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Part 14: How to Kill your Husband

Armaan wanted to his press his momentary advantage, replace his thumb with his mouth and relive their passionate kisses again. He could almost see the desire beckoning me in her eyes but he didn't push it.

She stepped back, eyes flicking away as an eye contact might betray her. She scanned the row of parked cars. "Let me guess- yours is that flashy black convertible."

"Sorry to disappoint- it's the little bent and black ninety sixty ford." He couldn't resist adding. "My Ferrari's in London."

Her laugh bubbled up the tension between them surprising her as much as him. "I knew it!" she asked with a half smile. "Red?"

part 19 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

Robbi spluttered as armaan slumped against a chair, groaning. Selena dutifully patted his back as he stared wide-eyed at his older brother and his girlfriend...fiance? ridz blew a lock of hair out if her eyes, exasperated.

"I know" ridz moaned, dragging out the last word like it rolled itself in mud.

They had returned to the malik mansion after ridz had been cleared from the hospital. ridz's and armaan parents were downstairs, furiously debating over what kind of cake to buy and what kind of tablecloths to use at the wedding.

Chapter 23: Obsessed...

Meeting everyone – he thanked for the surprise and all of them made a plan for roaming around Malaysia and it's beaches... Though girls first went to shop for costumes which they didn't have – And boys thought to chill at hotel itself till the girls return

It's going to be looooooonnnng Trip that was what ring in everyone's head.

After having a good Lunch – Girls went to mall and Boys roamed around and soon retired to rooms.

"Dii – I don't want any sort of Small costume – I am telling before hand" Riddimaa announced once they stepped in the particular shop of Costume "Come on Riddimaa once for change give Arman a shock" Muskan commented to which Kashish and Anjali giggled "Ok – but zayda chotta nahi please" Riddimaa said with a ting of blush

Friday, 26 July 2019

Part 13: How to Kill your Husband

6 Months Later...

Don't make someone your everything, because when they're gone, you have nothing...

Love makes people weak... it does you know because when you love someone you give them the power to destroy you.  Now why would anyone in their right mind want to give someone, anyone the power to hurt them to such limits that wouldn't be able to stand up again? Love is just for the weak...

 Love, at times, may feel as though we are getting weaker by the minute; yet it is not love that makes you weak, rather it is the fear of losing it...

part 17 & 18 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 17 

"I still can't believe she just fainted"
"I know! And just when armaan finally confessed his feelings for her!"

"Talk about bruising his ego. The girl he's in love with is so repulsed she faints after hearing his confession"

"She wasn't repulsed!"

"Really? Then explain why she dropped dead after you proclaimed your undying love for her in front of her parents"

"...Shut up, rahul!"

Chapter 22: Obsessed...

Going back home – Riddima felt satisfactory by her act – though it was all of sudden For her not for others ! But she felt contended ! Happy – glowly


Hie I am gonna fly any moment now – I am gonna miss you – Arman

Riddima: Arman I will miss you too – take good care of yourself and come back soon....


You too :) I Love you.

I love you too... she replied. And kept the phone while enjoying the ride back to her house

Thursday, 25 July 2019

part 65 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Before pressing the bell, Rahul look at Armaan who was helplessly watching Riddhima and she bend her head down.
“Ammy, mai kya bol raha tha, Uncle Aunty ko pareshan karne se achha hai na ki ham bahar dinner kar k aate hain” Rahul said and Riddhima look at him being surprised.
“Kaha se aate hain tere dimag ye idea?” Muskaan look at him seriously.
“Wo to dimaag walo ko pata hota hai” Rahul chuckled.
“Very funny, thanks but no thanks kyunki Mishra Uncle ne Shashank Uncle ko bata diya hai ki ham pahuchne wale hain ok” Muskaan replied.
“Rahul, she is right, we can’t do this now, afterall itna time v ho gaya hai, sab log wait kar rahe honge ghar pe, they are out from a week, let’s go inside” Armaan said ringing the doorbell and Riddhima smile at the person who really and genuinely care for all.
Padma came to open the door and smile looking at the kids.

Part 12: How to Kill your Husband

Her love slave. She couldn't help but smile and sunk deeper in the bubbles as he came in the tub. "Well in that case..."

Afterwards riddhima reclined against his body as they both relaxed in the tub. "This is pure bliss."

Armaan sipped his champagne. "We're going London sight see tour this evening. You'll like it." She felt him move as he placed the glass on the tiles with a chink. She thought he was hesitant for a second. "And dad's really pleased with how our relation's going. He decided to make me the CEO of the company after all."

part 15 & 16 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 15 

Ridz was speechless. What were her parents doing here? She thought they hated her now, after the whole 'you're-a-disgrace-to-the-family-don't-ever-set-foot-in-my-house-ever-again' argument. She looked at armaan, who had a confused expression on his face. Ignoring how cute he looked at the moment, ridz turned back to face her unsmiling parents. Her mother looked her up and down, shaking her head. Her father glared at armaan. ridz closed her eyes, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. She sucked in a deep breath. Great, just what she needed after a humiliating day at college ridz reopened her eyes, forcing a smile at her parents.
"Mum! Dad! What are you doing here?" she asked in a falsely bright tone.

riddihma's father scoffed.

Chapter 21: Obsessed...

"Riddima chalo lets move to my house – Tum wahi change krna – we will go on a date from my house..." arman settled in his car and kept the bag on the back side while Riddimaa settled on the passenger seat. "Nahi Arman – drop me home..!" Riddima said locking the seat belt "Nahi Riddimaa – I am taking you too my home!" Arman said rushing his car through the empty road – and sun almost going down "Nahi Arman – Drop me Home!" Riddima insisted looking at him – Arman ignored this time and took his car to his home...

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Part 11 : How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima stretched her arms and yawned loudly. She felt armaan stir next to her, his hand loosely tucked around her waist. She turned around to face him in the bed. He looked so innocent and calm, just like an ocean before the storm. Her fingers found his face bfore she could think, tracing along his strong jaw, curving over his soft yet manly lips. His eyes were closed, so probably he was still sleeping. Before she could stop herself, her lips took over her fingers and she lightly pecked his lips.

"Meri izzat looti jaa rahi hai kya?"

Riddhima recoiled on the spot. He was awake! She was about to increase the distance between them when Armaan held her waist and pulled her closer to him nuzzling his nose with her.

part 13 & 14 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 13

nikki twirled a lock of black hair as she simpered at armaan. armaan stiffly smiled back, inwardly rolling his eyes. He rubbed the back of his neck. What a fake bitch, he thought. I can't believe I ever even gave that a chance! He took a deep breath. What he was doing was for ridz. Just think about ridz, he mused. Ah...

"-and so, I totally get that you, like, hate ridz right now and, like, I'd totally take you back now, armaan . Because you know I love you" she batted her eyelashes.

armaan blinked, before bursting out in laughter, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

"Y-you think I want to get back together with you?" he spluttered through his guffaws.

nikki looked confused. Was he still bitter about that ridz girl?

Chapter 20: Obsessed...


sitting in lounge around everyone – while Riddima was engrossed in her thoughts 'Should I go – well though I accepted it but what if he..? I mean I don't remember anything how he had actually behaved in last 5 months – I just can't trust him like that in clicks' she thought when she felt the weight on her side – turning towards it she saw anjali sitting beside her – cocking her eyebrows while their parents talked animatedly about something

"Diii.... uhmm Arman asked me..." Riddima fumbled with her duppatta "for a date?" pause "great... after soo many months I guess he deserves it !" Anjali commented "The Date at his House !" Riddima interuppted and looked at Anjali, who frowned 'Yea tou plan mai nahi tah' she mumbled

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Part 10 : How to Kill your Husband

Padma's name was flashing on the phone.

"Hello mum? How are you? And why didn't you come to the reception yesterday?"

"We have to meet riddhima. It's urgent."

"Ab kya hua maate shri?" riddhima asked her mum sighing. Swear to god she don't have a single penny in her bank account at the moment!

"Shut up riddhima. It's not funny, tell me when are you free?" Padma asked impatiently and riddhima looked at armaan who was too busy reading business news.

part 11 & 12 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 11

whispers broke out in the courtyards as ridz and armaan walked through the school gates. She looked at him quizzically. armaan shrugged his shoulders. Girls pointed at their phones, then at ridz, disgust evident of their faces. ridz clutched her books closer to her chest. The harsh, condescending glares of the girls made her confused and very self-conscious. Had she gotten mud on her clothes?
Had she done something?

armaan raised his eyebrows at the frantic looks on atul and rahuls faces. They gestured wildly at armaan and ridz, then at their phones. ridzs friends, muskaan and angie stared into ridz's eyes, obviously communicating with their eyes. armaan chuckled. Girls, couldn't they just talk to each other? His smile slowly faded as ridz's eyes widened, confused and horrified. She whipped around to find the entire female student body glaring fiercely at her. They pointed at her, rolling their eyes. ridz could feel the tears burning at the back of her throat. armaan looked at her worriedly.

AR os : One Encountered Moment

"Ridhima" she turned around to face her best friend running towards her. "Wait for me" ridhima shook her head.

"Like I have a choice" Ridhima whispered quietly to herself as she watched her best friend Muskaan run over towards them.

Ridhima put her bag around her neck and onto the other side of her. Her eyes glittered in delight as she watched amazement the clouds pass by. Today was going to be the day, finally ridhima thought quietly.

Chapter 19: Obsessed...

Late Night every one went to their house a date for engagment was fixed after two weeks – and marriage when Atul build's his own house which Was in process though – Anjali and Atul use to spend much of their money's in making the house much more beautiful and friends yes well they use to bring small things as Atul had strictly told them not to Do much as it will be His gift to His Wife !

Atul's Parents were no more – But due to his hard work he got the internship in Sanjeevani and became one of Best Interns.... Well Muskan and Rahul – never thought About getting Married yet ! Because both were equally struggling for a better furture – though they loved being like this....

Monday, 22 July 2019

part 64 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next morning,
Riddhima get up pretty soon looking around, she found Armaan still sleeping and his face was in her direction with closed eyes. She smile getting he might be staring her in when she slept and a blush crept on her face just by the thought.
She slowly get up and make him sleep in a comfortable position, ruffling his hairs a bit her smile grew larger. He was looking so cute in the sleep that she atonce urged to kiss his forehead but that disturb his sleep thinking that she left.
Armaan open his eyes as soon as she left and smile whispering “Oye Hoyee, don’t worry Mrs. Would be Mallik, bahut jaldi hi aap apni is jhijhak se bahar aa jayengi”

Part 9: How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima finished her PowerPoint on the computer and got ready to leave office. She would call it a day now. She typed furiously and shut down the system. As she was about to get up, armaan came in her cabin with a MacDonald's box. *drool* riddhima thought. She was drooling at the MacDonald's box, not armaan okay. Just so you know ;) now don't get ideas, she was still mad at him. But then again another lesson she learnt in her life was 'Don't get mad...Get BAD!'

"I thought I'd drop this by. I saw you didn't eat anything." Armaan said sweetly and left the burger on her desk.

part 9 & 10 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

Part 9 

armaan gulped as he slid into the rigid chair. ridz took the seat beside him, gracefully folding her hands in her lap and forced herself to smile. Her palms began to sweat, just like they always did when she was nervous.
Well, she was having lunch with armaan's parents.

She fidgeted in her seat as his parents watched the two from across the table. Their close, scrutinizing eyes made ridz feel as if they were going to pounce on her every move. She snuck a glance at armaan, who was drinking water at an alarmingly fast rate. ridz stifled a giggle. He was as nervous as she was. He probably hasn't gotten around to telling them I'm pregnant with his baby, she thought. ridz instantly sobered up as the watchful eye of armaan's mother focused on her. She self-consciously smoothed down her hair. The tension in the VIP guests room was so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw.

Chapter 18: Obsessed...

It was almost 48 hours – Till Riddima had came back to her family... All were waiting for the doctor to come out as she had gained consciousness – but the family was stopped as Doctor wanted to check her first... Sighing the Doctor came out -

"I am sorry to make you wait for so long – I didn't wanted to give you any news without reports – well, precisely I was right Riddima had almost forgotten some months of her life – the injection and medicines she use to get was given her for this Purposely Mainly – just to get her mind wash off – the instant that happened around two months...." he saw all of confused face – so he started off from start 'again'

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Part 8: How to Kill your Husband

The widow's her hair swept in a tight neat bun, looks frail and frightened in the dock. Padma's lawyer has briefed a judge about the case,

The prosecutor for the crown objects forcibly. "This women intended to profit from her husband's death my lord. She is not a women who would morn from his passing. On the contrary, she intended to celebrate it." The prosecutor spat, shining bald by worry. His acne scars clawed on his face making him an obvious hindrance to any romantic aspirations. No wonder he thought Padma was a gold digger, caught up in the web of crime.

part 7 & 8: look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 7

ridz moodily stabbed at her noodles as she muttered curses under her breath. The words 'armaan' and 'idiot' were clearly made out. angie  and muskaan blinked. Their usually meek friend had been rather short-tempered the whole week. They shared a worried look.

"If you even mention his name, I will throw up in your faces!" she screeched.

muskaan's eyes widened. angie's jaw dropped. There was a moment of awkward silence, before they burst into laughter. ridz glared, crossing her arms as her friends guffawed over her outburst.

Kash os : Rainless Days

She moved from one side to another, while his eyes just followed her. Though he was trying his best not to laugh at the sight in front of him, but that didn't stop the small chuckles leaving his mouth every few minutes.

"Shona-" he tried saying but stopped at he saw her dangerous gaze

He shook his head again, when was she going to listen to him? God knows. But watching her mouth from one side of the room to another was very frustrating; however the laptop was giving him company for a while, until she bursts again.

Chapter 17: Obsessed...

Morning shined in.... its was exact 5:45 a.m...

Most of the people were quite awake – except few.... Like Riddima, who was in deep slumber on chair from last 1 week, though she was on the chair from the very start – but Not Sleeping all the time From LAST 1 Week she is on chair Sleeping … or Faint? – she was still being injected whether she was awake or a sleep – Sameer cared less about her … his first aim was to destroy Malik Emperor – he had just told the boys to inject her thrice a day – and same goes for medicines... the boys did there part of duty, as they got quite enough of money against it ….