Saturday, 19 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me (part 1)

It has been 5 months since the dreadful day which changed my happy going life. And all this happened because of my sharp angry and ego. Yes, I am Riddhima, Riddhima Armaan Malik, and to be a mother of a boy/girl in another 4 months. But Armaan does not even know that I am carrying his child in my womb. Just because of my sharp tongue I ruined my own life with my hands just for a silly reason.

We both were married for 6 months and it was a love marriage and it happened in Sanjeevani, Delhi. My dad was against it and when we both got married in the court he told me that day that I would never be happy with Armaan and she would repent about her decision in a very short time. At that time I was hurt a little but after when Armaan consoled me then I thought that with Armaan by my side nothing bad would happen and it was true. We had got transferred to Sanjeevini, Mumbai as Armaan did not want me to face my dad every day in the hospital as he would not leave a chance to hurt me in any manner. Armaan had his own house in Mumbai and we shifted to his place. We did not get time to go on our honeymoon as we had no leave and had joined new and were starting our new life without any ones support and all our friends were in Delhi, and they could not do anything as they themselves were dealing with their own problems and we did not want to bother them.

Part 19:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

One month past :

"Whats wrong with you today ? "
" Whats wrong with me , nothing. "
"You are avoiding me Shilpa. " Armaan spoke irritatedly getting annoyed with the tension hanging around them. She had been behaving weird since the night she had seen him chatting around with Rosa , unknown with the close proximity himself she had caught Rosa hugging him which made him realize the reason behind her disturbed look. He had spent several days to make her understand she was holding a empty worry , still the tension hanged around them which was now suffocating him badly..
Armaan sighed and took her hand caressing it softly.. "How many times should i say sorry for that night. ? Cant you trust me.. ? "
Shilpa cringed inwardly seeing the worried look on his face. He cared for her , it was always visible in his eyes.. Brushing away his hand she got up from her seat cleaning up the table.. "My worry is that Rosa.. "

Chapter 45 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

It was almost three at night when Armaan went to the kitchen to drink some water. When he was walking back, he heard soft tunes of guitar playing in the balcony.  Intrigued, he walked to the balcony and saw Vishal playing the guitar with a soft smile on his face as he stared at the sky.  Since Armaan wasn't that sleepy, he thought to have a little talk with him.  He quietly went and sat down on the couch in front him.

"Not sleepy Vishal?" Armaan asked with a slight smile, which brought Vishal out of his thoughts.

"Oh hey.  When did you get here?"

"When you were staring off in space and thinking about something." Vishal smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry man.  I just become oblivious when I play my guitar."

Friday, 18 October 2019

KaSh os :And i was like.... Baby

He looked at her, while she looked back. And then the same once again, he made no move of trying to walk towards her, nor did she do anything back. His eyes blazed into her cool ones, while her lips curved into that same dangerous smile. Her mouth opened and closed, again and the one again. Her arms folded across her chest, while his posture exactly the same, but no one made a move.

"Are you going to say something?" they both snapped out of their thoughts, as they heard the lady in front of them speak. "Do you want the divorce or not?"

A spite of anger swapped through the woman standing at the side. "I thought we had that clear, the divorce will happen"

Part 18:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

2 Months Later :

" Huh... What were you saying... ? " Armaan glanced up from his laptop as he noticed Shilpa who stood infront of him fuming in anger. Despite of the anger she had in her eyes he couldnt help but smile. Shilpa narrowed her eyes at him and spoke muttering angrily.. "I told you why are you avoiding me.. "
He frowned.. He frowned badly hearing her words.. "Now stop talking nonsense Shona.. When did i do that.. "
She huffed angrily and walked out of the room without a word.. He got up and followed behind her confused.. " Now will you please tell me what is going on.. ?? "
Pregnancy hormones started to kick in her as she bit her lips from crying.. But Shilpa couldnt help as tears welled up in her eyes.. "How can we talk. You hardly have time for me to talk now.. "
Frustration built inside him as he tried to understand what she meant. Had he really ignored her all these days.. "Shona i told you i am having buxy projects in hand.. "
" Ya right buxy projects or hot assistant.. " She muttered under her breath pushing him aside walking back inside the room..

Chapter 44 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

It was evening time and Shah Nivaas was filled with happiness, smiles, laughters and excitement. After all, it was Shubhankar and Kirti's sangeet ceremony.  Wherever you went, you would see people dressed up nicely and blessing Shubhankar and Kirti for their life.  While everyone was busy talking to their friends and family, our beloved group was standing in a corner, talking amongst themselves.

"Kya yaar.  Yahaan pe kaun kya bolta hain kuch bhi samajh mein nahin aata." Atul whined.

"Beta.  Issko Gujarati bolte hain."

"Abe woh toh mereko pata hain.  Lekin aisa toh kaisa yaar.  Ek desh, lekin do-sau se bhi zyaada languages.  Kitna confusing hain yaar.  I wish neeche subtitles hote.  At least samajh mein toh aata.  Yahaan toh gaali dete hain, toh bhi pata nahin chalta." They giggled at Atul's words because they knew it was true.

Thursday, 17 October 2019


She heard a loud sound from the guest room, that was his room. She knew she had upset him but it wasn't her fault after all. And when she was trying to understand things around her and still getting comfortable with him,Tickling her was not what he should've done.. things were not same as the past now..but she still felt guilty for shouting at him like that. He hadn't said her anything and had simply strode to his room. And now was taking out anger like this, throwing out things. She was a little scared of approaching him at this time, but she felt a wierd comfort too..a small voice at the back of her head saying he needed her and that she should go and talk to him..

She slowly opened the door to his room and peeked inside.. he was fuming with anger and from what she could see, probably crying too. Before her mind could decide whether to go to him or walk out, her feet already started walking in his direction..

"uh...shilpa..uhm..kuch chahiye tha tumhe?" his expressions changed from anger to concern in the friction of a second..but she stood unmoved.. "tum hamesha itna hi gussa karte ho? Aur uhm..aise hi gussa thanda karte ho?" she pointed to the bits of coffee mug lying scattered on the floor..

Part 17:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

" What ! " Shilpa heard herself blurt out while staring at the judge in the court room.. She bit her lip and glanced away embarrassed while Armaan glanced at her amused..
The judge smiled at her widely and spoke strongly.. " I said Now you are both officially Married.. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Mallik.."
Mrs. Mallik.. The word rang in her mind sending chills down her spine..
Armaan smiled down at her and pressed her hand blinking his eyes assuring her.. Her gaze drifted on Padma and Anjali who stood in corner beaming happily.. Anjali was grinning while Padma had tears in her eyes smiling at her.. Shilpa smiled at them with a content heart as he took her hand in hers while walking outside..

Chapter 43 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Riddhima sat on the window ceil of her room and stared out the window.  She heard the cool winds sing in her ears and the rustle of the leaves along with the faint sound of the kids running around in the courtyard.  The day seemed very gloomy, just like her life which was now colorless.  Two days had passed since she left Mumbai and came to her mom's maternal house ' Surat ' to stay with her parents and Naani for a few days, since that was the only place she knew she could go.

Even though she acted like she was happy and content with her marriage life in front of everyone, only she knew how she was trying to save her broken self.  Ever since he said those painful words to her, Riddhima completely fell apart.  She lost the desire, the reason to live.  The days were nothing but a drag for her now.  What was life without Armaan?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  When she wrote the letter that letter, she meant it.  Every single word that she had written came straight from her heart.  But it didn't even matter anymore.  She was sure Armaan was very happy that she left and life was no different for him.  But now she was determined to forget about him.  To take him out of her heart and start her life afresh, that is if it was possible.  She sighed dejectedly.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Part 16:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

One week Later :

Shilpa groaned as she glanced at the time weakly.. Slowly she set up on the bed clutching her stomach as she felt the pain increase in lower abdomen.. She tried to get up from bed when Anjali walked inside worried.. " How is the pain today.. ? "
Shilpa sank into the pillows giving up the idea of getting up.. " Still its paining a lot.. I couldnt go to office even today.. "
Anjali set beside her passing a glass of juice.. " Drink this you will feel much better.. Infact doctor says you need to take more fluids.. "
Shilpa made a face but hesitantly started to drink it quietly.. Anjali studied her face for a long time and spoke.. " I spoke to Aunty today.. She said she will be coming to mumbai by tomorrow evening.. I will make sure i go and pick her up you dont have to worry about it.. "
Shilpa gave a soft smile to her pressing her hand.. " Thank you Anjie.. You are the best.. "
Tiredly She closed her eyes leaning back on the pillows when Anjali spoke softly.. " You are missing him right.. "

Chapter 42 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

A Sudden Twist in Tale

Riddhima's POV

I squeezed my eyes as I felt the bright light annoy me and wake me up harshly.  A sharp pain suddenly penetrated through my head and I immediately clutched my head in agony.  What the freak?!  I sweared under breath for the umpteenth time and opened my eyes slowly to see myself in a totally unknown, but beautiful room.  Where was I?

"Good morning Riddhima." I heard Armana greet me cheerfully and turned my head to see him come in with a tray filled with food which shocked me.  No.  Actually, shock would be an understatement.  Armaan Mallik was bringing food for her?!  Did the Sun rise from the opposite side today?  I watched him carefully as he placed the tray on the bed and sat down in front of me.  He picked up the glass filled with fresh orange juice and handed it to me.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Part 15 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Shilpa set up on the bed panting as she woke up with a thudding heart.. Blur images of nightmare kept running in her mind as she tried to control her rising heartbeat.. Shilpa rubbed her neck and took the glass of water to wash away her thirst.. Shilpa leaned on the headboard as her thoughts ran back to the moments she shared with Armaan tonight.. The memories kept flashing in her mind , his words , the desperation in his voice as he spoke every single word from his heart.. Was she taking the right decision of leaving behind him.. A sort of new life he was ready to offer her and the baby.. Shilpa shifted restlessly as she tried to take a decision regarding it.. Soon she drifted back into sleep with his thoughts running in mind..

Chapter 41 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Cuz Baby You My Everything

About 5 days had passed by and everything was going perfect in Mallik Mansion. The girls had decided to go and stay with the Malliks for two reasons.  One, because they all had started to plan for Atul and Anjali's and Rahul and Muskaan's marriage.  And two, because Valentine's Day was coming up and they were busy making plans for the little surprise they made for the boys and they were successful in keeping that a secret.  Although the boys did get suspicious a few times but Muskaan and Anjali took care of that.

Not only that, but ever since the day Armaan gifted Riddhima that necklace, so many things changed.  Riddhima became surer about her feelings for him with each passing second.  She felt like she had reached heaven.  All she wanted was him.  Her day started with his thoughts and ended with his.  She really hated those times when he wasn't in front of her and when he was, she couldn't think about anything else.  She felt like a lovestuck teenager with betterflies flying around in her stomach when he was around her.  Now all she wanted was Armaan to say the same for her.  She wondered at times if he felt the same about her but then she would just remove all the negative thoughts and say that he did love her.  After all, his actions told her he did.  But all she could do was contemplate and wish she was right.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Part 13& 14 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

part 13 

He stopped the car infront of her house and glanced at Shilpa who set stiffly in her seat.. She kept staring straight ahead but he could clearly see the disturbed look on her face.. Why was she so upset all of a sudden.. Jealousy wasnt something he wanted her to feel.. He glanced at her and spoke softly..."I will come to your place after meeting Anjie.."
She flinched and shot him a look.. " Why.. You dont need to come "
He sighed and gazed at her with his eyes full of concern.. Why cant you understand.. " I just wanted to have a check on you when i come from her place.. "
Shilpa looked away from him and got out of the car without saying a word.. Armaan leaned to the window waiting for her to give a reply.. Why was she being so stubborn and difficult.. She glanced back at him clutching her bag.. "You dont need to come to my place.. I guess you might be getting late for your meeting now..."
There again it went.. His expression hardened as he noticed jealousy passing through her eyes.. Without a further word he got back into his seat and drove off leaving behind her stunned..

Chapter 40 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Slow and Steady Steps

As I heard some strange noises coming from my surroundings, I opened my eyes to the bright light coming from the window and I closed my eyes again.  I sat up on the bed and stretched with my eyes closed and moaned.  I yawned and saw Armaan on the other side of the room, searching for something and I frowned.  How in the hell was he up so early today?  With this question in my mind, I looked at the clock.  It was only 8.

"Oh shit!  It's eight o' clock!" I jumped on the bed as I saw the time.  I was very late!  I looked at Armaan and questioned him.  "Oye body builder!  Tumne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahin!" I yelled at him but he just totally ignored me and acted like he didn't hear me.  "Armaan!  Main tumse baat kar rahi hoon!" This time he heard me and turned around.

"Talking to me?" His answer made me mad, but I put a sugar-coated smile on my face and said in a very sarcastic tone.

"Nahin.  Tumhare peechhe jo dus pandra log hain na, unnko bol rahi hoon.  Duh, tumse baat kar rahi hoon!  Tumne mujhe uthaaya kyun nahin?"

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Part 12 :Remember Me (ArSh FF)

They walked inside the apartment in silence.. The same tensed awkwardness hanging between them.. He stood still for a minute looking at his own place.. Wasnt this the same place where they had shared such beautiful memories together.. Where they had laughed together and had precious moments.. Suddenly everything was gone and awkwardness was hanging around the place with her presence.. He noted that fact in frustration.. She stood behind him looking at him uncertainly , she knew the very same thoughts were running in his mind like hers.. She moved inside the apartment murmuring softly.. " Things change so soon right.. ? "
He glanced at her and gave a curt nod while pulling off his coat.. " Things change.. People change.. "
She shot him a look when he spoke hurriedly justifying his words.. " I didint mean by you.. You have even changed a bit.. Still the same.."

Chapter 39 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The 'Guest'

"Riddhima!  Hurry up!  We want more here!"

"Abhi!  If you yell that one more time, I swear you won't recognize your face in the mirror!  Chill!" Riddhima yelled back at Abhi.  It was breakfast time and everyone was sitting at the table, waiting for Riddhima to bring more food to them, which was really irritating Riddhima.

A few weeks had passed since Armaan had finally decided to break the walls around him to a certain extent.  So many things had changed since that night.  The house where you could barely hear any noises from was now the home to laughter and happiness.  A great change was seen in Armaan.  Instead of being all sad and gloomy like he normally would be, Armaan actually appeared to be very happy.  He spent every second of the day with his brothers which meant total chaos in Mallik Mansion.  They were acting like total kids playing football, watching TV constantly while stuffing popcorn in their mouths and what not!  In all this, they made Riddhima's life really hard as more than half the time she was stuck in the kitchen, making food for them and it was the same right now.  Now they were sitting at the breakfast table, waiting for Riddhima to bring more food for them.