Saturday, 4 May 2019

part 46 : Nashaa

 At night
Riddimaa woke up – huffing lousily.. "Armann!" she whispered in dark room.. "haan...?" Arman got up at once, putting on the Lamp-light... he got up in the bed, beside her..

"Arman... I kill..." she kept hand on her face. "No... WE did Riddimaa !" Arman hugged her tight, knowing this would happen – he knew the truth that she was the one who took initative... later on he got courage to shoot him more... but the first bullet was clicked by her.!

"No" she hissed in his arms, sobbing softly "i .. shouldn.'t have..." she whispered

Part 10 : Our Ways

"Riddima...." HE called her while walking in the room after a while.

"hmmm" she said while digging in one of the bag, kept on the bed.

"what you doing?" he hugged her from behind and tried to look in the bag...

"Armmann..! chordain..." she twisted in his arms

"kyun? Eshaan kahan hai?" he looked around and saw that 'danger' was not any where near them.

"washroom ma" she pulled few clothes out and scattered them on bed.

Friday, 3 May 2019

OS : My Decision

The story takes place when riddhima is faced with the decision to choose between armaan and sid.

Sid is at home and looking for riddhima when his phone rings.



Riddhima? Kahan ho tum? I am looking for you.

Siddhant meine apna decision le liya hai. Lekin mein chahti hu ki main tumhe aur armaan dono ko yeh decision saath mein sunau. Kya tum sanjeevani aa sakte ho?

h..hh..haan mein .. mein abhi ata hu bus 15 mins mein I'll be there.


part 45 : Nashaa

Fighting long the way – the boys along with force entered in... Arman hitting the every person who stopped him to reach at a Crying Riddimaa – in hold of two guys... crying for Arman to come directly at her....

Pushing across the pile of guy – he was really near his Jaan, when a Guy hit a large wood stick over his head, from back...

"ARMAN !!" she shouted – trying to herself out of their grip...

"RIDDIma.. ! Don't worry !" he replied back, hitting that person, to badly...

Part 9 : Our Ways



"say fast dad... I m in a hurry..." Eshaan said while sitting on the couch ' and Riddimaa sat on the floor in front of him for tying his shoe less...

"yea that I can see.... but where r u going in so hurry?" Arman grinned and sat beside him and winked at Riddimaa... making Riddimaa glare at him.

Arman had came home early to help her in packing and all as they will be leaving at night for otty.

Part 14: Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"You and me...?" She whispered the words which were predominant in her mind once again, and Armaan paused hearing her. She had hardly spoken much, he noticed now. Frowning thoughtfully he stated.


The word was a sentence speaking for itself; she gave a slow smile. It had ceased to surprise her long ago, but it never failed to touch her. She spoke in hopeful innocence.

"Was it us?"

"Would you have been single for 6 years if it wasn't?"

The small smile froze. She swallowed the hurt at being reminded. He had not intended it so, it was just her need to have asked him the question that prompted his impulsive reply. Nonetheless he regretted the choice of words immediately. Before he could correct himself however she spoke up, the rising warmth in her tone was lost again. 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Part 8 : Our Ways

"what a rain nahi?" his voice touched her soul leaving its damp their.... she jolted and turned to see him in the room

"app yahan??" she ignored his question and looked around for her duppatta which she had taken off as it was wet and was getting heavy.

After their first kiss she had ran to their room and stood in front of the glass window to seek the pleasure of rain and live the moment that she lived a while go. Her thoughts were distracted when he walked in the room.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Part 13 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"I won't," he whispered in the same breath as her, his response so prompt it made one wonder if her barely audible confession had perhaps completely escaped him; then with the slightest of pause he added, "Never again Ridhima..."

The intensity of his whispered assurance was not lost to how briefly it was stated. It kicked within her the realization of what she had spoken, and claimed. And that led to a new rush of emotions. It should have been mostly a relief at having released her pent up self but there was a sudden physical exhaustion which seemed to be taking over her limbs. That could hardly be a consequence of relief alone...perhaps it was then a sense of resignation from being incapable of holding up against the inevitable anymore. Feeble in her head she wished to resist the weakness, at least stop crying. In a futile attempt she pursed her lips trying to hold back her cry and shut her eyes tight. Instead she choked, the tears still flowed. Shoving the back of her free hand onto her mouth as she hiccuped from sobbing, the phone slipped from her sweaty grip into her lap, away from her ear.

Part 7 : Our Ways

Night went off '. Riddima kept on twisting in the bed '... but did not slept for a minute. On the other hand Arman stay wide awake in the lounge.

Both souls were having a hard time. Things had started wrong and no one wanted to start it over again. Eshaan was the thread that brought them together.


Riddima felt very low but some how she placed Arman's cloths on bed after changing into suit herself and made her way to Eshaan's room.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Part 6 : Our Ways

He took step closer an inch away from her

"what ever u like !!" he whispered slightly bending over her

"maaa...." Eshaan shout making Riddima turned in halter and slight bumping her head with his.

"Ouu" both mumbled.

"Maaaa" Eshaan shouted while running in the kitchen

part 44 : Nashaa

"Riddimaaaa !" Arman shouted his lungs out, falling on ground he cried... keeping his hand over his face, he pulled one knee up – he shed tears, looking in space – he cried, sobbing silently – he just stared in space..

Ajnabi mod hai, khwab har ore hai

Har nazar pe dhua cha gaya

Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya

Aasman sard hai, aanhein bhi sard hai

Kab se saya juda ho gaya

Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya

Saans ruk si gayi, jism chil sa gaya

Tutey khwabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya

Noor e khuda, noor e khuda

Tu kahan chupa hai hume ye bataa

Monday, 29 April 2019

part 35 : All for you love

Arman was busy in reading a file when sid came there and wished… “good morning sir..”

Arman nodded and uttered good morning and again made busy himself in reading that important file. Sid kept quiet for sometime then started whistling which made arman irritated.he looked at him and uttered : “I think you should go to your duty..”

Sid uttered : “sir,meri duty 10 baze se hai aaj.”
Arman didn’t reply and engrossed himself in reading file. It was mini’s reports. She was becoming weak day by day .arman sent her report in ‘memorial cancer centre’ in New York city and they suggested her ‘bone marrow transplant’ as soon as possible. Arman knew it was not possible to get the right bone marrow donar for mini so he was very tensed about it.

Part 5 : Our Ways


"What the hell have you wore?" Arman said controlling his voice.

"cloths... dumass" she fling-ed her hairs and went to dressing to see her face.

"Change it Change it NOW !!"he went to her cupboard. Seeing her in a skirt that was  cling-ed on her hips ' upper then knees, shirt was that small that even visible-d a waist and with out strips.

"Hey ...hey... keep your hands away ' form my cloths...

"Shut up !" he hushed her away

"ARMAN !!" she replied an-girly...

"Wear this !!" throwing a sari on her face.



"congrats ma'am..." Arman's P.A congratulated her.

Part 12 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

The sense of it was persistent, no more a  faraway fading nudge. She frowned trying to shove it off, for it was disturbing her, distracting her from something in her head she was trying to concentrate on. She tried to recall what it was she had been thinking, but she couldn't. It refused to leave, the touch, a vigorous sensation now, almost like someone was shaking her. In a final attempt she flayed her hands, and thats when she felt it, the touch of skin, real and cold, even in the confusing chain of thoughts it caused a jolt.


She jerked open her eyes. Too fast, too wide, althogether too sudden a movement for her eyes which still felt heavy with sleep. She scrunched them tight frowning.

"Ridz, are you alright?"

Reluuctantly and with slight effort she opened them again, only enough to barely allow reasonable vision, and she saw Ritu bent over her. As her eyes threatened to shut again, she felt the persistent tug return; It was then she realized that Ritu was shaking her gently, and had perhaps been all that while. How long could it have been she wondered somewhere in her passively reacting mind, it had felt like forever. Rubbing her eyes she frowned lifting her head off the desk and as she did she felt a pain in the back of her neck.

part 43 : Nashaa

"Arman … phir ajj wahi ja rahe hou kya?" Riddimaa asked about his whereabouts.

"Nahi tou ! We going to collect bullets first and then one of our agent told about another place of Rishi – we going to go there and hold up few people ! In custody ! For information !" Arman told her the details, as he combed his hair...

"Theek hai..." she took a sigh and settled on bed behind hhim

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Part 4 : Our Ways

"Eshaan I want to talk to you …" Arman walked in his study room.

"wow dad, what a surprise...?" Eshaan jumped off the chair and ran as fast as he could, Riddima, who stood beside his table smiled a bit.

"wo0o0hhooo" Arman swiped him off the floor in his arms. "so? How was your day?" embracing him into a warm embrace while looking at Riddimaa, who busy-ed herself in packing Eshaan's bag as soon as she feels his eyes boring in hers.

"it was awesome dad.... I enjoyed a lot … and simran, she kissed me on cheek, today." Eshaan told excitedly while making a lock around arman's neck through his arms.

part 42 : Nashaa

"Riddimaa... Chaloo lets eat ! Why didn't you eat before ? Kaha tah naa don't wait !!" Arman spoke, in sugary tone as he made her sit on bed... while she just cried..

"chalo sorry... ab rona banda karo... dheko please" Arman kissed her teary face... hushing her … making her quite.. "shhhh bas... sorry jaan !" he kissed her ear... down to her neck nap... making her shiver in response..

"arman... I am hungry.." she whispered with tears..