Saturday, 24 August 2019

part 7 & 8 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


All got Armaan in the canteen sitting at the table n tuk seats next to him
ANJY: so Mr. American Surgeon how cum to Sanjeevani
AR: Anjy do u welcum ur guests like this
RAHUL: guest my foot idiot v missed u so much u knw I n muski got married Atul aur Any ki bhi shaadi ho gayi humney tujhjey kitna miss kiya aur tuney tuney ek phone karna bhi zaroori nahin samjha
AR: I'm sorry Rahul lekin
AT: kya lekin Armaan tu apney bhai ko hi bhool gaya
NI: haan Armaan dat was totally unfair

Part 10 : Inseparable

Part 10: Month 5 & 6

MONTH 5  -  One Saturday Night

Armaan and Ridhima lay on the bed facing each other, Armaan's hand caressed her stomach out of his daily habit.

Armaan: Ridhima, it will be a girl, na? (He looked at her innocently)

Ridhima: Armaan! Mujhe nahi pata. Aur waise bhi, kya farak padta hai ke ladki ho ya ladka? (She pouted)

Friday, 23 August 2019

part 5 & 6 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


Armaan had strange feelings inside him.He didn't know how his Riddhima wud luk wid vermillion n bangles etc. just like married women.He smiled at his thought n his wounds refreshed once more.
He didn't knw how he wud face her n all.He knew she wud b angry as he had made no contact wid any of them but he was helpless.
finishing his packing he tuk the car keys n went to the club.
He saw the manager very upset n asked the problem.Manager told that there was a stage function from the club inhonour of a celebrity guest but the performer excused himself the right moment n failing to this show they will have to pay huge costs along wid the loss of the club.
this club was Armaan's second home as he wud cum here play basketball sumtimes go to the disco n every moment ridz was wid him like his shadow.wenever he was not sure to do a surgery he wud remember her words- Armaan mujhpar bharosa rakho tum yeh kar sahtey ho aur main janti hoon tum mera bharosa kabhi nahin todogey.These words wud do magic 2 him n he always accomplished his surgeries in the most efficient manner n dat was the reason no operation failed 4m him n he gained fame all over US n in other nations so easily.
Armaan cudn't see that club losing its popularity n getting into financial crisis so he decided 2 help them

Part 50: College Life

Riddhima: call karti hon Riddhima think ... 
Riddhima dial armaan number but no answer, again call and this time armaan pick up the call 

Armaan: hey what happened.. 

Riddhima cough

Armaan: riddhima

Riddhima try to speak but she started coughing and the she started feeling suffocated ... Riddhima start chocking...

Armaan: riddhima riddhima what happened...
Armaan start panicking and rush towards resort... 

Part 8 & 9 : Inseparable

Part 8: Month 3!

Gupta House: 3PM

Armaan: Girl!

Ridhima: Boy!!

Armaan: GIRL!

Ridhima: BOY!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

part 3 & 4 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

part 3

1 yr was completeed by the interns n 1 more yr was yet 2 go to do specialisation or in other words doin their MD/MS
[I hope u guys know dat after completing 4.5 yrs of MBBS there is an internship of an yr then 1-2 yr course of PG where u do specialisation in the field u like]

all interns bacame gr8 frnds.abhi was a gud frnd of everyone .only 2 persons dislikedhim-Armaan n Niki while armaan had a reason Niki had sum negative ideas abt him.Abhi always tried 2 prove himself the best both in personal n professional life n this she hated as he used 2 show Armaan dat he was better dan him n all knew Armaan was the best as a frnd as well as a doctor but Armaan never needed 2 prove it .uski khamoshi main hi uska badappan tha .he wud simply smile at stupid acts of abhi n sumwhere he had developed positive feelings abt him but how can he 4get dat abhi liked his Riddhima.

Part 7 : Inseparable

Part 7 : Month 2!

As the clock struck 10pm, a very tired Armaan left Sanjeevani to head back home. His work was becoming more and more hectic by the day. He was finding it very difficult to take care of Ridhima, manage work and his home altogether. One month had passed by already and he didn't even realise it. It was the second month of Ridhima's pregnancy.

As Armaan opened the door to their house, he found it empty. He looked around in search of Ridhima who was nowhere to be seen. Thinking she must have gone to sleep, Armaan made his way to their room. Walking inside, he was shocked and horrified at the sight in front of him. There stood a petite Ridhima on a stool with a big bag, which looked heavy, in her hand trying to place it on top of their cupboard.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Part 6 : Inseparable

Part 6 : Month 1!

"Congratulations Ridhima, the result is positive. You're pregnant!", said a smiling Dr Keerti.

"OH MY GOD!! I'm soo happy Dr Keerti..Armaan's going to be over the moon once he finds out", Ridhima said, really excited about the news.

"I'm really happy for you Ridhima! Why don't you go and tell Dr. Armaan? (looks over at the clock) And he is probably on a break right now. It's the right chance to tell him.."

part 1 &2 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

part 1

The first day
Armaan n Ridz met in basketball court n had a match which obviously
was won by ridz.Armaan was surprised dat a girl had beaten him up n
he knew dat she was different 4m others.they became frnds on the spot
n finding her as his cointern in Sanjeevani was 2nd gud news 2 him

The interns interacted wid each other became frnds n wen they started
doin things 4 one another they didn't realise.
the interns luvd Sanjeevani n their work was also fine as a doctor.
They had a healthy competition for the IOTM award but at the same time
always felt happy for the winner.time passed n they started 2 develop new unknown feelings in their heart
Armaan n Riddhima became best frnds.Rahul n Muski stopped fighting,Atul
Anjy still didn't change.Atul kept irritating Anjy a lot.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Part 49: College Life

Now everyone is sitting in the resort lawn for haldi function.. all ladies wear yellow colour clothes or men wear white colour clothes ...
Anjali chuda and kalirey ceremony ho chuki hai phele or ab haldi ceremony sheru ho rhi hai...
Anjali and atul is sitting in middle everyone is standing around them ... Anjali is wearing yellow colour lehanga with floral multi colour off shoulder choli with minimal makeup and flowers jewellery red cloth is tying around her arms covering her chuda and atul is wearing white colour kurta with dhoti...
Riddhima is wearing yellow floral, pleated style lehenga.teamed up with a laser cut shoulder sleeve blouse, sequin border dupatta completes the ensemble. Her hairs left open and matching Bengals in her hands ...
Niki is wearing yellow colour saree which have white embroidery on it .. with gold jewellery and Bengals.. her hairs neatly tie up in a bun..

Part 5 : Inseparable

The journey came to an end as they reached the 'Mallik House'.

Armaan picked Rhea up again, and took her to AR's bedroom. He thought it would be a good idea if she was next to Armaan and Ridhima just incase something happened to her or she needed anything. Ridhima followed him to their room too.

R: Armaan.. mein aur Rhea guest room mein rahengein..

A: Woahh Ridhima..yeh sab kya natak hai ab?? Please. Mujhe laga ke Rhea agar aaj raat hum done ke paas rahi gi to acha hoga.

Monday, 19 August 2019

AR OS : Falling in Love... With Love

Armaan Singh Mallik is my name. I am this person; just this person. I am nobody special and I don't give a damn about what the future wants from me. I just wake up, breathe, and go back to sleep. I sometimes go for a drink, when I am utterly depressed. There was just nothing left in the world for me. Living is a pain, and loving is hate. Sleeping is being wide awake, and crying is laughing like a maniac. Everything was upside down. Will anything ever find me? Will there be a reason for me to want to live again?

Like every other I walked into the store, and placed my bag on the broad leather chair beside me, and sat down behind the counter. No one ever came here, to buy books. It was the year of 2011, who reads books anyways? It is the time of movies, videos, and well, sex.

Hearing the door's chime the second time in the day, I couldn't believe someone was actually going to buy a book. She walked in with grace, and timidly asked me if I knew where A Walk to Remember would be placed. I had no clue what she was talking about. She told me it was by Nicholas Sparks and that I could look in the directory. This girl knew more about the shop than I did. I quickly looked in the directory and lead her to the shelf.

Part 4 : Insperable


As Armaan walked down the corridor again, he saw Ridhima in the same position. Her hands tightly clutched together, tears rolling down her eyes, staring at the idol in front of her pleading for her daughter's life. Armaan felt broken as he saw Ridhima in such a state. He gathered up the courage to face her and walked and kept his hand on her shoulder. Ridhima turned around to face him and looked at him questioningly.

R: Armaan, Rhea...Is she going to be okay?? Kya kaha Dr shubhankar ne? Hum.. hum use ghar kab leja sakte hai?? ' She held Armaan's  hand waiting for him to reply.

A: Ridhima..Okay..Calm down...I think tum bohot thak gayi ho. Let's go home first. ' Armaan said, trying to avoid her eyes.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

os: Kuch Is Tarah

"Kuch is tarah, teri palkein, meri palkon se mila de, aansoon tere saare meri palkon pe saja de, Tu har ghadi, har waqt mere saath raha hai, haan yeh jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hai, jo bhi gham hai yeh tere unhe tu mera pata de, kuch is tarah teri palkein, meri palkon se mila de'."

As he sat there, strumming this beautiful song on his guitar, I lost myself in his words, in his beautiful pain. I had my eyes closed, I could feel his pain, his love for I had been thorough the same. I, too, had wished to take someone's pains away from him, I, too, had promised myself to love him, protect him, lifelong. And now, Three years later, I still regret it. I curse myself for giving myself, loosing myself to someone who I thought loved me dearly. How wrong was I, he left me, two days later. He told me he was going to Mumbai for a day because of office work. He told me of his return, and I went to get him. I stayed at the Delhi railway for a whole day, and when I saw no trace of him, I returned home, only to find my answering machine blinking, indicating I had a new message. Scared, I ran. I ran towards it as if my life depended on it. And as soon as I pressed play, I regretted it. I heard my husband's voice telling me that he wasn't going to return and that he was sorry but he loved someone else. He had signed the divorced papers and put them in our closet. I, too, was to sign them and then take them to the court. We would never have to see each other again.

Part 2& 3 : Insperable

part 2 :

*Dr Shubhankar's Cabin*

 Dr Shubhankar: Armaan,Rhea ke reports agaya hai.

Armaan wasn't ready for what was coming next. He just couldn't bare hearing it.

Armaan: Is she..Is she okay? (he said quietly, not looking at Shubhankar's face)

Dr Shubhankar: Actually, Armaan..Tum meri baat ghaur se sunna ..Please..Rhea ko...Rhea is in a very critical situation. She needs blood to be donated within 24 hours but the problem is that her group is completely different from yours and Ridhima's which is quite rare. Her blood group is O Negative.. (Shubhanker sighed)

Armaan waited patiently for him to continue..

EPILOGUE : shades of luv

the two months weren't that bad, they talked, chatted almost every time they were free, timing n work commitment sometimes would create problems but then they tackled it well

sangivni was growing as days were passing and anjali was getting much better slowly showing sign of improvement... Slowly getting out of coma

as a duty of sister ridz had decided to marry off angie her sweet small sister as soon she gets fine thinking a changed life, a new atmosphere will help her to accept harsh reality easily