Saturday, 14 September 2019

Chapter 11 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

You and Me?   Never!

Riddhima was lost in her own thoughts.  She still couldn't believe she had called Armaan all that.  What will he think about her?  He'll probably be really angry and like he said, he was coming down to the canteen to yell at her.  But the bigger problem was Nivi and Rocky.  If he yelled at her in front of the duo, then they'll come to know about her lie and that was the last thing she'd ever want.  What was she suppose to do now?

"Kya soch rahi ho Ridz?" She was pulled out of her thoughts and she looked at them.

"Nothing." She smiled at them.

part 14 : The Suprise (ARff)

"Dee!!!!! I dun beleve it....i am seeing you after so long"

"Yes Ridzi even i am so happy to see looks like ages.." Anjali's voice was tight with emotins.

"Oh dee i will be back in sometime....dun you want me to enjoy ???"

"Ofcourse i want you to ridzy....just missing you.... did u miss me?"

She glanced at Armaan standing in the corner and had a guilty look on her face. She had almost forgotten about her family in his love.How could she do that. He gave her a reassuring smile and she smiled back.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Chapter 10 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

It was night time and Riddhima was in her room, writing in her diary.

Hey Pinky.

I know main bohat dinon ke baad tumse baat kar rahi hoon na.  Lekin kya karun?  Work load itna hain na, ki mujhe toh saans lene ka bhi waqt nahin hain.  You know what?  Mujhe mera pehla project mill gayya hain.  Kal maine Armaan ke saath usske ghar jaa kar ghar ka design ready kar diya hain and guess what?  Kal Mr. aur Mrs. Verma aa rahe hain, ghar ka design dekhne ke liye.  I just hope ki unhe ghar ka design pasand aa jaaye.

Part 13: The Surprise (AR ff)

She woke up to the smell of roses surrounding her. Eyes still closed she stretched herself on the bed n dug deeper into the pillow. Then again realizing the smell she opened her eyes to sumthing tht did not look like her cabin at all.

Covered with red roses all over it looked just as beautiful as it possibly could. She smiled broadly when she read the big wordings on the opposite wall.

"Happy Birthday My Lady Love"
"I Love You.."

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Chapter 9 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Just Another Day

Riddhima was in her cabin, gathering the files, when her phone rang.

"Yes Sir?"

"Tum kahaan ho?  Project khatam nahin karna?" Riddhima looked angrily at the phone and spoke through gritted teeth.

"Sir.  Main aa rahi hoon.  Main bas files le rahi thi." Without even waiting for his response, she put the phone down.

"Yeh aadmi kya mujhe machine samajhta hain?  Ek saath kitne kaam karun?  Jee toh karta hain usske haddi-passli ek kar doon.  Humph!" She took the files and went inside his cabin.

She saw him working on his laptop and she walked to the desk.  She slammed the files on the desk, making him look at her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Part 12 : The Surprise (AR ff)

He smiled to himself as the fragrance filled his cabin. But he din open his eyes and just inhaled even more .....though the smell was of his own smelled very different when it came from her.

It had been very difficult to send her in for a shower.She had refused as she din have her clothes...but he insisted tht she could wear his as he was not going to sit with a ghost till Rahul n Muskaan retuned, n who seemed to have gone on an adventure trip n forgotten tht they had locked thm up.She finally agreed n moved into washrum. He had settled on the bed n almost dozed off when the fragrance filled the room.

She came out feeling very awkward wearing his clothes. But she had no choice. She saw him smiling in his sleep n realised again how handsome he was. She blushed lightly n whispered to herself......" I love you madly Armaan."

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Part 10 & 11 : The Surprise (AR ff)

Part 10 

Atul sat in the cafe eagerly waiting for the love of his life to come. He had it all planned today. Though he knew they were meant for each other and the relation was mutual from each side it required it to be sealed by a solitaire. He was hell nervous but understood it was now or never.

He had alwaz received things the hard way in life and so was the case with Anjali. She hadn't budged the slightest on his love in the earlier part of their relation. But from friendz to best friends to companions to soon would be soulmates, Atul had learned a lot. He knew how to pacify Anjali and was glad to have her in his life. She was the only one who had ever loved him so much. No. Not the only one. There was someone else. But Atul knew he would never again meet that someone. He had lost all hope in that field.

Chapter 8 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Is She the One?

Riddhima rushed to the kitchen and stopped at the counter.  She closed her eyes to control her erratic heartbeat.  She could feel her heart pumping wildly against her ribs, threatening to tear it apart and come out.  She still couldn't accept the fact that they almost kissed!  She didn't even know him so well and if she hadn't pushed him away then they definitely would have kissed!  But his eyes... those electic blue eyes... they were different.  She has seen them before.  But where?  Where has she seen them?

"Stop it Riddhima.  Just stop it.  Ho jaata hain.  And you didn't kiss him right?  So just forget about it aur coffee bana.  Tujhe project bhi toh complete karna hain na?  Breathe in," She took in a deep breath.  "and breathe out." She exhaled slowly.  Brushing off the thought, she looked around, trying to find the coffee and finally found them.  She quickly made their coffee and walked out of the kitchen.

Just when she entered the living room, she suddenly crashed into someone really hard and gasped.  She was shocked to see the mugs falling and shattering on the floor.  She looked up and saw Armaan fuming in anger.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Chapter 7 : Dangerous Desire (AR)


Reaching his door, she knocked on it.  She waited for about a minute and was surprised.

"Kamaal hain.  Mujhe bula kar khud kidhar gayab ho gaya?  Men, I swear.  Zaroor mujhe tang karne ke liye hi bulaaya hoga.  Kaam ke buhaane mujhse coffee waali bata ka badla lene aaya hoga.  By Gdo!  Lekin woh sweet, sweet coffee peene ke baad jo haalat huyi thi, main ussko kabhi nahin bhulungi.  Never.  Mujhe apna camera laana chahiye tha.  Usski ek mast photo le leti.  Kitna maza aata na?  Haha!" Giggled to herself, she knocked on the door a little harder this time.  She got no response from him and got angry.  She kicked the door with all her might and the next thing she knew was she hadn't kicked the door-she had kicked Armaan on his legs!

"Aahh!" He yelped in pain.  Riddhima covered her mouth shock, but soon recovered and quickly went to him.

"I-I'm really sorry Armaan!  A-are you alright?"

"Are you out of your God damn mind!  What the hell do you think you were doing?  Kicking me for no reason!"

Monday, 9 September 2019

Chapter 6 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

You and I, Together?

The next day, Riddhima was in Armaan's cabin, organizing all of his files and placing them neatly on his table.

"Hey Krishna.  Yeh aadmi apne cabin ko saaf kyun nahin rakh sakta?  Actually.  Not just him, but what's up with the entire male community?  Yeh log kuch bhi dhang se nahin kar sakte kya?" Riddhima mumbled to herself.

Just then, Armaan entered the cabin and was enchanted.  Riddhima wore a simple red long sleeved churidaar and her hair was slightly flying in the air.  She had a slight frown on her face as she organized the room neatly.  He could tell her hair was irritating her as she kept pulling her hair back.  His eyes dropped down to her stomach, which was revealed due to her dress.

"Beautiful." He whispered to himself and Riddhima stopped in her tracks.  She felt a presense in the room and turned around.  She saw him looking at her with an indecipherable look in his eyes.  She felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze and lowered her gaze.  She faked a cough and Armaan came out of his trance.

Part 9 : The Surprise (AR ff)

She stood at the deck thinking what had happened. She hadn't meant to hurt him but when she realised what they were doing she had just run away from there. She wanted to tell him that she loved him but coudn't sum up the courage. He had started entering her dreams and with not just confessing his love....Her dreamz were getting wilder....She herself blushed thinking about it.

She stood there watching the black starry night with the sea below it. It looked peacefull. On an impulse she moved forward and climbed the railing just one level. She wanted to enjoy this moment. She felt the wind through her hair.


Sunday, 8 September 2019

Chapter 5 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

New Place, New People

Riddhima entered the kitchen in anger and held the counter to control her anger.

"That Armaan Mallik.  Khood ko samajhta kya hain?  Jo jee mein aayega woh hi karega?  No ways!" She started to make his coffee and then waited.

I wish main yeh job chhod kar jaa sakti.  Lekin maine toh already contract sign kar diya hain... aur main agle ek saal tak quit nahin kar sakti aur naa hi Armaan mujhe nikaal sakta hain.  Oh God!  Ab main kya karun?

Riddhima looked at the coffee and realized it was done.  She added 2 spoons of sugar and stirred it.  She took it to his cabin and placed it on his desk.  Armaan, who was working on his laptop, took a sip of the coffee and made a disgusted face.

Part 8: The Surprise (AR ff)

His head was resting on her shoulder as they both were sitting on the couch in his cabin. He had dozed off tht way and she din want to disturb his sleep. She just sat there thinking.

The Armaan she had seen 2 hourz ago was not the one she had known over the two weeks. She had seen hell in his eyes. He had been beyond furious. The moment he had heard the man teasing Riddhima his body had gone stiff with rage. She could feel it as she had been so close to him. He gently moved her away and went towardz the guy who had dared to raise eyez on Riddhima. "His Riddhima", thts what he had said when he had thundered towardz him.