Saturday, 17 August 2019

Part 48: College Life

3 months later day of atul and anjali mehndi+sangeet..

Everyone is in musoorie , Gupta family, joshi family and the malik family except armaan and rahul.. and other close friends or relatives of Gupta’s and joshi is there...

(Rahul is busy in the exams so he can’t make it to marriage or armaan is in delhi for business purpose)..

Padma: are riddhima beta khan bhagi ja rhi ho .. 

Riddhima: mom anjali k room me ja rhi hon usko dekhne.. 

Padma: riddhima mehndi agyi kya ..

Part 1: Insperable

 As he looked at his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully, slightly sobbing, he felt as if he was the one to be blamed for her pain. The last 24 hours had been the worst time of their lives. He blamed himself for it. She lay there, her head in his lap, slightly shifting from her position. He could sense that she was awake now ' Awake already? She'd only been asleep for about half an hour. Yet, this half an hour had felt like forever as the clock moved at a snail's pace. He silently wished that he could just rewind the last 24 hours, and make sure everything was right. But, it was too late now.

The corridor of one of the most famous hospitals in India, Sanjeevani, was empty. The couple sat there with no movement, hardly blinking, just fighting their bad thoughts.

Last part : shades of luv

as morning came time for him going came more closer...last night they just spend together either laughing, joking, showering each other with love and convincing each other two months will go as fast as train

unknowingly last night they slept on hammock chair together... as she shifted her weight slightly...feeling slightly uncomfortable...she realized or rather analyzed where n in wat position she is sleeping...opening her eyes she saw how she is sleeping leaning on him... his both hands were interlocked around her waist...he was holding her soo tightly... his cheeks brushing her soft cheeks...their legs hanging down...everything was perfect, jus like a dream which came true 4 her just now

Friday, 16 August 2019

AR OS: The Day She Became His.

As Ridhima entered the church, all eyes were on her. She heard whispers around the church, 'She looks stunning', 'Aww look at her, she looks gorgeous!' and 'Bless her'. Looking around, a little uncomfortably, as all eyes were on her, she made her way through long isle, her hand held by Shashank.
 Is this happening for real? Am I really going to get married to the one whom I love the most in this world? After all those struggles and hardships? Was our relationship really going to take the next step and that too with my father's consent? Is my life going to change for good now? Had our love really conquered all? She thought.

Ridhima was jerked out of her thoughts as Shashank nudged her a little as they reached the end of the isle. She looked up only to spot him staring at her intently, his gaze not wavering for a second as he smiled at her. He looked breath-taking, with his suit finely worn with a small bow near his neck, flashing his dimpled smile. It was the man of her dreams: Armaan.  She smiled back at him nervously. They both stood face to face with each other, as the small gathered crowd watched the two in awe.

part 25 & 26 : shades of luv


As the night became darker...the dinner almost came to an end

the surrounding tables were getting deserted too...the shiny stars was mingling with the smiling moon and the dark clouds stood behind them as a background making them look perfect

armi smiled n excused himself for a min...he had noticed a silent grin on ridz she left saying she needs to go to wash room...that movement it seemed as if she is going to grab a Kohinoor that too at a nothing price

Thursday, 15 August 2019

One shot (AR): Grudge within Husband and wife

Just two years after their marriage, Armaan brought up the idea of asking
mother to move from the rural hometown and spend her remaining years
with us. Armaan's father passed away while he was still very young. Krishna endured much hardship and struggled all on her own to provide for Armaan, see him through to a university degree.Could say that she suffered a great deal and did everything you could expect
of a woman to bring Armaan to where he is today.

Ridhhima immediately agreed and started packing the spare room, which has a balcony facing the South to let her enjoy the sunshine and plant greenery. Armaan stood in the bright room, and suddenly just picked Ridhhima up and started spinning round and round. As Ridhhima begged him to put her down, he said: "Lets go fetch mother." Armaan is tall and big sized and Ridhhima love to rest on

part 23 & 24 : shades of luv


Seeing their mouth ALMOST still hanging n face had almost paled  ridz giggled further

her stomach was paining very badly all becoz she was controlling her laughter

she felt her stomach is right now like a balloon... like balloon keeps air inside, she has kept her giggling n laughter inside...she wanted to burst out laughing...but she couldn't spoil her plan

she glanced at armi indirectly saying do something i cant control

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Part 47: College Life

Niki room 

abhi try to sleep but he can’t so he stand up and go in balcony, abhi is looking outside he is so disturbed and moreover right now his professional life and personal life both are facing hard time... 

And here niki feel some commotion in room she turn and found side of her bed is empty and balcony door is open... 

Niki sighs and sit-ups then close her eyes.. 

Niki then smell smoke of cigarette and she knew abhi doesn’t smoke but when he is disturbed he use to do smoking and niki gets there is something more and Abhimanyu is hiding something so she stand up and go to him.. 

Niki without saying anything take cigarette from his hand and throw it... 

part 21 & 22 : shades of luv


it is said empty mind is devil's house but some people's filled brain too can be devil's house always upto some devilish things

being a prankster and wicked soul a plan...a prank popped inside her wicked mind followed by a devilish smile on her lips

getting bugged when he couldn't get the hold of actual person armi looked at her to ask her did she understood who is the missing link

Epilogue : Obsessed...

"Finally, we are here back..." Riddimaa looked around the same cottage which she wished to come as for her second honeymoon. "be careful about Sneha Riddimaa" Arman placed the bags on floor and gave some tip too the driver.

Looking at her wife mesmerized by the house he smiled and locked the door. "I be back... you both settle down on couch ok" Arman announced and picking up the bags he trolled away towards the room "hmm" Riddimaa made animated faces to the baby in her arms. She was almost 6 months when finally both the parent decided to go for a week holiday. To the Same cottage.

"Riddimaa? Could you come up here? I need help?" Arman shouted of the room. "I am feeding Arman... !" Riddimaa shouted back. Leaning her head on couch with close eyes. "eh... ? Nice" she heard his voice, and looked up startled.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

part 19& 20 : shades of luv


Admiring the wonderful interiors they walked inside the five star dusit hotel (I don't know anything about this hotel, jus read in sum site)

they were marveled at the beauty of the hotel

walking towards the reception as they chatted about the hotel interiors casually

thats when ridz declared to armi she gonna go off to sleep as she will enter her room

Last Chapter : Obsessed...

"Riddimaa lets go for a walk...." Arman shook her next morning. "Nahi... mujha thand Lagti hai … bed k bahar.." she shook her head and cuddled in her duvet. "Riddimaa yrr don't be a spoil sport... ! Tum ek bar niklo – then you won't feel cold and didn't I told you to stop wearing this cotton gowns... ! I mean it snows here Damn... ! And you wear... nothing !" Arman scolded her. Walking up to her closet – he tried to get something good

"Arman.... I don't wannna goo !" she whined. Turning Around to face the cupboards – too see him fishing around clothes. "Tcch.... you only brought Gowns? Have you lost it?" arman turned towards her while scolding more... "so yea ! We would stay in doors !" she replied, ignoring his comment.

Monday, 12 August 2019

part 17& 18 : shades of luv

part 17

No words were spoken throughout the journey or from the movement RM said those things to them, only thing they said was "bye" to RM

There was a pin drop silence in the car but then too it was full of noise

noise of chatting, talk done by AR within themselves

Their mind, heart, soul was clouded with

Chapter 39: Obsessed...

"abb?" She asked pulling her leg up on bed. "first we would have a nap …." Arman ran in the bed – jumping in the duvet he hugged her – and sighed with cold … making Riddimaa giggle... "Arman tum pagal hou..." she declared "pata hai – now sleep." he kissed her cheek..


"Arman wake up..." she shook him.... feeling no movement from him.. she shook him from shoulder "Wake up Arman !" pause "ufff....." she fall back on the bed as his arm tangled up on her body... between her chest and bulky stomach.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Part 46: College Life

Day of fresher party 
Riddhima and armaan is already running here and there for checking all the last minute preparations... 

Meenu: Riddhima sab hogya hai jao tum bhi change karlo...

Riddhima: haan abhi karti hon bas, tumne armaan ko dekha khin..

Meenu: haan vo abhi humri class room ki taraf gya hai....

Riddhima: ok thanks , main change karke ayi...

Riddhima try to find armaan but she couldn’t able to find him in college then she even try to call armaan but he is not responding any calls.. 

part 15 & 16 : shades of luv

Next day seeing rahul having his coffee n reading some file cases AR

Once glanced at each other...

n they knew, they shouldn't dare to stay there for one more sec anymore

they jus began to make their way out of the canteen when they heard

"hey armaan, ridhima"

"hey" they replied in unison n wished rahul doesnt end up again with his not soo interesting topic

after noticing rahul's sad face, ridz with true concern questioned him "u look upset?"

Chapter 38: Obsessed...

"Arman, Mjha Kahna dou... warna mai tumhe kah jaunge !" she pointed her finger at him as he took every bite from her hand when ever she use to bring a bite in her hand close to her face.

"Riddimaa, jaan - essa Kahana sae pyar bharta hai." Arman smiled cheekily

"Mjha nahi bharnaa Pyar... aur durr rahoo warna mai chilaun gee..!" She glared at him and began to eat rice.. "Koi baat nahi - yea ghar mera hai - logg mera hain - sath bhi mera hee deaga... Chilo !" he grabbed her waist, smoothly... parting it - he caressed her side bare waist.. "Arman !!!" she fumbled in his arms. "Chodo MUJHE !" She shouted