Saturday, 25 May 2019

Part 10& 11 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Armaan and karan didnt notice that shilpa and ridhima already had their bags their. The class was about to start , and shilpa ridhima were walking through the doors.

as they started climbing the steps ,ridhima was shocked to  see armaan sitting at the , back and so was karan shocked to see shilpa coming up the steps.
Now :
The class was about to start and ridhima and shilpa were walking upstairs towards the last benches where karan was standing all shocked.
'yaar armaan aj toh mar gaye lagta hai ,yeh dono to yahin aa rahi ........', karan cudnt hold his breath thinking about the consequences .
He wasn't even finished saying his words when both the ladies joined them at the back and were now standing right beside them.

Part 5 : Love Me always

Armaan looked over at Shanshank bewildered……….bringing up his fingers to clean his ears he thought he had heard him wrong……….thinking of doing something better than cleaning his ears he put his hand down absolutely stunned…………thinking…….

 This old man has now lost it…… he alrite………I mean he is asking me to marry his daughter whom I barely know……..ok she's very beautiful…………her smile goes up to her eyes………her eyes………closing his eyes to compose himself………he shook his head………Armaan wer r u going……….from the old man to his daughter……….get a grip……….ur loosing it too ………controlling his laughter …….he looked back at Shanshank looking at him……….

 "See Armaan………I knew ur father very well………I respected him………..his caliber ……….everything………he was a great doctor and a very kind human soul………but alas he allowed his heart to rule over his mind………….but lets not discuss it here…………I see a lot of ur father in both of u ………..Rahul and u ……….let me be frank……….i wanted Anjali and Rahul to unite………..they r very well suited for each other………but fate had other plans……….as Atul and Muskaan came into the picture………

Friday, 24 May 2019

AR/KASH OS : "Loving a moron"

                                                 She was an interior designer and he owned a construction company. They had met around a year back when they had to work together on a project. And since then, they had been together in every possible way. No, actually cancel that. They were not dating, they did not work together professionally very often, they were not in love, but they were still together. They were close friends, as close as two friends can be. Amidst their busy offices and the hustle bustle of daily existence, they did not even find time to meet very often, but whenever they did, it was worth it. Worth the wait.

Armaan mallik, who had never even considered an advice from anyone in the 26 years of his existence, would nod to anything she said. Would agree to all her advices and listen to all her demands. After his parents' divorce a few years back, he had had a firm belief in the non existence of the myth called love. He believed the same even now. He had never thought on those lines about riddhima. It was scary. Love was a scary feeling. The world was a scary place. riddhima's embrace was the escape.riddhima's talks were comforting. Her hugs were refreshing and her eyes….were killing.

Part 9 : Tu Tu - Main Main

ridhima and karan went in disguise as shilpa and armaan to express their feeling but no success. But finally armaan and shilpa came to know abt ridhima and karan being in love with them .


The night was magical like it was being blessed with God's love and he was showering his love on this creation of HIS who was till now untouched by the eternal feeling of love .The love that cud change his life forever,that cud change him for ever.

Armaan had the box in his hand which just a day ago was just some thingshe had kept to annooy ridhima ,but in a day so much had changed ...those were now not just things but ridhima's belongins ...her "nishaniyan".....he felt like those bangles and anklets were a way to connect him to her .Suddenly he felt a pull on his hands......he felt like those anklets of her were dragging his hands and were bringing them close to his ears...."chan chan " those felt like a soothing music to arman, who has been a rap music lover just a moment ago and now was playing with an anklet liek he was already in love with the pleasant sound of the it.

Part 4 : Love Me always

She started at him as he gripped her from her shoulders more tightly……….its was hurting now she thought……….starring into those cold grey eyes full of fury tears formed in her eyes……….

"What the hell do u think did u just do? Why did u take the blame on yourself? Come on Dr Riddhima speak up?"

 He shook her violently  ………..looking into her eyes full of tears…….suddenly he felt his hands loosening his grip………he was surprised by his own action……..

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Part 8 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap: Armaaan and shilpa told each other about ridhzi karan's feelings.But they felt like their plan failed.


Shilpa and Armaan turned around to get back to the class thinking that their plan failed.
"ridhima tumne armaan ko baataya apni feelings ke baare mein ?", shilpa asked ridhima excited to know what happened .
"kaha to hai , lekin uska bada cold sa reponse tha "ridhima said with a sad face.

On the other side
"karan tumne bataaya shilpa ko ?", armaan was curious to know what happened.
"yaar tu sahi tha , woh to mera sir phod deti vahin ke vahin ", karan had a sad face .

Epilogue : Nashaa

World had never been so beautiful For Arman and Riddimaa, all those miserable days – event came out to be nothing but an unclear vision in front of their eyes. The most important thing was Riddimaa being pregnant and then the most beautiful stage of pregnancy was when it came to its ultimate point, the months of 7th, 8th and finally the 9th month. Her looks always left him at a miserable state.

He couldn't help but fullfil all her wishes and agree on her promises, not just to make her happy but to make himself happy.

Last Part : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"" Armaan started, stumped at the sight of it, held in the hand Atul extended towards him, his smile indicative.

"The ring..."

"Your ring..."

"Her ring..."


The exchange between Gappu and his mother over the rightful claim to the ring dominated the mainstream attention in the room, before being put to rest by Ridhima's incredulous exclamation. Armaan forgot to react past a mere shock. Atul seemed amused by something about the all at once commotion before him, the smile on his lips came easily, willing to accept humor even in chaos. Anjali and Gappu distracted from their debate, turned to Ridhima unanimously, Gappu quickly recalling his smug look, Anjali wore a real smile, which deepened thoughtfully as she gazed at Ridhima, her mind as if reflecting over memories of a happy past or contemplation of a pleasant future...

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


So i'll tell you how it was...i work for the hottest business man in wait, i think he's the hottest in the world...and i have the biggest crush on him..and sure he knows about it..he knows how much i love him and he respects it...okay, maybe it sounds a little weird right now, but don't jump to any conclusions..i'm not the heroine of this story..its shilpa...i mean...shilpa anand..his girlfriend and a very very good friend of mine who's the heroine..both of this story and his life!

So i'm just a secretary to karan singh grover and trust me, being so younger to him, i dn't even wish to be anything more! But then that can't stop me from drooling over him! And please, its not like he's hritik roshan or someone and i'm his fangirl..maybe he's smarter than hritik but i ain't a fangirl..we are buddies..almost brother sister! And obviously, just like any other elder brother in this world..he too is highly iritating at times! Just like this time..i was sitting at my desk..editing some photos for my best friend's birthday when he approached me with a file in his hand..

"ye le...sab signed..i'm leaving now..bohot neend aa rahi hai yaar..." he kept the file on my table and peeked into the computer.. "kya kar rahi hai tu?"

Part 7 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Recap: Armaan helps karan to sit whole day at school with shilpa. Then there was a leap and they are now in they havent yet confessed their feeelings . Shilpa takes up the responsibility of making armaan aware of ridhima's love and armaan took responsibility of letting shilpa know abt karan's feelings for her.They end up facing each other at corrridor and calling bhabhi and jeeju to each other and it ended on their shocked faces.


"wat u said ?" both uttered at the same blink of second.

"okok hold on whats with jeeju thing u said ?", armaan was half confused and half shocked to hear the words.

Part 3 : Love Me always

She saw him  extending his hand out to her……..a smile automatically formed along her lips……… she placed her hand in his…………..feeling his touch seems to send send a shock through her spine………..she quivered at his touch…….as his fingers held on to hers shaking her hand………she felt she wanted to hold on to the moment for ever…………she didn't know why……….she felt something deep down stir in her………

She looked into his grey eyes……..she found herself drowning………in them………as he smiled leaving her hand………dimples appeared ……..they those same dimples which makes my heart flutter……….riddhima thought…….

"Hello Dr Armaan………wasn't expecting to meet u here again……." Riddhima replied lowering her eyes………blushing slightly……….

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Part 6 : Tu Tu - Main Main,

Recap : Karan and Ridhima lost in their thought and finally gave up with their struggle of thoughts and decided to tell their siblings abt their feeling .and After knowing about ridhima , shilpa made her talk with armaan .


Both Ridhima and karan were surprised to as to why they both were awake till late night .They knew their reason but were wondering why other was awake.

"oye kahan kho gayi ridhi", shilpa buzzed her to bring her back from her useless thoughts.

Last part : Nashaa

Muskan Took Riddimaa away from Arman to Keerti, as Keerti was waiting for their arrival at cottage then she could make a check on Riddimaa.
Entering keerti's Room, Riddimaa took a gulp with every step towards her. "Dr. Keerti… why isn't the baby moving…" Riddimaa sat with her holding her hand.
"Because the baby doesn't move at this stage Riddimaa !" Keerti rolled her eyes.
"When will I get fat?" Riddimaa asked, with confusion.
"Probably after 5 and half month of pregnancy…" Keerti replied "Riddimaa, don't worry! You are fit and health and so is your baby… let me just check you… lay down.." Keerti said, Riddimaa made a nod, and lay down on bed Keerti used her stethoscope over – took some normal health checkups and told her to just relax and let it be… "Don't stress yourself over it… The last time I checked you, I saw the baby developing, if you want to the scan form of baby, you can collect it from my car, its below the seat – file in red, named Arman Malik ok…?" Keerti said, keeping a hand over Riddimaa's shoulder.

Part 23 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid

"Chirag! Glad you called, Armaan just got back home..."

"He did? Ridhima pretend its Ritu you're on the call with not me, if he's there with you."
Chirag instructed her in a voice which appealed to her neither in its tone, nor in the message she was meant to read. What troubled her much more however, was his reaction to Armaan's return, a lack of reaction was more like it. He had definitely sidetracked the news which in her opinion could be second in priority to none other. Instead of asking her to pass on the cell he was asking her to make a secret of his was very strange, in an unsettling way.

Ridhima spoke hastily, putting her confused ideas on a pause, as she noticed Armaan stepping towards her and extending his hand for the phone; at her words he cocked an eye, soundlessly his lips moved in question and somehow she managed a small smile in confirmation.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Part 5 : Tu Tu - Main Main,

Precap :All the kids at their birthday party had fun . ridhi falling more and more for armaan .And once again armaan had ridhi's bangle with him in his treasure box


Karan dozed off to sleep with his confused thoughts as to why armaan has those girlish things in the box.

"chod karan , tu bhi kya apna dimag ka dahi kar raha hai , vaise bhi armaan ke dimag ka kuch bharosa nahi , u never know wat he is upto ",he murmured to himself and tapped on his head for wasting his energy on these silly thoughts abt armaan .But looked like luck wasnt on his side tonight, with so much trouble he was able to shoo off armaan's mystery thoughts . and looked like it was now shilpa's time to come in his thoughts which kept him turning sides the whole night .

Part 1 & 2 : Love Me always

Part 1 

Opening his eyelids a tiny bit he glanced at her standing in front of him with her hands on her hips………..

"Armaan…….get up now……its already 10 in the morning"

Opening his eyes fully…….rubbing them he got up……as he tried to sit up……he felt his head throbbing…pounding……"Ouch"

"Hmmm………Armaan I had told u ….that headache was bound to be there…… it a hangover……obviously after ten shots……any person is gonna suffer from it……get a grip now arman………"

part 62 : Nashaa

On the way Riddimaa and Arman had jumped in back seat of Rahul and Muskan car, just to have a nap for few hours… Both tangled up in eachothers arms, were fast sleep, while Muskan also went to sleep after some time…
Other  was a big pardo, Where Keerti and  Shubhankar In front seats, Shubhankar driving,

At the back Anjali and Atul, after it on the back seat Rohail laid with his ipod…

Finally, When Rahul felt his energy drowning, he woke up Arman and insisted that he drive, he frowned but came to front seat, while the girls changed the seat, as per their partners. Rest of the journey, Riddimaa's eyes wandered over the hills filled up with smoky air… Entering the Shimla, Riddimaa smiled – looking side way to Arman, who smiled back…

Sunday, 19 May 2019

KaSh OS - K&S Steamy Wedding Night

What Led to Steamy Wedding night ?

His mouth watered as he stared right away.. Now thats delicious. Looks so yummy So rich.. Mmm tempting enough to swallow at once.. Noodles.. K grinned widely staring down at his food.. He started to gobble at once when he saw the angel S walk pass him with a smile. He stared dumbstruck with her beauty. He blinked his eyes as his heartbeat rose. Is this love at first sight with food. He wondered grinning happily. He shoved away his food and got up from his seat to follow her. But then his stomach churned as his gaze drifted back to the lonely Noodles. After all It was the Finger licking good..
I can do it. ! I can Do it.. ! He chanted to himself as he walked towards her with confidence. It had taken him a month to get a grip on himself and get some courage to approach her with his proposal. He gave a tap on her shoulder as she turned around and smile.
S :Hello K.
K :Hi S.
He spoke sheepishly as she frowned. Oh Shit had he been staring like a dumb for minutes.
K : Will u Marry me
She blushed and spoke shyly
S : Only if you agree to divorce me in 6 months
K : 6 Months ?? Why only 6 months
She pouted her lips and crossed her hand

part 61 : Nashaa

"Armann…" Riddimaa fell over him, shaking him – trying to pull his head out of duvet,

"Riddimaa kya haai, jao… let me sleep yrr, You didn't let me sleep last whole Day" Arman stubbornly, pulling it over his face.

It was only an hour that his eyes fell for sleep and then he felt her on him – shaking him, "Arman.. Rohail is not listen to me..! utho ! I want to cook !!"Riddimaa shook him badly.

"tchh… then don't cook naa!"Arman turned over making her stumble over him, as he
slept on his stomach and she laid with her stomach on him, hitting his back,

"Armmanannn!" she winced.

Part 4 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Precap: Its grand birthday party for all the kids as they are entering their Teeen .

Karan feels something unusual for Shilpa and Ridhima feels something different in her for Armaaan .

Now .

Karan and Ridhima stood there lost in their thoughts, the thoughts that have never engulfed them before.The thoughts of losing themselves to an unusual force , that kept them driving to an unidentified destination through unknown paths and ways .

They knew the thoughts were very tender for their age ,but the feeling they were experiencing never had any limit on age.To that feeling it has never mattered if were pulping inside a heart of kid or a man to death .

It just finds its way .


part 22 : Unleashing What Remained Unsaid


Even though the pitch was silenced before the word escaped her lips, the whisper, he knew, was like a ghost of what would have been a blood curdling scream, if her weak body could muster any more strength than it did. The emotion in it however, was not lost upon him, and his heart recoiled even at the faint sound of it.

Consequently interrupting his discussion with the doctor, his attention was taken by her, undivided. Her face was pale, sweaty, a sickly face which woke up to a nightmare, the worst of its kind, and her eyes probed her surroundings in scared, fretful glances, the disbelief in them was wishful and fading fast into a deep, settling latter moments of understanding resignation and in partial lasting influence of the injected drugs, her eyes fluttered momentarily to fall shut again.