Saturday, 23 November 2019

PART 4 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

The next few days went very fast. It being their first week at the hospital all the interns had a hard time getting used to the new environment, adjusting with the hectic duty schedules. Once they finished their duty, everyone used to rush back home to get some rest- no exception being Armaan and Riddhima. They never got much free time, but whenever they had some time, Armaan left no stone unturned in teasing Riddhima, which only annoyed her more.

Riddhima, being a reserved person, found good friends in Muskaan and Rahul. And Armaan? Only God knows how she tolerated him in the hospital. She has almost grown allergetic to him. Armaan, on the other hand, being a cheerful one, mingled with everyone easily. Soon Armaan, Muskaan and Rahul formed the most happening gang at the hospital, while Riddhima had no choice but to join them.

Epilogue :Betrayal (AR)

 A loving husband, a caring wife, and a lovely daughter... If a person gets this, then life is no less than heaven.  It was the same with Armaan and Riddhima.  Twenty five years had been passed, and everything was just perfect.

As Riddhima had said, she had given birth to a little girl named Rashmi who was a perfect blend of the two. She was beautiful and smart like Riddhima, and naughty and cool like Armaan.  Both loved Rashmi a lot and would pamper her like no one would.  Atul and Anjali also had a son named Maan.  Rahul and Muskaan had given birth to a little girl, who had turned out to look exactly like Muskaan, and as decided, she was named Geet.  Amit and Sapna had also gotten married very soon.  Amit was everything that Sapna's parents wanted in their son-in-law, so they had gotten married quickly.  Shortly after their marriage, they had given birth to a boy, and named him Raj.

Friday, 22 November 2019

PART 3 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan reached his destination, quite early not able to control his excitement. As he stepped inside Sanjeevani, his joy knew no bounds. Was his anxiety due to the fact that he had been accepted as an intern in Sanjeevani or due to the fact that he had proved his father wrong. Only God knows that!

Armaan remembered that day well when his father, kind of humiliated him saying that he could never make it to Sanjeevani. He had decided at that very moment, that he would prove his dad wrong.  And now he stood here, with an acceptance letter in his hand. He closed his eyes for a moment and thanked Raji, who had been by his side in achieving his target.

Smiling to himself and eyeing all the beautiful nurses, he moved to the reception. "Excuse me" he said to get the attention of the nurse at the reception. The nurse glanced at him, while he striked his dimpled smile to her. He was quite sure that the young nurse was bowled with his charm and he enjoyed the moment.

Last Part :Betrayal (AR)

 Happy Ending

Recap: Atul and Anjali get married.  Armaan and Riddhima romance.

The next day, the gang was packing their bags, as they were leaving for Mumbai.  They had the best time of their life in Delhi, and they really didn't want to leave, but they had to.
" Riddhima beta.  Main andar aa sakti hoon? " Padma asked standing at the door.
" Arre Mama.  Aaye na. " Riddhima said with a smile.  Padma came in and sat down on the bed.
" Riddhima... mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi. "
" Boliye. "
" Beta, main... maine ek baat notice ki hain. "
" Kaunsi? "
" Riddhima jab tum yahaan aayi thi, toh aisa lag raha tha jaise ki tumare aur Armaan mein kuch hua hain.  Koi problem.  Tum Armaan se door bhaagti thi.  Aur jab tum dono Kasauli se wapas aaye, toh sab kuch pehle jaisa tha.  Sach batao Riddhima.  Kya hua tha? "
" Ku... kuch nahin Mama.  Aa... aapko koi galat faimy huyi hain. "
" Jhooth mat bol.  Maa hoon teri.  Tujhe bohat achhe se jaanti hoon.  Ab bata, kya baat hain. " Riddhima closed her eyes, and sighed.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

PART 2 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan was glad that he balanced himself from tripping and the next moment his heart beat fast as Riddhima clutched onto him closer. His arms around her waist and thighs, hers around his neck, her face under his neck and her breast soft against his chest. A shiver of pleasure ran down his spine. He had dated many girls right from his high school but never felt the same. He stared at her bewildered while Riddhima still shut her eyes in fear, not aware of the effect she had on him.

"Excuse me" someone's words brought him back from his state of trance. He shook his head twice and looked around to find that now he was blocking other's way. Soon he moved forward, holding her in his arms. Riddhima, still in fear, did not open her eyes while a soft smile crept over his lips.

Finally clearing the lane, he looked down at Riddhima in his arms. He bent his head down and whispered in her ears "Mam, may I have the honor of putting you down?" playfully. She was startled at his words in her ear. She opened her eyes quickly to find him grinning at her. No sooner did she find that her body is pressed hard against his, she literally jumped out of his arms and glared at him.

Part 29 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The gang returns back to New Delhi.

Gupta Residence was filled with noise the next morning.  Today is Atul and Anjali's marriage, the long awaited day for every single person present there.  The day, obviously, was going to be very tiring for everyone.  In the morning they would do Anjali's Haldi and Mehendi and the marriage would be at night.
The most irritating thing for everyone was that the girls and boys were not allowed to be together, alone, in one place until the marriage was over.  This had really disappointed the boys, as well as the girls.  Staying one whole day without being able to have nice, lovely moments with each other?  Impossible!  But what could they do?  Rules, were rules.  If they were caught, it wouldn't be good for anyone.
As of now, everyone was busy instructing the workers on the decorations.  They had strictly prohibited Shashank and Padma from doing any work.  As they already had worked a lot.
In the kitchen, the girls were working really hard in setting everything right.
" Ridzi, yeh zara store room mein rakh de na.  Please. " said Muskaan.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

PART 1 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Armaan, get up!" he heard a distant sound calling for him, but ignored it and went back to his world. "Armaan" the voice grew louder, but he only turned to the other side, grabbed his pillow and placed it over his ear, not interested to leave his world. He suddenly jerked and opened his eyes when a flush of cold water greeted his face. Horrified, he looked at the surroundings, and it took him few moments to realize that he was in sleep then and now wide awake.

"RAJI" he yelled at the middle aged woman, in her early fifties, standing beside his bed with an empty jug in her hands. "Why the hell did you wake me? It's hardly 6 am" he screamed checking the time, glaring at her.

"Armaan" she looked at him in disbelief "you promised me to take to the vegetable market today." She waited for his response while he rubbed his eyes, trying to console his goddess of sleep for the abrupt interruption, rewinding his memory regarding his promise.

Irritated with himself and Raji, he shouted "Why can't you go to the market with the driver? It's Sunday today and more over I have to join the hospital from tomorrow. Let me sleep." He grabbed his pillow, pulled his sheets and was about to sleep when Raji used her last shot "It's OK Armaan. If you don't want to come, let it be. I'll go by myself." She said pretending to wipe off the fake tear from her cheek.

Part 28 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The girls find out that Muskaan is pregnant, and they surprise the boys.

The gang had gathered up for breakfast, and were leaving no stones turned in teasing and scaring Rahul about Muskaan's pregnancy.
" Rahul beta, ab toh teri raaton ki neend udne waali hain. " sadi Amit.
" Kyun? "
" Muskaan ke mood swings tujhe jeene nahin denge. " said Armaan.
" Rahul, mujhe ice-cream khani hain. " said Muskaan.
" Abhi?! " He asked mortified.
" Haan! " He called the waiter and told him to bring ice-cream.  He brought it in a while.
" Yeh le. "
" Mujhe ice-cream nahin khani. "
" Kya! "
" Haan!  Mujhe kuch khatta khana hain. " Muskaan whined.
" Yaar isske mood swings abhi se kaise shuru ho gaye? " Rahul wondered out lod.  They exchanged looks, and then burst out into laughter.
" Kya hua? "

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Preface: Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Amidst all the chaos in the Marriage Registration Office in Andheri, stood a couple, lost in their own worlds. Were they happy? Were they excited? Were they anxious? NO. Unlike all the other couples who come to that office with their hearts full of happiness and anxiety for the future, this couple is irritated with everything happening around them. They just want to run away from that place. They are trying to understand the mess they have created out of their lives, standing there, just a few steps away from stepping into the divine relation of marriage.

"Take it. It's already time" someone's voice pulled her from a tsunami of thoughts. 'What am I doing here?' she thought to herself while she faked a smile and took the garland from the person who offered it to her. How badly she wished she had a chance to kill that person right then and there.

'Don't do this to yourself' his mind pleaded him for umpteenth time. Battling with the thoughts in his brain, he grabbed the garland with a forced grin on his confused face.

Part 27 :Betrayal (AR)

     Good News!

Recap: Armaan saves Riddhima, and Vivek is shot dead.  They spend the night together in a cottage.  They return back to the hotel where everyone is happy to see Riddhima back.  They have a  boys vs. girls fight, where Riddhima helps the boys.

" Riddhima zara towel dena. " Armaan called out from the bathroom.  Riddhima, who was catching up on the work on R & M Enterprise, heard his voice, and rolled her eyes in frustration.
" Armaan!  Khud le lo na!  Tumhare roz ki aadat hain towel bed par bhul jaane ki. " Armaan heard this, and his devilish mind started to work.
" So you want me to come out in the state I am in?  I didn't know that you are so tempted to see me without my clothes. " Riddhima's eyes widened in shock.
" Ruko!  Main le kar aati hoon. " Armaan grinned, and waited for her to come.  Riddhima slowly walked to the bathroom with the towel in her hand.
" Yeh lo. " Armaan opened the door slightly.  Riddhima held out the towel, and Armaan looked at it.  He held the towel for a second and then immediately grabbed her hand.  Riddhima eyes widened, and her mouth fell open as she looked at her hand, and Armaan.  She heard a knock at the door, and looked at the door.
" Ridzi  Darvaaza kholo!  Mujhe tumse baat karni hain! " Sapna yelled.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Last part : Here to change his life forever

Life was now perfect for the two of them Armaans past was obviously something he couldn't forget however Riddhima was sent by God and she had come as an angel and changed his life forever. These two lived like any other normal couple did they had there share of love,arguments. All these things together made their relationship much stronger. It was Saturday night and the two had a small argument over Armaan wanting to finish some of his work for the project he had to present on Monday They had promised each other that they would do nothing but spend weekends with each other but today he seemed more engrossed in other things and this had pissed Riddhima off. The two still were business partners but this was some of the work Riddhima could not help him out in and that just added to his work load. He was extremely stressed about getting this project and his pissed of wife was just adding to the burden. Only way the poor guy could feel better was by apologizing to her and spending time with her would always relieve his stress. She sat there on the couch reading one of her romantic novels. He walked up to her and apologized for being rude earlier on. Convincing her wasn't really an easy job and it was after a lot of apologies she finally agreed.

Part 26 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Vivek kidnaps Riddhima, and the boys try to stop him, but Vivek drives away.  Everyone finds out that it's Vivek that it is Maya's partner.  Vivek behaves very badly with Riddhima.  Riddhima calls Armaan through Vivek's cell phone and Vivek brutually beats her up.  They are successful in tracking Vivek down.  Armaan and Vivek come face to face.

Both just stared at each other with pure hatred.
" Vivek, Riddhima kahaan hain? " Armaan asked with gritted teeth.
" Nahin bataunga.  Kya kar loge? " Vivek asked challengingly.  Armaan curved his fingers into a rock solid fist, and punched him with full force, making him fall down.  He touched his lips, which was bleeding, and got up.  He punched him back, and Armaan stumbled, but didn't fall.  He turned around in a swift move, and punched him 10 times harder, and then hit both sides of his head at the same time and Vivek fell unconscious.  Armaan looked around and saw a way and immediately took the route.
He kept looking around for Riddhima, when he saw someone tied up through the boxes that were there and knew that it's Riddhima.  He walked around the corner, and a gasp left his mouth at the sight in front of him.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

part 13 : Here to change his life forever

As Armaan entered their bedroom his eyes started in search of Riddhima his Riddhima who was all his from now, as he was lost in his thoughts of how his life changed after Riddhima's entry in his life his eyes fell on his wife, his love, his life who was lost in her thoughts, so he went near her and put his hand on her shoulder which made her come out of her day dreaming. "Kya soch rahi thi?" asked Armaan. "Yeh soch rahi thi ki today I have everything one can ask for a really loving and caring husband the love of my life, a wonderful family, so many new relations…my life seems complete…" said Riddhima. "Come on Riddhima we can talk about this sometimes later, I am so not in a mood to do all these boring talks when I have something better to do" said Armaan with his naughty expressions which made Riddhima blushed…Armaan started removing her jewelry…taking off her earrings placing a quick peck on each of her earlobes, then the necklace and placing wet kisses from

Part 25 :Betrayal (AR)

    I Want My Wife Back!

Recap: The gang is successful in sending Maya to jail.  Sumit is about to tell everyone about Maya's partner, but the lights go off and someone screams Armaan's name.

They all were shocked hearing someone scream Armaan's name.
" Yeh toh Riddhima ki awaas hain. " Armaan said worriedly.  At the same time, the lights came back on and Armaan searched for Riddhima.  He panicked when he didn't see Riddhima anywhere in the hall.
" ARMAAN! " Riddhima screamed again.  They all ran outside and saw Vivek pushing Riddhima into a car and then getting into the driver's seat.  Armaan ran as fast as his legs would let him, but Vivek drove away.
" RIDDHIMA! " Armaan shouted after her.  The boys ran to a car and followed Vivek.  With all the lights off, it became extremely hard for them to keep track of the car.
Inside the car, Riddhima was trying her best to get Vivek's grip loose on her wrist, but that wasn't working.
" Vivek chhodo mujhe!  Leave me! "