Saturday, 31 August 2019

AR OS : What Lies Behind Betrayal!!!

"You listen to me first!", said a boy around 23 to a girl the age of 22 with rising anger. " I don't care if you made a mistake or not Dr.Nikita you've played with my feelings Nikki I loved u but all u did was stab me in the back.... How could u do this to me? Like if u loved Abhi than why play with my feelings am I not a human?" He let out his feelings while the girl just stood there with no expression on her face just plain ignorance. " I really don't care about u n u'r love I thought I loved u but then abhi came into my life and I realized u were a mistake... u get that?" She replied with arrogance. He stood there heartbroken, and instead of replying he just left her there simply just left her while she had a huge smile on her face. She took out her phone and dialed a number........ "hello Abhi hi baby........... yes I did it I got the contract papers the property is all ours now so No Worries kay....... I know I am the best and I love u too" she talked with Abhi for a while.

part 4 : Crossroads

I hope he's okay. I hope he's all right. Riddhima's mind reverberated with those words like a chant. She hadn't heard from Armaan in two days, he hadn't been taking her calls or answering her messages. She spent her time at the hospital trying to handle cases and not worry too much about where he is. He had finally messaged once that afternoon to say that his friend's mother had had a stroke, they had called him for assistance, and he would come in to Sanjeevani for the evening shift. She had waited, but he hadn't turned up. Once her shift was over, she had driven to his house and found a big fat lock on the front door, which didn't exactly ease her nerves. Telling herself not to panic, she had made her way home deciding to wait a few more hours. He had messaged in the afternoon, maybe he was still caught up with his friend's mother. She had reached home, got dressed for bed and lay down with her cellphone clutched tightly in her hand lest he should call. She hadn't realised when she had dozed off into an uneasy slumber, and then suddenly her phone had rung out. It was him. She had picked up, and he had frantically asked her to come to some place and

Friday, 30 August 2019

AR os : Unknown Future

"Help him, please!" she pleaded as she stumbled in the white walled emergency room screeching for attention. "SOMEONE, please help him!" she screamed but failed to get any attention. As people walked by they stopped and stared at the man who she was supporting. His face was distorted, covered in concentrated blood trickling down his face onto his chest, staining his white shirt, and black vest. His body was bruised; beaten black and blue with nothing but pain and numbness to surround him.

 She screamed frantically trying to get some help, some attention, but failed as the doctors within the area seemed to be missing; anywhere but here they were. She lugged him along to the waiting area laying him across a row of seats, running up to the receptionist, panting for air. "Miss, he needs some attention, please! Get someone out here. He needs CARE!" she cried, pleading to get him some attention to cure him of his pain. The receptionist replied with anything but the right answer. "I'm

part 3 : Crossroads

Riddhima opened her eyes and found everything around her ablaze with the sunlight streaming in through the window. She made no effort to sit up, and kept looking at the clear blue sky outside. Something of the memory still seemed to linger there. A few sounds told her that Armaan was already awake, and in the bathroom. With an effort, she pulled herself out of the cosiness of the bed and took a better look around the room. The place was a mess. Armaan's clothes from the previous day were strewn all over his still messy bed spread on the floor, her bag was open, and some of his other clothes were hanging out after having been sifted through to pick a set for the day. She put her hand on her head and muttered under her breath : "Some things never change, do they?!" Straightening up, she tied her hair in a quick bun, and got to work, picking up his clothes, folding them neatly, and keeping them in the bag. As she picked up a pair of jeans from the bedspread, he came out of the bathroom and stopped in his tracks. Realising what she was doing, he smiled inspite of himself.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

part 2 : Crossroads

The Officer was staring at them, open-mouthed, while the ACP continued to chuckle. Armaan and Riddhima were determined not to look at each other.

ACP : "So, what'd you do this time?"
Officer : (Recovering a little) "Uh...speeding, sir. On the highway. She was driving. We found a vodka bottle in the car, did a DUI but she's clean. They were going pretty fast though. Could've killed themselves, and a dozen more people along the way."

Armaan : "That was a mistake, sir, believe me. I was...I was the one fooling around...I - we're sorry. Really."

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

AR os : ~Back In Your Arms~

She could not gather to courage to enter the room in front of her..she was standing in front of that closed door for the time unknown to her..Just sometime back she was dying n yearning to reach this very place but now the time seemed to have stopped for her..

Will she be able to face him does she has the courage to see him in this condition .will she be able to tolerate the pain of seeing him in that state her mind was filled with such thoughts n she had no answer to them

 Riddhima Gupta was at the Panchagani Mental Asylum to get back her long lost love..his life..his everything..his Armaan'but now she was extremely afraid..from what'.she didn't have an answer to it '.
Finally after heaving a deep sigh She finally unlocked the door of the room and opened it ''

 the sight infront of her was enough to give her a thousand deaths every second

part 1 : Crossroads

They were driving through the vast, green countryside in complete silence. Armaan was still looking bemusedly at Riddhima a few moments after her stern announcement. He finally drew breath to speak, but she raised a finger just as he opened his mouth.

Riddhima : "Not a word. Not one word."

Armaan turned away towards the window, and couldn't help smiling to himself. It took him a moment, then, to straighten his expression and he turned back to face her. Riddhima sat with her eyes fixed resolutely on the road ahead. He thought for a moment, and then raised his hand. She saw him do it from the corner of her eye, but chose to ignore it. Seeing that she wouldn't so much as stir in response, he began waving his hand in the air, and cleared his throat.

Armaan : "Ahem...Miss?"

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Intro : Crossroads

The silence that usually pervades the atmosphere of a hospital was suddenly broken by the shrill ringing of a telephone. The Nurses' Station being strangely unoccupied this morning, the ringing persisted till the caller eventually gave up. The hospital resumed its air of muffled activity, while two figures stood in the Fire Escape, engulfed in silence of another kind. Armaan and Riddhima stood facing each other, struggling with emotions too much for words. This had been their little sanctuary. A little corner they had made their own; a space that still echoed with memories of three beautiful years. The last time they had been here together was over seven months ago. They were here again today. And something was different. He saw her gaze turn icy, and it broke him. He could see the resentment, and the pain in her eyes. There were no tears. This had come too far to have any space left for them.

 Riddhima : (in a low, firm tone) "I have nothing to say to you, Armaan. Nothing left in me to give you. I died six months ago, and everything I had ever felt died with me. I've learnt how to survive on my own by now. And that is the way I want to be. (A tinge of bitterness makes its way into her voice) Don't even think, for a second that I still...(falters, drops her gaze to the ground, then immediately looks up again) Your being here makes no difference to me anymore, Armaan. Main tumse yeh pehle bhi keh chuki hoon. I don't care where you are, or what you do. And you have absolutely nothing to do with my life. So if you will please...excuse me..."

Last Part : Inseparable


The beautiful journey of nine months was soon to come to an end. Armaan and Ridhima's life was about to change forever as someone special was going to enter in their lives. If only these moments could last forever; there wouldn't be a day which consisted of gloominess. Their life would be brighter than ever! They were both so comfortable in their to-be-parents character and almost never wanted Ridhima's pregnancy to come to an end. Although, they did want their baby to come into the world and be a part of their lives.

Throughout the past nearly 9 months, there had made so many memories that were unforgettable..

Monday, 26 August 2019

Last part : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

Armaan opened the door n was shocked to see ridz.
AR: tum is waqt aao andar aao
She went in silently
AR: kuch kaam tha
RI: is tarahparty chod kar aaney ka matlab?
AR: woh bas kuch tabiyat theek nahin lag rahui thi
RI: Acha ab mujhsey bhi jhooth bologey
AR: nahin woh
RI: kyun kiya aisa Armaan 2 saal tak bahar rahey ek phone nahin kiya yeh bhi janney ki koshish nahin ki ki main zinda bhi hoon ya nahin
AR: Riddhima
he almost shouted at the name of death
RI: ky hua ab bahut fikr ho rahi hai in do saalon main meri yaad nahin aayi
AR: Riddhima I'm sorry bas yeh samajh lo ki shayad meri kuch majboori thi ya fir main itna busy ho gaya tha ki in cheezon k liye mere paas waqt hi nahin bacha tha
RI: oh really !! agar mujhey kisi aur ka hotey huey nahin dekh saktey they toh mujhey janey hi kyun diya kyun karney di mujhey shaadi

Part 12 : Inseparable

Part 12: Month 8!     

Gupta House ' AR's Room.

Padma: Ridhima..utho ab. Das baj gaye hai aur tum abhi tak sau rahi ' (Her voice trailed off)

Padma's voice trailed off as she felt Ridhima shivering under the blanket. She panicked as she felt Ridhima's head which was steaming hot.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

part 9& 10 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


Niki tried 2 tak 2 Armaan before the function but she cudn't so she went bak 2 ridz's house 2 tell her the truth
Ridz was surprised seeing her
Niki asked Anjy that she wanted 2 talk alone wid ridzy so anjy left n asked Ridzy to cum to the venue wid niki
NI: tum kaisi dost ho riddhima jo aRmaan ka dil nahin padh payi?
RI: kya matlab?
NI: tumhain kya lagta hai ki tumhari shaadi se ek din pehley hi woh US kyun gaya
RI: kyunki it was imp for him 2 go he said the hospital owners can't wait
NI: usney aha aur tumney maan liya
RI: tum kehna kya chaah rahi ho?
NI: Damn riddhima kya tmhain uski aankhon main kuch nazar nahin aaya
RI: aaya tha hamarey alag honey ka dard hamarey dostonchod k janey ka dukh
NI: o really acha jaatey waqt usney kuch aisa kaha tha jo tumhain abhi tak yaad hai
RI: uska kaha hua har lafz yaad hai mujhey lekin uski woh bat ki sarhad paar ek aisa shakhs hai jo tumhari khushi liye hamesha dua karega mujhey sansey achi lagi thi
NI Sirf achi kya tumney uski awaaz main aney pyaar ko doorey ko saunpney ka dard nahin nehsoos hua

Part 11 : Inseparable

Part 11: Month 7

OUR Baby.

Those were the only two words that played on Armaan and Ridhima's lips since the last 7 months. Everything they did and talked about was their baby. It was as if life had given them such a blessing in disguise that they just could not stop talking about it. With these talks, their days were flying by and their excitement was indescribable.

They had now shifted to the Gupta House because Armaan was at Sanjeevani all day and there was no one to take care of Ridhima. Hence Padma, Shashank and Armaan made the decision of Armaan and Ridhima moving to Gupta House until Ridhima gave birth. Ridhima being the stubborn girl had protested but all her attempts went futile. Armaan was certain that this was the best idea for the two of them.