Saturday, 11 May 2019

part 53 : Nashaa

After 3 days of relaxation

Getting up she turned around to find Arman getting read in a jeans and a proper formal shirt"Hey…." She whispered, getting up on her arm

"Heyy.. Good Morning…" Arman wished her coming across the bed; he kissed her lips, while she smiled kissing him back. "Where you off too…?"  She asked, getting off the bed.

"Oh Shubhankar sir said the head office calling me… don't know why… must be a case..." he said jellying his hair.

Part 17 : Our Ways

Journey had been a very hard time for Riddimaa, She had tried hard not to shed even one tear but – whenever Arman took her in his embrace – mostly she would look the other way in the car, through window but the very moment a tear would fell, when he would just rub his warm palm over her delegate arms...

Words were not spoken but their eyes spoke a lot. Her heart was screaming – shouting a way to say 'don't-go' while his heart pained seeing her so vulnerable and so – soo scared. He just could not speak he rubbed his nose on her cheek, lightly. Making her feel his warmth – his breathe.....

and sooon the car halted in front of the Airport, every one went out of the car, to give them a bit privacy.

Part 18: Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

He leaned back onto the head rest of his revolving study chair, stretching his neck backwards and in either direction, his eyes closed. Then getting back to the usual seating position he ran both hands through his hair in a slow thorough combing pondering over the information before lifting the pen again as he bent lower over his notepad, occasionally glancing at the laptop screen, making his notes. 

"22 years old...a childhood summarized happy...a performer in most things she got herself involved broken homes but inheritance of an unlikely mixed heritage which wasn't something that made her proud (note:pointer one?)...sexually harassed at 14 by her team coach, an incident she got over without hassles (note: pointer two perhaps-forgotten yet worth a mention-?)...a boyfriend who knew her facts and loved her still...break up in senior high but no big drama, both still friends (note: pointer three fair -or seemingly so?)...sporadic dating through freshman and sophomore years of pre-law...another steady boyfriend at 20, a footballer she was attracted to, and grew to distance out with as she knew him particular reason for the distancing claimed...a fun guy and an athlete of ample fame and charm...still officially together but a candid claim of lost interest on her part (note: pointer four men influence and impact wanes soon, good and bad?)...graduated and working at a store despite better professional offers in her field of study...started the job to take break from school and real work and earn tuition for law to have lost the motivation to pursue the

Friday, 10 May 2019

KASH OS : Phir Le Aaya Dill

He lay awake in his bed for a few moments before his alarm went off.  This had become a thing of everyday now. He would lay in bed at night just staring at the ceiling or with closed eyes, thinking about random things, nothing in particular, waiting for sleep. And in the mornings, half asleep, half awake, waiting for his alarm to buzz so he could get up. He picked up his phone and re-read the text from his manager he received last night confirming today's photo shoot. He moved to his contacts next. "It will be really awkward If I don't call her and meet her today.." he murmured to himself, probably trying to convince with a reason to call her up. He had contemplated a lot last night but did not call her. Now however, he finally did. But she didn't pick it up. And honestly, he didn't wait for that long. He put the phone down after three-four rings. Come on! That was the most he could do. And if it was only about making things awkward, she could think about it too. Or not, for all he cared. He kicked the bed covers and got up. Inside the washroom, he thought for a minute about whether he should shave or not. He liked his face without the beard but if he did, would she think he did it to impress her? She might. She was always a self centred woman. And the producer for the photo shoot hadn't mentioned any look either. So screw it, when he hadn't shaved for two days,

part 52 : Nashaa

Getting back home, both walk up their room; Rohail stayed at Keerti – his luggage will go their in morning probably, Arman fell on bed the moment her entered– as his eye shutting of due to tiredness.
"Oh now – this is the way to welcome the wife" she spoke sarcastically walking to the dressing,

"Oh I wish to help you there sweet heart – but you know will hate the fact of stopping then !" he retorted turning over in bed, keeping his tilted on pillow and staring at her with a sweet smile..

"Oh well, you aren't here – close to me, isn't my fault !" she showed her tongue to him, as she got ride of her duppata over her head, and then jewelry off one by one..

Part 16 : Our Ways

"hello ' vague company?" pause "I want to make an appointment with you ' I am Arman Malik from India." Pause "yea sure ' once you get time scheduled inform Mr. Sharma. My P.A" Arman handed over the phone to the middle age man, who stood beside him...

"what happened.?" Anjali asked.

"nothing ' they would inform me about the appointment" He entwined his fingers with each other.

"I guess ' I would have to leave" keeping his head over his entwined fingers


Thursday, 9 May 2019

part 51 : Nashaa

"Riddimaa, why just you don't listen to me once?" Arman sat beside her – it was afternoon and her hands were done only.... with Mehndi

"Arman !! what do you want? I should get up from here and go for a nap?" she whispered to him glaring at him

"Yea ! So what ? Can't you get tired ? You are sitting here... for I guess 4 hours !" Arman wrinkled his nose, as he saw ladies gossiping staring at them...

"Arman tum jao Ab !" Riddimaa lowered her head when a pass on comment was made "He won't leave her ! He would stay here till the wedding ! Gossh soo despo !" A girl who was in her hearly 20...
"yea ! so... jealous hun?" Arman shouted back at her with a wide smile.

Part 15 : Our Ways

Knock knock

"Abhi...? Nikki????"

"what Arman?" Abhi asked tucking the over themselves...

"yaar... I m sorry to disturb but ' but we r leaving now..." Arman said "you people stay and no need to come out.. Enjoy.!" he smiled a bit and was sad as his own moment was destroyed and surely did not want their to be too...

"HEY WAIT MAN!" Abhi shouted while pulling his jeans up while Nikki turn to run in washroom but Abhi pulled her "i m sorry ' but honey I think he needs us..." he whispered lightly...

Part 17: Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"So what exactly did happen to my old cell?" Gappu asked fixing a temporary prepaid SIM into the new set they had obtained from an electronics store on the way.

"I'm planning its fate." Armaan offered, not very explicitly.

"You mean its fate post dismantling its parts, breaking its LCD and dropping it into a puddle?" Gappu listed absent mindedly. His departure from Malik Niwas was still settling in despite his attempt to push away the thoughts until later.

"Something like that." Armaan paused to shoot a quick side glance at Gappu then continued, "I haven't quite asked you have I, about your take on the Sai stadium?" Armaan quipped.

"Its a fair place. It does surprise me though how trivial the hype is for it, considering its a national stadium." Gappu replied technically speaking. Armaan smiled.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

part 50 : Nashaa

"Muskan !" Pause "Anjali...!" "Kahan ho larkiyon....?" Keerti shouted as she worked around the beautiful house, decorated with flowers – lights, and Lots of women – walking from one pile of group to other – talking, commenting... .gossiping was full on at the first function of Wedding...

Riddimaa was giving a pure Yellow color Ankarli dress with soft frills at end, giving her petite figure a perfect layout... She was made sit in the center with all young girls around her, with music in the house..

Part 14 : Our Ways

Saturday – Evening. 5:00.

"so, Riddima?" Nikki asked in a mischievous tone...

"huh?" Riddima turned her head towards her while chopping the vegi. In reply to that Nikki looked back at her with the same mischievous smile and cocking her eyes-brow while mixing the food on the stove.... "What !" Riddima said after few seconds...

"Did u guys..." growing her lips bigger

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

ARSH OS : My cardiologist

"Heh sweetheart where is she" "she is in her cabin sir"
"Armaan  ,call me armaan  it sounds better" "Dr. Warned me to call you sir" "ooh you don't take her seriously anyway thanks beautiful"
He walked towards her cabin and knocked
" may I come in"
"Yeah come in"
"So how can I help you mr.armaan mallik"
"There's some problem with my heart"
" but for your info I'm a gynecologist not a cardiologist"
"But my heart listens only to you, my cardiologist"
"Ok tell me what's the problem".
"My girlfriend doesn't give me time, she is always busy"
"That's because you are always busy flirting with others"
"That's not true shilpa"
"Accha now who was the one flirting with the receptionist ?"
" you where spying me"
"that's means you were flirting right? "
" no , yes , no err... I kind of ... are u done il drive you home"

part 49 : Nashaa

"Arman... dheko … Zidd matt karo ! Let me pack first then we willl eat !" Riddimaa protested under his hold... as he locked her hands behind her back, pushing her in his arms – tight, yet softly...

" Riddimaa Sweet Heart ziiddd Tuumm Kar rahi ho !" Arman held her, with a silly smile, ignoring her wiggle all way..

"Arman Ziidd Tum kar rahe Ho !" Riddimaa glared, twisting her ankle

Part 13 : Our Ways

"but I being upstairs and he down..." Riddimaa said in a concern tone...

"don't worry '. yaar ' its just like a house '..nothing will happen to him... and I guess its time... that u should give some time to that poor guy..." Nikki said with a wink and left the room after keeping the luggage...........

leaving a blushing Riddimaa in the room... all up to her self...

-||PART 13||-

"Riddima...Nikki said u called!" Arman entered the room.

"no I didn't...!" she turned her back to him, after the car scene she was embarrass to face him and tried to keep a distance as she was afraid, if Eshaan came back... "why would I call you...who said that..." she spoke while getting her self lost in her suit case.

Part 16: Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

This one is mine."

Ridhima said in the voice of a politely jaded host who has been through the ritual of showing guests around the house possibly more times than she had bothered to survey it herself in its entirety otherwise. And then beyond that predominant lack of interest, the moment she opened the door to the last of their destinations, her own bedroom, she felt an inkling of a reluctance kick in at baring something of a private zone before him who had imposed intimacy much more than was permitted by norms to an almost stranger. She suddenly thought of that which had not crossed her mind as every other nook of the house had undergone his inspection receiving subsequent approvals, more often candid than pretentious, his seeming intrepid intrusion. For wouldn't a gentleman, more real, prove the non interference of his intention by declining the offer of entering a lady's bedroom, or in the least offerning some reserve to the same, when he could not boast of knowing even the first things about her?

Monday, 6 May 2019

ARSH OS : Wish Good Night

"Can I talk to Shilpa?" she asked in the most trying of her tones. And although it was something he didn't want to disturb Shilpa with, he knew he had no choice. His daughter was in love and he could probably do nothing about it.

"Its almost midnight baby, Shilpa must be sleeping. We shouldn't disturb her now." He tried to convince her, but he knew it was futile.

"No, she won't be disturbed. Please papa? Just once, I'll sleep after that, I promise."

He sighed and took out his phone from his pocket.

"Hi Shilpa" he spoke in a careful voice so as to not make her panic.

part 48 : Nashaa

Next morning.
Arman got an immediate call from Keerti to be at her home at 9. Leaving Riddimaa in a sleep – he prepared breakfast for her and Rohail – settling it on Table – he rushed out to Keerti's home...

While both the sibblings were resting in peace.... snuggled up in their beds.
"Good morning Aunty..." Arman was greeted warmly by all – others were already their, i.e Rahul,Muskan, Atul and Anjali "Hey guys... !" Arman hugged each of them, settling for breakfast -

Keerti started "you calling the wedding off?" she frowned, "no..." he shuddered his shoulder eating the desi partha... "Rahul … you said.." her eyes shift towards Rahul

"yes... he said last night to Rohail !" Atul defended Rahul.

Part 12 : Our Ways

Morning, the light shined through closed glass windows in the room... they both lay-ed still in each others embrace.... still having the warmth from each other.

"Arman..." she mumbled... still having an arm around his back as he laid half on top of her... she rubbed her palm on his back to make him wake... she called him again

"uhmmm... let – me sleep naa" he mumbled back with a frown and went deep in her neck, kissing the curve of her neck ….

"you can sleep later.... we have to go to nikki's place …. remember?" she kept on moving her hand on his back …. to make him get up from his slumber sleep.... - she still had kept her eyes closed ….

Sunday, 5 May 2019

part 47 : Nashaa

Everyone was happy that finally Riddimaa encouraged Arman for Marriage or else he would have been a father of a child without marriage... kidding over him – girls started shopping while keerti choose a perfect date as per Riddimaa's concern...

15 days, later The D-Day was settled for them to tie up in Marriage knots – both were happy, but Still Riddimaa said to keep it after 20 days... so that they could keep a praying for Priya first... But Arman this timee took initiative that he would really be happy if she stood by his side as his wife while the Priya praying...

she gladly accepted the fact, and helped him pack his things ….

Part 11 : Our Ways

"lol ' .u crazy or what man!" Abhi chucked in his coffee...

"Whateve...!" Arman got up to make some order for dinner and drop Eshaan to the play area...

"hmmm so, you two happy?" Nikki asked, when she saw Arman joining...

"now..! we are..!Right?" Arman looked straight at Riddima, who sat opposite to Arman and made a nod with a smile...

"i know Riddimaa... what you must have gone through... Arman had talked to me the day I saw you on t.v..." Abhi said "i know you both started off at a wrong time... but truly speaking... I m seeing Arman after 3 years and he looks very happy with you..." Abhi said, sitting beside Arman....

Part 15: Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

When he walked down to the breakfast table fifteen minutes later than usual that morning all four pairs of eyes on the table were on him. It could be for any reason. But his own little secret did not stop him from wondering awkwardly if they could possibly know. He let his eyes fall to his only partial ally and the twinkle in Gappu's eyes made him lower his own. Clearing his throat he pulled a chair for himself and mumbled something which remotely sounded like 'good morning'. He would have sat like that all through the meal, concentrating on his omelette like it was the most complex thing he had ever laid eyes on, fumbling with his silverware as he had not done even when he was all of 5 years old and fearing desperately that his heartbeat could be heard on the table. Through it all however, unconsciously he maintained a faint smile, a dazed one, Gappu concluded, deciding it was time to interrupt the dream.


Armaan heard Gappu's question, had a fair idea it was aimed at him, but refused to believe it was so, until several seconds passed and he heard no reply. It was for him he realized uneasily and looked up. He saw Gappu's lopsided smile, and the mischief was evident. Armman clutched his fork too hard and raised his eyebrows in response. As innocently as he could manage, not daring of course to look at any of the others on the table.