Saturday, 10 August 2019

part 13& 14 : shades of luv

part 13

The whole journey (4m hotel 2 home) she witnessed a different version of armaan...she could see how guilty, hurt he is felling...he was also avoiding one sec eye contact with her...behaving like he had committed the BIGGEST crime in his life or rather was about to commit...he looked pathetic in that condition

Jus to avoid talking to her he had played the music on that too keeping the maximum volume

she still believed whatever was going to happen was obviously wrong but they weren't at fault, it was rahul n muskaan's fault...becoz of them they landed in that horrible situation

Chapter 37: Obsessed...

Next day.... Arman woke up at around 7:00 - and heard Riddimaa puking in washroom. He got up took the near towel and a good smelling soap in his hand,walking in the washroom. she stood in front of the basin .....

"here...." he pass on the soap and then towel - while rubbing his palm over her back "i can't take it any more Arman..." she let out a tear... he felt bad for her.... he bend over her - forwarding his hand under the water, he slowly - nicely splashed it on her face ... after that she cleaned it with the neat towel he gave..... he circle his arm from behind and they trolled out of the washroom... "Riddimaa, i know its really painful... and i am here for you...ok" he made her sit on bed. "I don't want to lay down any more..." she pushed the blanket that he kept over her."Ok lets go down in garden ... for a little morning walk..." he smiled and gave her hand ...

Friday, 9 August 2019

part 12 : shades of luv

"wat r u finding?" rahul asked muskaan after seeing her surrounded by CDs, there were cds all around her

she flashed a confused look n said "Song which..."

scratching his head he interrupted, "ohh i forgot about plan 1B"

ignoring wat he said, muskaan asked him while looking at different CDs "did u talk to the manager?"

he sat next to her n started looking at the cds n informed her "yea i had a talk with him few mins ago, he agreed to do whatever we say but we have to jus fill his mouth n i informed armaan come to the restaurant instead of here"

After mins of argument they finally managed to select the final songs

"PERFECT SONG" they said 2gether with a wicked smile

Chapter 36: Obsessed...

Few more days went by - when finally the guys got good news about 'the broken factory'. They went home and told Billy and Naina.... Arman finally after soo many days - took a sigh ! The builder had finally made a design which would make the roots of the factory on land strong once again !!! but it required money and this was the last chance ! if they lost now... they would loose everything.

"I think keeping this home at bank - is wrong ! what if it did not worked out !" Kashish came out with the baby in the lounge. "Kash it will,believeme" Arman said taking the baby from her. "No Arman - Kashish is right ! you should think over it again" Riddimaa walked up to him - and sat beside him "Dheko Riddimaa - you don't know anything - stay out of it !" he scolded her.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Part 45: College Life

Armaan and niki enter in malik house.
Armaan: di ghar par pata sabko ap arhe ho ya nhi..
Niki: pata hai kyun..
Armaan: kya di surprise dete sab khush ho jate...
niki: yaar mujhe laga ek baar bata don fir kabhi surprise dedenge ...
Armaan: di ap thk ho na ..
niki: haan kyun ..
Armaan : nhi mujhe laga ..
but niki interrupt him in mid..
Niki: are ammy mujhe kya hona main to bhut happy hon ghar jo ayi hon rhene niki give fake smile , bas thak gyi hon subha se packing kar rhi thi na...
Armaan: haan chalo ap ander main apka saman lata hon...
niki enter inside and found her mom and chachi...
they hug niki lovingly and shower their love on her even after some time billy and karan also come home early just to spend time with their daughter...
As karan and Billy enter niki come running and hug them.. 

part 11 : shades of luv

Next Day Morning

Armi n ridz had jus returned from their walk luckily 2day he succeed in waking her up

"im going for a shower bye" she announced to armi n went towards her room mentally making notes of all the work she has to do 2day

armi sat in his hall having his morning coffee n reading newspaper

Chapter 35: Obsessed...

The day went by and soon almost after after two weeks Kashish was brought home... "Kash – now you will be staying for more nine months as you have to take care of Riddimaa nahi?" Arman asked, holding the baby – first baby of the house in his arm.

"Well Well – Mr.Arman Malik – yes indeed for nine months but... after that..." she smirked and walked up to her room while Sujhal Balancing Her "You just wait and watch Kash, after nine months you your self will not be able to leave us !" Arman commented and took the baby with him to the lounge. "Arman you should stop forcing her – let her decide on her own" Riddimaa tried to calm him while taking seat with him on the couch. "Riddimaa please not the same lecture again – I don't want our house 'first' baby to just go away ! And I have a back up plan too !"Arman smirked and played with the baby. Making cute – adorable faces.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

part 3 : SERENDIPITY (mini ss)

Riddhima remembered how eagerly she was waited for her savoir the whole day. that day she ate a little only to get strength. At night she shut the door and eagerly waiting for arman and praying to god….. “please bhagwan,arman ko bhej do. I promise ab papa ka kahna manungi…study karungi..aur papa jaisa banungi..unhen kabhi takleef nahin dungi..aur har roj aapki puja karungi..please mujhe is rakshas se bacha lo.mujhe model nahi banna bhagwanji.”

Arman came on time. Seeing riddhima he whispered : “maine ladder laga rakhe hain ,mera hath pakdo aur bina awaz kiye neeche utro..koi awaz nahi okay?”

Riddhima nodded and caught his hand tightly. Riddhima didn’t know how she came out of that bungalow and how she moved into the car. she got sense back when heard arman’s voice : “thoda pani pee lo..abhi tak kaamp rahi ho.”

part 9 & 10 : shades of luv


A new bright morning had arrived...the mist had  truned into light welcoming every1 cheerfully,

morning 6:30 a clock armaan gets up, throwing his arms in air, then rubbing his eyes like a kid

quickly gets into his tracks n vest for his routine jogging n basketball

Chapter 34: Obsessed...

"Congrats Riddimaa" Sujhal gave her a side hug – though notice the other too looking up in eachothers eye. Understanding the situation he stepped in Kashish's Room to tell her about the news too. Arman broke eye contact and read the report precisely. Riddimaa sat down on the bench "Its all my fault – from past few weeks I had been neglecting the medicines – only if I had been a bit c-careful..... she broke down keeping her palms over her face" Arman kept the file beside her on the bench and sat in front of he, kneeled. Holding her hands – he rubbed off the tears. They remained in that position

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

part 2 : SERENDIPITY (mini ss)

8 years ago

City – dehradun
Spot – leckview park

“nahi rehan,tum mujhe is tarah chodkar nahi ja sakte…tumne socha bhi nahi ki main kaise jiungi tumhare bina…”

“meri majburi samjhne ki koshish karo suman…main tumse apne parents ke permission ke bina rishta nahi jod sakta..main unse bahut pyar karta hun aur tumse bhi…isliye tumse dur chale jana chahta hun.”

“rehan…humare parents humey samajhte kyon nahin hain? Kya humare apne koi sapne nahi ho sakte ya hum unke izazat ke bina kuch nahi kar sakte…agar itna hi dukh pahunchana tha unhen humey,toh humey is dharti par lane ki jarurat hi kya thi…..” suman fut futkar ro rahi thi….

“Cut..cut….” director yelled angrily.

part 7 & 8 : shades of luv


After 5 mins armaan was climbing the stairs unfortunately not knowing ridz naughty soul is awake waiting for him

in the room, ridz was standing on the ladder behind the door, the ladder was quiet high

"good morning dumbo"  he said opening half the door the next second ridz threw a bucket of very chilled water on armaan

Chapter 33: Obsessed...

It was Almost the end of 8th Month of Kashish – they had forgotten the bitter moment, Arman And kashish. Sujhal had done all the formalities of Hospital as the time could be any moment – so with the help Of Riddimaa, everything was done -

Arman and Riddimaa had decorated the Babies Room in the house too – though Arman totally said that it is not necessary – its a wastage of time and money – she is leaving any way and to it Riddimaa cheekily Replied

Monday, 5 August 2019

AR os : 10 questions

"Dekho riddhima i am telling you for the last time....." armaan said with fake anger on his face......he was pacing in the room.....but she was not speaking to him....."Riddhima.....i am sorry na....woh traffic hi itna tha ki.....late ho gaya.....i am sorry baby...." he atlast said with a small smile on his face.....n then came n sat besides her....still he waited that she will respond to him like an Angry-Young-Women....n balst on him like anything for being late on their Anniversary....but she was silent....she didn't even asked a single question....and it was soo very not herself....'why isn't she scolding me ???'he thought.....

part 1 : SERENDIPITY (mini ss)

As soon Riddhima entered the room ,her eyes went on the news. there mumbai’s worst condition because of heavy rain was broadcasting. She heard nani was saying to papa… “beta, lagta hai sara Mumbai hi dub jayega is baar. Mujhe lagta hai humey ab yahan se lonavala shift ho jana chahiye.”
She heard papa’s voice : “ma, hum to chale bhi jayen lonavala par sare Mumbai wale kahan jayenge? Aur abhi Mumbai ki jo haalat hai,hum doctors ko yahan rehna sabse jyada jaruri hai. Na jane kitne houses pane ke neeche chale gaye hain,kitne log injured hain…aur pani jab utar jayega tab toh beemari samay hum agar yahan se bhag jayen toh log kiska bharosa karenge?”
Nani nodded and seeing riddhima she uttered : “thik hai beta,par humari bachchi ko kahin safe jagah bhej de..mujhe uski sabse jyada fikr hoti hai beta.”
Ridhima smiled sweetly and uttered : “aur mujhe aapki chinta hoti hai nani,mai aapko aur papa ko chodkar kahin nahin jaungi.”

part 5 & 6 : shades of luv


Sitting in the lawn they were enjoying the wind blowing towards them

"u know wat i meet our col kavita teacher that day, she still looks like a horror movie" she said smiling to the old

time again

his eyes widened "that baby elephant? u know she was soo happy when we graguated, she was soo tired of us"

"yea i know, tumhe yaad hai ek din tumne uske gaadi tire punchur kar diya tha" she said

Chapter 32: Obsessed...

"Arman – chalo naa... come in – its cold out there..." she spoke standing at the the door of gallery. "Arman...." she called out – taking a sigh, she walked up to him – hugged him from back – moving her hands over his front "you know, you don't know how to act fakely" she spoke, teasingly – opeing up his shirts button in procedure and leaning over his back. "Learn from me !" she added. Finally her hands touched his hard chest

Sunday, 4 August 2019

part 3 & 4 : shades of luv


Walking towards the general ward she just cursed herself she really wanted to move on in her life but couldnt...every time
she tried she failed...her emty house always reminds her of her parents, small sister anjali, finance...seeing her sister
in coma she cant forget the bitter truth...only her heart knew how much she wants to get out of all this...soon she walked
in the general noon she had finished checking all the patients of the general ward...she headed towards ICU


Chapter 31: Obsessed...

After two days – they finally got the ticket and they were on their way to Honeymoon for switzerland. Riddimaa had kept an open wish to go out of India.... something where the wheather is cold... And finally agreeing upon switzerland – they were head off too it...

day had landed around the day time and were enjoying the shopping though Arman requested Riddimaa to go and few lingrine – but she rejected and ran away by the shop. Arman ran after her – took her to some decent shop - "Ridddimaa I will be back" he said and went out of the shop.