Saturday, 12 October 2019

Part 11 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Lying on bed he stared straight up at the ceiling as he recalled the conversation he had with Anjali today.. He recalled her words which she spoke so assuredly.. she wish to have some affection and love in life.. I just want to know are u willing give a try for that ? The question kept flowing inhis mind continuously making him feel a sudden uneasiness.. Was he capable enough to give the love and affection she was seeking.. Could he again love someone the way he had loved Sara from long time.. NO The word instantly rang in his heart as he closed his eyes painfully.. He knew love was something hard for him.. But also he knew now two lives were depending on him.. One was his best friend and one was a small baby who was yet to be born.. Swallowing a lump in throat he leaned forward opening the bedside drawer to take out photo album.. A album which had memories of them together.. As he slowly started to go through pages a smile formed in his lips.. His eyes grew misty seeing the happy smile on their face as they posed for everyone pic.. A then he frowned as two

Chapter 38 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

A Change

Armaan fluttered his eyes open and looked at the ceiling and sat up on the bed but immediately held his head feeling his head pounding. Why was his paining so much?  His eyes fell on his attire and he was surprised.  A few blurry flashes of the previous night played in his mind but he didn't remember what all those were about.  What happened last night?  He was trying to remember the events from last night when he saw a glass tray come suddenly in front if his eyes.  He looked up and saw Riddhima standing beside him with the tray in her hands. 

"Yeh kya hain?" he asked suspiciously.

"Nimbo paani.  Hangover ke liye best solution hain."

"Hangover?" he exclaimed.  Then the reason for the harsh pain in his head dawned on him.  He had been highly drunk last night!  But what happened?  Did he say anything to her last night?  Did they do something?  No.  He was fully clothed so there was no way something had happened.  He just prayed nothing major happened in his drunken state.

"Haan.  Hangover.  Tumne kal raat ko bohat sharaab pee li thi.  Iss liye yeh laayi hoon.  Ab lo.  Pee lo." Armaan looked at her and then at the glass and looked away.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Part 10 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

He waited for few more minutes to see her face grow pale hearing his words.. The next thing he knew was she started to cough bad holding her chest.. Worriedly he quickly snatched the glass of water passing to her..
Armaan : Whats wrong ?
She shook her head as tears formed in her eyes.. Drinking it fully she rubbed her chest speaking in a horse voice..
Shilpa : My chest is paining.. It always happens when i vomit..
He set helpless for a minute knowing she was in deep pain.. Regret wash through him as he persuaded her to come for the party not even once thinking about her condition..
Armaan : Let me help you..

Chapter 37 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 My Husband's Truth

Feeling the Sun's scorching rays kissing my eyes, I tried to turn to my side but couldn't. I felt something strong around my waist and frowned.  Confused, I opened my eyes and looked at my waist.  I was surprised seeing a hand on my waist, but as realization dawned upon me, I immediately looked at Armaan .  As always, he slept peacefully, looking like a baby with his lips pouting and his long hair kissing his broad forehead and eyes.  I felt his warm hand go inside my shirt and I shivered.

I always wondered why his touch affected me so much.  I mean, it's just a touch.  It shouldn't affect me in any way whatsoever.  But it did.  And for some reason, I enjoyed his touch and even though I always deny it, I treasure those moments when he touches my body.  Whether it's our first kiss, his caresses, or even the slightest brush.  For some reason, even our first night is cherished by me.  I told myself to hate him for forcing himself on me but my heart just refuses to oblige to my mind.  What has he done to me?  Whether it's when I open my eyes in the morning or when I close my eyes to sleep, I always wanna see him.  Why?  I have no idea.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Part 9 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Armaan Mallik You made me Pregnant with your Child.. He stood still for a minute as he heard the misery and helplessness in her voice.. Her eyes reflected the pain which added more to his guilt.. He remembered.. They had a beautiful friendship together which they shared happily.. What went so wrong suddenly.. Everything was falling apart.. His whole life was messed up.. And making it worse he had ruined life of someone who depended on him most.. I can do this... His heart called out immediately..
Armaan : Let me correct this then..
She shot a glance at him and brushed away her tears harshly..
Shilpa : After ruining everything you have the audacity to say u can correct everything.. What will you correct Armaan ? Our ruined friendship or my pregnancy.. You think you can take it back.. ? So what else are u suggesting do u expect me to get a abortion..

Chapter 36 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Hey Krishna!

Feeling the Sun disturbing his eyes, Armaan opened his eyes and frowned as his body ached. He looked around and found himself laying on the couch.  Not used to seeing himself sleeping there, Armaan got confused and looked around.  He saw Riddhima walking around with her toothbrush in her mouth and towel hanging from her shoulders, just like a typical house wife.  Her eyes fell on him and she spoke with a bright smile.

"Goo-" She started to talk but realized she had a brush in her mouth and took it out.  "Good morning Armaan!" Armaan was stunned seeing Riddhima talk to him in such a nice tone.  "How are you Armaan?  Raat ko neend toh achhi aayi na?  I know couch bohat hi comfortable jagah hain, but sone ke liye... nahh." She said in her usual teasing voice and Armaan made a relaxed face.  Riddhima would never change.

"Yeah.  Bohat maza aaya sweetheart." He tried to sit up straight but hissed feeling pain in his shoulder.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Part 8 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

2 Days Later:

Concentrating back in her work she kept studying the files when someone barged inside her cabin.. She glanced up and took a breath of relief seeing Anjali..
Shilpa : You startled me Anjie..
Anjali : So were you Expecting him to come and barge inside..
Shilpa looked away with a bitter smile..
Shilpa : I told you he wont even wish to see my Face.. Anyways what are you doing here.. ?
Anjali : I had a break.. So i thought i will come and check up on you.. You are looking more horrible compared to yesterday..
Shilpa rubbed her head closing her eyes..
Shilpa : I dont know.. Feeling uneasy and Dizzy from yesterday.. Maybe i ate something bad..
Anjali : Why dont you take a day off.. look at you Shilpa you look so weak..
Shilpa : I am fine Anjie.. If i go home i will get bored.. I am fine here only...

Chapter 35 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The War Begins

Riddhima fluttered her eyes open as a sharp ray of light fell on her eyes and she sat up on the bed without opening her eyes.  As she stretched her arms, she felt an excruciating pain rush to her wrists and she winced.  She looked at her hands and was confused seeing dried blood on it.  Her eyes fell on her attire and became alert.  She frantically looked around the room and was stunned seeing herself in an unfamiliar room.  As she looked around, her eyes suddenly landed on Armaan, who slept on his stomach peacfeully, unaware of what was happening around.  Everything came back to her.  The wedding, the farewell, the games... their first night.  She looked at her wrist and became angry remembering what he did to her.

Armaan Mallik.  Kal raat tumne jo ghatiya harqat mere saath ki, usske liye main tumhe kabhi maaf nahin karungi.  I hate you Armaan.  Tumne jo kiya, usska hisaab tumhe chukaana hi padega.

Determined to teach Armaan a lesson, Riddhima stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day after getting her clothes out.  She was so glad her mom and packed jeans and top for her because there was no way she was gonna 'dress up' for Armaan.  Plus everyone knew how she was so it wasn't a problem.  After she was done having a nice shower, she wore a few red bangles in oe hand as she was supposed to, filled her hair parting with just a little powder and wore the mangalsutra.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Part 7 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

I am not able to regret what happened that night the words rang in her mind awakening some strange feelings within her heart.. Definitely he couldnt mean it...
Shilpa : Armaan.. Leave..
Armaan : But Shilpa..
Shilpa got up from the sofa creating distance between them.. She couldnt risk to get close to him again.. This cant happen again..
Shilpa : I dont want you to say thing which you dont mean.. Just leave..
She stood still as his eyes got dark a glint of determination in them..
Armaan : Every word i am saying i mean it from heart..
Shilpa shook her head with sudden confusion rising in her mind..
Shilpa : This cant happen.. We are just friends.. Already things are ruined between us.. Just get away before things get worse..

Chapter 34 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The 'D' Day

 About a week had passed since Armaan's and Riddhima's engagement and Sangeet.  In the week, they had done Armaan's tilak and Riddhima's godh bharaayi in a very great manner.  Now, they were were getting ready to do Riddhima's Mehendi and Haldi since their wedding was the following day.  The girls brought Riddhima down, who was wore a maroon lehenga choli.  She sat down in the center of the ladies and spread her hands in front of her for the henna to be applied.  A cute young girl came up and sat down beside her.

"Didi, aapke hone waale pati ka naam kya hain?" Riddhima smiled sweetly at the girl in front of her and replied.

"Armaan." The girl smiled widely hearing the name.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Part 6 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

She tried her best to concentrate on her work.. One week had passed since the unexpected incident occurred to her.. In a way it had taught her a good lesson.. No more tears to shed and a every emotion buried deep inside her hurt.. Still it pained whenever she had remembered about him.. Whenever those moments came in her mind torturing her day and night.. It made her wonder does he still remember.. She had not seen or heard from him since a week. Shilpa tried not to be bothered about it but many times it made her curious.. These few days have been a torture for her.. It was hard to explain to her mother and she was fed up of making new excuses everyday.. Within all this tension she was glad Anjali was always beside her for her help.. Indeed a true friend who understood her pain..

Chapter 33 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

And the Countdown Begins

Very soon everyone had left to go to the mall.  Riddhima had been very worried whether Armaan would be there, but to her relief he wasn't.  One of their clients had suddenly shown up and wanted to haave a very important conference with Armaan so he coudlnt' make it.  Others were definitely disappointed at they wanted to tease the couple, but their plans had failed.  But they decided to keep their sadness to the side and enoy the wedding shopping.

The boys had just separated themselves from the girls and were shopping for themselves. Obviously it didn't take them 'that' long to shop since they didn't have that many things to buy, so they just hung out after shopping, whereas the girls were ready to empty the boys' pockets.  They were getting the most expensive and beautiful clothes from the stores and exquisite jewelries. When Riddhima tried protesting, Nikki and Muskaan quietened her.  They told her Armaan had ordered them to buy the best for Riddhima and that's what they were doing.  Poor Riddhima didn't have another option other than to listen to them.  Soon they were finished with the Engagement and Sangeet shopping and they dropped Riddhima and Muskaan off at their house.


Sunday, 6 October 2019

Part 5 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa set up on the bed resting her chin on her knees while staring down at his picture.. She ran a hand on his smiling face while tears formed in her eyes.. How easily things could change.. In one moment a big turn was taken in their relation.. She shivered as the memories of last night rushed back in her mind .. Every touch every moment felt sinfully good.. It was something which she had never felt ever in life.. She tried her best to hate him, his every touch , his every single caress but became unsuccessful.. Instead a yearning raised betraying herself how much she want to feel back the touch of him.. It increased the guilt on her heart for submitting to him willingly.. Anjali strode inside her room in a fast pace Shilpa cleared her tears and glanced up at her..
Anjali : How are you feeling now.. ?
Shilpa : I am fine.. Dont worry..
Anjali : I did inform aunty..
Shilpa glanced at her worried...
Shilpa : No u didint.. I told you dont tell her at all..

Chapter 32 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 I'll Make You Mine

Riddhima woke up from her deep sleep feeling the Sun's bright, intense rays pushing itself through her windows and hitting her closed eyelids.  She frowned in her sleep and moved her head to the other side, only to find the same hurdle there too.  Reluctantly, she opened her eyes, trying to adjust her vision to the sudden brightness and found herself sleeping on her stomach.  She sat up on the bed and yawned while stretching her sleepy body and then just sat there with her eyes closed.  All of a sudden, she was reminded of Armaan making her open her eyes.

About a week had passed by since that showdown at her house.  She hadn't gone to work and neither had she seen his face afterwards.  Only she knew how much it hurt her when she thought about that night.  Whenever she thought about it, an excruciating pain would hit her heart, making her eyes well up.  But now she had become indifferent to it.  Her heart had become numb.  She didn't feel any pain now.  Her eyes refused to shed anymore tears.  Closing her eyes, she sighed and went to the bathroom to take a bath.