Saturday, 13 April 2019

part 4 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

He opened his eyes with a sudden jerk, not knowing what woke him up, neither what let him slip into a slumber. His brow wrinkled, Armaan removed his half rimmed glasses, and rubbed his eyes clear of haziness. It seemed that the clarity of vision was slowly fading away the fog in his head as well, as realization dawned upon him - he had dozed off on his desk in the study despite an obviously uncomfortable position and a preoccupied mind. Perhaps the latter of those conditions had actually eventuated his falling asleep, courtesy the mental exhaustion.

Consciously coming awake now, but still passive in response, he was startled by the hour gong of the wall clock. Looking up, he saw the hands coincide at twelve, to ceremoniously herald a new day. He narrowed his eyes wondering for a whole minute if the ancient piece which had traveled places with him gaining preference over the present day digital gizmos, had finally come of age.

But as he followed the seconds hand to a count of sixty he found no such signs and concluded that the clock was working fine, it was indeed just midnight. Which was strange, considering he had this seeping sense of having been knocked out for several lasting hours, when facts indicated it was a couple at the most, an hour and a half was more likely, since he had retired to his study after dinner around half past nine.

intro & part 1 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)




Ridhima.. rich girl. She loves jeans, t-shirts, sports, music, and other normal stuff. She's plain and simple.

But that's before she met him....

Armaan Malik. The playboy.... the full value package.
He's got the brains, the body, the skills, and the styles. He's every girls's dream guy. Not to mention the money too!!

It was then when Ridhima knew she had to get him! She needed him.

part 27: Nashaa

weeks went by, Riddimaa and Rohail got adjusted in their new lifes. Riddimaa got a fair job as per her eligibility and Rohail got an Admission in pretty good college.

They started to spend more time with each other, once returning home – the rest of the time of the day belong to them. Riddimaa took care of Rohail's every need NOT to make him feel low about the fact of not having parents around him now, as Rohail was in a growing age and he required things – to fulfill is need, Riddimaa always put her hard in it !!.

Friday, 12 April 2019

part 26: Nashaa

Waking up after an hour or so it was still dark outside – may be 5, he moved his arm from below Riddimaa, parting her body of his chest.... in process Riddimaa hold him up – close, she leaned her cheek near his chest.... keeping it there – she nuzzled it, looking up at him – as she felt his deep sigh over her head.... and moved forward, pressing her bare skin with his in the process, he softly bend her to bed – and moved apart slowly.... as he tried to avoid kiss...

"Kahan?" she found it weird as he withdrew from kissed, whispered.

"Washroom..." he replied, pulling apart from her, he gulped as he wore his shorts that was on floor long time back....

Final part : Taken by Her

he looked at him dressed in jeans and a black tight fitted t-shirt with his sunglasses staring at her … as he placed his hand through his hair he looked at the way she was looking at him and did not seemed to happy to see him at all.

"Beta who is it?" Armaan smiled as he looked over Riddhima shoulder as he saw her mother walking towards them

"Ammy?… Riddhima let him in!" Padma looked at her daughter oddly as she turned around and walked into the house as she lead Armaan into there home… Anjali and Kirti looked over at Riddhima and knew that she was upset about something…

"Momma …why don't we help you with dinner?" Kirti looked over at Riddhima as she saw a gesture of thank you as they left them alone.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

part 3 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

Chirag braced himself seeing Armaan past the glass windows, waiting for him no doubt, as he paced the floor restlessly. Hearing the door knob, the latter turned around and their eyes met, each speculating the likely outcome of the next few minutes of conversation but for different reasons.

"Well?" said Armaan, breaking the silence, not wanting to waste any more time in coming to possible conclusions about what the grim look on Chirag's face could imply.

The sound of his grave voice, forced to appear calm did not mask his anxiety from his best friend. Chirag has been skeptical about this whole idea of scheming, it was a professionally unethical act; but the moment for debating the righteousness of this plan was past, since a chance to implement it had come his way sooner than expected. He was partially relieved that it was not a completely fabricated course of action anymore, the situation had offered its consent. Hoping his eventual well meaning intentions for Armaan would somehow justify this unacceptable deviation from the established code of conduct he decided to proceed. Holding Armaan's unwavering gaze, he said, in a solemn tone

"The cut looks bad Ammy, she barely escaped being pronounced guilty of attempted suicide, God alone knows how the vein remained unscathed."

part 25: Nashaa

At 8 in night...

"Can't we … I mean, I do this tomorrow... I need time to think over it..." Riddiaa said after hearing Anjali's plan for 'seducing Arman'.

"No... we might not be here tomorrow." pause "and why are you afraid – I am still shocked that you are virgin... I lost mine when I was 16..." Anjali spoke boldly.

"and me at 21 with Rahul...only" Muskan blushed, as she leaned on bed beside them...

part 7 : Taken by Her

Riddhima looked up at the lit up hall… the annual party was to celebrate everyone passing there internship at Sanjeevni.. She looked at Atul as he held Anjali on the dance floor… everyone was surprised when he came to the house and asked for Anjali's hand in marriage. Papa and momma where both please and Shub Jiju was in town making the preparation for the wedding.. Loved blossomed everywhere around her as she felt hatred for the word 'love'as she took her seat at the table and looked over at everyone enjoying themselves…. As she looked over at everyone lost in each others arms she felt the tears in her eyes as the questions of how she allowed him to touch her in such a way played her everyday.. 'what was it? Was it that look in his eyes which told her he loved her or?'

"May I have this dance?" she turned to look at him as he stood there dressed in a black suit and red shirt… he looked at her looking away and pulled up the chair next to her.

"Thinking about me huh?" he chuckled as she turned to look at him angrily.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

part 24: Nashaa

Shubhankar who was quite all the time thought to talk and help the poor boy

"Arman..." Shubhankar started

"No Sir, please.... let it be the way it is !" Arman got up, ignoring Shbhankar for the first time that left him disappointed as he saw Arman softly walking in his dark room,

"what am I missing Rahul? Could you help me up with this? I have been noticing Riddimaa getting cranky .. and Arman getting angry ! Though he had been angry from the past events but not as much as he does in Riddimaa's presence now a days...." Shubhankar asked. Rahul took a seat beside him and told him everything about why Arman is behaving like this! , atul sat there while making nod at few intervals.

part 6 : Taken by Her

'hmm I fancy coffee!' he looked at her looking at her hands and grinned getting up. You have a one track mind' but then again you cant blame a guy for trying he chuckled at himself as he looked at her shifting her weight in the chair looking slightly nervous.

'I make a mean coffee!' she looked at him getting up from his seat.

'Uh' your bathroom!' he looked at her standing next to him' she smelt so sweet and this whole evening of controlling himself 'he was finding it very difficult'the game was having its toll on him and the rounds was getting longer and exhausting' standing to fight in the ring seemed easier then this..he thought leading her to the corridor..

'Here you go!' he looked at her as she placed her hand on the handle and look up at him.

'Phew!' she leaned against the door and took a deep sigh. I have to leave as im getting a feeling something will happen. She closed her eyes and collected herself.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

part 2 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

Ridhima's eyes widened in astonishment and she stood gaping for a couple of seconds. Then shaking her head in awe, she first turned to look at the girl standing next to her, then redirected her gaze to the disappearing back of her nephew. She had managed to delay office by an hour today for meeting up with them.

When Gappu had initially auditioned for the role in this musical, Ridhima had been surprised. Not to suggest that acting was an unfamiliar domain to him, but one of the sign up terms demanded the actor to be present for rehersals 5AM to 9AM each morning, for a month worth of summer break. It was not the wake up early fact either, which could be termed unusual. The change of reason for waking up early was what caught her attention.

Having been on the high school soccer team, Gappu had religiously followed the 6AM to 8AM field workout and net session regime. Overshadowed by American football, soccer in Chicago was unmatched with it's splendor when compared to London, both as a sport and in fanship. But for Gappu, the term 'football' had always signified exactly what it meant:a ball game to be played using feet alone. NFL for him could never replace FIFA or EPL as football leagues.

part 23: Nashaa

"Rahul i am sleeping ... go .!" Arman said, walking to beb, climbing up on bed with knee, he laid straight on bed.

"Arman just listen" Rahul said.

"No... now go.. i have to sleep !" Arman said pulling blanket upon his face

"please, for Old sake!" Rahul tried, looking teared up.

"No... no.. .and no for Old sake too !" Arman pulled his head out and blasted, as he settled himself on bed, huffing in anger

"You know - she likes you too... you could confess your feeling and live together happily." Rahul tried again... not caring that Arman really wasn't in mood to hear !

part 5 : Taken by Her

'Muskhan darling! Nothing is goin to happen to me!' Riddhima could feel his eyes on her as she read his chart.

'Armaan I was so scared when Amit told me!' she looked up at the woman as she released Armaan and wiped her tears.

'I am fine! Isn't that right doctor sahiba!' she looked at him as he winked at her.

'Thanks correct you will get discharged at the end of the day today!' he looked at her surprised that was something he should have felt happy about but instead' it felt like a sucker punch'

Monday, 8 April 2019

part 22 : Nashaa

"so.. whats next...?" Riddimaa walked in the lounge wearing her night pajama suit, pink dress. She had covered all the marks, thanks to Foundation cream. She thought.

"Rohail?" atul asked

"he just slept... !" Riddimaa settled on the floor as they all sat thereexcept shubhankar, who sat on couch.. looking at things that they found out from Shahanks room.

"You?.. don't you feel sleepy?" Rahul asked

"I don't feel like... !" she replied, picking up a photo... of a child.

part 4 : Taken by Her

Riddhima looked over at her father as he stared over at Armaan as he placed the small light in Armaans eye'

'Do we have is case history?' he looked over at Riddhima as she shook her head.

'Dr Riddhima its vital we get that! We need to get another catscan when he gets up.. Nurse monitor him tonight.. I have given a larger pain killer and he will be asleep for sometime..'   Riddhima looked over at him as he opened his eyes and looked at her ' His eyes where full of uncertainty and he looked a little scare as she looked over at him and placed her hand on his arm he 'got all the reassurance he needed and closed his eyes' It was as if he just needed her to feel better'.


_______LAST EPILOGUE_____________


"Driver car zara peeche lena... Aur vahan khadi kardo...Vo bhi jaldi" he instructed the driver who shaking his head reversed the car while wd exciting heartbeat Armaan walked inside and hidded behind the gate where as reaching out she looked here & there wd thudding heartbeat also she was panting now coz she came here in her full speed
"Armaan.." she called in low voice while approaching towards the gate and watching her after one month a contented smile reached his lips "Ramdeen kaka... Armaan aayen hain kya??" she looked at the watchman who gave a smiling nod in No coz before hidding Armaan instructed him not tell her "Nehi aaye..." her heart sank as Ramdeen nodded in No and wd sad look she looked at the gate "Kya pata bahar ho..." an idea came inside her head who immediately moved ahead to look for him, her heart was beating excitedly even the crazy butterflies also flied inside her stomach like a teenager "Iska matlab Armaan ne mujhse jhoot bola..." wd a cute sad look she looked down but again she looked around for him who wd careful steps walked ahead and stood behind her, getting disappointed she turn to go but as she turned bumped wd Armaan only to get startled "Armaan..." she sighed wd surprise making him to cage her in his arms

Sunday, 7 April 2019

part 3 : Taken by Her

She opened her eyes dreading to turn around and face them when she looked at him looking at her confused ' feeling his arm pull her close to him he looked up at everyone..

'First off all I want to thank Amit and the Manager of the canteen!  For this wonderful surprise!! ' Now the lovely Dr Riddhima Gupta is goin to escort me back to my room to rest! YOU GUYS PARTY ON!!'  Everyone looked over at him as he pulled Riddhima close to him looking sick'

'Dr I am feeling a headache shall we go back' thank you for escorting me here on my request!' he looked at Ridhima looking surprised at him as she nodded her head as he made himself heard to everyone'

part 20 & 21 : Nashaa

Part 20 

At night, same day.All of them settled in lounge except Riddimaa, who was told Shubhankar would be joining for dinner and if she cook..

Rohail rushed in the kitchen : Dii... i met Shubhankar sir ! I actually met Shubhankar sir! Can you believe that?

Riddimaa working around the chorus : Rohail this is the umpteenth time you told me ... now go away and let me work ! Riddimaa pushed Rohail out of the kitchen by holding his arm and pushing him out as she was really busy cooking up for half dozen people.