really?!?!?! **smiling**.. that's  great news doc'

Dr.kirti: I know armaan..but listen.. she cant go through all this depression again.. she is already very sick.. this time we could save her.. but next time'** bows her head**..

Armaan nods: yes dr.kirti,,I get ur point.. thnx..

Part 88 (LAST PART) : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Next Afternoon 12:05
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Bhula de, bhula de
Wo.. tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Bhula de, bhula de, bhula de...
"Armaan... Armaan Ohaana kahan hai...?" an angry Shilpa walked inside the lawn where Armaan was playing wd a football, he was wearing a White sweat shirt wd black t-shirt underneath and dark blue joggers wd white shoes "Armaan... Main aapse kuch keh rahin hoon..." she almost yelled as he was not paying any attention to her and was busy on his football "Armaan..." getting angry she directly stood in front of him who stopped wd a frown looked at her then removed his earphones making her realise that he didn't heard her coz of earphones