Saturday, 22 June 2019

chapter 1 : Deception

He stood inside the doctor's office nervously pacing back and forth waiting for the doctor to arrive. After he had finished talking to Zak on the phone he had called the hospital ahead of time to get an update on Riddhima. They had told him that she was being looked at and that the doctor wanted to see him. He had been worried to say the least but was more angry then anything. He just couldn't get what had popped into her head that would make her want to cut her wrist. He had told her several times that he wanted to help her out and was trying to fight for her but it seemed that his words had fallen on deaf ears. Well today he was going to make his point as clear as possible. He wasn't going to put up with this anymore. If she could be stubborn then so could he. It was then that the sound of the door being opened caught his attention and in walked the doctor or in this case his best friend Rahul Grewal. Armaan had known Rahul ever since the age of 7. They had started out hating the sight of each other as they had been rivals. Armaan had always been the cooler one where as Rahul had been the smarter one. All throughout there school years they had constantly tired to out do each other. But as time went on they had slowly grown out of that phase and learned to like each other. And now 20 years later they were not only best friends but brothers. They knew things about each other that no one knew. They had each other's back in times of need. And today was just another one of those days where Armaan was needed by his best friend.

Part 1 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

He had looked for her everywhere on the sets, but couldn't find her anywhere. How was he going to live without her again? That's when he saw a taxi drove by the exit door of 'Sanjeevani'. He knew she was in it.

"Shilpa!", he screamed as he started running after the taxi. He ran as fast as he could. If it wasn't for Shilpa, he would've joked about how he could've been in the Olympics considering the speed he was running at.


He couldn't let her go. Not again was he gonna lose her, and this time god knows for how long. He sent a silent prayer to god, and that's when he saw the taxi in front of him come to a halt.

"Shilpa..", he whispered to himself before running towards the taxi.

"Bhaiya, kya hua?", Shilpa asked the taxi driver anxiously.

"Pata nahin ma'am saab, main dekhta hoon."

"Kya?", she asked sounding annoyed.

Part 6: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


Two weeks later.

Armaan is sitting up in his room at his house, while everyone else is downstairs. He is busy talking on the phone, of course, with Riddhima, when Divya's son, Aravh, enters his room.

Riddhima: yeah…so guess what happens next?? (on the phone)

Armaan: what? (lying down on the bed, his legs dangling on the side)

Friday, 21 June 2019

Prologue : Deception

Perplexed. Lost. Defeated. These weren't just words that where found in a dictionary, that were used to describe a person's state of mind. They were his reality for the past 1 year. Ever since he had been given her case his life had turned upside down. In all his years of work with the New York Police Department Armaan Mallik had never been so disturbed over a case in his life. He had seen many criminals of different shapes and sizes but he had never come across a woman like her before. It didn't matter what was said or done to her, she would stick to her standard answer that she wanted to be killed. And that fact disturbed him all the more. He just couldn't understand why this woman wanted to die.
I just don't get this woman! Why would she want to end her life for something she clearly didn't do! I mean all the evidence show's that she is innocent and yet somehow the judge sentences her to life in jail. I don't get it! How can that be? I mean who or what on earth has made her believe that she is at fault? There has to be a reason for her behaviour. I mean why would she kill her own child. It just doesn't add up. There has to be something I am missing here! But what?

Part 5: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Meaningful Words

 Riddhima sat in her room, looking at the photo frame in her hand. It was a picture of herself and Armaan, taken a year ago at a local amusement park they had all gone to. They both had just gotten off a roller coaster ride and were in splits, Armaan's arm was around her shoulder and they both were looking at each other, huge grins on their faces. They hadn't even known that Rahul was taking a picture of that moment. The perfect moment.

She sighed and put away the frame, picking up her cell-phone and checking it for the umpteenth time. It had been two days since Armaan had left, and he hadn't contacted her at all. She was very worried for him, and wondered how and where to contact him. Then a fresh idea it her brain and with a huge grin, she got up from her bed and went towards Armaan's room.

last part : Come Back to Me

They drove back in silence .A silence which spoke volumes despite being so still. Armaan hadn't objected when Riddhima had parted away from the hug and stood up. She held out her hand for him. He took hold of it immediately and got up.

Silently he had followed her out to the car and hadn't uttered a word as they drove off. The silence wasn't killing. It was welcoming.  Riddhima felt extremely light hearted after so many months. She had finally let go of her guilt .The guilt that had been killing her, the guilt of feeling partly responsible for their relationship gone astray. She glanced at Armaan as she steered the wheel. His head touched the glass window as he leaned on it for support, looking out mindlessly. She knew he wasn't really looking out. The way he broke down in front of her today, told her he still loved her had melted her completely. How couldn't she forgive him afterall??? They both had been at fault and he had already suffered much more then his share. Then what was it that was holding her back???

Thursday, 20 June 2019

AR OS : You Belong With Me

Armaan was in his usual file-checking mode when his secretary peeped in.

"Yeah,Sally?",he said without looking up.
She tried hard to stifle her giggle and said,"Um,Sir..Mam had called."

He looked up at once,curiously at his secretary who was grinning from ear to ear.

"She..Well,was asking about your business dinner with Ms.Madhvi Sighania,our client for the Gurgaon project and well..she sounded.."
"What?Sounded what?",he asked eagerly.
"Well,erm..Angry,you know.Sir,she said to leave this message that she wants you to come home early tonight."

Armaan groaned. He knew his wife's anger too well by now.He held his head helplessly as he imagined her angry face bursting at him as he would enter his house.He looked at his secretary with a pained face and said,"Well,where was I when she called?"

Part 4 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Two hours later. Heathrow Airport.

 Riddhima and Muskaan are sitting in the airport lodge. Riddhima is biting her nails nervously, with anxiousness written on her face while Muskaan is clearly looking tensed too. Muskaan puts a hand on Riddhima's shoulder.

Muskaan: Riddhima…don't worry…she will be fine..

Riddhima nods, still biting her nails. Looking towards the booking counter, she suddenly stands up.

Riddhima: Armaan…!!!

part 19: Come Back to Me

He was there......

Sitting on the floor with his back against the edge of the bed........ absolutely still holding something, starring at it. Stepping closer Riddhima went right up to him and stood. He was sitting with his back facing her. Peering curiously Riddhima realized it was a photo frame. She boldly took a step forward and observed more closely. He seemed to be gazing at it intently, unaware of her presence in the room.

Riddhima wasn't very surprised to see that it was a snap of theirs together. It was the one which was taken when she first shifted to his place. He seemed to be gazing so intently at it. A gush of relief seemed to flow through her body, calming every nerve. She felt truly relieved seeing him safe but at the same time Riddhima felt her flesh tingle as she considered the worse. What if he wasn't stable, what if.........Riddhima tried pushing all these negative thoughts out, firmly trying to convince herself that he was fine.........everything was going to be alright......

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


" SO YOU'LL THINK I'M CHEATING ON YOU?" he shouted at her at last. It was enough now! He had been calmly listening to all her ramblings from the whole past hour but the girl just didn't seem to understand!

" YOU REALLY THINK ON CHEATING ON ME ARMAAN? YOU... YOU JERK!!!" she threw a vase in his direction.. still crying.. not because of emotions but coz of anger.. he was the one hugging that s**ty bitch and saying in his oh-so sweet tone 'i missed you too babe!' and now he even planned on cheating on riddhima? Great!

"basket!" he dodged the vase and it landed on the floor beside the cushion, the tv remote, the CD case and armaan's almost broken phone..

"basket me? Oh no! Go and miss your mini skirt girl! And yeah cheat on me with her... for all i care!" she shouted agian and ran up the stairs, each step loud enough for him to notice..

Part 3 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Riddhima sat on her sofa, biting her nails, looking at Rahul. They both had been sitting in her apartment for about 2 hours, and they both were quiet. Silence prevailed over the room, as both looked at the clock time and again. Sighing exasperatedly, and no longer able to control herself, Riddhima speaks up.

Riddhima: Do you think he's okay??

Rahul looks up, startled as she spoke. Then, hearing her question, he smirks a little.

part 18: Come Back to Me

"Rahul how could you" Riddhima whispered feeling her legs go watery.

"I am sorry Ridz, I mean we just got to know Muskaan is pregnant and I was so happy…..and like I didn't say that exactly. It was him who started. He was like Wow, and all, how I wish my child were here. And I felt bad, I held his hand and just spoke yea, its ok though he would have been a year old by now……and…"

'Rahul he was just recovering and you….." Riddhima cried feeling tears in her eyes. If those haunting memories hurt her so much, she wondered what effect they would have on Armaan in his delicate mental state. Where was she to search him??

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

OS: Baggage

"Armaan! We're not getting that one! It's too simple!"

"Tia, it's beautiful! I like that one better!" The guy named Armaan muttered, his voice tired. "Whatever, just choose one and let's get done with this!" He said after a pause. He probably saw that his opinion wasn't going to matter. "We still have the flowers and decors left!"

As a cake-maker, I had seen millions of couples in this state before their wedding. I had seen them argue over designs, only that flattered me - of course, who wouldn't be? They were having difficulty choosing one from many of my assortments!

Part 2 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Bickering, Arguments and….FIGHTS!!!

 He lightly started tickling Riddhima around her stomach and she at once squealed out. She was a very tickly person, and Armaan got a kick out of seeing her laugh like that. He held her around the waist, so that her back was towards him and his arm went around her waist while the other tickled her. She laughed and squealed, slapping his hands away. They both were laughing their heads off, oblivious to a svelte figure in a black dress emerge at the kitchen door, arms folded, looking at the scene with raised eyebrows.

Clearing her throat, she made her presence known.

Girl: ahem ahem….having a moment here, are we…??

part 17: Come Back to Me

"Riddhimaaaaa" he cried out supporting her as she collapsed into his arms.Picking her up Armaan swiftly carried her straight into her room and gently laid her on the bed. 

"Riddhima? Open your eyes sweetheart" Armaan gently patted her cheek and touched her forehead. Feeling it hotter then normal he got up and went out flipping out his cell.

"Hello Dr Atul?"


Monday, 17 June 2019

os : US

You might i think i write a lot of this stuff..this, where i often tell you little things about him that make me die or live or wish for or thank and blah blah..but what do i do! Sometimes, maybe just like today, when i sit at my window with a cup of coffee and i miss him, i can't hold back my thoughts..maybe that's coz all my life is about him. And it has always been..since i met him. He makes me feel beautiful with his presence around and then in the most cheeky way says that i'm the prettiest girl he has ever seen. But he doesn't know, that it is the eye contact with him, that makes me blush and go is his touch that makes my body shiver in excitement..he says he couldn't have got anybody who would love him better or take more care than i do..but he doesn't know how much more love do i have within myself for him..i fall in love each moment..more and more deeply. My mornings are beautiful coz he's the first person i see as i open my eyes. And when he kisses me, even when i think he's asleep, oh he takes my breath away! With him, i don't have to think what am i weraing or how am i looking (he would in fact love it if i don't wear anything at all :p ) he kisses me even when i think i have bad breath in the morning..he plays with my hair even if i think they are the messiest skin dry, or my lips swollen, it doesn't matter to him..he has always loved me unconditionally..he compliments my beauty even when i am in the oldest pair of my pyajamas..and i am proud to have him..i know i fight with him a lot and tell him each day to go away and that i hate him and all of that shit, but he too knows it, that the day he goes away from my life, he would take my life with him..i would die..

Part 1 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

He entered the discotheque and looked around for his friends. It was so dark in there that he couldn?t make out anyone from the crowd. Lightly cursing her for her stupid idea under his breath, he made his way through the tightly jammed crowd. He was often pushed from either side as he made his way to the centre of the hub, girls were falling over him from both sides. He excused himself with a gentle smile, flashing his dimples at them. Clad in a pair of ripped jeans and a white T, he was still able to have a drooling effect on all the drunk girls who were dancing away to the beats of the high-volume music.

He usually preferred to stay away from such places, and he was here today just because of her. It had been such a peaceful Sunday, till that call an hour ago. Damage control, his friend had said. And he had heard long enough to jot down the address of the discotheque, and then rushed down here to help her. He looked around frantically, in search of any recognizable face, and then he saw her. His eyes widened with surprise. He had presumed that she?d be drunk, but to THIS extent, he hadn?t thought. Smiling unwillingly at her stupid dance, he walked over to the bar. She was standing ON the bar and dancing away, not realizing that she was doing ?bhangra? on a Britney Spears? number. He looked at the helpless faces of their friends standing near the bar, looking up at her in shock.

part 16 : Come Back to Me

Riddhima opened her eyes to see him no where in sight. The rug he had slept on was folded neatly in a corner. She glanced up rubbing her eyes and saw that he wasn't there in the bathroom either. Panicking she got and rushed out. It was very unlike Armaan to get up so early without any reason.

"Good morning darling"

Riddhima stopped right there in her steps and narrowed her eyes. He stood near the dinning table holding the plates and placing them carefully. As she took a few steps further she saw the table laden breakfast ………she assumed looking at the plates. Toast, fruits, cornflakes, empty cups, every thing was set perfectly and in order.

Armaan grinned at her as she walked towards him eying him cautiously.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

AR os : The Battle of Their Hearts

 "Shoot, Riddhima."
His voice came out flat and even, without a single emotion mixed in it. He stood there as firm as a stone, his eyes unwavering. For the first time in her life, she didn't know what to do. Her hands trembled and she put her dry lips together as she took in deep breaths, trying to calm herself. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Come on, kill me."
This time the voice scared her. Even in the heavy darkness that had fallen over in the old tunnel, even in one of the coldest winter nights of December in Delhi, she could feel herself watching those blue eyes-those dangerous eyes, those beautiful eyes, the eyes belonging to the person who had killed thousands of lives. Today, she was afraid. CID officer Riddhima Gupta was afraid. Not of the man standing before her, but of her own self.

part 15 : Come Back to Me

"Riddhima where are we going?" she turned to face him as he took hold of her hand ; she opened the car door to the driver's seat. Seeing him hold her arm she tried tugging it off as he waited patiently for her reply and began to play her fingers.

"Armaan go and sit down……I'll tell you once we get started" she snapped back pulling her hand away from his.

"Oh ok" he beamed and went around the car and sat down like an obedient child.

"By the way….." he popped up again opening the door.

Last Part : Love Me always

"Armaan we combed every place, no news still and we cant even alert the police you know media will make such an issue….Riddhima Mallik disappearing"

Anjali sat down beside him as he sat there, his head in his palms. It was way past midnight and about six hours more then she left and yet there was no news of Riddhima at all. Her cell was switched off and now at his wits end Armaan didn't know what to do.

Tired as he was Anjali had forced him to come their place while Atul was still making calls and trying to gather some news.

"No news as yet Armaan, she sat down in the car and drove herself and the car number is being traced. We should get the information in some time"