Saturday, 7 September 2019

Chapter 4 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 A Bitter Start

Armaan got into his shiny black convertible and drove off.  He was going back to his house as all the work had finished and he wanted to rest because his body was aching.  While driving the car, his mind kept going off to that unknown girl.

Kaun hain woh ladki?  Aur woh baar, baar mere dimaag mein kyun aa rahi hain?  Jabse usse dekha hain, ek baar bhi mere dimaag se nahin gayi.  Kissi na kissi bahaane se mere dimaag aa hi jaati hain.  Why?

His trail of thoughts were broken by the cell phone.  He picked up the phone, but it fell from his hands.  He looked at the road once and slowed down a little.  After confirming that everything's safe, he bent down to pick up the phone.  He faintly heard a scream and after a second he felt the car bumping to someone.  He immediately stopped the car and looked up.  He was mortified seeing a girl lying on the ground.


Part 7: The Surprise (ARff)

He was still staring at her and her eyez were closed.

He had burst into her cabin to pull her to the party after one hourz of constant waiting outside her cabin. And when he saw her his heart stopped beating...or to be honest started beating so badly that he could feel it thumping.

She was standing before him, her eyez closed not wanting to see his reaction. She felt she was very bad at dressing up and it was alwayz her dee who did it for her...She thought of taking Muskaan's help but knew as it was her party she would be too busy. She got ready herself.

To him she looked like an angel standing in front of him. Dressed in a light pink evening gown and a small chain with a simple diamond locket she looked far more than beautifull.For him....his dream girl...Her eyez were still closed and he din no why.......Good...atleast she coudn't see my reaction....He thought....

Friday, 6 September 2019

Chapter 3 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The Stranger

Gupta House was dancing with happiness.  They all were very happy as both Riddhima and Muskaan had gotten the job.  When they came back, Shashank and Padma's first question was whether they got the job or not.  Both had acted as if they didn't get the job, but later, they both told them that they got it.  They were mad at first, but forgave them and were very happy for both of them.

"Achha Riddhu, Muski.  Tumhara interviewer toh achha tha na?" Padma asked.  All were seated at the dining table and were eating their lunch.

"Achha?  Woh toh BOHAT achha tha!  He's very friendly and nice." Padma and Shashank smiled at this.

"Aur Aunty.  Aapko pata hain, woh office toh kitna bada hain, aur aalishaan bhi.  Interior, furniture, everything is just the best!  Mujhe toh already uss jaga se pyaar ho gaya hain." They all chuckled at what she said.

Part 6: The Surprise (ARff)

"But Riddhima.....what is the poblem if you come with me??"

"No Armaan, we are just friendz...and if we go in the party together...people will think wrong...God!! i feel like killing Muskaan."

"Lord!!!its impossible to make u agree" He exclaimed almost frustrated.

Riddhima had questioned Armaan about his cabin. He told her that he and Rahul were the on board managers of the ship. So the cabins were provided by the company n they din have to pay for it. On an instinct she asked him if Rahul was a rich guy to which Armaan shrugged his shoulderz in confirmation. They both knew that Muskaan din like rich people much. It was cause of money that her family had broken apart. But Armaan assured Riddhima that Rahul was doing this job infact to prove himself. That he has a self identity.Rahul would reveal everything to Muskaan when he would find the right moment for it.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Chapter 2 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The Beginning of a New Journey

The Sun rose from the horizon, brighting up the entire city with its bright, warm rays.  The birds sang in their own melodious voices.  The traffic of Mumbai was still the same- humongous.  But even admist the heavy traffic, she was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face, indicating that
she was dreaming.

She saw herself in a beautiful white gown, smiling dreamily at someone in front of her.  He slowly turned around.  She couldn't see his face, as he was at a distance, but she could clearly his eyes.
His beautiful ocean blue eyes.  They held great amount of intensity.  She wanted to see his face and what he looked like.

"Ridz!" She heard a voice, but decided to ignore it.  Right now, she just wanted to know who he was.

"Ridz!  Uth!" She heard the same voice again and was irritated.  Frowning to herself, she pulled the duvet over her head, trying to concentrate on her dream.  She suddenly felt the duvet being harshly pulled away from her and she sat up on the bed.

Part 5: The Surprise (ARff)

He was half lying on the bed with his back resting on the pillow and her head resting on his lap, her hand tightly clutching his. She was still unconcious or rather in a deep slumber as she kept smiling in her unconcious state too. and he........he was simply sitting there watching her and admiring how beautifull she was his other hand unknowingly caressing her face.

He had been shocked when he had turned and found her on the floor unconcious. He quickly picked her up in his armz and ignoring all the tinglings that came with her being so close rushed her to his cabin. He had then immediately called the on board doctor, restless as to what may have happened to her.

The doctor came and checked her up. He had found nothing wrong with her. She had fever and as she had neglected it and not taken any medications...the dizziness increased resulting in her fainting.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

CS & Chapter 1 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Armaan Mallik

A dashing, blue-eyed guy that girls die to get in bed with.  His one look makes girls go weak in the knee.  His smile is a killer itself.  He has long, shaggy hair with really cute dimples.  He's 25 years old, but is known as the best business man of India and runs Mallik Empire.  But that's not it.  Armaan is a short-tempered guy who gets angry at the smallest of small things.  He holds absolutely no feelings for anyone, except for his brothers.  He just uses women to satisfy his needs and then throws them away.  He gets what he desires by hook or crook and if necessary, he'll cross the limit of limits.

Riddhima Gupta

A beautiful, 21 year old girl who is the apple of everyone's eyes.  Everyone loves and adores her because of her sweet, bubbly, and fun-loving nature.  She mixes in with everyone easily and wins

Part 4 : The Surprise (ARff)

"I love you too"........

The two of them of them were standing on the deck doing the titanic scene and confessing their love to each other. Their hands were stetched apart fingerz intrelocked with eac otherz/ She wanted to live this moment to fullest. She wanted to remember every second of it through out her life.

She had alwaz been a loyal "Titanician" and had dreamt of doing the deck scene with her life partner. And as she felt her dream come true she couldn't help but just smile...........

"Riddhima?"....his voice was so passionate...she thought.

"Riddhima?"....what happened to his voice? why is it sounding so weird.....????

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Final part : Crossroads

Armaan and Rahul sat in a quiet corner of the Sanjeevani Cafe. Armaan had been staring at his mug of coffee for nearly ten minutes, without having so much as touched it.

Rahul : "Dekhta hi rahega ya piyega bhi? Hot coffee mangayi thi, cold coffee ho jayegi. Chal, pee ab."

Armaan : (Looking down at the table, very softly) "Rahul..."

He wanted to cry out. He hated himself. Hated himself. Riddhima had been alone, all this while...dealing with everything all by herself while he was far away, wallowing in his own cruel delusion. He wanted to know how she had managed through all this time. How she'd lived so long without anyone by her side. How had she been coping? Was she okay? But there were too many questions. It was disorienting him. He looked at the table, then at the ground, searching desperately for words, for coherent speech, for strength...and then he looked back up at Rahul, beseeching, willing him to answer, to understand...

Part 3 : The Surprise (ARff)

"Tht's not fair Armaaaan."

"Everything is fair in love and war Riddhima.....and we are definately in luuuuuuuuu.....i mean at war....Aren't we?"

She blushed at the comment.

The four of them were playing basketball in the sports corner. Rahul and Riddhima were one team and Armaan and Muskaan the other.The teams were so formed as Muskaan and Rahul had insisted playing against each other to prove their skills and it had to be a girl boy team to maintain the balance.So far the baskets were levelled with two each but now Armaan had resorted to cheating by distracting Riddhima's mind.

Monday, 2 September 2019

part 6 : Crossroads

January 20, 2010

I can't do this. Ever since he left, I've been back at work, putting my mind to what I should be doing. But this is Sanjeevani...every little nook, every little corner, the canteen, the wards, the Fire Escape...the very air breathes him back into me. And I can't do this any more. I have to go...find some place else to begin again. I said that to Sid yesterday, but he was adamant to make me stay. He says I'm running away. But he doesn't understand. I can never run away from how I feel. How can I? My pain will stay with me no matter where I am. All I want is to not have tangible physical reminders of every moment I've spent in the past three years, telling me constantly that I've lost everything that ever mattered to me...I can't do this. I have to get away for some time. I can't do this.

Part 2 : The Surprise (ARff)

It was almost 3 in the morning and she still cudn't sleep. How could some insane freakingly handsome guy take away her peace. She wasn't sure if he had been real. Shaking all these thoughts out of her head she had tried again closing her eyez but to no avail. Finally she had left her cabin and peeped into Muskaan's. The lovebird was fast asleep with a smile on her face.

"Dreaming about Rahul" , she thought. So she had finally decided to take a tour of the cruise. Even that had turned out to be a bad idea. The crew of the cruise raised their eyebrows on her wandering so late. She frowned to herself.

So now she was here on the deck watching the sea and feeling at ease. the sea was her best comforter. She alwayz loved the beach. She loved Muskaan for bringing her on this trip. She loved her family for allowing her and her dee for making her dad agree. she loved her life.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

part 5 : Crossroads

They finished lunch, and set off on their way. Seeing that Riddhima seemed a little tired, Armaan took the wheel. His surmise proved to be quite accurate, since within a few minutes she fell asleep again. He looked at her leaning back against the seat, eyes closed, the wind lightly blowing her hair about...and smiled. Not quite feeling like taking his eyes off her, however, he didn't notice that he was distractedly heading towards a pick up truck parked on the side of the road. He glanced forward just in time to swerve out of harm's way, and brought the car back in the right direction. He looked at her again. The sudden jerk hadn't woken her, and he sighed softly out of relief. But when he looked forward again the scene in front appeared to melt away, and reformulate into another scene that his memory threw up from the deepest corner of his mind...

Part 1 : The Surprise (ARff)

"Isn't he cute and the best among all he...he is right?"

Muskaan asked the same question for the third time and Riddhima rolled her eyes. She glanced at the guy in question. He was handsome and eye catching, especially the eyes..they were perfect.He was definately the most handsome among the men they were journeying with.

Journeying....the word brought back the memory of how she had to plead with her parents to allow for this trip..

"Mom pleazzz...atleast try once...maybe he will agree. even dee has gone on such trips..right?"

"yes she has Riddhima...but anjali is much more matured than you."