Saturday, 21 September 2019

Chapter 18 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

She IS The Culprit!

Armaan entered his house at night with his coat hanging over his shoulder. His talk with Riddhima repeatedly played in his mind. Was she the culprit? Has she been stealing the company's money? These questions occupied his mind.

"Bhai? Kya hua? Tum itne late kyun aaye?" He looked up and saw Abhi coming down the stairs.

"Abhi... tum Rahul aur Atul ko jaldi neeche bulao. Mujhe tum sab se kuch bohat important baat karni hain."

"Alright. You go freshen up. You're looking very tired." Armaan nodded and went up to his room.

Having a quick shower, he came down and saw his three brothers sitting down, waiting for him. He sat down on the cozy leather sofa and faced them.

"Armaan. Kya baat hain? What did you want to tell us?"

"Guys... woh CDs... woh..."

part 23 : The Suprise (ARff)

She woke up the next day quite late. It had been late by the time she had actually fallen asleep. Her head still felt heavy due to d constant thnking. she heard d friendly chatter from d living room n thought abt her family.

Yes. that was it. She had a reason to be happy. She had ppl arnd her to be happy. n she would b happy for them. She was going to forget everythng. Yes. Everythng. But if it wasn't possible she would atleast burry it off as some pages of her past tht she wdn't cross again. But deep down she knew tht it wasn't hard. It was impossible. It was her love she wanted 2 forget. How could she?

No. she cdn't. and she would not. Why should she do the same he did . It was his choice to not love her anymore. But he cdn't make her choices. She would love him. Yes she would. It din matter whether he reciprocated it or not. Nthng matterd now. Nothng.

Her chain of thoughts were broken when Padma entred her room.

" G' morning beta...Muskaan said u slept late thts y v din disturb u"

Friday, 20 September 2019

Chapter 17 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

I Can't Believe This!

She stood on a huge rock with her arms spread out and a soft, dreamy smile on her face. The sky was covered with soft white clouds. The soft tranquil wind played with her beautiful curls. A pair of strong arms crept up her tiny waist and turned her around in a swift motion, banging her into his hardcore chest. Her rosy lips curved up into a loving smile seeing her favorite electric blue eyes staring back into her forest green ones. She moved her delicate arms around his neck pulling him closer. His long, silky hair brushed against her forehead. She whispered his name and he smiled. She averted her gaze shyly. He placed his hand under her chin and made her look up. He bent down and placed his lips over hers.

"AAAHHH!" Riddhima woke up screaming in her sleep with her eyes tightly shut and was sweating badly. She opened her eyes and looked around the dark room. She exhaled as it dawned on her that she was dreaming and she fell back on the pillow.

"Wooh. It was a dream." The door suddenly opened and Muskaan barged in.

"Kya hua Ridz? Tu chila kyun rahi thi?" Riddhima sat up and looked at Muskaan, thinking about what to say. Obviously she couldn't tell Muskaan she was dreaming about kissing Armaan!

"Nothing yaar. Just had a bad dream."

part 21 & 22 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 21

"But Rahul...its just two days more.....y cant u stay for jus two days??"..Muskaan tried again to get him change his decision.

"I really cant Musk....orderz r orderz..n since its important for me to go..i have to catch the flight back home"..he replied glumly

"Hez right Muskaan..." Armaan said takng a seat beside rahul as Riddhima plopped on to one beside Muskaan.

"Its k Muski.....jus two dayz na...thn we ourselvz will b back home...cheer up"

Thursday, 19 September 2019

ARSH os : chahat

Shilpa screamed aloud. She was clutching her hands on her stomach. It was hurting badly. She again screamed aloud "Hima, Nidha where are you guys?"  Both came in to her room "What happened di"

"I think its time to go to hospital. Its hurting a lot " Hima and Nidha both panicked to watch her state. Hima told Nidha to look after her and bring her down while she hire a cab to get her to hospital. With great difficulty she settled her on back seat. Both girls were extremely worried for her. They were praying in their mind to give her strength to bear this pain. This was a complicated pregnancy,still she chose to go with this.  She was an orphan nd now having her own blood was a bliss for her.

"Congrats guys. Its a baby boy" Hima and Nidha was over the moon to hear this news but were worried for Shilpa "Dr how is Shilpa Di?" Don't worry guys. She will be here in few moments. wait till she get conscious. Till now she is under sedatives  so she may not respond for few hours but after that she will be fine." Mean time nurse brought that child out and give it to Hima and Nidha. He was extremely beautiful child with a fair color and greyish blue eyes..

Chapter 16 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

What's Going On Here?

Muskaan was sitting in front of the dresser putting her earrings on. She wore a white long skirt and a simple baby pink halter top. A small, dreamy smile was playing on her lips. Color rose to her cheeks as she thought about the kiss Rahul and she shared the previous night.

"Oye hoye. Sharmaate hue meri Muski kinni soni lag rahi hain." Riddhima stood behind her and pulled her cheeks very cutely, which made her blush even more.

"Chup kar Ridzi. Kyun mujhe baat baat par chidhaati rehti hain?"

"Kyunki tujhe chidhaane mein mujhe maza aata hain. After all. The Muskaan Chaddha ko blush karte dekhna ek bohat bada accomplishment hain. Waise... Rahul ke baare mein soch rahi thi na?" Muskaan didn't have to say anything as her blush gave everything away.

"Aaye haaye!" They heard a car honk and Riddhima smirked.

"Jaa. Tera Rahul tera wait kar raha hoga."

part 20 : The Suprise (ARff)

They had made the best of those five hourz. They enjoyed themselves to the fullest by fooling around the place, shopping insensibly, trying out a wierd lunch, n thn finally dancing to a hip hop crazy number. By the time they returned to the cruise, they were hell tired. Muskaan n Rahul had never turned up from the airport n Rahul had jus messaged tht they would join them at the cruise. Hell tired they wasted no time in lazing around anymore n the moment they boarded the ship back hit thr beds to relief the exhaustion.

Next morning was a beautiful one. A new beggining. Muskaan was all the more cheerful. Atul had given his consent regarding Rahul by jus whispering in her when he huuged her before leaving to patch up with him as hez a good guy. It brought tearz again in her eyes to think of how her brother understud her inspite of no wordz spoken. She coudn't wait to see him back once the trip was over.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Chapter 15 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

What's Happening To Me?

Riddhima ran out of the house as fast as her legs could carry her.   She wanted to forget what happened between them in Armaan's room, but it wasn't easy.  She could smell his strong cologne... she could still feel his manly lips on hers.  It was getting difficult for her to breathe.  That moment kept playing before her eyes.

She stopped a taxi and sat inside.  She shivered.  Not because of the fierce wind that was slapping her, but because she wanted to know what was happening to her.  She wanted to know why she was affected by him, why his touch melted her.

Yeh kya ho raha hain mujhe?  Main... maine usse roka kyun nahin?  Why did I... why did I reciprocate to his kiss?  I should've pushed him away right?  But I didn't.  Why?  Usske chhoote hi main kaap kyun uthti hoon?  It feels as if electric shocks are running through my entire body.  Why is he affecting me so much?

part 19 : The Suprise (ARff)

They both entered Crowne Plaza...Riddhima worried and Muskaan uninterested, both lost in their thoughts.

She had tried every possible remedy to butter him up. He had plans of the whole day for them both spendng the day together n she had ruined everythng by agreeing to Rahul n bringng Muskaan.

Muskaan. She sighed as she thought wat a pain it had been to bring her out of the cruise. But she had managed n now they were here. At the crowne plaza n she scanned the tables waiting for the surprise to explode.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

AR os : Baarish


The melodious patters of water droplets hitting the ground sang wonders. Sometimes it even lulled me to sleep, into sweet simplicity, into wave after wave of sweet surrender.

I found that it soothed my thoughts, just listening to it. Just listening to rain. It talked and whispered as I listened. It washed away the complications of life for a time being. It halted life. It made me stop and give in as it broke upon my skin whenever I was caught among the barrage of falling water.

Astronomy is not one of my best subjects. I'm actually quite horrible at it, though I find it shamelessly fascinating. My interest in the matter was probably what brought me to the tower, that and the shockingly beautiful thunderstorm.

Chapter 14 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Lost in You

She slowly walked in looking as beautiful as ever. She had her hair open and they flying in the air because of the soft gush of wind. She hadn't done much to herself. Only light make up which made her look enchanting. She wore a dark purple churidaar which perfectly suited her.

Armaan just couldn't take his eyes off of her. He wanted to keep gazing at her like that was the only thing he lived for. He could tell she was slightly nervous because she was at a new place, but she was still excited. A slight smile formed on his lips seeing her bite her lip. She looked around trying to find a familiar face. She looked like a small child who was looking for her friends.

The others saw this and smiled to themselves. Abhi winked at Rahul, telling him to start his drama and he gave him a nod.

"Wow yaar. Yeh Ridz kitni achhi lag rahi hain na?" said Rahul. This caught Armaan's attention.

"Yeah. Man I swear. Agar yeh meri dost nahin hoti na, then I would've date her." Armaan wasn't really liking the comments Rahul and Atul were giving to Riddhima. He put his hands inside his pockets and looked around, not appearing interested. Rahul and Abhi saw his discomfort and smiled.

part 17& 18 : The Suprise (ARff)

Part 17

The bell rang for the third time and finally getting pissed that no one else was answering the door, Shashank got up to look for himself who it was. He was irritated to get disturbed from the book he was reading. As he approached the door so did Padma from the kitchen and Anjali from her room. He frowned at them declaring tht they were late and himself opened the door.
Anjali's jaw dropped open as she saw Atul standing at the door. Her heart began to race and her pulse began to sink. She inhaled deeply to ensure she wasn't in a dream. She knew by the look on his face y he was there and was shocked tht he had managed it so soon. She thought it would be atleast a month before he spoke to Shashank n Padma.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Chapter 13 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Party Time!

Both stared into each others eyes, trying to figure out what they felt.  Was it attraction?  Infatuation?  Or... or something else?  No.  It couldn't be attraction or even infatuation.  It was something else.  Something different.  Something pure... divine.  But what?

 Door raho usse Armaan.  Tum hi ne khud se vaada kiya tha na?  Ab uss vaade ko nibhaao.  Leave her!

 His brain shouted at him to leave her.  He blinked and then left her with a jerk.  Riddhima was shocked.  She was astonished at what just transpired between them.  What was wrong with her!  How could she just lose herself like that?!  She didn't dare to look up.  He walked out of the cabin and Riddhima ran into her cabin.  She sat down on the couch and held her head in her hands.

part 16 : The Suprise (ARff)

The dreamz never left him the whole night. Dreamz of Mrs. Armaan Mallik. the wordz kept echoing in his ears n head as though they had been enjoying playing with him. He still coudn;t beleve tht was what she asked for. He smiled as he remembered her whispering it in his ear n then running away giving him just a brush on his lips. God!!! she alwaz left him craving for more.

Ofcourse he would fullfill his promise. He would be beyond happy to do tht. And so would be his parents who had been pestering him for getting married since a year..It all seemed perfect. He had already started planning everything. He would first go talk to his mum n dad abt it. After every1z consent at home his mom dad would go to her mom dad and talk abt it. N they definately would agree. Why wouldn't they???

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Chapter 12 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The Love Talk

 Riddhima entered Armaan's cabin and started to do the routine work.

"Hey Krishna!  Aaj toh meri band bajne waali hain.  Super late ho gayi hoon.  Armaan maar daalega mujhe!" Just then, Armaan came in.  He was in his own thoughts and took absolutely no notice of her.  Riddhima, who was arranging the files, suddenly turned around and bumped into Armaan.  Armaan was jerked out of his thoughts as he felt himself colliding with someone.  His arms went around Riddhima's waist on an impulse and hers went around his neck, bringing him closer.

 He looked at her.  Her eyes were tightly shut due to the fear of falling.  She was looking uber cute at the moment.  He wanted to kiss her so bad.  Her shaky breath hit his bare chest, sending unknown sensations through his body.  His grip tightened around her tiny waist, pulling her closer.  Riddhima slowly opened her eyes, looking in his ocean blue ones, her fear completely forgotten.  She was mesmerized by the amount of emotions his eyes held.  But there was one emotion that was overpowering every other one- his desire for her.  She could tell he was struggling to keep himself in control, which made it harder for her to breathe.

part 15 : The Suprise (ARff)

They danced throughout the party this time rather cheerfully as they were more comfortable with each other. He kept teasing her n she kept passing him angry looks but he alwaz managed to make her smile with his naughty ways and sometimes even naughtier comments.

"No Armaan....i do want sweet...but i am in no mood of this dessert...."

"Oh!!!...u should have told me before honey...i would have given u better one..."he whispered moving closer to her.

"Shut up Armaan....i meant i want icecream"

"Oh...thts such a bad choice in place of what i as offering.." He said moving back n giving her a disappointed look.