Saturday, 5 October 2019

AR os : Embraced Moments

"Madam, your coffee is getting cold" said the waitress exasperatedly, interrupting her usual thought process.

Ridhima was broken out of her trance as she slowly turned to look at the waitress. She had been sitting on a table which was right next to the large glass pane, as usual. The same thoughts plaguing her mind.

"I'm sorry...I.." She fumbled for words as she got to leave, simultaneously gathering her stuff, "I need to go.." She threw some money on a table and said, "Keep the change". And with that, she walked out of the cafe.

Part 4 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa hesitantly glanced at Anjali who kept picking several dresses for her..
Shilpa : Anjie..Plzz dont be angry with me..
Anjali : Did i say i am angry...?
Shilpa : But you are so silent.. Since i have told..
Anjali glanced at her interrupting her words..
Anjali : I know i should actually smack your head for agreeing on going out with him..
Shilpa : Soo.. Why did you stop.. ?
Anjali stared at her for a while and smiled..
Anjali : Because after soo many days i have seen peace in you.. I dont think i should ruin it this time..
Shilpa glanced down at her dress..
Shilpa : Anjie.. Its just one dinner.. And Anyways you know right i am going back to mom..
Anjali : So did you tell him you are going away forever.. ?
Shilpa looked away biting her lips..
Shilpa : No.. I just said for a holiday..

Chapter 31 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Don't Trust You Anymore

Riddhima was outside, sitting on the swing, absorbing the quiet tranquil night.  The light night breeze played with her hair, making her shiver.  She stared at the sky covered with clouds of darkness.  The moon was hiding behind the dark clouds, making the night look darker than usual.  She couldn't help but relate the sky to the turmoil her heart was going through.

There was a fight going on between her mind and her heart.  Her mind kept flashing the images of Armaan kissing Maya and her and the staff's conversation, which made him look wrong.  But then on the other hand, her heart kept showing those moments when he took care of her, when he was nice to her.  She wanted to believe her heart, but couldn't.  There was only one thing she knew and that was she couldn't stay here any longer.  Every time she would see him, she would be reminded of tonight's incident, which she wanted to forget so badly.  She sighed and closed her eyes wanting to get some peace and sleep.


It was still night time, but sleep was far away from two people-Ranvir and Anushka.  She was laying on his bare chest, drawing various shapes on him as he caressed her silky hair.

"What are you thinking about?" Ranvir asked her softly, somewhere knowing what was on her mind.

Friday, 4 October 2019

Part 3 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa  walked inside his apartment with a thudding heart.. As she heard  his trembling voice on phone, while he spoke in a shaking voice she couldnt help but rush to him as soon as possible..The pain in her heart wasnt something important infront of the pain he was going through right now.. She made her way inside the his room and stood still for a minute staring at his back while he stood near the mirror.. But she couldnt see his face as she noticed glasses scattered around into pieces.. He might have broken it in anger.. This made her step back in fear for a moment.. His anger was something strange to her but whenver his anger overpowered it led to worse situations..
Feeling her presence behind he turned back facing her.. She gasped gripping the door for minute.. Stunned by seeing the vulnerable look on his face.. His face reflecting the pain he was going through..

Chapter 30 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

I Hate You

About a week had passed and many things had changed.  Ranvir was starting to get frustrated seeing Anushka with Armaan all the time.  He was starting to get every angry every passing day and knew he had to do soemthing.

Also, Atul had started to drop hints on Anjali.  He would talk to her longer than usual and make her feel special, which Anjali really liked.  She was sure Atul also loved her and waited for him to confess his feelings.

On the other hand, Riddhima was starting to get frustrated and impatient for answers.  She didn't know what to do.  Was there anything between them?  All those moments, those kisses, those eye-locks, were they something he shared with every girl?  Was he just using her?  The thought made her sick.  She knew it would be wrong to reach a conclusion without knowing anything, but what if all Lavanya and Tanya said that day was true?  What was she supposed to think then?  As much as she tried to forget that, she ended up thinking about it even more.  But there was one thing she was sure about.  If Lavanya and Tanya were saying the truth, she would never forgive Armaan.  Never.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Chapter 29 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Rumors in M.E.

Anushka sat on her bed against the bed post, staring out of the window.  She just felt lost and drained of emotions.  The emotional turmoil her heart was in was eating her up from the inside.  Her life was such a mess.  She felt torn between Armaan and Ranvir and that's why she had been keeping herself away from everyone, to sort her feelings.

She didn't know what to do or where to go.  Armaan was her fianc.  She loved him, or at least that's what she thought.  And then there was Ranvir.  He was Armaan's friend, but she didn't know what she felt for him.  Did she love him?  But if she loved him, then what did she feel for Armaan?  Was it love or simple infatuation?  Armaan didn't love her, she knew it.  But then there was Ranvir.  His actions told her he liked her, probably even loved her, but he never said it.  Would she accept him if he said he loves her?  Maybe yes.  But what if he was just playing around with her?  What if his feelings were just infatuation and not love?  What if he left her after using her?

Part 2 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Biting her lower lip she glanced at the clock impatiently walking from one side to another..Shilpa glanced at her typical black and green combo vest and shirt with a matching pencil skirt.. Nothing was helping to distract her mind from memories of last night continuously running in her mind.. His every single touch, every single moment was still fresh in her mind and it made her heart beat rise whenever she gave a thought on it.. With that Guilt rose in her heart like last night.. A guilt which was now a burden on her heart..
Shilpa glanced back expecting to see Armaan in Office but found her cabin empty.. Shaking her hear she glanced at her phone which started to ring.. Taking a seat she picked up the call massaging her head..
Shilpa : Hey mom...
Padam : Again a headache Shilpa.. ? Didint you sleep last night..
Shilpa tensed trying to cover up with a smile..
Shilpa : Mom ya .. I was just walking on some assignments..
Padma : You dont need to drown yourself too much in work.. You are taking way too advantage of your independence..

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Chapter 28 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Mission Accomplished!

It was a peaceful moonless night.  The dark sky was looking strangely sad today.  Maybe because it was wondering about the sad smile which played on Riddhima's lips as she stared at the night sky from her window.  She was in her deep thoughts when suddenly her phone rang.


"Riddhima beta.  Kaisi ho?" She sat up straight hearing Padma's voice.

"Mama!  Main bilkul theek hoon.  Aap kaise ho?"

"Main bhi theek hoon.  Bas tum dono ki bohat yaad aa rahi hain."

"Hume bhi aapki bohat yaad aa rahi hain.  Achha Mama.  Nani kaisi hain?"

"Tumhari Nani bilkul theek hain."

CS & Part 1 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Character Sketch

Armaan Mallik : 24 yr old guy who is always smiling in life.. Always focused in life to do something big , strong and a person with a warm heart.. His love of life Sara means everything to him.. Loves her with all his heart always been patient towards her ignoring her impatient behavior.. If Sara means life to him there was one more person who was equally important , always beside him in every step since childhood.. His best friend Shilpa Malhotra.. His parents died when he was a child , which made him seek a shelter in Shilpa's house living with her and her mother.. Right now facing problems due to fights happening between him and Sara..

Shilpa Malhotra : 22 yr old girl who is always smiling and silent.. Loves to spend her time around her best friend but always remembers her limits knowing he was committed to his love.. Knowing this fact tries to spend much time with her friend Anjali who understands her true feelings towards Armaan.. But always fail when he appears to her with that charming smile and teasing behavior.. Right now curious and worried seeing the tension rising in her best friends life.. Wish to solve the things but knows she wasnt required to come in between.. Specially when Sara hardly likes her..

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

AR os : The Unplanned

"Kya Hua Maasi??"
This was the first question which came out of my mouth, when I saw my princess coming towards me. She came and slept holding me.

"Armaan, wo tujhe dhund rahi thi.........wo tujhe dhund rahi thi armaan............wo tujhe dhund rahi thi"

A large smile of relief spread over my maasi's face saying that. I looked at the face hidden in my chest. I caressed her hair, kissed her temple and held her close to my heart. I gave a small smile dreading that nothing bad happens now following it.

I gestured her and she left the place. Now all the lights outside are off. A thin ray of light from street lamp is coming through the window. She moved in her sleep and I again patted her to sleep. I wish our dark life too gets a similar ray of hope.

Chapter 27 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Races, Parties... Rihanna

It was around 6:45 in the evening.  The light blue sky was starting to fade into the blanket of darkness, leaving the traces of the pinks and violets.  It was such an amazing sight.  You couldn't help but admire and priase the Almighty's creation and Armaan wasn't an exeption.  He stood beside the window in his room and stared out into the beautiful evening sky in front of him.
One of his favorite pass time was staring at the night sky.  It gave him a sense of peace.  Obviously, he never believed in the one this beautiful creation belonged to.  Yes.  He was an athiest.  Not from now, but since the tender age of ten.  He simply refused to believe He existed because if He did, he wouldn't have gone through all that in his life.  It pained him so much to think about all he faced ever since his childhood.  But being the strong, masked man he was, he was not going to bring himself to admit it.
Armaan heard some noise coming from the hall.  He walked and opened the door just a little and peaked.  He saw Riddhima and Muskaan walking to the main door stealthily with a bag hanging from their shoulders.  He observed them closely.  Once they had moved out, Armaan pulled his shirt on and walked out with his keys.

Prologue :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

She walked inside his dark room.. Her heart heavy as she knew what he might be going through right now.. His pain known well to her.. In a slow pace she approached to Armaan who set in a corner staring at the space.. His face showed anger , Frustration and pain.. This made her heart cry out in pain..
Shilpa : Armaan.. You cant sit like this everyday..
He didint look up at her.. Sometimes she wondered whether he realized her presence or intentionally ignored her.. Did he still Remember she was his best friend..
Armaan : Just... Leave me Alone..
Shilpa : I cant...
Armaan looked at her and snapped ..
Armaan : WHY .. ??

Monday, 30 September 2019

Chapter 26 B : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Day 1- Celebrations (B)

Riddhima and the baccha party were now in the clubhouse, making preparations for their little event in the evening.  They had planned something they were sure the society members would love and enjoy.  They had almost spent a month planning everything and now, they were really excited for it.  The best thing was that this was a surprise for everyone as no one knew they had planned something.
"Shoo!  Decorations are done.  Everything is perfect.  Yash.  Have you called the caterers yet?"
"Oh no!  I completely forgot about that."
"What!  Yash, how could you forget about that!"
"Sorry Di.  But you don't worry.  I'll call them up now."
"Hurry up." Yash went to a corner to call the caterers while Riddhima checked everything else.  After about 5 minutes, he came back with a worried face.
"Riddhima Di." She looked at him and knew something was wrong.
"Yash.  What happened?"
"Di.  The caterers are refusing to come here."
"What!  How can they do that!  We payed them!"
"I know.  They're on strike right now.  They want their stupid salary to be raised."
"Oh my God!  This is a big problem.  I mean... there are about 50 people here.  We're gonna need food for all of them.  What are we gonna do now?"
"I don't know.  This is a big problem."

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Chapter 26 A : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Day 1: Celebrations

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes feeling the sun shining upon on her.  She rubbed her eyes and sat up on the bed.  Her eyes flickered over to Muskaan's bed on an impulse.  For a moment she freaked out seeing the bed empty, but then remembered she had gone for a meeting along with Rahul.  She got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Coming out of the warm shower, she wore her mid-thigh length shorts and black spagetthi straps.  She really didn't feel like wearing any of her dresses.  She pulled her hair up into a messed up bun and walked to the kitchen, ready to make breakfast for herself.

She turned the toaster to warm it up and then started to look around for the stack of bread.  To her dismay, she couldn't find it anywhere.

"Arre.  Yeh bread kahaan gaya?  Mtch.  Yeh Muski bhi na.  Pata nahin kaunsi cheez kahaan rakhti hain.  Ab kahaan dhundoon?" Her eyes fell on the top of the fridge.  She smiled widely seeing the stack of bread there and tried reaching it but couldn't.