Saturday, 28 September 2019

Chapter 25 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

A Slight Struggle

The atmosphere of Mallik Empires had changed over night. It wasn't long before the news of the recent events reached the ears of the staff.  Obviously most were overjoyed with the facts that their beloved Riddhima was completely innocent.  In fact, they respected her even more.  The only thing they new wanted was Riddhima to rejoin the office.

Not only the staff, but the entire country was now aware about this.  From the minors to the aged people.  Everyone was proud of this young lady's spirit and many even started to take her as their role model!


Riddhima was sleeping peacefully with a contended smile playing on her lips.  After a long time she was getting a peaceful, dreamless sleep which was very much needed.  All this while she had been keeping an eye on the Ahujas and trying to save all her friends at once.  Amongst all that, she never slept a blink.  Whenever she tried, horrible nightmares always woke her up.  Now that she was assured her friends were safe, she could sleep peacefully.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Chapter 24 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Care to Explain?

She slowly opened her eyes but closed them again due to the bright light. She tried again and frowned feeling her vision blury. She sighed as her vision cleared. She was confused seeing white ceiling on top of her.

Am I dead or what? Itna white, white kyun hain? Haan... shaayad I'm in heaven. Lekin...

She thought. She moved her pupils around trying to figure out her location and knew she was in a hospital. She felt a few needles in her hands so she knew better than to move her hands.

"Hey. Are you okay?" She saw a nurse to her side and found her voice.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Chapter 23 : Dangerous Desire (AR)


Muskaan saw Riddhima taking her scooty and wearing her helmet. She sat on the scooty and drove off. As soon as she left, Muskaan stopped a rickshaw and told the driver to follow her. Muskaan followed her for about half an hour when she saw her stoping at an unknown and vacant place.

Muskaan stopped the rickshaw and went after Riddhima after paying the driver. She saw Riddhima walking inside the park. She was looking for someone and saw a man coming towards her. They started to talk and Muskaan, who was hiding behind a tree, heard everything. She was totally shocked at the new discovery.

"Riddhima?" She whispered. Riddhima gasped and turned around with wide eyes.

"M-Muskaan. Tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho?"

"Why did you do this?" Riddhima looked away and didn't say anything.



Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Chapter 22 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Good or Bad?

A few days had passed ever since the car incident and Anushka's arrival. They had decided to extend the holiday to a week. After that incident, Rahul became a little quiet. He didn't care about himself, but what if something happened to Muskaan because of him? He would never forgive himself if something like that happened.

When Armaan, Atul and Abhi confronted him, he had completely broken down and told them about his ffears. Due to this, they decided to give everyone a little time to recuperate.

In the week, they went shopping and to some good places and then chilled out whenever they had time. They realized they really did need this break.

Last part : The Suprise (ARff)

When he woke up again it was due to some tapping sound. He opened his eyes blinking them to d light. She was not by his side. He sat up n found her sitting on the couch opposite to the bed, her hair wet from the shower, wearing  a red saree, staring at him, an expression of fury on her face n tapping her heeled sandals on the floor.

He smiled at her sheepishly as she frowned deeper. She angrily twisted her fingerz n he knew he had to face the wrath now.

"Woudn't it be better tht u speak urself before i force u to??" she finally asked, sarcasm dripping in her voice.

"But honey...yesterday u said u dun want to know anythng.....we definately had better thingz to do.." ..he replied carefully...risking to flirt wid her further. He smiled when he saw her blush at his comment.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Chapter 21 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

She's Back In My Life

A shiny black car stopped in front of Mallik Empires. The drvier came out and opened the back door. A girl in about her mid-20's came out with a smile on her face. She pushed her sunglasses up to her head, revealing her hazel eyes. She walked inside the office and went to the reception.

"Excuse me. Where's Armaan Mallik?" She asked very sweetly and Julie looked up. She immediately straightened her posture.

"Ma'am? Aap... yahaan?"

"Yes Julie, I'm here. And where's Armaan?"

"He's in his cabin."

"'K. Thanks." She winked at Jule and took a lift up to the top floor.


part 28& 29 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 28

As the ceremonies proceeded, Shashank n Padma grew more teary eyed. People cheered the three couples as they took their vows one by one n were pronounced as husband and wife.

Riddhima came out of her day dream when Padma pulled her forward gently to take her vows. Half unsure of what was happening, n still under d spell of Armaan's short n uncertain visit she looked around.

Their was no Armaan stopping her marriage. Their was no Armaan declaring his love for her in front of anyone.Everythng was the same. She was getting married. As realization struck her again a tear formed in her eye n rolled down her cheek dieing on her lips.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Chapter 20 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Strange... Mysterious...

The next few days passed by in a jiffy. After Riddhima had left Mallik Empires, nothing was the same. There was no fun in the office anymore. Armaan had returned back to his old ways and kept himself even more busy to keep Riddhima off his mind.

It was the same with others. They kept themselves busy and when they would gather up together, it would just be a silent gathering.

Today was an important day for Mallik Empires as the Lonavla Tender's decision would be made today. Armaan was having this feeling that something was going to happen today. But couldn't exactly pin point what. He was excited, yet nervous and even he didn't know why.

part 26 & 27 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 26 

The morning was certainly an unusual one. The birds sang sweeter, the wind blew gently, n the air cdn't have smelled pleasanter. All was happy around. Everyone was happy. Every face showed the glow tht how special d day was. The day of the marriage of the daughters of Shashank n Padma gupta.

All arrangements done, n some last minute preparations still on the go the house was nthng short of a function hall itself. Everyone was busy wid sumthng or the other n alwaz had a smile on thr faces.

In between all the frenzy, Riddhima still lay asleep in her bed, rather peacefully a smile playing on her lips. A cute little smile tht made Anjali smile when she approached her sister to wake her up.

"Ridzy!! wake up...its 9 in the morning."

"Jus two mins dee...plz"

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Chapter 19 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Fallen Apart

Everyone's heart stopped hearing Riddhima. The little ray of hope their heart had was destroyed by Riddhima.

"Riddhima? Tum-tumne aisa kiya? You-you were our friend right? Toh phir yeh sab kyun?" asked Anjali. Riddhima crossed her arms and looked away, indicating she was least interested in the conversation.

"Main toh soch bhi nahin sakti thi ki tum aisi hogi. Humne toh socha tha ki tum... Lekin tum toh ek giri hui ladki nikli." Said Niki.

"Chhi! Mujhe toh vishwaas nahin hota ki maine tujhe apni behen maana. Thank God Mama-Papa yahaan nahin hain. Warna unhe iss baat ka pachhtaava hota ki tu unki beti hain." Muskaan spoke in sheer disgust. Riddhima gave her a cold look and rolled her eyes.

"Like I give a damn." Everyone in the room once again were disgusted by her. Armaan came forward and looked at her.

"Ms. Riddhima Gupta. You are fired." Riddhima scoffed.

part 24 & 25 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 24 

She knew something fishy was going around her as everyone was giggling. Preparations for Anjali's n Atul's wedding were on the high. And jus a half n week away from the wedding, it had been decided tht Rahul n Muskaan's wedding would also take place d same day. It sent a wave of frenzy in the Gupta mansion. Every1 got busy wid the preparations and she too got time off her thoughts.

Rahul's parents had asked for Muskaan's hand n neither Shashank nor Atul opposed it anyway. It was like a pair meant to be. She felt happy tht atleast Muskaan's love was going to get a true fairy tale ending. But during all the preparations Armaan was never seen anywhere. She once casually asked Rahul about him to which he carefully replied tht he was out on a bussiness trip n thn excused himself. She got the clue tht he din want to discuss it further n never asked again.