Saturday, 9 November 2019

part 5 : Here to change his life forever

Life and work was hectic and usual. Meetings to attend, couple of discussions and load of work. Riddhima was engrossed in a file when there was a knock on the door. It was none other than Armaan he had come to tell her they will be going to home together since the weather was bad outside and therefore she agreed to accompany Armaan while going back home. It was around 7pm, and it looked like it was going to rain heavily so both of them left to go home from Mallik Empire. In the midway there car stop and there is smoke coming out from car bonnet. Driver gets out of the car and checks and comes to Armaan and tells him that they need a mechanic to repair the car. So the driver leaves to get a mechanic. Riddhima gets down the car as she is not comfortable, Armaan follows her. They are standing outside the car, the weather is cloudy and it seemed like it is going to rain any moments. Suddenly it starts lightening Riddhima gets scare and hugs Armaan. Her head is touching his bare chest with her hand touching his chest. She has all her weight on Armaan. After two minutes she realizes she just hugged him and mentally kicks herself for going near him. Even though Armaan

Part 17 :Betrayal (AR)

 My 'Friends'

Recap: Armaan and Riddhima go back to the gang, and tell them about the incident.  They decide to take Sumit's help, while Riddhima decides to take Molly's help.  Armaan recalls his past.

Riddhima opened her eyes, as the warm rays of the Sun on her beautiful eyelids, but then closed them immediately.  She slowly tried to open them again.  She tried to get up to stretch, but then felt something heavy over her body.  She looked to the side, and saw Armaan sleeping with his hand over her lower waist, and his face was slightly hid in the crook of her neck.  She smiled lightly, and caressed his hair lovingly.
He looked so cute while sleeping.  Just like an angel.  She placed a tender kiss on his forehead and smiled.  Armaan smiled in his sleep, and went deeper into her neck.  Riddhima closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath on her nape.
' I wish I could just stay like this forever Armaan.  In your arms. ' She silently wished.  She suddenly remembered her conversation with Molly.

Friday, 8 November 2019

part 3& 4 : Here to change his life forever

Part 3 :

As Riddhima is about to close the door of Armaan's room something falls from the table accidentally by her hand. She goes to pick it up. It is a diary, due to the wind the first page of it opens and she finds a very depressing statement
"She never found out how much I tried - all of the sadness she kept made me blind she never found out how much I cried - the rope so tight on the night that she died..."
As she was going to read more, suddenly she hears Armaan uncomfortably moving on the bed, so she gets scared as what will she tell Armaan if sees her reading his diary. So she keeps the diary where it was on the table and closes the door behind her and goes to her room. She gets fresh, changes and lies down on the bed. It's already been an hour since she lay down on the bed but she wasn't able to sleep all she was thinking about Armaan and his past. She sits up leaning on the wall and is in deep

Part 16 :Betrayal (AR)

    Drunken Confession

Recap: The gang talk together about the call, and Riddhima arrives there, but they lie to her.  Riddhima doesn't agree with the lie, and talks to Armaan about this.  They later go to Gilbert Trail, where Riddhima recalls her past.  She is almost about to get killed by Maya, but Armaan saves her, and they kiss, but then leave.

Armaan and Riddhima were walking to the rest of the gang in silence.  Both were lost in their own thoughts.
' Maya ne Riddhima ko maarne ki koshish kyun ki?  Why?  Kahin ussne... haan.  Shaayad issi liye hoga.  I can't believe ki Maya iss hadh tak gir sakti hain.  Woh mujhe Riddhima se alag karna chaahti hain?  Chaahe jo bhi ho jaaye, main Riddhima ka saath kabhi nahin chhodunga.  Never.  Mujhe sab se baat karni hi padegi.  Iss ka hal toh main nikaal kar hi rahunga. '

Thursday, 7 November 2019

part 2 : Here to change his life forever

Precap: Riddhima Gupta a successful businesswoman in U.S. has to come to India for a project in which she will be working with Mr. Armaan Mallik a business tycoon in India. She is going to stay at Armaan's place since she doesn't know anyone in India. Armaan is depressed, workaholic, and alcoholic. Something happen in his past that made him isolated. He doesn't attend any parties nor have a social life, he and his work. So Riddhima comes to India and to welcome her Armaan orgazines a party in which he denies to go since he doesn't attend parties but Riddhima being stubborn somehow manages to convice him and they leave for the party.


Part 15 :Betrayal (AR)

      Meri Aawargi

Recap: Amit and Sapna confess their love for each other at the church.  Armaan is about to tell Riddhima the truth, but doesn't because he got a call earlier saying that if tries to tell Riddhima anything, then she'll kill Riddhima or any of his friends.  Riddhima gets upset, and remembers her past.  Two other people are discussing whether Armaan will tell Riddhima or not, and it is revealed that the girl had mixed pills in Armaan's drink.

The next morning, Armaan and the gang were sitting in Rahul's room.  They had gotten up early because Armaan had called Rahul up, and told them about what happened, and they decided to meet up in Rahul's room.  Armaan had told them everything that had happened.  From the call he got, to his and Riddhima's talk in their room.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Intro & part 1 : Here to change his life forever

Poem for the FF:BY MARCY

Before i met you i hated life
And i felt like there wasn't a reason to live
But then i met you had my life changed
Now i have a reason to live
You even say that you love me
You are an angel sent down from heaven
You brighten my day and I brighten yours
You changed my life
And I never wanna go back to the life before i met you
I think about you every nite and every day
There isn't one moment that i don't think about you
You changed my life



Part 14 :Betrayal (AR)

   Amit and Sapna

Recap: The gang plays truth and dare in the garden, and Riddhima sees a flash of something.  Sapna realizes that she is in love with Amit.  Armaan walks on glass on a dare from Maya.  Armaan and Riddhima share an intimate moment in their room.  Sapna takes Riddhima to her room to figure out her feelings.  Riddhima recalls her past when she first fell for Armaan.

The next morning, the gang freshened up and went to Atul's room, for breakfast.  They sat down on the bean bags and started to have their breakfast.  Just then, Muskaan's eyes fell on Armaan's hand.  His hand was wrapped in a bandage, and it was slightly bleeding through.
After Riddhima left with Sapna, Armaan was really mad.  He was so frustrated with everything, that he had knocked the glass vase down, which had injured his hand.  He took care of himself, but he knew that it wouldn't help.
" Armaan!  Yeh tumhare haath ko kya hua?  Yeh chot kaise lagi tumhe? " Muskaan asked worriedly.  Everyone's eyes went to his hand, and they got worried.  Armaan looked at his hand for a minute, and looked up.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

OS : Love Lost, Love Found: If We Meet Again.. Part (b)

It was weird when I walked back into that same place, those same passages, where I had found him, found the one I loved, and the same place where I had seen him last. It had been 11 years since I said goodbye to this school where I grew up, which was somewhere responsible for the person I was today, and here I was today, back again, for a school reunion, something we would always joke about when we were 16; we all always wondered where we would be 10 years later, what our lives would be like, and the main question - whether we would be part of each others' lives'At that time, the answer to this question had been simple - 'Of course! We're friends forever! Burger anyone?', but obviously, not all our prophecies come true'People always move onto bigger and better things. I hadn't. I had never been able to find anyone like him, and somewhere in my heart, I knew I would never. Did I even want to?

I drove back to the last time I had seen his eyes,  his dark grey-blue eyes, which had haunted me even in his absence. It was the End-Of-Year Ball, the Farewell party for us seniors, where I had realized that I was in love with him, and the very next day, I had realized that I had lost him'

Part 13 :Betrayal (AR)

        A Mere Attraction?

Recap: Muskaan comes to Riddhima and tells her that Armaan is innocent, and Riddhima becomes even more determined to find out the truth.  Anjali, Sapna, and Muskaan reach the club where the boys are, and Atul tells everyone the truth, from which the girls are shocked, but they support Armaan.  Later on, Armaan goes back to his past.

Riddhima came back from taking a shower, and her eyes fell on Armaan, who was sound asleep.  A magnetic pull just pulled Riddhima towards Armaan.  She sat on the bed beside him and just stared at him.
He looked angelic while sleeping.  Riddhima could just stare at him forever, in the same way.  He had a slight frown on his face, which sent an urge to Riddhima to turn the frown, into a smile.  Her hand raised, and went towards Armaan.  She caressed his hair lovingly.  A smile automatically came upon her lips.  As a result, the frown went away, and a smile appeared on his face.  She bent down kissed his cheek, and let her lips linger over him. 

Monday, 4 November 2019

OS : Love Lost, Love Found: Two Different Worlds (part a)

High School normally comes with an entire package of unwritten rules, and they are tested in the most cruel ways - the results decide whether you're allowed to exist in High School or not. One such rule we're talking about was the Status Quo. Every gang had a different look, and a different status - more like a rating. The group that topped the charts, got to decide the ratings of the rest.

And this, was exactly I, and a bunch of my friends did'We were the popular kids, we had our bunch of hot dude and pretty dudettes, and I was a part of them'I, Riddhima Gupta, was the popular chic, a style statement people around me wanted to follow, the epitome of perfection which people wanted to imitate, and most of all, every guy's dream date'

Part 12 :Betrayal (AR)

    Picnic in Lonavla...

Recap: Armaan and the boys are talking about Maya, and they recall their last encounter with her.  During lunch, Maya tries to secretly flirt with Armaan, but Rahul stops her.  Sapna starts to realize that she's starting to feel something for Amit, but dismisses the thought.  Riddhima remembers her past and decides to find out the truth.

" Ridzi! " A knock on the door brought Riddhima back to the present.  She closed the photo album, and opened the door, and saw Muskaan standing there.
" Arre Muski?  Tu yahaan kaise?  Koi kaam tha? "
" Kyun?  Main bina kaam ke nahin aa sakti kya? "
" Arre nahin!  Aisi toh koi baat nahin hain. "
" Ab kya tu mujhse yahin pe baat karegi?  Andar nahin bulaayegi? "
" Sorry meri maa!  Aaja! " Riddhima rolled her eyes and called her in with a smile.
Muskaan flopped herself down on the bed, and Riddhima did the same.
" Chal bata.  Kasauli kaisa hain? " Muskaan asked, suddenly excited to gossip.
" Bohat achha hain.  I love it here.  Kitni shanti hain yahaan. "

Sunday, 3 November 2019


"Sir you have 32 voice mails…you were in the meeting and.." his p. a informed him running after him to another conference hall just after having finished a meeting.

"is someone dieing?" armaan asked walking briskly with a plain face. He had important things to look after than attend his voice mails!

"uh- uhm no- no sir.."

"is there any from shilpa mallik?"

" sir.."

Armaan took out his phone and listened to shilpa's voice mail… "voice mails are for office clients and people you don't wanna talk to…dare you put me on this thing again armaan.." he smiled. If there was one person in the world who could talk to armaan in that air, it was mrs. Shilpa mallik!

"what time is it?" he asked plainly to his p.a..

Part 11 :Betrayal (AR)

Recap:  The gang decides to go to Kasauli Club for the evening.  A girl is really mad as she doesn't know where Armaan has gone.  She vows to get Armaan back.  In Kasauli, Armaan and Riddhima share a moment together.  They later go to the club, where Riddhima recalls her first meeting with Armaan.  They come back to the hotel, where the boys find out that Maya and Vivek have come there, too, and Armaan is really mad.  He recalls his second meeting with Riddhima in the college where they had bet.