Saturday, 20 April 2019

part 34 : Nashaa

Morning fall in the room.
Making both of them twist under the blanket. Riddimaa stared at his face, once she was awake; his face - which was perfectly place on her bare shoulder. She moved a hand and moved his hair off his face "Stop it Riddimaa, I need rest..." Arman kept her hand down and hugged her as he went to sleep. Again snuggling in her neck

She giggled and turned her face to other side and saw her watch – it was 8 in morning,

'Rohail would get up in next hour or so.' she thought and tried to get up, when she felt Arman tighten his hold on her waist.
"Arman, mujha jana hai" she said trying pull his hand off her bare body....

Friday, 19 April 2019

part 7 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

Over the next almost ten minutes he saw her make several futile attempts at trying to cut into the middle lane. As her eyes darted between the windscreen to keep track of the road ahead, and the rear view to scan the traffic behind her for an opening. Her actions appeared to be under control, but it was evident that the calm was gradually evaporating.

"I feel like the wheel is going to come off any second if I try to turn, is it simply because I now know that its faltering?" she whispered without looking at him more as a question to herself.

He heard the gravity in her tone as she bit her lower lip. It was almost frustrating to not be able to take over from her, the wheel posed definite trouble, not negligible in the least, but was also not the worst possible; if she didn't panic and blunder so to say. In his better judgement she had missed at least a couple of chances to crossover to the middle lane, she was trying hard but somehow would hold back the second she could just about do it. And he felt like she knew that as well as him, which was perhaps making it worse for her. Her voice betrayed the lack of confidence and that was bothering him much more now than the wheel itself. His mere presence wasn't support enough. He sighed quietly, it would be a spectacle he knew, and he would have never done it if...if only it was him driving...but greater delay would definitely not be worth the risk, and there had to be a first to everything.

Last part : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

"Ridhima... feel free to speak your heart..."
I shook me head and forced myself to push him away.
I looked at him and he gazed at me.
More tears rush out of my eyes as I sigh.
I wipped away the tears and fake a smile.

"Thanks Armaan. I feel much better now."
He didn't buy it. Armaan gave me a hard look.
"I was just crying because my parents couldn't come see me. And seeing your parents come visit you didn't make it better."

Now he looks like he did buy it. Stupid Armaan.
Honestly... I didn't want my parents to come. They would over react like Rahul.

"Don't be sad... are they away?"

part 33 : Nashaa

"Riddimaa come out !" Arman banged the door after 20 minutes..

"What are you doing in side for soo long?"

"you making me go worried by your behavior !" Arman added

soon the door flung open

"KYA HHAI?" she shouted at his face at first Arman was in daze as he saw her in a white satin pajama suit.... he smiled seeing an angel infront of him... and soon his smile turned into a goofy look....

Thursday, 18 April 2019

part 6 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

What? My fiance? My fiance as in Mike He??
"He's coming overseas tomorrow." Rahul said walking out the door.
Blood drain from my face as their eyes were placed on me.
Ohh god.... Mike is coming back. He's really coming....
I didn't know if I was happy or sad. Mike He.... my fiance is coming home.

"Mom.. dad.. I think you guys can leave now. I want to rest." Armaan said.
"Okay... are you sure you don't want us to stay overnight?"
"No." I heard him said.

With that said, they began to leave one by one.
Last to leave to Genie.
I had to turn away as she gave him his good night kiss.
It would break my heart to see it.
I wanted to burst out crying but I held the tears in.

part 32 : Nashaa

After confession, he continued with the remain information....

"your parent got fired in encounter ... Your father, confessed before dying - he wanted Rishi to die too... Your father told me... Rishi was responsible for his sudden death, Actually Rishi was the one who leaked out the address to 'us' of your parents.... and before dying your father confessed that Rishi is in Goa... waiting for me !" Arman said almost ending

"Before dying atleast he did something good" Riddimaa chuckled with tears.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

part 6 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

Armaan lay in his bed tossing for a while. Then he sat up cross legged his chin resting on his interlocked fingers, deep in thought. Letting out a long sigh he whispered the words again,
"She was normal tonight. But how could she be, after everything...more improtantly WHY?"

He had in all possibility asked himself this question more times that evening, than the number of times he had cursed himself for the morning's harsh exchange, almost as if he believed that the answer was hidden in the question, and would reveal itself upon repetitions. Closing his eyes now he pressed his palms against them rubbing in circular motion in an effort to stimulate thinking, then abruptly he stopped and sat still. His mind of course made up for the lack of activity, it was racing with thoughts. Getting up from the bed he started pacing from edge to edge, frowning hard.

It was convenient to assume the obvious reason; she would not have wanted to make a scene before Gappu and Minnie. But there were also obvious loopholes which could not be quite as conveniently overlooked. There was no reason in the first place for her to have shown him any recognition at all, they could have maintained the pretense of having been strangers and waited for the round of introductions. She in contrast had not just identified his face but had also claimed being friends.

part 5 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

There was a long silence.
"Ridhima? Is that you?" Ohh god! It's Armaan!
I rubbed my hair to make sure it looked okay.
" Armaan?"
"What are you doing here?" He asked.
"Ohh... hiding from the rain..." I said shyly.
"Same here..." He said as he set his stuff down.
Armaan opened the door and it led in some light. Now a lot but some since it was a cloudy sky.
Armaan sat down on the floor and I joined him.
"I... I thought you went home already..." I said as I looked at him.
"Ohh.. no. I was... ummm... doing something afterschool."
Ohh..... and he was mad because I could finish the project with him.

part 31 : Nashaa


"Priya be with Mishti ok... don't roam around ... Promise?" Arman asked, as Arman wore his bullet proof jacket and was tucking his gun at various places....

"yes, bhaiya... i will not leave Misti di, now goo !" Priya hugged Arman and pushed him till doors...Arman didn't like the thing, he felt restless to leave her behind.

"Misthi... take care of her... ok" Arman hugged mistii, and bid bye to both of them....

"Yes... Arman, you dont' have to say that you know" Misthi hugged him back and they bid bye. Kissing him over his cheek she waved at his car – hugging priya by one hand....

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

part 4 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

I found Bichung already there in the library. He was studying a history book I havn't seen before.
"Hey!" I said sitting down.
"Hey." He said as he didn't bother to look at me.
"What is that?" I asked.
"My history book..."
"How come I've never seen one like that?"
"It's at a college level."
Ohh.... smarty pants!
"Ohh...." I said.
I opened my math book and he closed his book.

part 30 : Nashaa

"The thing that wrecked my heart was that she sat there with cloths torn at places.... she wasn't even looking neat – mud over her face... arms... and very pale..." Arman described the moment...., as he holded Riddimaa close to himself....

Flash Back....

"Here... have water" Arman said, after picking her up in his arm, he lead her in the house and made her sit on the counter of kitchen.

"Bhaiya.... vo log... outside.. following me... they tore my cloths too look" she cried, showing her back to him – his eyes grew with anger – her dress kept on falling of her shoulder...

Monday, 15 April 2019

part 5 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

Stepping inside, the sweet mix of fragrances greeted him, so did the familiar tinkle of the wind chimes at the entrance. It was invariably the same every time, a deja vu sensation. Which should make sense since he came there once almost every week, if not for the flowers then for just dropping in to say hello...but wasn't the whole concept of deja vu a greater mystique? - related to memories long lost and forgotten, things you could not recognize right away, even though they felt awfully like an experience from before? He never could understand what it was that he felt.

Now walking in, as his vision was starting to adjust to the room lighting which stood nowhere in competition with the bright shining autumn sun outside even in the waning hours of late afternoon showing no signs of fading into an early evening glow, he saw her in her usual spot. Settled comfortably into the rocking chair in a corner, her nose, with the glasses resting at the very tip, buried deep into a book, another Austen novel he presumed. Before he could offer his greetings to her, Mrs Douglous, who owned the shop and every beautiful flowered stalk in it, he heard the chimes play their jingle again, and then a cheerful voice from behind him boomed into the small florist shop,

part 3 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

"You want something fun?" He asked. I guess he notice the sadness in my tone.
I looked at him and he closed my mathbook for me. Then he tossed both our books aside and took off his shoes.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
He smiled at he took off his socks and jumped into the fountain.
Ohh no!
Bichung splashed water all over me and I screamed.
At the moment, Armaan seem so far away from me that I didn't even care.
I splashed water on him and he smiled. I knew we would get in trouble but I didn't care. As long as I'm having fun.
I stood up as Bichung grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I didn't take off my shoes so I got my shoes and socks all wet.
"BICHUNG!" I yelled.
He laughed at he splash more water on me.

part 29 : Nashaa

He heard an impatient knocks and bells at door "Let me go and check – you ice the cake please" he made baby face and kissed her cheek. "sniff, ok..." she got up from the chair and stared at the Television headline from her open kitchen Counter that displayed the Television straight
"who Is it?" she blasted a loud sniff, rubbing her nose "You got cold?" She turned at the grave voice, astonish to find him their. "Arman..?" she Let out another sniff. "Di, when did you got cold?" Rohail asked standing with Arman. "don't Know" Sniff "I guess, now..." she rubbed her nose feeling another blow approaching but it vanished.

"what are you doing her? Arman?" she asked him, coldly. As Rohail brought a tissue box at her range...

Sunday, 14 April 2019

part 2 : Just You So would Love Me (AR)

Dad... I think I need a tutor.." I said and my dad blanked at me surpised.
"You want one?" He asked happily.
"Yeah..." I mumbled.
"Great! We can get that settled!" He said proudly.
I fake a grin as I went to my room.
Gosh.. winning Armaan's heart will be hard....
*** Part 3

It was finally the weekend and I was sleeping in late. Well... that's what I thought.
"Ridhima... wake up..." my maids called.
"Saturday...." I mumbled.
"Yes... but your tutor is here..."
My eyes snapped open as I rush out of bed. I need to get ready! The old lady or man will get mad waiting!
I didn't bother to brush my hair but I did change. I also brushed my teeth and smiled at myself. Ohh well, my hair doesn't look that bad!

part 28: Nashaa

Arman Riddimaa chali gaye Hai – accept it ! You let her go ! Now get over it !" Rahul bust in his room to see Arman staring at his half glass filled with alcohol, for a second and then gulping it down his throat

"Haalat dehk apni !" Atul followed Rahul. And began to pick up his cloth

"We are not here to cry over girls – we have to look up to some serious work here ! Arman !" Rahul took his glass and alcohol bottle away from his side.

"Reply me damn!" rahul turned Armans face