Saturday, 18 May 2019

Part 3 : Tu Tu - Main Main

precap: All the kids are 5 years old .Armaan and shilpa are best buddies and they together tangkarofying Ridhima


Armaan, shilpa , karan and ridhima all were in same class at school. Armana nd shilpa were the most naughty in the class and they annoyed teachers a lot .

INTRO : Love Me always

She stared at   the faces eagerly glancing around craning their necks………as she walked through the automatic glass doors……

Raising herself a little she too craned her neck to spot a familiar face………smiling she knew that someone wud hav definitely cum for her………..someone atleast wud hav definitely remembered her arrival………

But the smile soon faded as she released that there was no one for her………….looking at her cellphone………she waited with an eager heart…………maybe they were late…….maybe they had forgotten………….maybe they wud just call now saying……………."we r sorry dear…………just coming to pick u up……………"

But alas………….the phone screen just showed the new name of the city where she had just arrived………Delhi…….she stared at the name for a long time………….hoping it wud just vanish and show a "calling " symbol………..but it just stayed put…………..

part 60 : Nashaa

Arman ran after Riddimaa to the room,

"Riddimaa…" Arman holds her in his arms, as she protested to get free

"I …. Am sorry... Arman…" she cried holding his collar, throwing her entire wait on him

"Tcch… Riddimaa relax, dheko ronaa band karo phela…" He picked her up and settled on bed with her on his lap. "Kitna roti ho !" he teased, rubbing her cheek.

"He is like my brother, you don't have to feel guilty in front of me !" arman said, what he had felt is going on in her heart.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Part 2 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap : The kids were named as armaan, karan and ridhima , shilpa . The malik's and the gupta's have become good friends. The malik's are invited at Gupta's residence for dinner .

The door bell rang and hiten and gauri were at the door with Armaan and karan. Mrs. Gupta opened the door for them and greeted them in .

"Andar aaye ", padma waved her hand in direction of the sofa over the corner which was beautifully complemented by the side tables with picture frames of ridhima and shilpa filling the space with their lively smiles .

part 59 : Nashaa

Reaching Local Police station, he ran in with his identity card.  Riddimaa ran after him,

"Rohail Malhotra?" Arman hit the table, where the police in charger was half sleep.

"huh…?" the police reacted.

"Rohail Malhotra?" Arman Repeated, patiently.

"this isn't the time for meeting the victom, Subha ana.!" Specter replied, leaning in his seat, with close eyes.

part 21 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"Ms.'fibb and crib forever' if you're done jading the poor guy to hell, toss over the phone over."

Rolling his sleeves higher to above his elbows, he teased her easily out of habit, even as he concentrated on getting the folds right, expecting a similarly habitual prompt retort;  it did not come. He looked up casually surprised, finishing on his sleeves to take the cordless from her, but his hand never made it. Even in that turned away side look he did not like the hint of what he saw on her face. She had not even heard him, in fact, she was oblivious to his presence in the room, or anything else.

"Da...?" Rahul, stepped forward towards her, the casual part of his surprise fast being replaced by an unknowing concern. "DADA!" The exclaimation was high pitched in anguish, startling him in his steps right behind her now, "DA!....Talk to me Dada...What happened?...Tell m..."

He spun her around, too fast, and snatched the phone out of her grip as she let him in her shock.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Intro & Part 1: Tu Tu - Main Main

They were so much in love with each other and were known as the cuties couple in the sanjeeni . From patients to doctors to even the interns all of them seek their advice on heart matters,be its surgery or dil da mamla . The cutiest couple is none other than our very own Dr.Shashank and his wife Nurse Padma . He was wiating outside the operation theatre to let the red light go off so that he cud hear his cutie babies coming into their world of love.

In one of the other operation theatre was Mrs. malik giving birth to her twins . She had twin boys and her husband Mr.Malik was wiating outside when a nurse gave him the good news .

"Congrats Dr. Gupta , aapko do  betiyan huyi hain ", nurse gave him the most awaited news.


part 58 : Nashaa

Next day, was all set For Arman and Riddimaa. Arman called everyone and informed them that they both will be out for 3 days, though WHICH a lie…was! Riddimaa was asleep when arman made these few calls to his friends…

"Rahul… I told everyone that me and Riddimaa are out of place for three days, yrr if any one ask naa tou you make up something! ok … don't let them come to home!" Arman whispered walking in balcony. "thanks buddy, I owe you big time !" Arman hung up the phone and walk back in room – it was 10 in morning

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

ARSH /KASH OS : Hope 2

        He smiled at me and sat beside me. I looked up at him and nodded. "To...tum aa rahi ho na?" he asked while hesitating a little. I looked at the other side of the table where he sat, stiffened. After a little while of contemplating as to what I should answer, I sighed "Nahi..." He didn't even let me finish and quickly asked, "Lekin Kyun?" with a pout which I just adored on his marvelous face. "Kyunki...bas nahi aa sakti!" He looked at me with a raised eye brows. "Tumhare paas legs hai?" I looked at him, totally confused at what he wanted to ask me. He didn't make a movement to say anything and still looked pointedly at me. I looked away and said, "Haan!". He continued, "Tumhare paas time hai? I mean after you get off?" I nodded my head. His questions did not stop here, "Tumhare paas car hai? Escort hai?" I rolled my eyes at him and nodded again. "Tumhare paas car me petrol hai?" Finally I couldn't stop myself and yelled, "Armaan!" with an exasperated expression. "Haan bolo? Jawab dona?" I looked at him, totally aghast as to why he was acting so childlishly. I nodded again. "To phir kyuun nahi jaa sakti? Me bhi to chal raha hoon. Aur phir Sid ne mujhse personally kaha hai ke me tumhe lekar aaoon!"

part 57 : Nashaa

Rahul, who was confused that why party at Arman's house as there was no one's birthday then why, he did felt left out. But just came in the house with Atul wearing a black shirt and jeans, while Atul wore a black T.Shirt with jeans.

Getting in the house, he saw Girls wearing a red color, while Muskan wore a White one, standing out in centre from others…  he frowned with a smile – stepping forward he greeted his love while Atul did the same to his love…

Arman stood there with Riddimaa in red Sari, looking tremendously beautiful – who kept her prince daze – or in magic beside her. He was holding her by her waist, possessing his right on her, when Soon Nikki Joined up with a guy in black and a red tie matching Nikki's short-above-knee length dress.

Epilogue : Our Ways

He took her in his embrace and both stayed on wood floor for a while …

"say u love me" Arman said

"I love me --" Riddimaa kept her head on his shoulder with close eyes

"This is the worst films third grade line --- Say ITTT" he whined like a baby and shook her through waist.

No response...

Part 20 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

She paused, her anticipation taking over the exhilaration, holding back her hand in the second it reached for the bolt on the main door; her heart was way out of its regular beat and she could feel in that instant her hand shake from the throbbing pulse. Slithering down the stairs moments ago, she had allowed herself only scanty breathing as she rushed in a hushed way placing the lightest of steps to avoid the creaking of wood beneath the central carpeting- Gappu was home even if no one else was and it surprised her that she was still capable of caution when it seemed that thinking was lost upon her current state of mind . More than the caution however, it was just a series of flustered reactions- how could she be expected to take it all in an ordinary stride? Nothing about anything was ordinary in this day of her life.

Less than 24 hours ago she had been pinning to hear his voice. And now all of that and everything before it seemed a distant past. Even more than the moment in which her eyes had sought his in disbelief, more than the time he had spent in her house or that which she had at his family's place, more than ever before, from all the past weeks and days especialy the past few hours, she felt the conscious impact now; her heart had become a novice gymnast, twisting and turning, skipping and flipping, trying hard to get the moves right.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Arsh/kash os : Hope (part1)

I look up at him and smile. Why wouldn't I? He is someone I like dearly.  With his white lab coat caressing his picturesque frame, it is hard for me to take my eyes off of him. This is certainly something that is not to be ignored.

He smiles at me and asks me, "Kya hua?"

I am stunned at his innocent question, bringing me out of my trance. I smile that reassuring smile at him, "Kuch nahi. Bas aise hi".

part 56 : Nashaa

The last was ended, the day that Arman awaited came across, he was realli impatient to be with Riddimaa, all Alone, but the problem was NOT Riddimaa, now it was Family…!

They weren't leaving Riddimaa's side even for second, 'don't know why they are getting so attached to Riddimaa..?'Arman thought surprisingly, as it rarely happened in past.

'Urghh I hate that nikki – every morning she jumps in here! And spoil my holidays with my wife…!' He thought, munching his breakfast as his eyes lingered on her beautiful wife, who was laughing along with nikki while eating.

Last Part : Our Ways

"U know simran ' I have came here before with mom ' dad ' aaaa 4 months back. We enjoyed a lot." Eshaan told to the girl in frok beside him

"really ' Eshaan? I also want to meet your mom...." a girl sweetly said passing a cute smile which turn in to a frown as she saw Eshaan getting sad "Its okay Eshaan she will return ' she loves you a lot...." Simran said, while her brushed her shoulder

they kept on talking ' till they doze off in each others arms.. and waited for their destination

Arman... and other in the car

Monday, 13 May 2019

Part 19 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"My dearest baoudi to be...YES! No hi-jacks, no take off crashes, no skidding on the secret sources told me the pilot is a heart patient but even he survived. Consequently the world around us is uneventful as can be and the flight took off ten minutes ago well in time."

Rahul spoke into his bluetooth reversing the car, in the lighter vein, to relieve her of her worry for Gappu which she did not know yet, was baseless. It was incredible how they had not seen each other's face once, not even in the couple of times she had been on the video chat- he had been away for trivial errands each time. Yet they had hit off the first time they talked on the phone. Rahul, having come to know Armaan over the years, would have blindly accepted his choice, that she was so like Muskaan was a definite bonus- he had survived that kind for a while now! Ridhima on the other hand, apart from Gappu's talks of him, from knowing Rahul's unshakable support to Armaan through his worst, had taken to the person he must be before their first conversation.

part 55 : Nashaa

Ordering food, they all assembled in lounge and soon, keerti and Shubhankar Approached.

"rohail ayaa hai!" Riddimaa stood up and rush to door.

"Diii" Rohail took her in his arms, "Oh Rohail" she held his head for support…

"I missed you di…!" he kept her down, staring at her with soft – moist eyes. "Mee too" she hugged him tight. "come back naa.. "She whispered, feeling a hand of arman on her shoulder, she parted, maving away she saw Arman hugging him.

Part 19: Our Ways

"Riddimaa....?" Rahul knocked the door at around 1 in the afternoon

"hmmm...." a sound came from inside the door '

"Eshaan ' buddy open the door !" Rahul shouted

"yea ' coming" Eshaan walked lazily at door and open it to see all standing worriedly at the door '

"why have you both sleeping like that...." Nikki asked

"kya hua Nikki Di" Eshaan said while rubbing his eyes...

Sunday, 12 May 2019

part 54 : Nashaa

"Come Arman… Sit here…" She took Arman to the couch. as he rubbed his toe, where riddimaa had hit earlier....

"Nikii.. How come you are here?" Arman frowned, falling his weight on couch.

"Arman? Is this way to welcome me?" nikki frowned standing right in front of me.

"ahh, uhmm well – Nikki I want to say something… before you make up any conclusion…" Arman began pulling his legs down straight he looked up at Nikki.

Part 18 : Our Ways

At 4 in mid-night

Riddimaa's Phone buzzed under her pillow, she stirred and clutched tight on Eshaan, who himself groan due to movement...

Soon, the distraction brought Riddimaa to world, she moved her hand under the pillow and pulled phone out ' pressed the green button "Hello?" she said after keeping it on her ear with close eyes

"Hi..." the phone said

"Arman?" pause "app?" pause "kya hua ' is everything ok??" she sat on the bed