Saturday, 26 October 2019

AR OS: Over The Years

"Dr. Armaan Mallik, I don't have time for your stupid pranks. I, unlike you, actually come here for working. Now, if you'll excuse me," Riddhima said and walked past Armaan but had to stop as she felt someone holding her dupatta."

"Dr. Basket Gupta, if you would actually let me talk to you, maybe it wouldn't be so time consuming. I did not put salt in your coffee. I repeat, I. Did. Not. Put. Salt. In. Your. Coffee." Armaan told her walked away from there, glaring at her. She glared right back and went to the Children's Ward.


"Urgh, Riddhima Gupta, get out of my head. I do not want to see you everywhere I go. This is so irritating. Maybe I should ask Atul about this?" Armaan spoke to himself. "Great, now I'm talking to myself."

Part 3 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Riddhima gets a mail with pictures that show Armaan with another girl and Riddhima gets shocked.  She talks to Muskaan and gets relieved.  Armaan comes back and gets worried when Riddhima doesn't react to him.  He finds out that Riddhima knows about him being with another girl and tries to tell her the truth, but is unable to as Riddhima refuses to listen to him.  Both break down and Riddhima talks to Muskaan about her talk with Armaan, and tells her that she knows what to do now.

Next Morning...
Armaan woke up and looked around.  He slept in the guest room as Riddhima had pretty much locked him out yesterday.  Yesterday's incident came back to him.  He couldn't believe that just one day could change his life to such extent.  He was so happy to come back.  He was happy to come back to India, to his house, to his Riddhima.  But he never knew that it was completely opposite with Riddhima.

Friday, 25 October 2019


" 56....well done armaan....come on you can do it..."

"I know that riddhima...."

" 57...." She said sitting on the back of armaan as armaan was doing push ups with her on his back.....n she was reading a magazine....

" And the award winning bussiness man gives all his credit to his wife....58...."

" mallik how do you feel....after your newly marriage took place....any change in your schedule....."

Part 2 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Riddhima realizes that Armaan is coming back from Malasiya, and get's really happy.  She recalls the moments spent with Armaan, before he had left for his business trip.  She gets an unknown mail, and gets shocked after seeing the material inside the mail.

After seeing the material inside the mail, Riddhima's hands started to shake and the mail dropped from her hands, down on the floor.  They were some photos.  Armaan's photos.  But they weren't JUST Armaan's photos, they also had this girl in it.  The  2 of the photos showed Armaan kissing this girl behind a pillar, and the other 2 showed Armaan with the same girl in the bed, making love with each other.
Riddhima was shocked after seeing the pictures.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  Her legs refused to support her, and she dropped on the ground.  She blankly stared at the pictures.  Tears formed in her eyes.  A lone tear fell from her eyes, bringing in a flood of tears.  She cried bitterly.  She couldn't believe that Armaan could do something like that to her.  She had loved Armaan with all her heart.  She had trusted him so much, but Armaan had just shattered her faith into uncountable number of pieces.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Part 1 :Betrayal (AR)


As the Sun shone through the window, she turned to the other, only to find more light there.  Suddenly, the alarm rang, waking her up.  She sat up, and dismissed the alarm, and jerked her eyes open, but quickly put her hand up in front of her eyes, as to protect those.  She again slowly opened her eyes, revealing those beautiful eyes of her.  She quickly looked at the calendar which was in front of her, which announced 'August 20, 2010'.  Her lips formed into a smile.
" Aaj toh woh aa jayega. "  she said, as her grinned grew more bigger.  She quickly got out of the bed, and ran towards the bathroom, making her soft, shiny hair fly gracefully behind her.
She quickly brushed her teeth, and had a shower.  She got out of the bathroom and walked to her walking-closet.  Changing into a dark blue strapless top, which ended at her mid-thighs, and black jeans shorts, she walked out of the closet, and went to her dresser.
She brushed her silky, black hair and applied black kohl, and a tint of lip gloss on her face.  She wore blue bangles in her right hand, and a Relic watch in the other, with a pair of blue sapphire earings.
She looked at the reflection in the mirror.  A smile appeared on her face.  She recalled those moments that she had spent with him, right before he had left.

Epilogue : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

"I knew you would come back to me Armaan " Sarah spoke happily not able to believe her eyes. She had almost given up the thought that Armaan would be back to her. " I was so correct you have comeback Armaan " She spoke eagerly while opening the door fully inviting him into her hotel room. Armaan stared at her for a while and gave a sarcastic smile. "Ofcourse after all i had something important to finish. "
The tremor in his voice made her flinch for a second as Sarah stared at her uncertainly. What was running in his mind. She wondered. Seeing how he was mocking at her dissapointed all her happy thoughts..
Not for long. Now that you have come to me i will make you mine forever. A seductive smile formed on her lips as she gave a thought about it. Without a further word Armaan walked inside the room which surprised her at first. But again a her smile grew as she felt she was near her plan.
" Armaan you dont know how happy i am to have you here. " Sarah spoke following him inside. With a wide smile she hugged him from behind only to feel him grow still. Armaan flinched at the contact and closed his eyes trying to control the fury in his mind. Muttering under his breath his brushed away her hand , he took a step forward making some distance between them. Sarah stared at him in shock noticing the disgust in his eyes as he glared at her. She felt a unknown fear grow within her as he spit out in disgust. " Stay away from me. "

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Prologue:Betrayal (AR)

 He followed her into her room with anger in his eyes.  She entered her room crying after what she had seen.  She had started to trust him a little, but after what she had seen today, she couldn't trust him ever again.  She tried to close the door but he placed his hand on the door, making it impossible for her to close the door.  She tried a lot, but couldn't and finally he opened the door, making her go back a few steps, and he closed the door shut behind him.  He looked at her with fire in his eyes.
" Chale jao yaha se.  I SAID GO! " She shouted, but he didn't budge.  He walked forward, and she tried to walk right past him, but he grabbed her by her wrists and turned her around, making her face him.
" Leave me Armaan. " Riddhima said trying to get rid of his grip, but Armaan wasn't in any mood of letting her go tonight.  He kept staring at her with bloodshot eyes and tightened his grip on her wrists, making her wince a little.

Last Part : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

He set in the car, parked outside the house. His heart kept debating on whether he wanted to do this. He could still show his back and run away from the problem. But that would mean throwing off the problem of Sara on Shilpa. Disgust filled in his heart as he realized what a coward he was being. Sara is the past. Shilpa is my Future.. He chanted in his mind as he got out of the car.. Minutes passed as he stood infront of the door staring at it blankly. As he gave a soft knock on the door it flew open and infront of him stood the last person he had wished to see right now..
"Ahh Finally Armaan.. " Sara spoke in her famous sultry voice passing a seductive smile at him.. His jaw clenched as she ran down a hand on her tight dress. Her actions disgusted him as he realized what she was trying to do. He couldnt believe she had the guts to stare at him with lust knowing he was married.. He tore off his gaze and tried to walk pass her as she held his arm with a smirk.. " Running away from me ? "

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Part 22 : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Destiny had finally brought them face to face again.. Deep in heart Shilpa knew oneday would come where she would have to confront with Armaan's past. Face it and fight for it.. Face her.. Her heart concluded as she realized Sara had taken a seat beside her. Anjali set stiff throwing daggers at Sara but still kept quiet. She knew in one minute she could drive off this women. But still something inside her stopped her as she saw the determination forming in Shilpa's eyes. Dont let her win Shilpa.. Anjali gave her a pleading advice which Shilpa understood..
"So Shilpa.. Finally getting to see you after so many months.. " Sara spoke awkwardly flashing a big smile..
Get strong fight for it.. A silent plead formed in her heart as she smiled back at Sara.. "Ofcourse Sara. Havent got to hear a word from you. You must have been having a very good carrier.. "
Sara narrowed her eyes when suddenly her eyes ran to her belly.. A coy smiled formed on her lips instantly.. " Totally Knocked out... Who is the lucky Guy.. "

Monday, 21 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me ( Last part )

He made her lie on their bed and covered her with the blanket and went out to get some medicines for her. When he went out Riddhima opened her eyes and saw that she was in their house. She got up immediately and knew that Armaan had seen her and brought her here. She frantically got up and was about to leave when she found her big size photo on the head side wall of the bed. She just stared at it and it was then she noticed everything and all the things were just the same as she had left it, but it was clean and tidy and neatly organized. Then she looked at the whole house and was surprised to see it clean and clear and was overwhelmed with it. She went into the kitchen and saw all the things kept clean but some vessels were burnt very bad. Then she understood that Armaan might be cooking at home and she chuckled at it and then returned to the main hall when she heard a car entering the driveway. She was startled and didn't know what to do so went in to the room again and lied in the same way as she was before.

Part 21:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

"Just reschedule the meeting for morning. Am coming to office in a while." Armaan spoke in a hurry as he kept roaming around the home searching for his files. Shilpa kept tiredly wandering around him passing him his things. Being now pregnant for 9 months was making her tired and weak. "Armaan you are tiring me up now.. " Shilpa complained in a soft voice as she set in the sofa rubbing her big belly. He turned around staring at her for a minute. Mumbling a quick bye to his secretary he slowly bent down caressing her cheek.. "You better stop running around like this. Specially when the due date is so close.. "
"Then you better stop making me run after you. Armaan Mallik still is a kid who doesnt knw where his things are.. " Shilpa made up a face but couldnt help smile as she noticed him giving a silly grin..
"Oh god am sure gonna be late for my meeting now.. " Armaan muttered under his breath as he glanced at his watch and made his way to get his bag.. " Now where did i keep my keys.. " He spoke aloud searching around the sitting room.. Shilpa groaned and got up unwillingly, she picked up the keys from the drawer and walked upto him slowly narrowing her eyes.. "Your keys Armaan.. " He smiled and tried to take it when she snatched it back with a strict look.. " You will only get your keys when you finish the breakfast.. "

Epilogue : Dangerous Desire (AR)

"Armaan!  Tum kahaan ho?  Please tang karna band karo na!" Riddhima yelled for him as she walked around, trying to find him with her hair tied up in a messy bun.

"Oye kaan khajoore!  Tereko office nahin jaana kya?  UTH!" Muskaan screamed her lungs off, trying to wake Rahul up, while he just wouldn't budge.

"Atul, main last time keh rahi hoon!  Get up, and go take a shower, warna main tumhe kabhi baat nahin karungi!" Anjali said sternly and Atul immediately got up and ran to the bathroom, as she got back to work with a smile.

"Oye saand ki aulaad!  Utho!  Nikhil ko school chhodne nahin jaana kya?" She yelled, but Abhi just slept through her screams.  When he didn't an inch, Nikki glared at him and sat on him, immediately waking him up as he coughed and slowly got up and walked to the bathroom.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me ( part 2 )

Tears started flowing from Riddhima's eyes as she remembered about their moments and her life with him which was for a short period but full of colour. Riddhima just looked at herself in the mirror and touched her sindoor and left a single tear. She started crying hysterically as she had started missing him very badly. After sometime she got up and thought that she had to see him and packed her things and though that she would see him and would return back to her life as she thought he would not accept her again.

She came to Mumbai and reached Sanjeevani hospital and prayed god that he should be there as she did not want to go to their home because once she goes inside all her memories attached with that house would reflect in front of her eyes, the way they had entered the house, how they had arranged everything, their nameplate stating Riddhima Armaan's nest, how they had made love in each and every place of the house, and how they had chased each other like teenagers and so on.

Part 20:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Did i say something wrong ? It was the words which kept ringing in his mind as they made their way back to home. Through out the way she was silent , a blank expression stick on her face as if she was in daze.. She better react good.. He muttered to himself slightly dissapointed with her behavior. After so much planning of the house and confessing his feelings to her he had expected her to react with a look of surprise and tears. But instead she stared at him blankly and mumbled that she wants to go back home.

"Shilpa stop doing that.. " Armaan muttered angrily as he followed her around the house while she kept gathering up items in boxes.. Maybe she was eager or excited to shift back to the new house as soon as possible. But instead all he noticed in her face was tiredness which she usually felt due to pregnancy.. "Shilpa you should not stress out yourself  in this condition.." He spoke carefully trying to keep himself calm as he spoke softly so that she wouldnt react bad. Since pregnancy had started she had been reacting to his words emotionally. "Shilpa listen to me.. Shona " He spoke softly taking her hand into his.. He frowned as she moved away softly crying.. "How can you just come and say it so easily.. " She spoke in broken words while trying to put away things with her trembling hands..
" I said stop stressing out yourself.. " He muttered in a angry tone. Shilpa glanced up at him biting her lips , but instead of listening to him she started to fill up the box with items..

Last Chapter : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Armaan opened his eyes slowly to see the most adorable sight in front of him.  Riddhima was sleeping peacefully with her hand under her head.  He slowly angled himself towards her and carefully observed her.  Her thick, long lashes were softly resting on her rosy cheeks.  A thick, curly fringe was covering a part of her face, which he didn't like at all.  Very slowly, he pushed the fringe back and Riddhima opened her eyes, looking at him straight in the eye.

"Good morning wifey." He greeted her lovingly, bringing a beautiful smile to her face.

"Good morning, hubby." She said huskily.

"God you sound so sexy." She softly chuckled at what he said and held his hand.

"Do I just sound sexy?"

"Ohhh... I like this Riddhima.  Very naughty."