Saturday, 8 June 2019

AR OS : Artistic Beginnings

"That will be seven thousand rupees Ma'am," he told her.  The man looked every inch a painter. His hair was long and to an extent, unkempt. His hands were covered in a mixture of blue and green paint, his current masterpiece being that of a beach. Well, it looked that way. One could never tell what an artist was working on. That was the beauty of art.

"Okay, here you go," she said, handing over the cash to the man and leaving the shop. One would fall short of words to describe her. Many a men tried but never succeeded. She was a challenge. She was someone who was always friendly but never the kind to go out. People believed she was cautious; she called it the type who did not experiment'.

He, like so many other men had been charmed by her. Her aura was infectious. She carried herself in perfect style. She was one you would call classy'. Armaan Mallik had never been affected by a woman as much as he was affected by her. He knew the effect he created on woman, but now, he had experienced it firsthand.

part 7 : Come Back to Me

He glanced at the hands showing 5 the alarm clock on the bedside table. It would be morning was infact but still sometime to go for the sun to rise. He glanced at her sleeping soundly finally holding him.

He gently stroked her hair and stared at her. What would she do when she gets up? He shuddered thinking of various possibilities. No i wont allow her to do anything like that. She will have to hear me out he decided...I will make her understand me through my love....will take away her pain with my love.....I cant live without her....not even a second....forget a day....that one day...when she ignored me....was enough to last me a lifetime.



Pushing the door open with a squeaking sound, she made her way inside her house at a snail's pace. Throwing her bag with a significant amount of force on the wooden table, she rested her lower body on the chair placed beside it sighing deeply, making it echo in the small but empty room.

Part 19 : Love Me always

Riddhima jerked back her hand looked at him mumbling.
'Riddhima am sorry. I never wanted to hurt you but your father''am sorry ''Riddhima don't leave me'..I wont allow you to leave me' sorry. I love you Riddhima. Now I truly love you. Am sorry'
Riddhima sat there close beside him looking taken aback as he took hold of her hand again, his eyes half closed. Holding it close to him he still kept muttering
 'Am sorry honey'.the deal seemed so great to me at the moment and I didn't see anything wrong'. But now I am feeling terribly guilty. You will leave me and'''
He kept mumbling and saying sorry. Lightly removing her hand from his hold she placed it on her cheek and softly spoke.
'No Armaan I will never ever leave you. You have given me the world and''.'
She looked at him fast asleep. Edging closer she placed his head on her lap and continued staring at him.
Yes truth that my marriage with you was a deal' 'Am sorry honey'.the deal seemed so great to me at the moment and I didn't see anything wrong'. But now I am feeling terribly guilty. You will leave me and''your father'..'
His words hit her back as she pondered over them.

Friday, 7 June 2019

AR os : Escaping the hell

Escaping the hell- story of a young British Pakistani girl

-what if that hell is your own family?

I never saw my dad this furious; he looked like he's going to kill her, my big sister. Damn she just refused to marry a guy double her age. I mean like what the hell? How could they even expect her to marry at the first place, she's just 16 and that too with some uncle who is 40 years old. Are my parents blind or what? Just because a few aunties said that my sister has turned out to be a beautiful woman and a few guys are eyeing her in a bad way, my parents thought to get her married. I mean like hello we're living in 21st century but no one cares in Pakistan. Now I know why my parents were so keen to go on a holiday to Pakistan. Crap I feel trapped. I shouldn't have left Britain; now I can't even do anything. My British passport will get treated like trash in this village of Pakistan. But right now I feel sorry for my big sister who is expected to marry a 40 year old widower uncle. But I trust the feisty blood of my sister; I know she'll never sacrifice her life like this.

'Oh Allah help her', I prayed clutching my religious locket around my throat. My heartbeat increased with time. I just couldn't see my sister surrounded by my uncles and dad who are threatening her.

"MEIN AAKHRI BAAR POOCH RAHA HOON, KAR RAHI HAI SHAADI YA NAHI?" my dad screamed while towering her. Using his male figure to intimidate her to the core, but my sister was also a British born and us British are not the kind of people who can get intimidate like that by any Pakistani dad.

part 6 : Come Back to Me

"I love you Riddhima, really love you and want to give the world to you."

Armaan whispered gently stroking her hair .Looking at her frowning slightly as he took hold of her hand as he smiled.

He had never felt so strongly for anyone before. For years he had yearned for love and the much deserving attention that he had always been denied. He later unknowingly shunned away from any feelings that he felt fearing it would be snatched away and the rejection was unbearable.

Part 18 : Love Me always

Armaan got up turning around seeing Atul at the door step smiling.

'Hello Ridzy' Atul smiled as he lightly hugged Riddhima.

'No hugs for me?' Came a voice from behind as Rahul stepped came forward smiling.

'OMG Rahul you too?' Riddhima exclaimed unable to control her surprise.

'Yes Riddhima Atul and me both, came along to give a surprise visit.'

'But Jiju here in Mumbai? How did you know this address and you didn't even inform me? How is Anjali Di and Muskaan? And papa? Is everything alrite?'

'Relax Ridzy my gosh so many questions at once? Will you first welcome us and take us inside or you want to know the story at the doorstep?' Atul added lightly pinching her nose.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

AR OS : Our Perfect Anniversary

Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik.
This is the name everybody knows me as.Armaan and I are married almost a year now,but that can say,its still just a name.
When we got married,we hardly knew each other well,let alone love.I joined in Sanjeevani as a senior doctor,when Armaan was the disciplinarian these,and I must admit,I loved working with him,I do now too. Who wouldn't like Armaan Mallik?Funny,Caring,Handsome,and a GORGEOUS dimpled smile and to put a cherry on the cake,Responsible too! We were fast friends,and he even nicknamed me- 'Basket',because I had defeated him in a basketball match one day.Now,even that name is lost somewhere,forgotten or ignored,I don't know.

Its not that love never happened,and that we were forced to marry.Armaan and I married at our will,but the initiative was taken by our fathers,who,we discovered,were childhood best friends.Our families liked us as each others' life partners,but its sure,that neither me nor he expected us to end up in a situation like this.

part 5 : Come Back to Me

He flung the keys over the table before sinking into his bed thinking of the events of the day and trying to make sense of his train of his chain of thoughts. He was startled by himself with the question he had popped to himself in the car.

"Do i love her? Am i in love with her??"

Armaan kept thinking to himself as he recalled his moments with her. He felt free and comfortable....unlike he ever felt when around with other girls. She was different. Simple, innocent and yet strong willed. It was her persona that drew him to her. She had her weak moments but she hadnt faltered once nor had she come and asked him to support her. She was fierce,independent and yet so very vulnerable from inside. When he had seen her at her weakest moments he was moved by the pain she had undergone and yet she wanted to fulfill her mother's dreams.

"Ahh i can just go on and on" he thought. "Why am i thinking so much about her. Ok now dont be silly and say you dont understand what is coming up. The plain fact is you're taking her to be more than just a friend feel something more Armaan. She is special and its high time you accepted this glaring truth."

Part 17 : Love Me always

As the early sun rays peeped through the windows she opened her eyes to find herself in his arms. Looking up at him she felt herself shivering with joy as she felt a gush of emotions running through her. Holding him tightly a lone tear escaped her eye as she knew that he was the heart of her life, to her.

Feeling a wet drop on his naked chest he opened his eyes find her awake staring at him with moist eyes. Sighing he pulled her closer to him and softly kissed her lips stroking her bare back.

'What makes my honey shed tears early morning?'

Hugging him tight Riddhima found herself slightly crying. Pulling her out of the hug Armaan looked at her, wiping her tears he kissed her forehead cuddling her again.

'Armaan u will never ever leave me na?' Riddhima mumbled like a small kid.

Smiling deeply he kissed her hair and spoke.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

AR OS:For Love

I hold your hands,and rub them softly,trying to wake you up.You look beautiful when you lay like that,eyes closed and away in a dreamland.You don't respond,and I know that you're thinking and not trying to show that it hurts you,as much as it hurts me.I kiss your hands once,and your eyes still remain closed,but you breathe a deep sigh.I don't know how many hours,minutes,and seconds have passed,how many days and how many nights have I just held your hand like that,and you find your immense peace in me,I know.

My heart beats for you.Its like a medicine to you,you say,and I smile.You know when you smile?You look like my world,the only thing I was breathing for.Then,I just don't need to find a reason for my existence anymore,because I know it was you,it is you and it will be you.A thousand words,and maybe still some feelings,some deep love would remain unexpressed.But then,our love never needed words to express it to each other.We are soulmates,as they say,and those people who own each other's hearts and souls don't have to say what they feel for each other.They just know.

part 4 : Come Back to Me

 He looked at her snuggled up closely finally sleeping with all frowns slowly edging away from her forehead. He slowly put her beside him, her head now on the pillow and lay down beside her himself. pulling her close to him he placed her head on his chest holding her tight. Lightly kissing her forehead he still couldnt help but smile as he recollected her initial expressions when he came to pick her up the first time...................


She was stunned to see him standing there holding his Mercedes door open with a bright smile on his face.

'At your service madam' he said while stooping a little like a chauffer showing courteousness to his mistress.

Part 16 : Love Me always

Armaan tapped his ears with his fingers to check whether they were working well. Did he hear it properly? Did she just say that……say that she….that she loves me. Nop Armaan dude u finally have lost it. I knew this will happen one day you will start hearing and seeing things………I need a doctor. But Armaan she is standing there right in front of you. Oh yes she is a doctor too. Next thing you will imagine is her kissing you. No no Armaan will you shutup!

Looking at his rapidly changing expressions from frown to confusion to going red to nodding his head dreamily Riddhima couldn't help giggling a bit. Finally seeing that he wasn't going to come out of his trance she cautiously spoke

"Armaan are you alrite? I am sorry if I …….what's wrong Armaan?"

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

part 3 : Come Back to Me

Armaan looked at Riddhima sleeping soundly with her head on his lap, her hands clutching his waist tightly. He gently stroked her hair. How could I be so mean to you Riddhima? I love you so very much and you were always such an angel. Look at me? I almost ruined your life. How could I just forget our love''.our''..time'..everything?

Silently crying Armaan looked at her sleeping. Gosh you still look the same. The same innocence, purity and freshness written all over your face. Nothing has changed, it's the same charm your carrying still which had blown me away on our very first unofficial date.



'Will go out on a coffee with me?'

Part 15 : Love Me always

"I love you Riddhima" She stared at him as he said those words again. Blinking at him without any reaction she stood there. Looking at her expressionless Armaan began to feel restless.

Why the hell is she isn't responding? I mean not that I expected her to hug me immediately and say

"aww Armaan I love u too"

No actually this would have been lovely .Only if she had done that. But here she is standing as if I told her

"Statue Riddhima and not I love u Riddhima"

Sighing he gently gripped her shoulders and spoke.

Monday, 3 June 2019

part 2 : Come Back to Me

It surprised him on being greeted like this. Not that he had expected a warm welcome, but he certainly had not thought of being attended in such an impolite manner.

'This can't be her house, and it surely can't be her. I think I came to the wrong house.' With these doubts running all over his mind, he cross-checked the address written on the crushed piece of paper in his hand to make sure he didn't knock the wrong door.

Being positive about standing in front of the right house, he knocked the door once again to be attended with a reply just like before''.

'Who the bloody hell is it?'

Part 14 : Love Me always

Placing a hand over the satin cloth on her eyes Riddhima smiled. Her smile widened as she recollected the events of the morning. She had again caught him sleeping on the floor this time in a position as if he had been staring at her face all night.

"armaan you on the floor again? Seriously can't you just make up your mind where you want to sleep? Half of the time you sleep here on the floor in the same position! Whats wrong with you? You had decided to sleep outside and now everyday you practically sleep on the floor?"

"Well ya I had decided to outside in that kitchen cum living room Ridz but what to do? Past 1 and a half month or rather more then that I have become so used to seeing this threatening  face of yours  that if I don't see it the first thing I wake up and get my usual heart-attack by looking at those scary features of yours  then my day just doesn't go well." Armaan smirked looking at her as he got up only to receive a pillow hitting his head.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

AR OS : My Stranger

"I don't believe we have met before", Riddhima mumbled, as she turned back to the stranger, who was eyeing her since long...
She was also an invitee to Drashti's Party and she knew, almost everyone who was present there but...this tall, extremely handsome young man was a total stranger to her.
She was, in fact, somewhat dazed when she noticed that this unknown person was from time to time stealing a glance at her.
His big impressive eyes were enough to make her shudder and send chill down her spine. He was not looking like a bad-eyed man...but still Riddhima was getting a bit restless...
Riddhima was a computer science student and it was her last year in the college...She was a hit with all her friends and she was quiet famous in the college. This was not only because of the fact that she was very beautiful and attractive but also because of her industrious nature and studious being. She was a topper of her batch...Due to which, she had many a wooers and admirers for her in the college.

Intro & part 1 : Come Back to Me

"If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one."

As he entered his eyes automatically tried to adjust to the dim lights and for a minute or two he literally covered his ears as the loud music was on the verge on tearing his ear drums.

Looking around, trying to move ahead, pushing the swaying bodies he frantically searched for her.

'How on earth am I going to find her in this? And omg she will be a complete wreck if she has been hanging out here. I have to find her, come on Baby where are you?' he muttered to himself closing his eyes momentarily wishing she would just appear in front of him from no where.

Sighing in desperation he took out his cell and quickly dialed, frantically clutching the phone.

'Hello Anjie? Are u sure she is here? I mean does she come here? This place is like''''.I can't even imagine her here. But'.? Ok ok fine I'll see here once more.'

Part 13 : Love Me always

As they drove away from the airport into the city Armaan glanced at Riddhima. It was not even dawn yet . They had arrived there in the middle of the night as duration of flights from Delhi to Mumbai was barely an hour an a half. She looked away outside the window as the not so cool night breeze hit her face. She hadn't uttered a word since they arrived or sat in the car Shubhankar had sent for them.

Placing a hand on hers unable to hold any longer he asked.

"Honey? What's wrong? Why are so very quite? Any problem?" He gently asked.

Breaking from her daze she muttered " No Armaan nothing, I am just a little tired I guess after the ceremony we left immediately so I think I am a bit worn off, a little sleep should do the trick I think."

Seeing her faint smile he looked at her unsurely.