Saturday, 28 December 2019

Chapter three : 25 With 18

            The end of the school day seemed to come by fast. School ended at 2:30, but Armaan stayed late till five to take care of paper work. He was sure that he was the last one to leave school when he ran right into Ridhima. She had her face buried in a book like usual and slammed into Armaan's rock hard chest.
            "Miss. Gupta, what are you doing here so late?" Armaan asked outside of the front building of the school.
            "I…I…" Ridhima did not know what to say. Ridhima had never been much of a big talker and being asked a simple question by her art teacher who was probably one of the top ten richest and handsome bachelors of all time, wasn't really helping the situation.

Part 8 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 8 . Relationship redefined ?

"I tell you aunty. We should go for counseling for him." Rahul declared without averting his gaze from his laptop. "He never listens to one completely."

It was almost 10 pm when we were done with dinner. Oh I forgot to tell you, throughout the drive back home from the hospital, I was at the receiving end of mom's lectures about my crisis management. And Rahul was just adding fuel to already blazed anger of mom. And it continued after dinner aswell. Now as Mom sat against the bedpost on her bed with me lying in her lap, Rahul sat beside us on the bed still complaining to mom.

"Mom, Riddhima didn't tell me properly." I defended myself.

"Shut up Armaan. You cut her call before she could tell you the entire scenario." Mom smacked my head.

Friday, 27 December 2019

Chapter two : 25 With 18

 Ridhima was lucky that Mark had taken art five with her. She knew that Mark disliked the idea of drawing and painting as much as he disliked watching the history channel, but he had just taken the class with Ridhima as he knew that they were gonna end up in the same class since there were only three people taking the class. There was Mark, Ridhima, and Justin.

            Justin was a friend of Marks who also just took the class as a blow off class so as to not have to take an extra science class. Justin and Ridhima aren't good friends like Mark and Ridhima are, but Justin loves Ridhima's quite nature and politeness. Maybe it is Ridhima's quite nature and innocent features that has the entire town in love with her. Everyone loves her as a sister or a daughter and a friend, but so far no one has loved her like a lover would.

Part 7 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 7 . Dreams vs. Happiness 

The next day was usual, yet unusual. Usual- as it was just another day where mom went to college, Riddhima stayed back at home as she had a trimester break, Rahul and I were lazing around in our room. Unusual- because of the way I had been observing Riddhima. Not as a paying guest or mom's friend but as a probable woman to be in my life, as a woman to share my life with. And I am telling you, my readers, that's weird. Especially when that girl was not aware of what had been conspiring around her.

Yes, you heard me right. Riddhima was not aware of the match making that mom, along with her new partner Rahul, had plotted. Mom told me that Riddhima would be approached with the matter only if I agree to go ahead with the proposal. And trying to arrive at a conclusion about marrying someone is tricky especially when that someone is quite an introvert.

I do believe in arranged marriages, especially after I had seen two beautiful couples. One- my parents and two- Shashank uncle and Padma aunty. So I wasn't against the fact with mom or aunty choosing a girl for me. Now that I had rejected one with Sanjana, who appears to be close to the woman of my dreams, I just needed a strong innuendo to consider Riddhima.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

intro & chapter 1: 25 With 18

Story Line
            Ridhima Gupta is starting her senior year of high school at Spring High School. She lives in a small town calleded Spring with a population of only three hundred. Her High School only has a population of one hundred and twenty. She is a quiet and simple girl whom the entire town loves, but everything in Ridhima's life turns upside down when her high school population goes from one hundred-twenty to one hundred-twenty-one. 

Chapter One

            "Armaan Khanna, you will listen to me, when I say you cannot sell this company!" Armaan rolled his eyes as his mother continued to yell at him through the phone. For the past two hours his mother was yelling at him of how stupid he was, talk about story of his life. "mom, its already done, I have already signed the papers this morning." Armaan said in his cool calmed voice.

Part 6 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 6. Match me, if you can!

"How is Riddhima mom?" I asked sitting beside Rahul on the sofa where he and mom had been enjoying their morning coffee. Unlike me, Rahul usually follows the principle of 'Early to bed and early to rise' when he is home. I bet he does that inorder to please mom though. I had never seen him wake up that early when we were in Hyderabad, except for the days when he had an early morning shift.

"I am fine." Came the irritated reply. I turned back and found Riddhima coming to the living room with two mugs of coffee. She handed me one and sat beside mom, her face adorned with a frown. Rahul and I chuckled while mom laughed softly.

Now you must be wondering why Riddhima was irritated, which is so unlikely of her showing it. So let me clear it.

The last two days passed by fast. Mom lodged a complaint against Shekar, with the management after coming to know what had happened. Riddhima, as usual was against that. But I was adamant that we go ahead with the case and Rahul sided with me. Mom was a little apprehensive whether Riddhima would open her mouth infront of the Disciplinary Committee but I had my own ways of dealing with Riddhima.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019


He shut the door behind him entering the house as stealthily as he could. Seeing all the lights off, he assumed her asleep. It was anyways late in the night and he had already told her to have her dinner without waiting for him. As he made his way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, he was reminded of his promise to her, of taking her on an ice cream date today. He still wanted to in fact, but it wasn't possible now for 3 reasons:

He was hell tired

Shilpa was already asleep

And, well he was hell tired!

But he still felt guilty for not taking her, having promised in advance.

Part 5 AR FF : "and then she said it"

           part 5 . Jealousy.........or gallantry? 

"Abe wake up!" I heard someone shaking me not so gently. Turning to the other side, I pulled the bed sheet over my face to block that disturbance. Why does everyone want to wake me up early in the morning? I thought irritated.

"Saale, get up. Enough of your dreaming!" I heard that voice again, though faintly. My sleepy brain tried processing it. Who could it be? Mom wouldn't wake me up this early. And definitely it was not Riddhima, for she wouldn't use those words. Muskaan, no way was she going to try waking me this peacefully. Saale- I am only addressed with that word by Rahul.

"Rahul?" I jumped awake at the realization. It's still a wonder as to how much his presence excites me. Even at 27, I couldn't help but rejuvenate at meeting him, though I stay with him 24x7 at Hyderabad.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

part 4 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 4. Kept me wondering

"Good morning mom." I said cheerfully coming downstairs to the dining table.  "Hie Riddhima." I added as I noticed her coming out of the kitchen. Riddhima smiled at me slightly. I felt good somehow.

"Good morning Armaan, how come you are up this early?" Mom asked faking surprise. I looked at the watch which said 9 am. Well, since my stay in Bangalore this spell, I didn't wake up before 11. And surely my coming downstairs to have breakfast with her is surely the first time.

"I couldn't sleep well. How are you feeling now?" I asked her diverting the topic. It was true, I wasn't blessed with a peaceful sleep last night. After apologizing to Riddhima, somehow I wasn't able to sleep. She invaded not only my house, but also my thoughts. To my horror I also remembered dreaming about her vaguely last night. As I realized I was dreaming about her, I woke up with a start and didn't dare to sleep the rest of the night, until it was early in the morning.

Monday, 23 December 2019


8.30 P.M..

She knew where would he be…and she too needed to be there, for a reason unknown to her, though. She just wanted to go to him now. She did not have a single idea about what was she going to say to him, about if she was even going to say anything. She just wanted to go. She still doubted if she would be able to keep her feelings in check when he is around, she doubted if she would be able to keep her tears in check…as she made her way to the dressing room, she wondered would he even want to see her face again. She had been so rude to him…she had told him off so badly…she herself did not believe in the words she had said to him…she knew somewhere, in the deep of her hearts, that she loved him…but just couldn't come to terms with it…and she was definitely not going to say anything to him.

He was too busy dressing up his wounds to notice anyone enter the room. You know how in films, when the hero and his lady love meet, there are violins…and saxophones…and a beautiful song playing in the background? But here, there was nothing. It was not a film, it was reality. Everything from the clicking of the door knob to his winces was clear as thunder. This silence was killing her. She had wished him to notice her and start a conversation, or at least tell her to go away. That would have been easier. But now, she had to go to him. She went closer and closer, hesitating. Thinking twice about each step she took. She did not want to look him in the eye. She couldn't see him like

part 3 AR FF : "and then she said it"

                            part 3 . Revelation and Acceptance

I was dead to the world, asleep, until I was hit by a thunder. This thunder, I tell you my readers, is anything but tranquil. Oh sorry, thunders are usually violent, I knew that and perhaps that's the reason I refer her to thunder. You might not leave, or even die, in peace until you acknowledge her presence. She is Muskaan Gupta, my cousin. She invented a unique way of waking people when she was in eighth standard. Do you know who her testbench was? Who else? It was me! You might be wondering what the protocol of her invention was. Imagine you were sleeping like a pig on your bed, drowned deep in your dreamland. Then you, all of a sudden, listen to a loud scream of someone right in your ear. What would your reaction be?

Sunday, 22 December 2019

AR os : Trip To God

"Riddhima" he whispered, trying to start a conversation.

But she slid further down, opened his shirt's button, kissed his chest and said- "Eight nights for eight months"

She didnt come back again, I waited but unlike other nights she didnt turn up at my guest house.

I am still wondering- What she said??? What she wanted to imply??


"Momma loves you angel" I said.

I felt a tender touch at my shoulder. I didn't need to see the person. He quietly sat beside me.

part 2 AR FF : "and then she said it"

Part 2. The Stranger

As soon as the door opened wide, I leapt forward, almost in haste, and hugged mom tight. Oh, I so missed her. At 27, I still hadn't very much got used to stay away from her. I would never confess that to her, but I love her way too much. Ofcourse why not? She was my first crush. Dad used to tease me saying that I had planned to marry my mom when I would grow up, right from my childhood. May be that's one reason, I didn't find my previous girlfriends worth it. I guess I search for my mom in them. Now when I said girlfriend's', don't jump into conclusions that I had innumerable affairs. I was into two healthy relationships before. But somehow they didn't turn out as we, or rather I, had expected.

Exhilarated with her mere presence, I hugged her tight only to smell something of mint. The next second, I felt her hair at her lower back, soft and thick. Now that was strange! Mom didn't have long hair back then. Even in six months I don't think it would have grown to that length. And that's when it hit me.