Saturday, 29 June 2019

chapter 6 A : Deception

Riddhima sat with her eyes closed gathering her thoughts together. This was a big step for her and she didn't want to ruin it. Finally when she felt as if she was ready, she opened her eyes and looked at Armaan who was now sitting across from her on the same floor as she was.

 Okay. This is it. It's time to tell the truth.

"Now before I start anything. I just want to apologize for everything that I did to you. I didn't mean to yell at you the way I did. I mean you were trying to help me and all I did was push you away. You didn't deserve any of that and for that I'm really really sorry."

 Armaan could see the sincerity with which she was apologizing and he knew that she was being honest. She meant what she was saying.

Chapter 4 : Numb

It was a rather chilly Friday night and instead of sitting indoors and being with family or going out to a club with friends like regular people did. Armaan was walking along the silent narrow roads of his street. It was pitch black outside and the only source of light that was peeping through was from the tiny golden light bulbs shinning inside the lamp posts. Ever since he had moved to the city he had developed a habit of taking a walk at night whenever he wanted to clear his mind. Today was one of those days. It had been almost a month since Armaan had been treating Riddhima. And in the past month she had shown a lot of improvement. She had started to move parts of her body and had even begun to speak in monosyllables. Armaan had never been happier in his life to see Riddhima wanting to regain her life back. After all he had fallen in love with her and really wanted to tell her. But it seemed as if he was never meant to do that. It seemed as if God had played a sick joke on him that he never expected to be apart of. He looked around him as he sat down on a bench near by and seeing the emptiness and darkness of the street he was once again reminded of the events that had occurred in the past few days. He couldn't comprehend what was going on? Why did things have to change in a matter of seconds? Why couldn't they have stayed the same? How he wished he could turn back time. Armaan closed his eyes as his mind once again reeled back to that very day everything changed.

Part 14 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

When we went SHOPPING!!!

 Riddhima entered the huge mall, and looked around, wide-eyed. She had had no idea that shopping malls in Mumbai could be so huge and well organized. Dressed in a light blue colored shalwar kameez, she was looking very pretty yet the frown on her face was kind of disconcerting. Divya and Aditi entered the mall behind her, and laughed at what Riddhima said then.

Riddhima: My goodness….we are still in Mumbai right..? This one's bigger than the one next to my house…

 Divya: hmmm…shopping malls here are pretty huge now…anyways…where do we start??

She looks around the first floor and sees a saree-shop.

Friday, 28 June 2019

chapter 5 : Deception

Riddhima paced around in her cell waiting for the door to open. It had been a week and there was still no sign of Armaan. She had tired to ask the other officers who would walk by her cell but they would always say that they weren't at liberty to tell her. Ever since he had walked out of her cell that day she had not only felt bad but she had felt guilty. She hadn't realized until he had lashed out on her about how much she had put him through. He had been trying so hard to help her out in anyway that he could and she had just pushed him away. And just knowing that had made Riddhima realize that maybe it was time for her to bring down the wall that she had hid herself behind and just tell him the truth. And so she had decided that the next time he came to talk to her she would finally open up and tell him everything. It was the least she could do after what she had been doing to him for the past 1 year. She owed him that much.  But where is he? She wondered as she continued to pace back and forth while keeping her eye's on the door. It wasn't like him to be this late. He was always there are 11 am sharp and now it was 12. He was an hour late. I wonder what's going on? Riddhima racked her brain trying to find a possible answer but before she could even comprehend what it was the sound of the door opening halted her in her tracks and in walked a man she didn't recognize. Who is this guy? And where is Armaan?

Chapter 3 : Numb

"Good Morning Nurse!"

Frustrated. Annoyed. Angry. These weren't strong enough words to describe how I was feeling! It was finally the 4th day and I was ready to kill someone; mainly my new doctor. I still couldn't fathom where they had found this person or for that matter made them a doctor.

4 days! It's been 4 days and I am still dealing with this...this...*******! I hate him! I want Armaan back! Why did they have to give me this guy! He's like so ******* creepy! And I hate the way he calls me Sweetie! I'm not his sweetie! God if I have to deal with Dr. Ben Cooper for one more day I swear I'm going to kill him! I know your all thinking what is wrong with me right? Well it's not my fault. It's Armaans. He made me fall in love with him. I know that sounds crazy but how do you explain someone thinking about someone else non stop for 4 days straight! Yeah that's what I thought. See you have no answer either. Now you understand why I'm going insane! Oh great here he comes again!

Part 13 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


 Armaan woke up to the sunlight lighting up his room. He kept his eyes closed and breathed in, taking in a heavy scent of lavender. Smiling to himself, he nuzzled his head closer to the sweet-smelling scent, and felt something soft and silky touch his hair. Half conscious yet and not knowing what he was doing, he kept nuzzling his head in that soft texture till he felt his nose graze against someone's skin. Till now, he had thought he was dreaming it. However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he found himself nuzzling in Riddhima's hair, his nose touching the side of her neck. His arm was around her waist, lying loosely on her stomach, and he was lying upside down so that his head was on her shoulder. Practically implicating the fact, he was half-lying over her. He smiled as he saw a slight frown on her face, her lips pouted, making her look like a young, beautiful, innocent child sleeping. Unknowingly, his hand drifted upto her face and his thumb lightly grazed her cheek. A slight smile came on Armaan's face and he sighed lightly.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

chapter 4 : Deception

Riddhima closed her eyes trying to control her anger that was slowly bubbling up. She couldn't believe she was going through it all over again. She didn't understand why this man wouldn't let her be. Why was he constantly after her despite her telling him that she didn't need nor want his help? What was he trying to do? Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Why was he tormenting her with his nonstop rambling? Was he stupid? Didn't he get things the first time? She felt like punching him in the face. For the past 2 and a half weeks now Riddhima had sat across from Armaan listening to him talk. At first she had thought that he was just doing his job and trying to gather information but now as she sat across from him for the umpteenth time her initial feeling had been proven wrong. His actions were now telling her otherwise. He wasn't here to just do his job. It was something else. He wanted something else. Well whatever it was she wasn't going to give it. She was going to give him a piece of her mind. She was done listening to his crap!

Chapter 2 : Numb

The sun's rise peeped through the cracks of his blinds and onto his face disturbing his slumbered state. He groaned in his sleep as the blaring light played its tricks on him forcing him to open his eyes. Why was it morning? He whined as he removed the blanket from over him and climbed out of bed and towards the bathroom. He had spent half the night thinking about how he was going to solve the Riddhima problem and had ended up falling a sleep late. He had never had such a disturbed sleep before. He was usually a sound sleeper and wouldn't wake up very easily. But today had been different he just couldn't find any peace within him. He couldn't understand what this strange woman was doing to him. Why was she after him? Why couldn't she just leave his mind? It was enough that he had to take care of her but she didn't have to invade his sleep. The one thing that was his and she had to take that too. What was next she'd want to come live with him? No! He would never let that happen! She couldn't invade his life anymore! This had to stop! He had to meet Rahul and ASAP! And so without wasting another minute he ran out of the bathroom door only to hear the shrilling sound of his phone vibrating on the bed. He went towards it and grabbing it looked at the caller Id to see who it was. Seeing Rahul's name flashing he slid his thumb across the green line and put the phone against his ear.

Part 11 & 12 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Trouble, Trouble!!!!

Riddhima: Armaan…will you tell me where you are taking me??

Armaan: Riddhima…even a slightly literate person knows this place is called a bathroom…you know, where we change, and bathe and…

Riddhima: Shut up!! I know this is a bathroom…what I don't know is, why you brought me here??

Armaan: umm…yeah…(hears a shout from down: ARMAAAN)…listen..i gotta go…main D ko bhejta hun, she will explain everything…

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

chapter 3 : Deception

He sat in front of her staring at the floor. It had been 10 minutes since he had walked into the room and he still hadn't said a word. He just couldn't understand where to start from. How could talking to a girl he had been interacting with for the past 1 year now be so difficult? It was as if his voice box had suddenly broken. He usually had a million things to ask her and now of all days he had nothing. Absolutely nothing to say. Armaan ever since he was little had always been the talkative one. He always had something or the other to say. There where times when if he had stopped talking for some reason or the other then people would begin to worry. Then what was happening now? Why couldn't he open his mouth and speak.

Dude! What is wrong with me? This is the longest I have ever been silent in my life! I can't believe this! I can't even say one word! Okay this is really sad. This shouldn't be so hard. Come on Armaan. You can do this! Now talk to her!

AR/KASH OS : Will leave u d day I learn to live widout u…

She had her head on d table in her folded arms..dr.shashank had just left having an half an hr. conversation wid her hubby dear…

"I knw tumhare koi sir vir me dird nhi ho rha….riddhima…utho na..ab hum baat krte h"

She did get up…and he noticed tears in her eyes..

"basket.. y r u cryin?"

"tumhare paas tym h mujhse baat krne ka? Aren't u busy?"

"ridddhhhima…i….yaar isme meri kya galti h…subah se koi na koi aae jaa rha h…aur…u…u don't need 2 cry yaar…aur main bhi imp.kaam hi kr rha tha na…"

"seems u don't need me"

"riddhima?" …

Chapter 1 : Numb


Startled at hearing her name being called Muskaan jumped in her spot. She had been so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn't realized someone had entered her room and was now sitting in front of her. Mukaan was the type of person who when she got absorbed into something that caught her attention then bringing her out was a mission. Ever since she was a child Muskaan was known for her short attention span. She just couldn't concentrate on one thing for to long. Her mother would always worry that her daughter was going to grow up with psychological problems. But Muskaan being who she was had not only proved her mother wrong but grew up to be one fine doctor. She was not only able to focus on her work but she was able to make a difference in people's lives. But today was different. Today not only had she gotten absorbed into what she was reading, but she could feel the emotional pain trapped in each word. It had not only affected her a great deal mentally and emotionally but it had taken her into a world where misery played a large role. 

"Are you still reading that note?"

Part 10: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Meet the Family

Recap: Riddhima agrees to pretend to be Armaan's wife, she meets Padma and Divya.

Padma: anyways beta…..tum kafi thakk gayi hogi…jao ja ker fresh ho jao…(holds her chin)…jao Armaan..take her to your room….

Riddhima: haan…mai kafi thakk gaya hoon…(flexing her shoulder muscles)

Divya and Padma look at her, then at each other and then laugh. Armaan puts a hand through his hair.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Intro : Numb


I lean against the closed door as I slowly fall to the floor. It was happening again. I was being taken back into the dark. My mind is revolving in circles and the voices inside my mind are taking over. The shooting electric current is once again flowing through my nerves. I close my eyes and scream into the empty room allowing my pain to have a voice hoping someone is listening. The pain is becoming unbearable to deal with and so I raise my hands and encompass my head into my palms, hoping the discomfort will withdraw and let me be. I want this to end. I want to be free. I want answers... I want my life back. I want this torture to end.

Last Part : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

Shilpa walked into the gates of the Mehta Mansion with a smile on her face, as she thought about what just happened in the church, and why it happened. 'I thought we were just best friends right? Then why do I feel like this when I'm around him?' She thought as she walked back into the party. But as she did, she realised it was pitch dark. There were people alright, she could sense them but then why was it so dark, she thought. She took a step further until she heard,

'Shilpa..' She heard his voice.

The spotlight on the stage came on, and he stood there, a mic in his hand. Another spotlight shined, as she looked up, she realised it was shining on her. He stood on stage, giving his million dollar smile. She looked at him as she saw a dimple form on his cheeks. For a moment, they just stood where they were, looking at each other. And then, Karan began to walk down the stage, not letting his gaze off her. Shilpa too began walking towards him, slower than him though. When at last, they stood in the middle of the hall, looking at each other, oblivious to the fact that there were a 100 over people looking at them.

Part 9: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Sorting It Out.

 Riddhima glared at Armaan as he drove the car. He had very conveniently made her sit in the car and had even driven half way through without touching the topic at concern. She could now slightly figure out what was happening and why he had called her here in such an emergency, but the main puzzle was yet to be solved.

Armaan: (thinking to himself while driving) dekh tujhe kese dekh rahi hai, Armaan beta aj to tu gaya….ghar se bhi nikala jayega aur maar bhi itni parray gi ke dubara kabhi jhoot nahi bolege…..

 Riddhima: Armaaan!!! For the last time….i am asking you…what the hell is happening?? (shouting loudly in the otherwise silent car)

Armaan looks at her cheekily and smiles

Monday, 24 June 2019

chapter 2 : Deception

She glanced at her watch impatiently for the last time as her irritation was beginning to get the best of her. She had been sitting on the local park bench for the past half an hour waiting for this Riddhima girl to arrive. Armaan had texted her the day before saying that he was going to bring Riddhima to the park near by around 11am so that they could meet. Muskaan had gladly agreed and being the punctual person that she was she had arrived exactly at 11. But little had she known that she would have to play the waiting game. Muskaan was known for being on time for everything. She didn't like to be kept waiting. Ever since she was young she had always been told by her parents to be early for things as that showed you were a responsible person and that you respected the value of time. Everyone around her knew that fact about her and yet they still made her wait. She just didn't understand why everyone tired to figure out new ways to annoy her. Why couldn't they just be truthful and not drag her along. She had better things to do.

Part 3 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

Shilpa was getting dressed to go the party at THE Mehta's. The Mehta's owned their own production house, and would be launching the first look of their new show in the party. Sakshi was really ecstatic. She loves parties, being in the crowd, going wild. Not that Shilpa doesn't, but Shilpa had waited the entire day, for something special. She had been waiting for a letter by her 'secret-admirer' like her sister calls it. But nothing came. And to top that, it was 6th October today. The day she last saw Karan.

'Shilpu!' Shilpa heard her sister call from downstairs. They were getting late, so she quickly set her hair properly for the last time before leaving the room.

Mehta House

Part 8: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


One week later.

 Armaan is sitting in the midst of a hall flowing with activity. It was the preparation fro Shubhankar and Keerti's wedding, which would take place within three weeks. They all were preparing for a small get-together of all the family members, who were coming in from all parts of the world.

Armaan sat and bit his nails. What he had gone through in the past one week had been a torture, yet it saved him the trouble of bringing up the topic of marriage again. There had been confrontations, from every single person in his family. Padma and Divya had both chosen to ignore him, while he had got a very bad scolding from Dad, Taya and Tayi-jee. Yet, now that the bad part was over, they were all okay with the fact that he had married someone without permission. But now was the part he was dreading the most, because today Riddhima was coming to India.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

AR os : It turns out like everyday

"GOOO INDIAAA!",came his voice. Riddhima shook her head from the kitchen at her crazy husband,and carefully put the last mix of spice in the dish she was making for dinner,while adjusting her specs to read the recipe. She knew Armaan wouldn't come today and snake his arms around her waist and disturb her to no end while making dinner, because obviously..he was too busy in his match.

It was India v/s Australia today,and Armaan was all ready in his blue "Sachin Tendulkar" Jersey,in front of the TV, cheering up India and giving the players directions as if they could hear him. Cheers of 'Abbey Spin kar Bhaji' or maybe to the umpire-'ITS A SAVE! HE ENTERED AT THE LAST MINUTE! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF!?', could be heard within seconds of the one prior to it. Sometimes when these days came, Riddhima hated the TV, the game, the players..Because Armaan would totally be lost in them. Putting her dish in the container, Riddhima wiped her hands and smiled satisfactorily as she went out to the living room. To him.

Part 2 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

6th November 2010.

Shilpa was as usual, working out in the gym. Lately she's just been chilling with her friends & her family. A month had passed since she last saw him, and later tonight she would be leaving for London, maybe for a month or even longer, who knows. But she just wished she could see him again.

As Shilpa left the Gym & headed to her favourite Cafe, she received a call.

"Hello, Shilpa?"

"Yes, di."

Shilpa was shocked after what her sister, Sakshi told her over the phone. Her flight that was to leave at 7 tonight had been cancelled.

"What? Why? How?"

Part 7: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Two days later.

Armaan: My God, it was a social disaster…Mom, please don't ever try fixing me up with someone…I just can not handle another girl like her for even a minute, let alone two complete hours…!!

Atul, Padma and Divya burst into laughter. They had been listening to Armaan rambling on how pathetic and bad the setup-date had been and they were enjoying every minute of it. He looked so cute whenever he rambled. Right now, they were sitting in Armaan's room, Padma was sitting on the bed, giving Atul a head massage, who was sitting on the floor, and Divya was sorting out Armaan's wardrobe, while Armaan himself was pacing the room to and fro.