Saturday, 1 June 2019

AR OS : What Lies Behind Betrayal

You listen to me first!", said a boy around 23 to a girl the age of 22 with rising anger. " I don't care if you made a mistake or not Dr.Nikita you've played with my feelings Nikki I loved u but all u did was stab me in the back.... How could u do this to me? Like if u loved Abhi than why play with my feelings am I not a human?" He let out his feelings while the girl just stood there with no expression on her face just plain ignorance. " I really don't care about u n u'r love I thought I loved u but then abhi came into my life and I realized u were a mistake... u get that?" She replied with arrogance. He stood there heartbroken, and instead of replying he just left her there simply just left  her while she had a huge smile on her face. She took out her phone and dialed a number........ "hello Abhi hi baby........... yes I did it I got the contract papers the property is all ours now so No Worries kay....... I know I am the best and I love u too" she talked with Abhi for a while.

Final Part : Dancing Days

I looked up from the ground to meet his eyes and didn't see a single hint of deception… did he really love me? Why did my heart want to return those words but my mind kept drifting back to all those hurtful things people said? "Could this possibly be true? Did he really mean any of those things?" I whispered more to myself then anyone else. How I wished it were all true, but then why did I have a dreadful feeling that this would all be one horrible twists of fate, a sick joke where any second now the cameras would jump out from behind the curtains and an audience will just be waiting to pounce on my moment of weakness and laugh at me, and then there I'd be stuck in a fish tank looking out at the world while they just prodded me and laughed then walked away not caring what their prods did to me.

Part 12 : Love Me always

Shanshank looked over at him surprised as he spoke in firm but calm tone.

"Sir Riddhima will come with I mean………."

"But why should she come Armaan? I see no reason for you insisting on her coming unless you have forgotten the real reason you married her and are now………should I give your memory a jog?"

Armaan released what exactly he was hinting to do. Change of plan he thought. I will have to try another route to tackle my Sasurji. Man Riddhima you have some father, but you are coming with me no matter what he muttered under his breath.

"No no uncle, how can you ever expect me to forget it? I still am focused but you see if like we leave her here while I go for training then it will raise questions na? Like afterall its all under our name together and officially we both are in charge so if I go for the better then it will definitely raise eyebrows and Riddhima might get very suspicious too"

Friday, 31 May 2019

Part 4 : Dancing Days

Jimbo: "The heck you talking about mann (emphasising on the n) it's not your fault, none of that was, then why are you running away? It was that Mark grrr" I snuggled my head on his shoulder, sighing feeling a little more secure as he patted my head gently. Hearing his voice mixed with anger as well as still trying to hold a soothing tone I laughed listening to mad variation it bought out. The mere fact that this was Jimbo trying to sound threatening made it even more comical.

As much as I loved him he would always be a little boy to me and listening to a little boy trying to sound intimidating only made things cuter, heck I probably had more of a chance of causing Mark some permanent damage with my handbag then Jimbo did, but it felt comforting and strangely reassuring to know I always had Jimbo in my corner.

Part 11 : Love Me always

She looked over at him, the strain so very visible on his face. She had never seen him like this not even when we were suppoed to break the news of our marriage to everyone thought Riddhima. How I wish I could comfort him in some way she sighed. Whether attraction or not he was definitely special she thought. I am going to support him now Ridhima decided.

As he drove for the first time Armaan was tensed. Whatever grudges he held seem to fade away with the seemingly possibility looming overhead. Much as he hated accepting it, he was his Dad Armaan thought and whatever fate had put them through he will always be my dad and I will……………………… him no matter what Armaan confessed to himself.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

kash os : Joined on earth

"Over here Karan & Shilpa, lets get a shot of you two looking into each others eyes now, Shilpa smile slightly please"

Shilpa and Karan could hear the photographers continuously go on about how to pose, how to smile, how to look, they were at the reception dinner and hadn't yet made it into the hotel...Shilpa felt Karan Singh Grover, her now legally wedded husband's hands on her shoulders-she smiled at the fact that he really was her husband now, she had waited for this day for over a year and now they stood here as Karan moved her into place as several photographers got pictures of the perfect couple. In the near distance, Shilpa could see family members and friends still arriving in limousines and their respected cars, many friends stood on the side snapping photos of the couple on their cell phones.

Part 3 : Dancing Days

The following day I was on a natural high, deciding to lunch with some other friends instead of the groups we had been stuck with for the past couple of months I started to enjoy myself like old times gossiping randomly and laughing at petty things with the girls.

That's when things got became a little different between Armaan and me. I was sitting there with the girls when Armaan appeared out of nowhere. "Hey Armaan" I greeted him as an old friend; I didn't have reason to believe otherwise.

"Hey Ridz, erm can I speak to you?"

Part 10 : Love Me always

She blinked her eyes looking at him in disbelief. Was it really him??

 "Helloo?? I know I am deadly handsome but you don't need to stare at me like this in the middle of the night in the middle of the road."

 Snapping back to reality hearing his cheesy line she spoke up.

 "Armaan? You here? What are you doing here?"

 Looking around as if in search of a lost puppy, " Well you see I have come to pick up a certain Dr Riddhima, so if you know how long she will take to come then I will be obliged. You see I am tired standing here keeping the car door open for her."

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

kash os : A kash vacation

"Karan Singh Grover hand-feeds rice cookies to Indian Model and actress Shilpa at a beach in Goa!" were the arranged headlines that now took over every local newspaper and magazine cover, the picture of Karan and Shilpa together had spread around like wildfire, it now stared back at Shilpa from the coffee table no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. Of course, before Shilpa had gotten into the agency, she had been clueless as to what really went on and how badly publicist and paparazzi made things. But now that she was a celebrity, her life had completely changed, she looked at Vogue magazine and the headlines "Karan & Shilpa, heating things up in Goa!" Karan and her relationship was no longer anonymous, the paparazzi had found out, it had been exposed now and there was no way to go around it, now she just had to figure out what her next step was. Now Shilpa knew that the paparazzi would try to record her every move, they'd try to make sure Karan & Shilpa didn't get a second of peace.

Part 2 : Dancing Days

6 months ago...

"Hope you all had a wonderful spring break..." the class erupted into another over excited wave of chatter making Ms D'Sousa, our Spanish dance teacher raise her voice to get our attention, her shrill high pitched flowery voiced cut through us like ice when she shouted "SIIIILLLLEEEEENNNCCCEEEEEE!".  The class immediately fell silent "Right now that I have your attention..." her eyes searched the room to make sure all eyes were on her and not wondering off again"... We have a new addition to our class this year, late entry I know but I assure you guys he is definitely up to the mark... sweets come in, say hi to the class" looking around the doorway she led a well built guy into the room.

Part 9 : Love Me always

Armaan looked over at Anjali entering through the door with a stony expression with Atul following her with an impassive look.

"Am glad u came at such a short invite Anjie" muttered Rahul getting up.

"I had to come Rahul, as I think we both need some explanations here of whats going here with our siblings who seem to be have become all grown up, that they don't even feel the need to inform us about their marriage! Right Armaan?"

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

AR os : Teri Arzoo Hai sanam



Dr. Riddhima gupta and Dr. Anjali Gupta-daughters of Dr. Shashank gupta -dean of Sanjeevani medical hospital-Mumbai.he was married 2 Smriti .Riddhima is a sweet simple girl who sticks to her principles always n Anjy is full of attitude but luvs her sis a lot.
Dr. rahul and Juhi Mehra-dean of Sanjeevani hospital Delhi
Armaan Mehra Malik-son of Rahul n juhi.he is a guy who is fun living n is quite flirteous but knows his limits very well but he has a golden heart.his life completely changes wen he meets Riddhima
Angad Khanna- son of topmost industrialist amit Khanna has lost his mother in childhood
Dr. Atul Joshi-son of dr. Omi a trustee of sanjeevani delhi who has died .
Armaan n Atul r sent 2 Mumbai Sanjeevani 2 do their internship n angad joins his dad's business by taking over the charge of the magazine company in Delhi
Kripa Mittal- a luvly bubbly girl who has jus completed her fashion designing course and is in search of job
Angad Armaan n Atu r childhood best freinds
Kripa Anjy n Ridz r also best freinds.

Part 1 : Dancing Days

  I don't wanna talk about it

It makes me wanna cry                                                                                                                       

Every time I pour out my emotions

I feel emptier inside

I don't know how to play it like...

I'm not in love with you

But I'll tryyyyy even though I do....

[Survive by Gabrielle]

The ink smudged on the paper as the tear drops mixed with the ink, tearing my eyes away from the little journal I closed my eyes letting the strain of the whole week... in fact the whole month turn into the worst headache I had ever had... this is what my life had come to... tears, pain and endless running. Feeling a hand gently placed on my hand I opened my eyes to see those gentle blue eyes gaze at me with so much affection. How I wished those blue eyes had belonged to someone else... but that someone else was somewhere else right now.

Part 8 : Love Me always

Seeing him hold her hand she lightly interlocked her fingers with his….he didn't seem to notice it as she felt his body tense up as Muskaan opened the door…….

 Smiling lightly at the nervous couple in front of her Muskaan moved forward ........"Bhai-Bhabhi just wait here for a minute"

 Confused and surprised at her gesture both waited at the threshold , releasing  his hand still in her Armaan abruptly removed his hand away,not looking at her. Riddhima looked at him a little surprised, before she could think any further Muskaan returned with a plate in her hand, containing a diya. Armaan looked at her shocked…..

 "Muski bhabhi wat r u doing?"

Monday, 27 May 2019

AR os :perfect picture

I looked at her for the last time as she moved toward her car to go far away from me I didn't knew what to do all I knew that time was that I loved her!! yes I love her and I got to now my feeling now when she was going away.

Her parents had arranged a meeting with a guy named rahul for her marriage and I knew one thing that she would agree, according to her mom he was a guy every girl dream for.
Charming,romantic,good looking,happy go lucky person,respects her parents a lot and if these things were not enough he was a doctor too. Hell yes!! I remember how much she loved this doctors profession and if she had taken biology as a subject, right now she would have been a great doctor too.

But these things were not important to me right now I needed to tell her my feelings, I knew she loved me and she did! since childhood. She told her feeling to me, but being a playboy that I was, I never considered her more then my friend.

Last part : Tu Tu - Main Main

"The Happy Beginning "

"kyun nahi , bai miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi " and everyone laughed out loud.

"Main abhi meetha aur shagun lekar aati hoon " and therego padma with a dream in her eyes for her daughters , adream in which they wud live their life happily with a crazy man and other turning the sane guy into insane . She never thought that she wud marry off her daughters into same household , and that to in a family that was like a second family to them, where her mother in law will not be a mother in law but a mother instead of both of them. She was sure and no doubts in how much gauri will love them both, and on top of that the one special person in their life will be so loving and caring. And at the same was smiling looking at her seeta geeta jodi meeting with ram and sham jodi . Just like everything, happiness came into her life as a double dhamaka once again .

Part 7 : Love Me always

Armaan looked at her trembling hands put the pen down as the lawyer declared their union officially. A lone tear escaped her eye; he noticed it as it made its way down her cheek. He felt a sudden urge to wipe it off, he put forward his hand to place it on hers only to be interrupted.

 "Congratulations my dears" Shanshank wished them candily, pulling them both in a joint hug Armaan looked over at Riddhima not lifting her gaze.

 "Both my children I am proud of u today, u have finally completed my dream" Shanshank added "errm and Padma's dream too" he hastily muttered as he looked over at Riddhima.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

part 12 & 13 : Tu Tu - Main Main

Part 12

She was still not convinced with the answer and left the question to be asked in detail later. Her inner self was telling her its not the right time to inquire about anything and to just enjoy the world she got couple of hours ago,the world which became her world from the very next second. The happiness she got was infinite as compared to the finite thoughts about the box.
And she didn't ask any further questions surprised armaan as he could see the dissatisfaction on her face and yet no words from her. He knew she was a quiet person who doesn't like fuzzing about her thoughts openly and loudly.

Part 6 : Love Me always

Armaan felt his palms full of sweat as he touched the handle of the door to Shanshank's cabin…….why was he feeling so nervous……..hadnt he thought about this each hour since past two days……..but still …..trying to ease his mind he freed himself from all such thoughts and went in…….

 Shanshank looked up at him expectantly as he entered the cabin…….

"Aahh Armaan……..Beta I was just waiting for u my boy……come in…….have a seat……." Shanshank welcomed with a huge smile………

Armaan smiled at this pompous show put up by Shanshank………he exactly knew why he was being pampered……