Saturday, 3 August 2019

part 1 & 2 : shades of luv


She cried again, yes she cried always 2day also her pillow was wet...wet with her tears...from last one yr crying is all she in her emtry home...she doesnt know what is a family what is happiness from last 1 yr...from last 1 yr or she is working or she is crying all alone ...yes she is alive but dead too...she has lost everything her dad, mom, finance, family, her happiness, smile everything...only thing she is left with is her small sister who is in coma she is living on a hope that one day she will see her sister out of the coma...she lives with sadness...sadness is all around her...1 yr back diwali night changed her life forever...a gurl full of life was now not more than a body without more she is seen smiling, giggling and laughing...very rarely any1 has seen her with a fake smile her eyes doesnt sparkle with happiness any more... Yes ur right she is dying every

Rahul-Muskaan One-Shot: Yaadein...

           Kabhi kabhi jinn se hum duniya mein sabse zyaada pyaar karte hain woh humaare liye sirf eik yaad bann ke reh jaate hain. Pyaar toh har koi kar leta hai, lekin usse zinda rakhna ahsaan nahi hota. Maine zindagi mein bohot rishtey bannte aur toothe hue dekhe hain. Pyaar ke jhoote vaade aur jhooti kasamon pe khade rishton ko bikharte hue dekha hai. Pyaar... kitna chota lafz hai naa? Lekin iss chhote se lafz mein poori duniya samaa sakti hai. Bachpan mein suna tha ki har kahaani ka anth hamesha khushi nahi deta. Lekin kuch kahaaniyaan aisi bhi hain jinka anth kabhi hota hi nahi hai. Kuch aisi hi hai yeh kahaani. Main... Rahul. Aur yeh kahaani kisi eik ki nahi hai. Yeh kahaani humaari hai. Meri aur uss ladki ki jo mere saath hamesha rehti hai... mere chehre par. Muskaan...

Chapter 30: Obsessed...

Getting up around 9 – she shifted in his embarce – hugging him tight enough in his hold – she looked up at his face – he was in a deep slumber anyone could make out the way he had a blank face – Riddimaa placed her hand cupping the other side of his cheek. She smiled, brushing her body with his – she leaed up to his face – she gasped – feeling his cold fingers -holding her through waist – she looked up at his face – it still looked the same – she shook her head – kissed her forehead and turned around to look for her cloths.

Looking around she saw her nighty was on floor over her side - she took hold of her sheet, next to her chest bend to take her nighty. She pulled it over her head and pulled it down getting up she saw it was way to small just ending right below her hip – wondering whose nighty is this? She walked up to washroom.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Last Chapter : Alone in this World??

She smiles after a long time, the smile which reaches up to her eyes. The blush was clearly visible on her face after his demand, and her energy was bringing a smile on every person that passed her while she was walking. Her long, hair was making others linger behind her. Her tight jeans were praising her beautiful curves as she stopped to meet Jake in front of the great fountain. She smiles as she approaches and clears her throat. He looks around but continues listening to his music. She smacks him for ignoring her and he looks at her with a shocked expression.

Epilogue: How to Kill your Husband


Their eyes clashed as the dim boardroom's light flashed on illuminating the surroundings. No emotions, no mercy, just challenge. Pure intention to win the current contract. Her eyes tore from her biggest competitor, her rival and went up to her PA who just finished the presentation and came up to her with an expectant look. She put him out of his misery by giving him a curt nod of approval.

"Thank you Ma'am. I tried my best." Her PA broke into a smile but she ignored him and looked back at her rival whose eyes were still boring into hers. She stared back with a raised brow and he followed her suit with an amused expression.

Chapter 29: Obsessed...

Arman had felt satisfied – yes indeed he was... the life he had been running behind is right beside him. He smiled walking down to see her perfect Wife working around the house making breakfast for his family. He show a dimplish smile to her as her eyes wandered over him..

she cocked her one eyebrow – saying in a eye talk 'Impressive' and he bowed his eyelashes in a 'Thank you' both let out a chuckle and joing over break fast... she took a sigh and filled the glass for him of orange juice and served him the breakfast "You not eating?" he asked "oh yes.... I am starving." she commented and took a seat beside him.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Chapter 4 : Alone in this World??

Riddhima is sitting there solemnly, in the comfortable, warmth of her home. Though, she didn't look comfortable at all. Her eyes were swollen, clearly showing that she's been crying. Her hair from a nice bun has turned into a messed up wreck. Her beautiful face is a light colour of crimson because of the crazy day she has had. Right now she was thinking, thinking about the man who came this afternoon. Now, when she thought about it he looked familiar like she knew him. She sighs and goes back to writing in her diary.

Last Part : How to Kill your Husband

"Is she alive?" Armaan forced himself to be still, to breathe.

"I think you should come with me Mr. Mallik." The doctor leaded him to Intensive care unit. His heart was squeezing with a barbed wire. Riddhima and baby were only two words echoing in his head. The moment he got news- he was in his room waiting for riddhima to come back from her 'Girl's night out' with her sisters- his whole world tilted.

His hands shook as opened the door of ICU. A tinge of relief fluttered through his still heart as he realised that riddhima is atleast alive. "First tell me what's wrong with her? And...and our baby?" questions, fear, truth, acceptance glared at him like a high voltage light.

Chapter 28: Obsessed...

Riddimaa was sitting beside him – Malik residence – yes they were married and some ritual's were Being done. Riddimaa's head was bowed down a bit as she had Big Golden Duppatta over her head – that even made a veil over her face – its been over 4 hours that they were tied up together.

And Arman really made fuss to take his wife in room while the others were making it more impossible when FINALLY, Naina – Entered "Bass enough its already 1 at night – I think you all should let the new bride go and rest !" Every looked at Naina angrily "I meant – billy bhai sahab – bachi has to wake up around 7 for more rasam and all" Naina fumbled

"haan yea baat tou hai" Billy said looking at Riddimaa whose viel was quite big "Chalo Kashish take her to her new room" Kashish smiled and helped her in getting up with that Arman got up too with a cheekily grin "App kahan chale" Sujhal and Billy holds him from back "Nahi mujha jana hai Nahi mujha jana hai" Arman whined like a baby hitting his leg on floor "chal lets have a shot of drink first" Sujhal took him to a small bar in lounge.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Part 18: How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima rolled her eyes. Really? Simin fell in love with him? "If I was you, I wouldn't dare coming one step closer to me." riddhima said with pitied expression. "Reason number 1, I have a handful of self defence weapons in my handbag right now which will not only break your face but also blind you." Riddhima took out her pepper spray and jiggled in front of him with a smirk. "Reason 2, you wouldn't wanna break your pretence in front of my sister by doing anything stupid." Riddhima smirked as she said the third reason ever so confidently. "Reason number 3, Armaan will kill you." She said simply

AR os : never imagined this would happen!!!!

"What ???" She exclaimed while talking on her phone...

"Yes ridz....woh hum me se kisi ki baat sunne ko tyarr nahi hai....ridz i know uss waqt jo hua thik nahi tha....but please try to understand he really needs you...."

"No anjie...i can't do this now...."

"Please...ridz....he is drinking too much....if he hadn't stopped today then i think we have to admit him in the hospital...."

"Okay fine....where r u ?"

Chapter 27: Obsessed...

Days went by – sometimes Maliks getting together at Gupta house or Gupta's getting together at Malik house. It all looked so not like today. It felt home on both side. No rok tok – every one can do what ever they wished for. No one actually needed permission to go upstair or to someone's room....

Life had never been so enjoyable – so fun loving. And so happening for Arman and Riddimaa – they both equally didn't left a single minute – a single chance to love eachother. Though caught up thousands times but they cared less – eventually Riddimaa gained that much confident to say she Loved him and she has that right. Which left the other gang speechless but no matter what they imitated her and teased her more.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Chapter 2 & 3 : Alone in this World??

Chapter 2
Dear Diary,

It was a tremendous day, it was the day when my father and I were both out to the horse races, having the time of our lives, when the terror struck. Everything was just fine as it was until, an idea struck his brain. He decided to impress me and said he would ride a horse and beat the experienced horse riders. I was okay with that being only four years old. I pushed him out the door urging him on. He told my baby sitter to watch me and left. Of course, I now regret my stupid, insensible move. I mean why did I have to be so damn curious to see him on an animal. That was the worst day of my life, or should I describe it as the happiest day of my life, because it was the first and day with my father. I see him getting ready to sit on a horse, and he sees me clapping my hands anxiously. He starts with a slow pace and then is galloping by the other riders who are staring at him in utter shock at how awesome he rides. Little did he know he, being the

Part 17: How to Kill your Husband

"KUTTE KAMINE TUMNE MERE PICHE DETECTIVE RAKHA HAI?" a file went flying up to arman as soon as he came out of the bathroom and wacked him on his face. He groaned while looking up asking god about his paap he did in his previous life that his wife get to know about the detective.

Armaan folded his arms and walked up to the bed with a confident stride. "That's an absolute lie riddhima." Armaan sat down and riddhima mimicked him. "Why would I do such...degraded thing?"

"BECAUSE YOU'RE A LAZY BUTT WHO COULDN'T BE ASKED TO LOOK FOR HIS MISSING WIFE BY HIMSELF." Riddhima towered him but armaan made her sit down and opened the drawer to take out her medicines.

Chapter 26: Obsessed...

Next Day – as per decided.

Riddimaa would meet him for few hours and she was getting ready. As usual she didn't wanted to wear a saree but every morning she got a message with a color in it saying wear a saree in this color. She sighed and wore what Ever pleased Arman.


Good Morning... do wear a red saree. :-D

No Arman, Not red ! I am not married yet Please ! She replied back

Ok. then blue..........!

Monday, 29 July 2019

Chapter 1: Alone in this World??

Once, not to long of a time ago there lived a charming, little girl who would soon grow into a royal, rich princess. The odd thing was she was all balled up as she was crying with her hair blowing in the cool winter breeze and her white skin tight t-shirt drenched with tears. We see the king in his late 20's being carried past her. You could see the dark circles around the handsome man's eyes and you could easily make out the stains of tears and exactly where they stopped, something was not right. "In the honor of the king I shall announce his will" says a court man from across the lawn. "The only demand on the will is that all his property and rights will be passed onto his daughter and until she is 16 the duke will take care of it" the man continues.


Part 16: How to Kill your Husband

An incredulous laughter bubbled up between them. Armaan can never expect what comes out of riddhima's mouth. This woman can come up with the most ridiculously funny replies!

Armaan gently places riddhima in the front seat and increased the heating in the car making riddhima slowly relax in her seat. He played a humming relaxing tune in the stereo making her eyelids suddenly heavy with fatigue. It was effort to even keep her eyes open.

Armaan noticed her going suddenly drowsy, exhaustion written all over her body. "Sleepy?" he glanced sideways at riddhima while zooming off his car.

Chapter 25: Obsessed...

Leap for 4 months

Everything changed – Riddimaa didn't remembered much but the suspense that what happen in a week was just nothing. She was beind injected more – and due to sameer getting involved in his plan – didn't gave him much time with her. She was left alone in the room though the boys were around her but mostly sameer took them away for planting of Bombs – so when eve they would come back home sameer would tell them to inject her as he wanted her to forget most of the past he surely wanted her to forget Arman Malik. Though he surely did that – Riddima had forgotten the time she Actually in real spend with him.

But Sameer Didn't knew that Riddima was after Arman from like 16? yea.... 16. That surely worked out for Arman. Atul and Anjali were quite happily married from last 3 months – and Riddimaa got engaged in Anjali's and Atul's marriage place. Two things at one place. You could say that a saving money policy. That was what Riddimaa black mailed her parents on !

Sunday, 28 July 2019

part 66: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Armaan tum aur Riddhima yaha baitho aur Rahul Muskaan yaha pe, c’mon hurry up” Billy said and they look at him being shocked.
“But Dad, why us?” Armaan asked snapping his head up in surprise.
“Yeah! Where are those guests?” Rahul asked.
“Could you guys sit without asking much?” Billy raised his brows up in serious tone.
“Armaan Rahul, tum log baitho puja me, wo log ko thoda time lagega isliye, we can’t delay the puja na? Muhurt nikal jayega” Anurag came towards Rahul and Armaan patting their shoulders and they nodded.
“Rahul aur Muskaan yaha pe” Ananya showed them the place “Aur Armaan, tum Riddhima yaha baithoge”
They nodded in unison while others were trying hard to control their giggle on their surprised confused expressions.
“Mom, bata de kya?” Nikki was done with controlling her excitement.

Part 15: How to Kill your Husband

Dinner? She stared at him with incredulous eyes. Man he looked every bit of serious. "Excuse me? Do you expect me to go to dinner with you?"

"Why not?"

"Shakal dekhi hai kamine?"

"Tum itni bhi buri nahi lagti riddhima." Armaan replied cheekily. "I am sure I can work with that."

Riddhima's mouth opened in protest. "I am talking about you idiot." She said pushing her chair behind and got up. "Anyways I thought beauty with brains weren't your types." She started walking towards the garden intending to finish her planting job first.

Last part : look what you done to me(AR FF)

Ridz took a deep breath as angie and muski smoothed out the pleats in her wedding gown. She blew a lock of gently curled hair out of her eyes.ridz could hear the murmurs and the excitement of the church-goers as they slid into their seats in the magnificent hall.

"Can't believe they invited half the college" angie muttered under her breath, placing a delicate flower in ridz's hairHebe;s . "After all they said about you!"

muksaan scoffed as she brushed imaginary lint off her strapless ivory dress.

"Never, under any circumstances, let your mother-in-law plan your wedding. She'll make an extravagant, hundred-thousand-dollar farce out of it"

Chapter 24: Obsessed...

7:00 am

Riddimaa Woke up with a jerk as she heard an impatient Knock on her door "uhmmm" she whined and walked up to door – opening up she saw Arman in his shorts – bare chest, walking in "Good Morning." he spoke sleepily and hugged her once she turned and closed the door "Arman – what are you doing here" she spoke with half eyes open "I was missing you – I tried sleeping but whole night I kept of thinking you" he hugged her tighter. "Kyun....?" she was confused

"I don't know – I just felt that – that after what you said yesterday. I was getting bad feeling..." he mumbled to which Riddimaa smiled and moved away from him. She went and got a glass of water for him – he sat on window and engulfing her in a hug while she made him drink water "Arman – we should talk ! We should once and for all finish the insecurties we are feeling" Riddimaa said keeping the glass on table kept beside the window. She took hold his hand and walked to bed