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Chapter 9: Obsessed...

Every one went away – with a pleasant smile on everyone's face, especially on Arman and Riddima, which quite evadable to others...

Anjali was sitting in her room, remembering all the event Especially the one that went away from others eyes... "Diiii !" Riddima shouted near her ear. "Huh? Kya huaa?" Anjali jolted in her bed and looked at her sister, who was almost bending over her with hands over her hips and eyes boggling out. "Kya hua? I have been talking to wall for last thirty Minutes !" Riddima spoke

last part : The Green Blue Hues


Her name was coined as a question in the tone he spoke, and he staggered a little as he rubbed his eyes and found her standing there before him, real as life. Looking around, he found no one there except her, so he wasn't hallucinating that meant. Taking in her not-so-pleasant look, he breathed out again, knowing this wasn't going to be a nice round of conversation, for sure. His instinct sent out warning signals, he himself didn't know why. The realization of what he had accepted today made him not want to see her today, lest he blabbered something he shouldn't be saying. This was precisely why he had refused to take any of her innumerable calls since the past one hour, just knowing on a sudden instinct that something very terribly bad was going to happen in the next few hours.

Now, as she stood before him, still as a statue, he knew his feeling had been right. Putting his hands on his face and lightly rubbing it, he asked, 'What are you doing here?'

Friday, 12 July 2019

AR Os : Betrayed by Trust!!

Saanse kho gayee hai kiski aahonmein main kho kho gayee hoon jaane kiski baahon mein……………..

(Playing in the background)

She slid down the rough brick wall, that scraped her visible back from the halter. Her ripped knee lenght skirt was now rising a little above her knees. Her tears reached down to her neck. Her sobs got louder when she realized what had just happened her eyes naturally got smaller and she stretched her memory back, winding it for 30 minutes before the present.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• FLASHBACK •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

Chapter 8 - III : Obsessed...

8:30 Pm. Gupta Residence

"Chal Arman – You can do it ..! yes man be a man... what could happen worst than – she slaps you – or kick you out – or the worst close the door on your face." Arman spoke getting out of his car – standing right in front Of Gupta Residence. "Lets do it man ! Lets just do it" Arman straightened his shirt and look down at his jeans and shirt... he looked decent … mature !

Arman gulped, and stood right face to face to her house door … knock it twice he rang bell once... "Whoseee IT?" Some one shouted from inside "Ahemm.... Arman Malik.." he shouted back... finally the door opened and an elderly women stood in front of him – he gasped and checked the name plate

part 28 : The Green Blue Hues

Recap: Riddhima thinks she's falling for Armaan, mehndi scenes, Armaan tells the kids about their marriage, Divya finds out the truth about AR fake marriage...

The crowd and noise in the house was getting on Riddhima's nerves as God knows how many relatives and friends piled into the hall for yet another some event she failed to understand. Excusing herself on the pretext of going to the kitchen, she ran up to Armaan's room, which was the only vacant room. True, she had been told not to go to his room till the wedding took place but the noise was giving her a severe head ache now. Rushing into the room, she closed the door behind her and sighed with relief at the sudden peace that enveloped her. She opened her eyes to see Rhea sitting on the bed, playing with her dolls while Ryan lay on the cushions, reading a book. Seeing her, Rhea jumped up from the bed and landed into her arms. Riddhima smiled and hugged her close to herself, relishing this moment for it had been long since she had been able to take out time for either of her siblings.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

AR OS : Because True Love Lasts Forever!!

 She was sitting all alone in her room with her eyes swollen and clothes torn she remembered the days events.................

~*~*~*~*~*~*~FLASHBACK~*~*~*~*~*~*~ She could feel his lips around her neck as he laid her down on his bed he was the first guy she let to make love to her the love of her life Armaan mallik famous business man she loved him dearly he made love to her all night and then in the morning he saw her sleeping peacefully in his arms he looked at his angel his Riddhima he loved her so much from the day he saw her he wouldn't let anyone harm her not even herself he could die for

Chapter 8 - II : Obsessed...

After approximately 30 minute.

Riddima banged the table with her palm and stood up angrily. Arman and Jeeni, who were nuzzling in each other – Especially Arman, who had not even cared about Riddima and had started kissing the girl named jenni over her cheek – nuzzling in her neck. While Riddima – who tried to make herself busy in food.. but it was heights of now – 'does this man has any shame?' two days back errr ok few days back – we went on a date and here he is flirting with this so not good for looking girl'

 "Kya hua Riddima?" Arman took hold of her flinched palm rubbing it lightly as she banged it really hard on table "Leave it Arman – I am done, Bye …. You guys Enjoy" she pushed his hand away and fidgeted with her purse and once found the money she kept it with her half left food plate... "Riddima

part 27 : The Green Blue Hues

Recap: AR decide to get married for real. Fun time at the beach. Muskaan confronts Riddhima and gets angry at getting to know the decision. Armaan enters the mehndi.

A subtle kiss right under her earlobe made her giggle and moan at the same time, but both were stifled the moment the sound escaped her, for he instantly came up and jammed his lips on hers, knocking all the breath out of her. She grasped his wet hair in her fingers and kissed him back, with an intensity she herself was surprised to discover, and as his hands roved over her waist, she moaned again. It was a totally new experience for her, the close intimacy she was sharing with him was raving havoc on her body and her mind has suddenly stopped sending out any signals. All she knew was that it was her and him, together in the moment, and there was nothing stopping them now.

Her eyes focused into his as they came up for air, and the intense look of longing and passion in his eyes made Riddhima look down instantly, and in that spur of the moment, Armaan leaned down and kissed her again, his kisses being more fervent and passionate this time. She moaned against his lips as his hands tucked under her waist and lifted her up lightly, crushing her body against his. And just as her hands settled on his shoulders, clutching at them, she uttered a cry of unknown delight at the pleasure his kisses were evoking in her and just then....

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Last Part : P.S. I Love You ( AR 3S)

So next week they got married...

Everyone is happy with AR's marriage the whole gang was happy to see the two best friends got married , Aryan ko bhi Armaan achha lagne lagaa tha and usne usse Dad bulaana start kar diya tha , Riddhima was first confused ki pataa nahi Armaan , Aryan ko apnaaye yaa nahi par Aryan-Armaan ki bonding dekhkar usse yakeen ho gaya tha ki usne ek sahi decision liya hai and Armaan was on Cloud9 these days kyunki usse uska bachpan ka pyaar mil raha tha ...

Chapter 8: Obsessed...

Snap... Click, he clicked his fingers infront of her daze - blank face...

"Riddima, you didn't told me you are a day dreamer too?" he chuckled and hit her by banging his shoulder with hers, lightly – as they walked beside each other "huh? No asa nahi hai..." she replied – and walked in the house, taking few steps to avoid any encounter with him... "hey..." he claimed her wrist. She stretched her self out of his range while her hand was straightly held by him – trying to stop her "Please Arman..." she mumbled. Not looking back at him

He smoothly let go of his hand and Riddima ran in his house leaving him smiling to himself......


part 26 : The Green Blue Hues

Ridhima looked at him, sitting before her, his hands clasped together and then, taking a sigh, he started off.

" tell you the truth, i dont know myself why i didnt tell them. I mean, i was adamant to tell them, and had every reason to, i dont need to repeat them to you. It's just...something Ryan asked me, some stupid random question...and i realized....," he broke off for a second, and when he saw her eyes boring into his, trying to understand, he continued, "I realized that ...I couldnt bring myself to tell them that it had been a lie all along, not after everything they had put up with...they trusted us, they trusted me and i had lied to them...and yet, everything you said came back to me and I..."

Riddhima looked at him closely, and as he bantered on with his reasons, a slow smile, almost a sneer, spread over her face and after a minute of hearing him out, she finally spoke up.

"Cut the crap Armaan, and tell me the truth. The complete, honest-to-God truth."

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

AR OS: how you Became Mine!!

"Riddhima please meri baat suno, please listen to me love," A boy around 22 said, " Armaan mujhe kuch nahi sunna tum jao na apni mini skirt vaali nikki se jaake baat karona mere picche kyun pade ho?" Riddhima retorted as she took off her heels and slammed them on the floor sitting on her bed grumpily." riddhima, Riddhima meri taraf dekho aur battao tumhe kya nazar aata hai?" He answered in the most genuine way. she turned to face him and only saw pure love, plain love, she could see his eyes water up. " She only managed to say, " Armaan main tumhe kissi aur ladki ke saath nahi dekh sakti jab tumne usska haath pakda tab meri jaan ja rahi thi armaan prmse ki tum kabhi mera saath chodo ge?" she asked while he just looked at her lovingly and took her into a tight embrace protecting her from all the fears on Earth from all the problems they've faced in life implying that he would always be there for her in all circumstances they were meant to be together!

Part 2 : P.S. I Love You ( AR 3S)

At night ...
At Gupta House ...

Armaan rungs door bell and Padma opens the door a smile occured on Armaan's face and instantly hugs and says ...

Armaan : Hey Beautiful , kaisi ho aap ?

Padma : Ab tujhe dekh liya achhi toh hungi naa , aur vaise aaj yaad aayi tujhe meri itne saalo se kahaa tha ?

Armaan : hey beautiful , calm down pehle andar toh aane do

Chapter 7: Obsessed...

Cafe – 1:05pm

Riddimaa walked in too see him seated in black shirt – half sleeves and still folded a bit more – pumping out his muscles as he placed one hand below his chin and other just leaned over the table playing with the vase.. Riddimaa took a deep sigh as seeing an unbelieving person in front of person...

she thought over a mere seconds that she is One of Those lucky one who actually Love him and die to live this Moment... she was the only one – as per, who actually felt him soo close – her First ever kiss and that to with him was a memorable for her – she guessed her last wish was almost complete to stay in his arms for eternity … ' at-least not eternity but for a while …..' she thought and saw him getting up with a super duper big smile towards her...

part 25 : The Green Blue Hues

"Fully loaded you are, as always." Riddhima whipped around to see Armaan grinning widely at her, eyeing her plate full of delicacies that she had readily filled for herself. Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him and he grinned even more.

"Seriously Ragz, the amount of food you eat....I have always wondered, if your metabolism wasn't as fast as you say it to be, you would look a splitting image of Mrs. Reddy," Armaan chuckled as Riddhima's eyes widened in horror at the thought of being compared to their neighbor in London, who happened to be so unexplainably fat that she wouldn't fit into their double-seater sofa at their place.

"Oh pleaaaase Armaan....i don't eat THAT much...and by the way mister, where are your manners? You are not supposed to peek into other people's plates," Riddhima quipped back at him, and Armaan raised an eyebrow.

Monday, 8 July 2019

AR OS : What Made me fall for you!!

MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed a 21 year old as it was early morning on a Monday!

"Mummy dekho na iss duffer fir se uutha diya subha subha!" The girl blasted again.

"Hello Hello, duffer kis ko bolti hain" A strange grey eyed boy about 22 relpied with a frown upon his face!

"Armaan, Riddhima subha subha jhagda shuru ho gaya tum dono ka?" A women said.

"Mama, iss Armaan ne fir se mere sir pe paani dala" Riddhima complained

Part 1 : P.S. I Love You ( AR 3S)

Kehte hai kisi se mohabbat karo toh usse judi har cheez se mohabbat karo , kyunki agar tum usse judi har cheez se pyaar nahi kar sakte toh tum kabhi uss insaan se mohabbat nahi kar sakte ...

Armaan and Riddhima were childhood friends , Armaan loves Riddhima since childhood , par uski kabhi himmat hi nahi usse kuchh kehne ki...

Par uski har cheez mein chup-chap uski help karta tha , usse har dukh se bachata tha ...
23 years have passed like this ...

One day Riddhima called Armaan and said ...

Chapter 6: Obsessed...

Reaching at venue. Sujhal and Arman came out of car towards their beauties – opening doors they passed in their hands which was accepted delightfully "Its a beach on the other end..." Riddimaa Exclaimed while others chuckled. "sorry" she whispered and tucked the hair behind her earlobe. "Relax Riddima – You don't have to be nervous Around us..." Sujhal commented and walked a head with Kashish, who passed a relaxing smile to Riddimaa....

 "Riddimaa...." Arman tired to pull the attention of her "Haan?" she looked at her side "I want to talk to you..." pause "alone..." he added, making her gulp. "Later Arman.." she replied – avoiding the topic alone... "Ok fine Later – but today !" he replied. She made a small nod and took a step to get close to other duo. "Listen, Riddimaa.." he again whispered lightly "sorry About Morning – I am

part 24 : The Green Blue Hues

The couple was madly in love with each other, that much was evident from the start of things. Their bond was beautiful, they shared something many couples envied and yet weren't able to achieve after years of companionship. But they were different, they were special. The girl was one of a kind; beautiful, smart and extremely intelligent, with a sharp sense of wit and demeaning confidence, her personality was what had attracted many to join the line of people who instantly fell in love with her. Despite the problems at home, she had exceeded everyone's expectations regarding herself and had made a stand for herself, which was a base reason of admirable respect gained from all those who knew her. The guy wasn't anything extra-ordinary; his looks were definitely appealing, and he had swooned many from the fairer sex with the undying charm he possessed, yet it was the certain aura to him that was the basis of attraction for many. His charm and wit could get him anywhere, and not to mention his brains which had helped him get into one of the best universities to pursue the career serving humanity, he was an extra-ordinarily normal person, who knew how to keep his emotions at bay. The amount of control he held over himself and his emotions was commendable, and perhaps the biggest asset to his personality was his ability to understand people and provide solace and comfort to them whenever required.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Chapter 5 : Obsessed...

Next Morning. 9:00

"Hello Arman." she walked in his room, wearing a shocking blue suit, hair left open. "hey... Good Morning..." he woke up with her cheering voice and tried to get up, when she rushed to help him... moving a hand around him she made him sit.. while he placed a light kiss on her cheek "Arman !!" she looked at him, flabbergast. "what...?" he frowned, rubbing his eyes to get a good look of her - "what? What? Why do you do that?" Riddimaa frowned and asked.

Arman's hands went up and took hold her upper arm and pulled her down to his range and kissed her right on the same place "Arman !" she pushed him back "Oww Man !!" he kept a hand near his heart, where he had a wound – not deep but a bit …. "Oh sorry I didn't knew – it wasn't intentionally... I am sorry" she fumbled at words "Its Ok" he replied with a deep frown.... easing the pain by rubbing the place. "Arman I am sorry...." she mumbled sitting on the stool kept beside him

Last Chapter : Numb

She looked at herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time hoping it was still a dream. She was dressed as a typical bride to be in her red lengha adorned with jewelry, makeup and with her hands full of mehndi with her soon to be husband's name written in between the patterns. There was a time when she had dreamed that she would be sitting in a room waiting for the love of her life to come and take her. But little had she known that destiny would once again play its game. She had gone from spending a day full of laughter and fun with the people she loved to being put into a room being forced to marry a man she loathed. She couldn't help but let a tear drop down her eyes as she once again tired to figure out how her life had changed in the past 72 hours.

part 23 : The Green Blue Hues

"Ragz…come one na yaar….chor bhee…its such a small thing...itnaaa ghussa kyun ker ree hai!," Armaan rambled on as he followed her into the kitchen, where she dumped the dirty dishes into the sink and then turned around, her back resting against the sink, her arms folded and a look of utmost displeasure on her face. Armaan's voice died of it its own accord as he took in her raised eyebrows, the slight curve of her mouth to the right, her jaw-line more accentuated. He was seriously in trouble this time.

Riddhima tapped her foot and looked him straight in the eye. "Yeah, um listening….so, you were saying…..?", her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Armaan gulped and looked down for a mere fraction of a second, and unintentionally a smile came to his face as he thought of the many times she had gotten upset with him over something so trivial. Riddhima looked at him in disbelief as he stood there, looking down, having the audacity to actually grin back at her.