Saturday, 27 April 2019

Part 44: College Life

Armaan was hardly paying attention to the lecture his all concentration on riddhima.

Riddhima: tum samne dekho..
Armaan: haan.. 
Riddhima: armaan mam tumhe utha dengi yhan se...
Armaan: no way.
Riddhima: armaan plz..

Miss sharma : armaan what happened .
Armaan: nothing mam.
Miss sharma: ok vo to sabko dikh rha hai..
Class laugh 

Part 11 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

She frowned her breathing shallow, a consequence of the impulsive sprint from moments ago. It did not stop her look from hardening at his audacity. How could he dare be stalking me again she thought  incredulously. There was not much solace in realizing additionally that he was either oblivious to facts or simply unnerved by her silence as she looked away with an indifferent air about her, indicating explicitly how unwelcome his presence was. Instead she found a new expression staring back as she finally confronted his persistent gaze; Ridhima was uncertain in coming to a conclusion about the look in his eyes and what it could imply.

As moments passed, his silence seemed to insist an expectence for a response more elaborate and agreeable and her indignant disbelief of the situation begun fading into an unexplained discomfort, the question about his presence transformed from 'how' to 'why'. The uneasiness starting to peak inside mentally, was only heightened by her physical attempt at breathing deeper than short rapid gasps. The wind chill however was considerably below freezing, the hastily drawn in air went slicing through her throat which was suddenly painfully parched. She blamed it in her head to the extreme cold trying hence subconsciously to dismiss that it may at least partially have been a consequence of the sense of rising anticipation within.

part 41 : Nashaa

"Soo what do you ?" Rishi took his main chair and stared at Rahul, who flattered a bit in his place but gain enough courage to continue the act.

"I am here to buy this club... As much money you ask !" Rahul replied, sucking in the cigarette.... and then letting it out...

"Well, I said its not for sale... !" Rishi replied, litting his cigar... "Why do you want it, anyway?" He added.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Part 3 : Our Ways

 want to marry, because people say I m '. I m gay. And Ayes-ha went away because I m gay. I want to tell people that I m not that. And I want to show them I m bloody Normal. And I ' I think u should help me ' U can take it as an Order" he finished not making any eye contact with him
"NO way" she shrieked

"listen..." he made a step towards her, with a pleasing look

"no sir !" she moved back.

"I dont care with ur no's ..! I have granted u a loan of 78,000 and u have to pay back till then u will do -Exactly, what is told to u ..GOT IT" he shouted the last phrase and holding her tight from her shoulders.


~||PART 3||~

"U can't force me" she tried to dis-tangle her self.

part 63 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Armaan beta yaha aao jara” Mishra Uncle called him.
“Ji Uncle” he listen to him which was inaudible to others.
Armaan was nodding to whatever he was saying then look at him being confused, he again explained him something and a broad smile adore his face. He gave him something in his mobile and Armaan smiled looking at it then nodded.
“Aisa kya discuss kar rahe hain Uncle Ammy se” Rahul said tapping his finger on his chin.
“Puch le jake” Muskaan replied.
Rahul gave her a not so funny look and tried to listen them but seems like his bad luck was following thus he badly fail in his attempts.
Riddhima was again setting everything back to place after lunch with interns and Muskaan came to her. She also started helping and talking about random stuffs making Riddhima mingle into her talks. They were almost done with the stuffs when again Mishra Uncle called everybody.

part 40 : Nashaa

"the... .way we are...!" she mumbled, smiling a bit...

"like right now...?" Arman whispered... bending a bit over her, making her feel his weight over her.... kissing her cheek – he felt her shudder.. "this type of....?" he whispered bending near her ear lob.. kissing it – he again felt her shiver as his breathe went in – touching her ear drums....

"Arman....." she whispered tilting her head side way, giving him an excess to her beauty neck bone – he kissed it with pleasure.... feeling his hand pulling her shirt up from her waist... she hissed and moved her body as his hand rubbed her bare waist …

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Part 43 : College Life

Everyone exchange looks as they heard riddhima voice. Padma stands up and look towards Shashank worriedly.
Niki is crying and abhi is consoling her.
Abhi: riddhima
Niki look towards abhi and then on the door where riddhima come.
Riddhima look towards everyone with shock.
Riddhima: maa papa ap sab yhan, then she look towards every one.
Riddhima: kya hua hai sab thk hai,
Riddhima go towards her father.
Riddhima: papa kya hua hai sab thk hai na ap sab roe kyun rhe ho.? Koi batyega mujhe.
Anjali come forward to handle riddhima.
Riddhima: anjy is everything ok.
Anjali nod in no.
Riddhima: kya hua hai batao mujhe dar lag rha hai.
Everyone start crying more.
Anjali: riddhima armaan.
Riddhima: armaan kya.
Anjali: he he is no more. 

Part 10 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"Hey beautiful,

I write this sitting on an open terrace under the Indian sky. Can I call it that? I guess I can, they named an entire ocean after India, and everything in and around here is the Indian subcontinent. Why should the sky over this Malik Niwas be any less Indian right?

Anyways, teme sumthin, a memory, a moment, a scene which captures your heart completely? I had always assumed mine would remain witnessing live, Henry's first ever Arsenal goal at the Emirates two years ago against Ajax...a stadium marked by red and white erupting into a unanimous cheer at the shot...*sigh* It was a sight and I couldn't get enough of being there :) But now I know, much can alter in life, favorites can't be the hardest. Mine are begining to change...

I bet I have you wondering about a lot at the moment; one why this letter and not the usual email, two why such a sudden question...would you understand if I blamed it all on Armaan? :D Ok don't glare, I'll work on making this less ambiguous.

part 39 : Nashaa

"Riddimaa – what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in bed now? Rohail already a sleep !! and you still not to bed !!!" Arman asked as they all worked. - staring as his wrist watch strike 1 at night.

"Arman.... everyone is awake !" Riddimaa made a face as they all chatted sitting at the corner of couch...

"Soo?" Arman made an obvious face "Everyone is not pregnant !" Arman got off the ground and walk up to her... "Lets go...!" Arman forwarded his hand

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Part 2 : Our Ways

"Bye Eshaan..." she waved at the duo, who was leaving for work.

"Sonali...." she shouted, calling one of the maid and walked in the kitchen "I m going to my apartment to bring my things and will be back by 1 before Eshaan OK?" the maid made a nod and went back to her work.


After taking all the things she might be needing, Riddimaa moved in and shuffled her things at the proper place. Soon she helped the servants in preparing food.

part 62 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima was happily nervous by the way Armaan was tracing her path everywhere. She went to Muskaan who was helping interns to keep everything set for the day.
“Ridzi dekh na kitni sundar jagah hai” Muskaan said.
“Hmm” Riddhima smiled.
“Isiliye to Ammy ko yaha lane ka socha tha Bhabhi ne” Rahul teased her.
“Nhi,,, wo to mai sabke,,,,,” Riddhima said.
“Agar tu ye sab Armaan k liye karegi to hame bura nhi lagega” Muskaan said and she bend her head down.
“Ohooo,,,, blush to dekho” Muskaan teased her.
“Isiliye to Ammy kho jata hai. Muskaan jara Sharma k dikha to” Rahul said randomly turning towards Muskaan.

part 38 : Nashaa

Rohail had been sent along with girls, for a male support... Reaching at a beautiful cottage of 5 bedrooms, partially divided in to three stories … ! Rohail had occupied the room at topped floor .

Muskan and Riddimaa on second and Keerti and Anjali the last ground floor … though the girls decided to sleep in one room, if boys weren't here...

Sitting together at lounge area – the girl chatted while Riddimaa massaged Rohails hair with oil …

"Should we call them?" Anjali suggested

"Yea... ! Please!" Riddimaa pleaded.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Part 34 : All for ur Love

Riddhima stayed in arman’s house .everyone was happy with her decision and arman was so much happy. Now he was fit and fine . he wanted to join the duty but before it he wished to go delhi to look ananya as she was in bed rest and not able to come Mumbai. Dadi already informed her that arman was sick but riddhima was there to look after her and annya relaxed hearing it as well as very happy.she prayed if riddhima stay in her son’s life forever.
One day arman informed riddhima that he was going delhi to meet ananya.sapna is also going with him and if she wants ,arman would be happy to take her with him. arman’s heart pounced with joy getting her positive response.

Part 9 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"Wasn't that fun?" Ridhima smiled, Ritu's excitement was infectitious, and never fading as far as shopping was concerned.

"You have no limit do u Ritu, and today apparently neither does your card."Ritu shot her a mysteriously triumphant look.

"What?" exclaimed Ridhima narrowing her eyes.

"I must have forgotten to mention Ridzi, its Chirag's card!"

"Why did I not guess?" Ridhima replied in a laid back voice rolling her eyes upward. "Where to next Mrs. Richie Rich?"

part 37 : Nashaa

Shubhankar : haan Riddimaa.... you are bringing a new member to our family....

Shubhankar pointed the fact, yes they were family... they almost lived together.three couple(AR,AA,RM), Rohail and Shubhankar and Keerti head of the family...! they were family.....

Arman spoke".......sir, its use less... she won't hear a word ! she is way too much stuborn... !" Arman walked in with a plate of food... no one knew when he went away and when he brought food.

"bass sab chodo aus ko ! move !"Arman kept a plate on table. seeing every one move away from her – he step forward to make her stand.

"why do you always fight if you always come to console her ! "Atul scolded

Monday, 22 April 2019

Part 42 : College Life

Roy: mona suno to yar.
Mona stop and glare hard roy.
Roy: sry na baba.
Mona: tum kabhi sudher nyi sakte jhan ladki dekhi jeeb nikal k dudh jate ho vhan.
Roy: aisa nyi hai yaar mujhe laga tumhe koi prob nyi hogi.
Mona: kyun prob nyi hogi.
Roy: ab tum meri mangetar thodi na ho.
Meera: han to tum konsa mujhse shadi karne vale ho.
Roy: maine aisa kab kha ab.
Mona: matlab to ye hi tha tumhara.
Roy: meri maa mera aisa koi matlab nyi tha haan i love you and want to marry u but right now I can’t give you commitment.
Mona firstly smile then frown.
Mona: ye kya matlab hai tumhara.

part 61 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Mishra Uncle left the place with villagers and asked other interns to wind up the things which were left open.
Riddhima was helping them and Armaan was observing her closely, he was still smiling on the dream. How easily he drifted away from reality.
“Ammy, wassup bro” Rahul came sitting beside him.
“What do you think Rahul?” Armaan greeted his teeth.
“Cool bro, I was just trying to bring Romantic Mallik infront of Riddhima Bhabhi” Rahul said.
“What? Are u dumb?” Armaan become confused.

Intro & part 1 : Our Ways


"so... hmm Miss. Gupta u ready to teach my son and take hold of our house ?" a guy quite similar to her age, settled on a cozy seat -opposite to her and she stood nervously in front of him.

"yes sir" she said looking down at her trembling hands, clutched together.

"good... I be waiting for you tomorrow morning sharp at 7" pause "your salary would be settled up by Mr. Khana my assistant" pointing his hand towards a guy, who stood right behind her '

she looked back and made a slight nod with a sweet small smile.

part 36 : Nashaa

1 in afternoon – the day Arman left her in morning....
"matt jao...." Riddimaa said keeping her bed sheet around her. Her eyes on Arman, who was getting ready with his back at her.

"Muskhil mat karo Riddimaa............" Arman spoke with his back at her; as he wore shoes while settling on bed.

"Arman.... mai bhi chalti hoon. "She moved up to his side.leaning over his arm

"phir wahii baat !" Arman got up, angrily and turned to go out the room.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

part 8 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

He cursed. Within a second he cursed again, more forcefully this time as plausible scenarios were beginning to take form in his mind and he got into a rush. Racing down the stairs, taking two at a time and jumping over the last four onto the landing beneath he grabbed his jacket from the closet besides the main door, and the car keys lying on top of the chest next to it. Then turning the knob on the handle to auto lock mode he shut it behind him, harder than he normally would have, cursing the loud sound it made therefore, and disturbing in the process the silence of what would have seemed like a rare peaceful night.

For something about that night was not usual, or nothing was so to say. He would have noticed, if the ambiguity of circumstances was not as daunting as right then, that there was a spell of calm around quite unlike the city. The stars shimmered, too many of them visible for a downtown sky, mostly in irregular patterns; the moon was a bright almost half circle spreading a silvery haze to a considerable circumference around itself in the uniform blue black base of the sky, evened out for no irregularities from blotches of clouds, an uncommon sight for Chicago's night sky. Nor was there a sign of the piercing cold wind which was common both to the place and to the time of the year.

part 35 : Nashaa

"I be back ok...." Arman kissed her good bye at out side door.... Rahuls phone was being a pain and Arman Had to leave for few hours...

"I be waiting... tum ao ga na?" she holded his wrist as she stopped him -

"Promise... What should I do to? To make you trust?" Arman came forward – moving closer to her as she bend her side on door latch – and he standing really close...

"Anything.... you like..." she blushed, lowering her gaze... he grinned and bend down to capture her sweet little puffed up lips... when Arman's phone bussed...