Tuesday, 27 October 2020

part 13: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She stared at his cabin, not willing to move forward.. The last thing she wished was confronting him.. She had taken such a big decision regarding her life so easily.. Without discussing with anyone.. Not even her dad.. Was her decision good enough for her.. Shilpa leaned on the wall giving more thought on it.. Here the question was about a small life growing inside her.. He was willing to take the responsibility.. Then why should she back away from it without showing any sense or responsibility.. Soon she would be tagged as Mrs.Armaan Mallik.. No Mrs. ASM.. And that was the thing which irritated her most... Rahul was making his way to do his rounds when he noticed Shilpa..
Rahul : Hey Shilpa.. What are you doing here..
Shilpa moved back to see a concerned Rahul standing infront of her..
Shilpa : Uhh Nothing.. I was just going to go for duty..
Rahul studied her with a frown..
Rahul : You Dont look so well.. What happened.. Everything fine.. ?
Shilpa : Am fine Rahul.. Just.. Couldnt get much sleep..
Rahul looked at her with a smile and hugged her lightly..

Monday, 26 October 2020

part 12: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She stared at him like a dumb.. Marriage ?? Was he out of his mind..
Shilpa : Marriage.. ? Who is getting married..
Armaan : You and me who else..
Shilpa snapped at him in horror..
Shilpa : I am not Marrying you...
Armaan : Ohh Yes you Are...
Shilpa : I would rather go and jump of a cliff..
Armaan rolled his eyes while she passed a annoyed look at him..
Armaan : You are free to do that after 9 months..
Shilpa : 9 months.. ? Will you divorce me after 9 months..
Armaan : No i was gonna say you can give the baby to me and jump..
Shilpa looked with wide eyes.. Was this man for real..
Shilpa : I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!

Sunday, 25 October 2020

part 11: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shashank glanced at Shilpa who kept staring at her food.. He noticed she hadnt eaten even a single piece of toast..
Shashank : Shilpa.. ? Darling whats wrong... ?
Shilpa snaps out of her thoughts.. Every word he spoke to her still kept running in her mind...
Shilpa : I am fine dad..
Shashank looked at her , not ready to buy her lie..
Shashank : Shilpa are you sure you want to go for duty... Why dont u take one more day off..
Shilpa looked away uneasily...She knew how much she wished she could ignore him.. Ignore his condition.. But right now running away from the problem wasnt the best solution..
Shilpa : No dad i better get back to duty today.. I have already taken two days off.. If i take anymore i am going to loose my points..
Shashank looked at her for a minute and nodded understandingly..
Shashank : Hmm I know.. But plz take care of yourself Shilpa..
Shilpa gets up from her seat and gives a tight hug to him before leaving the house..

Saturday, 24 October 2020

part 10: Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She moved from one side to another trying to figure out what to say, what to do.. While Armaan stood looking at her without uttering a word.. Atlast making up her mind she turned to him calming herself..
Shilpa : First of all.. I know i am not pregnant.. And i dont wish to do any test regarding it...
He looked at her and rubbing his chin lightly..
Armaan : Well wont you feel much better if you do the test and prove your words correct.. ?
She kept avoiding his gaze nervously while he leaned his back on the wall looking at her every move.. After a while she spoke in a uncertain voice..
Shilpa : You dont understand.. I cant just..
Armaan : Why you cant .. I will tell Dr. Anjali to carry on it privately..
Shilpa looked at him and snapped..
Shilpa : Ohh Really.. !! So what should i go and say to her.. Dr.Anjali can i do  pregnancy test cauxe i have a doubt in my mind that i am pregnant...
Armaan : But you just said so confidently you are not pregnant..
Shilpa : And i am still confident.. I dont want to embarrass myself infront of anyone..

Friday, 23 October 2020

part 9 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

She woke up grumpily adjusting her eyes into the morning light.. A immense headache kept irritating her to the core... Shilpa slowly rubbed her forehead closing her eyes trying to recollect any memory of last night.. What was she doing.. And how did she end up in the room.. She tried to focus more on the events but the last thing she remembered  was taking Tequila shots with Armaan.. TEQUILA... !!! Her eyes shot up open once she realized she had actually dared to drink alcohol... Then again a another realization swept through her as she remembered Armaan was the first one to take the shots.. Not only one did he really dare to take 5.. Shilpa sits up glancing around the room looking for him when she hears the bathroom door open , He comes out of a fresh shower draped in a towel while drying his hair with a another.. She couldnt help but admire seeing his strong muscled arms, a fit body which made him look more of a hunk.. Everything was perfect about him.. Every single part of him.. Shilpa snapped out of her dreamy thoughts feeling his amused gaze on her.. She mentally kicked herself for checking him out soo openly.. What was wrong with her.. There was a new feeling budding inside her which always made her loose her senses infront of him.. Controlling her inner emotions she glanced up at him to notice a cautious , hesitant look on his face..
Armaan : Umm Shilpa.. I guess you would like to cover up fully..

Thursday, 22 October 2020

part 8 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa uncomfortably shifted from one side to another trying to pull of the weight of him on her.. She turned back to other side when suddenly his hand crawled on her waist pulling her back close to his body.. She felt a ting of desire run through her as she felt his hot breath on her neck.. She inhaled his masculine scent and turned around facing his body when his lips brushed on hers making her tremble.. Getting lost in the moment she leaned forward to get more of his lips taking it into a soft kiss while her hands went on the back on his neck, caressing his hair softly.. She felt him groan as he willingly kissed her back deeply while his hands went on her back pulling her more close.. As they kept kissing with closed eyes, bodies tangled she gasped as she felt his hand run on her leg pulling it on his waist which gives her an idea of how close they were.. She smiled while kissing when he held her in his arms tightly.. How nice it was to have such a feeling.. How nice it was to be awaken in morning with someone beside.. How nice it was to get a kiss everyday like this, Every morning..

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

part 7 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa arrived hospital earlier than others and went through her bag seeing whether she had everything needed with her.. Today she had to leave germany with him.. The day she kept hoping never to come had arrived.. Shilpa close her locker when her phone rings... A smile comes on her face seeing the caller's name..
Shilpa : Hello.. Papa..
Shashank : Shilpa.. Are you all set.. When are you leaving...
Shilpa : Soon Dad.. And listen you better take care of yourself.. take your medicines and food on time.. And one more thing.. I will miss you..
Shashank : I will miss you too Shilpa.. But you are just going for a week right.. Do have a good time.. Bye darling...
Shilpa : Bye papa.. Love u..

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

part 6 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa stared at him stunned wondering whether she heard him correct or not.. How the hell did Armaan knew about Mr.Kapoor.. Atlast finding her voice she speaks trembling...
Shilpa : What... You..
Armaan : You didint hear me correct ? I was saying lets discuss about Mr.Kapoor..
Shilpa shakes her head while getting down from the bed..
Shilpa : But how do you know him..
Armaan looks at her for a second and takes her phone from his pocket.. Shilpa stare down at her phone and realizes he must have read the Message sent by the money beggar.. Shilpa snatches her phone from his hand getting furious..
Shilpa : How dare you read it.. I dont like when people touch my phone..
Armaan : Ohh Really ? Is that the reason why you leave your phone on the floor with your personal Messages open...

Monday, 19 October 2020

part 5 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

The very next morning :

Shilpa slowly made her way inside the locker room aimlessly while her mind kept reeling back to Mr.Kapoor.. Whole night she spent wide awake staring at ceiling thinking about his words.. This time she felt anger in his voice which scared her as she thought about how their meeting would go.. As she woke up she felt her head throbbing with pain due to lack of sleep.. She did thought of skipping today's duty but thinking about the worse she had to face in coming future, she decided to go hospital determined.. What was she was gonna face in here anywhere... Shilpa kept walking inside with her thought far miles away while everyone passed curious looks on her..
Atul gave a strange look at her while Rahul looks at her confusedly..
Atul : Dont u think she looks really sick today..
Rahul : Yaa  dude.. Didint even reply to Hi.. She looks like she is about to throw up..
Muskaan : Who is throwing up.. ??
Rahul gives a irritating look at Muskaan while Atul points to Shilpa's direction..
Rahul : I am...
Muskaan : Huh...??

Sunday, 18 October 2020

part 4 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

As the week kept  passing on Shilpa found herself getting more tensed regarding the money she had to pay back to Mr. Kapoor.. As the days kept going she felt her fear rise as she knew she is loosing time and her freedom.. Within a month it somehow she had to payback all his money but still the question was hanging in the air on how she would pay such a big amount in such a short period of time.. Eventhough Shilpa tried her best to be normal among everyone her tensed mood was clearly visible to all.. Shashank kept trying his best to talk with Shilpa on the matter but she said quiet.. And it made him feel more helpless knowing he couldnt do even a single thing to help her... Muskaan kept trying to make Shilpa speak out her problem while Rahul and Atul stayed quiet but knew surely something was happening bad with her.. Anjali kept noticing Shilpa's behavior and was equally worried seeing the tensed look on her face..
On the other hand Armaan kept a steady gaze on every move of Shilpa noting a sudden change in her behavior these days.. Tension was visible on her face everyday and it added more fuel into there regular banter... Eventhough he acted not being bothered about it deep in his heart he couldnt help but become more curious wondering what problem she was having..

Saturday, 17 October 2020

part 3 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

1 week Later :

Shilpa walks inside the locker room with a frown thinking over the horrible week she had spent with so called Armaan Mallik.. The more she ignored him the more he became arrogant.. Shilpa clutches her file in frustration when she recall the conversation she had with her father in morning..
Flashback :
Shilpa : Dad.. U dont understand.. Here i was so embarassed when i got to know this Armaan Mallik is the head of Sanjeevani.. And..
Shashank interrupts her words with a amused smile..
Shashank : Well Shilpa dont u think you should have said sorry to him Darling..
Shilpa looks at him with a pout..
Shilpa : DAD... I did say Sorry to him.. But that Arrogant Man was showing his coldness.. Do u know how much work he has made me do within a week..
Shashank puts a hand on her shoulder..

Friday, 16 October 2020

part 2 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)

Shilpa : Dad come on have your breakfast i am getting late..
Shashank looks up from his newspaper and look at his daughter who keeps cleaning up the table while trying to pack her bag.. He lets out a chuckle..
Shashank : Shilpa.. You are getting late .. Dont worry about me i will take breakfast in a while.. you go before you get late
Shilpa looks up at him and smiles while taking her bag...
Shilpa : Ok i am going.. But you promise you will take ur medicines after breakfast...
Shashank : Yes Madam as you say..
Just than Shilpa makes her way out of the kitchen area giving a clear view of her dressing to Shashank who shakes her head with a smile..
Shashank : I see a lady is wearing a beautiful churidaar..
Shilpa looks at her father with a smile...
Shilpa : Just showing a decent entry Dad... Well cant promise for future..
Shashank shakes his head seeing her walk away with pride.. Her daughter truly was a unpredictable lady...

Thursday, 15 October 2020

part 1 : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)


Shilpa Malhotra :

Anyone knowing who the real Shilpa is.. ? Naa not at all possible.. Shilpa Malhotra 20 yrs old a Women who knows how to show herself infront of people..Shilpa is strong brave girl who is full of attitude.. Atleast its what she shows infront of people.. Usually many gets confused over her dressing attire it wud be hard for anyone to make out what she really likes in actual.. Shilpa has seen a hard life since her mother Padma died 10 yrs ago leaving her the responsibility of taking care of her sick father.. The circumstances forces her to take money from a rich person in order to continue with her studies and for her father's treatement.. But now she is threatened to payback the money for which Shilpa has decided to Join Sanjeevani as a junior Doctor so she can repay the money..But does she know going to Sanjeevani will change her life forever... ?

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Intro : Mr.Arrogant Weds Ms.Attitude (ArSh FF)


Shilpa : I have Already Told u I AM NOT PREGNANT... !!!
Armaan : Well I am saying.. Just in case..
Shilpa : Just in case is not even possible I know i am not pregnant For your kind information NOTHING happened between us..
Armaan : Well Sorry to inform you i dont believe in your words.. Mark my words if u Pregnant we get married within this week..
Shilpa : And what if i am not Pregnant...
Armaan : You really wanna know...
Shilpa : Ohh Yes i do...
Armaan : Well than if You are not pregnant.. We dont get married in this week
Shilpa : Thankgod...

Epilogue : In My Heart

Armaan and Riddhima sauntered through Mumbai's departure terminal to board the flight to their honeymoon destination. The couple walked between the aisles to their seats in the first class section. Armaan chuckled as Riddhima scrunched her nose and pushed her handbag in the overhead compartment with difficulty. She slapped his hand lightly when he tried to help her in fastening the belt. The air hostess walked around making sure all the passengers were buckled in as the plane was ready to take off. Armaan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep as he saw the air hostess approach their seat. Riddhima gestured her to stop as she bend forward to fasten Armaan's belt. She bit the inside of her cheek to hide the smile on her husband's actions.

"Ab janay bhi do na Jaan. Why are you spoiling your mood for nothing?" Armaan held her hand as she buckled his belt and pouted when she tried to free her hand.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Last Part : In My Heart

The last of the navy blue clouds disappeared as the milky white ones took over bringing with them a bright aura, erasing the last signs of the darkness. Cold wind blew against the trees, swaying them from side to side. A few birds started to fly out of their nests in search of their feed, chirping melodiously on their way. Riddhima stood leaning against the window pane with her arms crossed over her flannel sweater and breathing in the fresh air. The sun was still hidden, it being a winter morning, everyone was asleep in the Garewal house but she was up since 5 in the morning. Anxiety and a bit of fear didn't let her sleep for long, so here she was staring up at the skies and the beautiful shades of nature.

Two hours later and the dining table had been laid with mouthwatering breakfast. The delicious smell of Choco chip muffins wafted out of the kitchen as Riddhima opened the oven to take out the second batch. She had bathed, prayed and settled on making everyone breakfast just like she always had, for the last time before she stepped foot in her new journey.

Monday, 12 October 2020

Part 27 : In My Heart

Tiny sparkling stars twinkled across the dark horizon as the boys walked in to the bar. The Aer bar was a sky high club, located on the 34th floor, offering panoramic view of the Mumbai city and sea. Armaan called the waiter to order drinks ignoring their constant complains.

"I'll have one Aer special cocktail. Guys what do you want? Make that 6 please." Armaan rolled his eyes as he saw them turning their faces away from him.

"Tum sab ka mood kyun off hai? You've got a bar, dance floor and even a beautiful atmosphere here, so enjoy."

The guys were angry because Armaan had flopped all their plans of partying. After an hour of stay at an upscale club, he dragged them out.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Part 26 : In My Heart

Soft music and lights emanated from the venue of Armaan Riddhima's sangeet function. Business men, few known celebrities and politicians in addition to family friends were amongst the invited. Sujal and Anurag stood at the entrance to welcome the guests while Prerna and Kashish looked after the seating arrangements and caterers. The soon to be wedded couple stood at a raised wooden step opposite the performing stage receiving blessings and wishes from the guests. Their entry had left the audience stunned. They looked heavenly descending from the curved white stairs filled with smoke and fairy lights lighting the path they walked on up to the stage. Armaan was dressed in a dove grey sherwani with zardosi work in silver, paired with a white button down pleated kurta and tight pajama. Riddhima was decked up in a dove grey lehenga accented with lavender and magenta. Intricate embellishments adorned the entire lehenga and purple border with silver motifs enhanced the hem. Her hair was held in a stylish bejeweled bun with loose tendrils framing her face. Light reflected off the embellishments giving them a sparkling effect.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Part 25 : In My Heart

The room was immersed in darkness except for the sunrays filtering through the gaps in blinds. The silk drapes covering them were pulled away. Riddhima groaned due to the sudden brightness and pushed her face in to her bunny.

"Muski, not now. I'm sleepy."

She felt the duvet being lifted and pooled on her waist. The bed dipped as someone climbed on the bed and wrapped an arm around her. She moved back till her back was pressed against the firm chest, instantly recognizing the touch.

"Good Morning Jaan." Armaan whispered pressing his cheek against her head and kissing it.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Part 24 : In My Heart

The sun shone brightly through the clustered milky clouds and the air was thick with humidity. Armaan swiped a hand across his forehead to wipe the trickling sweat after he placed the bags in the trunk of his Audi. His gaze traveled to the stairs from where Riddhima and Muskaan were descending hand in hand chatting animatedly. He walked to the passenger side and opened the door for Riddhima to climb in but his jaw fell down when she settled in the back seat comfortably next to Muskaan, completely ignoring him. Armaan looked behind when Rahul tapped the trunk and gestured to the bag in his hand.
"I think they forgot the part where I said we were going for only 3 days and settled on taking their entire wardrobe along." Armaan said adjusting the bags.

"They believe in the motto, the more the better when it comes to clothes and accessories." Rahul replied giving him a helping hand.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Part 23 : In My Heart

"Good Evening Sir. I'm sorry to disturb you but I wanted to ask whether you were expecting a visitor tonight." The manager of Hotel Royal Cliff, Kanpur asked.

"No, I'm not. Is there any problem?" Armaan questioned turning a page in his file. "Sir, there's a lady and a man waiting for you in the lobby since an hour."

"That's strange. What's her name anyway?" Armaan asked disinterestedly assuming it to be someone from press media.

"Wait a minute Sir, her name is Riddhima." he read from the register of visitors.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Part 22 : In My Heart

The bells of grandfather clock chimed and echoed through the hall of Garewal House. Riddhima groaned and continued rocking herself on her Grandfather's chair in front of the hearth. The hall was dark except for the light from the fire. She quietly observed the flames flicker and form shadows on the roof out of boredom. Her family had left to meet The Malliks to finalize a date for her wedding some four hours back. She had watched mindless TV, surfed on net, checked with her manager in Australia, and e-mailed her friends to kill time but still no one had returned. Riddhima was frustrated that they decided to leave her back here. The weather had turned pleasant after the drizzle in morning but she couldn't enjoy outside as she was being watched over by 20 guards. Armaan had made sure every door and window of the house was guarded and that she couldn't venture out alone.
"Why couldn't he be here if he was so worried for me? Of course how could Mr. Workaholic Mallik leave his work? He hasn't come to see me in two days because agar aik din kaam nahin karey ga tou India ki economy loss mein chali jaye gi." she scoffed. Riddhima leaned down to pick her mobile from the floor as its screen blinked indicating an incoming message.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Part 21 : In My Heart

The sun rose slowly illuminating the dark horizon with its first rays of light. Hues of pink and orange spread across the sky clearing the dark grey clouds which were looming over the city for the past two days. The freshly rain washed trees moved freely with the soft breeze as if dancing on their tunes and a few birds chirped along. Despite the calm atmosphere and a beautiful sight I stood lost staring out of the window. My heart was dropping and it was getting difficult to breathe. I knew the reason. It was because MY life was lying unconscious.

Riddhima had fainted during our drive back to Garewal Mansion. Everyone was shocked to see our condition but I hadn't stopped to explain anything. I rushed to her room and right now she was being checked by Anjali and Nikki. I heard soft sobs of Maa and Kashish aunty as they sat next to her. My eyes shut tightly as Anjie dipped cotton in antiseptic lotion and dabbed it on Riddhima's lip.

"Riddhima is ok for now. Us ka blood pressure bohat low ho gaya tha is liye behosh ho gai. It's due to stress and dehydration. I've put up a drip to help recover the nutrient loss. We have to keep a check on her temperature; aisi halat mein high fever won't be safe. Theek hai na?" Nikki said gripping my shoulder from behind. I just nod my head in response.

Monday, 5 October 2020

Part 20: In My Heart

Armaan took deep breaths to maintain his calm as he waited for the person on the line to receive his call.

"Where's Riddhima?" He inquired straight away.

"Hello to you too Mr. Mallik. What a coincidence, I was just reading an article about your engagement. Congratulations, I must say both of you make a wonderful couple." Rakesh spoke amusedly.

"Where's Riddhima?" Armaan repeated in a no non-sense tone.

"How am I supposed to know about your fianc?" Rakesh shrugged keeping the magazine on the empty seat.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Part 19 : In My Heart

Guards dressed in crisp white uniforms opened the gates of "The Pearl Continental Hotel" as a white limo pulled in its driveway. Armaan and Riddhima were escorted to the hall in tight security amidst the flashes of cameras from media and paparazzi that were eager to capture a glimpse of the couple. Armaan encircled his arms around Riddhima to protect and avoid anyone from touching her.

He linked his arm with hers once they reached the hall's entrance and blinked at her assuring before making their way inside. Everyone's gaze was fixed at the stairs as the couple descended. Armaan Riddhima looked extremely stunning and made for each other couple. The guests whispered softly amongst them as how well these two complimented each other. Armaan and Riddhima stopped before their parents and touched their feet to take blessings.

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Part 18 : In My Heart

"Basket, Basket, get up. Open your eyes Baby. I'm right here besides you. Look at me Jaan." Armaan woke Riddhima as she mumbled and shook in her dream. He pulled her up against his chest tightly which soothed her down instantly and she put her arm around his neck. He held her hand with the drip tightly as she tried to pull it away. She kept mumbling between her sobs clinging to him. Armaan couldn't make out most of her words but didn't miss to catch that her wedding had been fixed with someone else. His body went stiff and his grip on her tightened.

"Papa said he doesn't accept our relationship. He'll get me married to someone else. He told me to forget you. I won't live without you Armaan. Main apni jaan de.."

Friday, 2 October 2020

Part 17 : In My Heart

Anurag stood up seeing Sujal and Kashish enter Mallik mansion. They exchanged pleasantries and settled down.
"Sujal, I'm really sorry for Armaan's actions. Believe me, I never knew about it before. I feel so ashamed of.." Anurag said initiating a conversation after an awkward silence.

"You don't have to be sorry Anurag. We know you were as oblivious of all this as us. Our kids have managed to hide the truth very well for so long." Sujal replied cutting him in middle.

"Or maybe we have been unable to look at their pain and tears, which they hid only to save us from the hurt." Kashish added.

"I agree with her. We have to look beyond this truth, the reason they're giving is not real." Prerna said coming down the stairs.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Part 16 : In My Heart

Armaan stood lost in the moment, he couldn't believe at last his wait was over and His Basket had made it to him.
"You! You ignored me, ignored all my calls, messages, emails, hell every effort that I made to get to you? How dare you make a decision all by yourself? How dare you leave me once again? I want an answer Armaan Mallik, NOW." Riddhima yelled at a dazed Armaan forgetting about the audience they had. His trance broke as he saw the security guard coming forward to hold Riddhima. Armaan gestured by his hand for the guard and his PA to leave and closed the door taking Riddhima inside.

The entire staff was curious to know who the Lady was, who got away with yelling at their boss, but were glued to their seats reluctantly trying to concentrate on the tasks at hand while giving looks to their colleagues. Their Boss, Armaan Mallik, was a man of principles, good natured but at times anger got the best of him. He had been in a foul mood for few days now, ever ready to kill anyone who made a mistake. They were very well acquainted with the outcome of Armaan's anger, and hence avoided him like plague. After about 30 minutes the door of the conference room opened. Armaan along with Riddhima and the board members exited the room.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Part 15 : In My Heart

Mallik mansion was witnessing an eerie silence that followed after a loud slap by Anurag Mallik to his only son, Armaan Mallik. The slap was result of Armaan's confession of his love and revelation of his past just now in front of his parents.

"I can't believe this. I can't.. My son.. My pride.. You know Prerna I always thought that my son would never do anything that would make me ashamed but.. Aj is ne mera sir jhuka diya hai. Jante ho jab bhi main Rhea ko dekhta tha to sochta tha kash mera aik or beta hota to main is ko apne ghar ki bahu banata, or aik pal keliye mujhe laga jaise mera sapna poora ho gaya, jab tu ne kaha tu us se pyaar karta hai, lekin tuney tou.. Main un logon ka saamna kaise karoon ga? Especially us bachi ka, jisne teri ki di hui har takleef ke bawajud, hamein pyar diya." Anurag stammered between his words, anger and hurt racing through his nerves.

"I'm sorry Dad."

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

AR os : Malfunctioning Of The Date

"Armaan, could you please just pass the burger?"

It was the time of spring in Houston and every house's front porch is at its best. Here Armaan and Ridhima are too enjoying their time. Work load was less but tiring as well. So on the weekend there they were packing for a mini picnic date, oops, its mini picnic double date.

Part 14 : In My Heart

The air was filled with the noise of constant chattering, laughter and delicious smells emerging from the kitchen of Mallik Mansion. Everyone was settled around the dining table digging in on the delicious lunch. Last night's reception party was a grand affair where all the known and well reputed people were invited to celebrate the wedding of Sujal Garewal's son. Anurag had invited the Garewals over for lunch as Rahul-Muskaan were leaving for honeymoon next morning. Riddhima had arrived early to help Prerna with the preparations which she was glad to receive as managing the breakfast along with lunch was getting difficult for her.
Muskaan rushed back in kitchen with the big crystal bowl containing the dessert followed by girls.

"Why did you have to make this Riddhima? Couldn't you make something else, something everyone would like? How will we now stop the volcano from erupting? All was good for a few day and now.." A scared Muskaan babbled.

Monday, 28 September 2020

Part 13 : In My Heart

Colors, lights and beautiful fragrances emanated from the Malik Mansion that was adorned from top to bottom to celebrate the wedding of their only daughter, Muskaan Malik. Its residents were busy running from one end to the other directing the servants and helping the wedding planner to finish the tasks at hand.

The bride to be was locked in her room to make sure she doesn't step out of her room. She had been nervous to the core and nothing could soothe her except for one person who wasn't around. It was her best friend forever and to be sister in law whom Muskaan had called some over 50 times in vain as she was busy herself in wedding preparations at her side.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

os: Wada Raha

Wada Raha
Wada Raha
Wada Raha

The whole Mallik mansion was full of hulla gulla. Kids were running here and there, playing having fun. Workers were working in and out to decorate the mansion like a bride.

It was 1 week before Muskaan Mallik’s Wedding. The Guptas had arrived a week early before any guests came; Malliks and Guptas were very close family friends who have been friends since many generations. The house was full of youngsters, Muskaan’s cousins, and the Gupta cousins, including Riddhima and Anjali. They had known Muskaan since childhood however they were never really that close since they only met a once or twice a year during vacations. Whenever they met, the first few days would be awkward, then after a few days they would mingle.

Part 12 : In My Heart

 A cool breeze blew lightly swaying the trees along its tunes and the birds chirped away merrily in flocks. A black Range Rover came to halt in the garage of Mallik Mansion. Armaan came out of the car and made his way up to the back stairs with Riddhima cuddled in his arms. He slowly closed the secret door in Riddhima's room with his leg and settled in bed with her. Armaan stared lovingly at the sleeping beauty in his arms thinking about the best night of his life so far. So much had changed within a day. Last night he had taken a huge step of confessing and proposing to Riddhima. He wasn't sure of her reply as it seemed rushed but he couldn't watch someone take her away. All his fears were washed away with just one nod from her. Armaan couldn't thank God enough for sending this angel down for him. "I love you Basket, love you more than my life. I promise, I won't let anyone separate us now." he whispered trailing his nose down her face. Riddhima fidgeted in her sleep as she felt something crawling slowly on her face moving downwards. She tried pushing it away with her hands and continue sleeping but couldn't, then she forced her heavy eyelids to open as she felt the thing restrict her movements. Riddhima found herself in a tight embrace and two fingers running all over her. She smiled a little in response and took in her surroundings. She sat erect as she realized they were home. "Armaan, when did we reach home? Why didn't you wake me up? What are you doing in my room? What if someone saw us together? What are we going to say if they question where we were last night? Armaan did somebody see us coming back? Why aren't you answering me?" Riddhima looked at him frowning.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Part 11 : In My Heart

The first yellow golden rays of the sun made their way through the gap between the blinds, illuminating the dark, silent room. I covered my face with the comforter sighing and closing my eyes.
I've been awake for a while now trying in vain to fall asleep again. I didn't know when exactly Armaan left but it must be few minutes back as his side was still warm. All the events from the evening played in my mind making me reconsider the decision I took last night of forgiving Armaan. I have been in a dilemma ever since my return from India regarding Armaan. His confession of hitting me, an apology to my parents and then no interference when Muskaan shifted to our hotel, confused me. However I didn't let myself think over it a lot and indulged in business. I had made up my mind of shifting from here before the Malliks arrived. It was what Armaan had asked me to do, stay away from his family and this was the only possible way. I had to face a lot of emotional drama at my home as they didn't approve of my idea but as always Prem had been my savior. I just don't think there's a way I can ever repay even a little of love and care that he has showered on me. Prem was against my idea too but just because he didn't want me to suffer here, he helped me out.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Part 10 : In My Heart

The entire suite echoed with laughter as Anjali di looked on with a confused look at Atul after opening the gift he gave her. It was a small pot of Aloe Vera. "Tumhein acha laga na Anjali mera gift. Mujhe pata tha tumhein yeh surprise bohat pasand aaye ga." Atul said with a cute expression. "Atul tum ne di ko ye kyun diya?" Muski spoke between her unique laughter while I held her so that she doesn't bend over much and stress her wound. "Wo main chahta hoon ke Anjali hamesha khoobsurat dikhe isi liye maine yeh plant diya.".) "Now really, how's that possible?" asked an amused Abhi. "Anjali dekho yeh Sheela hai, mera favorite plant. She will keep your skin fresh, prevent pimples, heal any wound, it's multipurpose and environment friendly you see. Tum janti ho na main rose pluck nahi kar sakta plus it will not be beneficial like my Sheela." "Atul you are impossible!" Anjie di huffed. We all rolled in laughter hearing the cute explanations from Atul. This was the only time when I smiled and laughed whole heartedly. Everyone here tried their best to keep me happy. I've known these people for so less time yet the bond we all share is so strong. I've come to love all of them so much.

Thursday, 24 September 2020



"11.35 p.m…..ten minutes more and den m not wasting a single moment on dis man…I'l go nd sleep….yeah 10 mins…."

"1.50a.m….ah! but only 5 more mins ….m alredy vry sleepy now…."

'2.55 a.m…dats it now…dats d limit mr. grover"she uttered to herself, picked up her phone and wore her sleepers to go upstairs to her bedroom…

She ws almost at the last stair when she turned back due to the sound of the door knob…nd yes obviously..it was him!

But he had not seen her yet..she waited right there for him to notice her but guess he was too busy in shutting the door quietly so he does not make any sound…

He did not expect shilpa to be waiting for him till now….he assumed she must have slept and so did not even call her to tell when will he be back ...

He turned around and surprised to see her there…he uttered "oh..gosh u scared me…what r u doin der? I thot u must hav slept"

She did not reply

He started movin 2wards her…

Part 9 : In My Heart

I had been walking aimlessly on the roads of Mumbai drenched in rains that poured down heavily. My mind was numb and i couldn't focus on where i was going. An elderly lady stopped her car and offered me a lift and i said beach. I just fell down on the wet sand drained emotionally as i felt that event from that awful day replay in my mind innumerable times.


A loud applause echoed in the board room of Sanjeevani as my presentation came to an end. I stood in front of the projector, white light shining on me and smiled with moist eyes on getting the approval from the trustees. I got down the stage and shook hands with everyone, as they congratulated me on getting the deal.

I quickly strode out of the room, looking for a place where I could talk in privacy. Fire escape was perfect, no commotion at all. I quickly dialed a number while settling down the stairs.                                           

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Part 8 : In My Heart

there's a leap of 3 years in the story in this part. 

Leeds, UK.
Today her vision of bringing her father's desire to life had come true. Sanjeevani Leeds, a name that would soon become synonymous with excellence, was finally inaugurated. She was glad to see the pride and love in her family's eyes for her. Everyone was ecstatic, celebrations were being held in the auditorium of Sanjeevani and here she was sitting in the hospital's fire escape, alone. This place had become her favorite spot since the construction began. It had become her refuge from the hustle n bustle of the world. She spent time over here just sitting, revisiting memories and thinking in eerie silence and darkness. It was her day; she was supposed to be enjoying every moment but all she could feel was a piercing pain in her heart. Her thoughts were disturbed by the opening of the door. Prem had come down with a cup of coffee. She smiled at him.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020


She would kill him. And she must, she had all the rights to. What he had done was blasphemous. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. He was guilty. He was guilty of his actions. He had promised her he would always love her and grant all her wishes. He had broken his promise. He had broken her trust. He wanted to apologise to her, but he knew what he had done did not deserve a grant now. He pushed open the door trying to make no noise. He wanted to get in stealthily. He wanted tgo run away from her. He did not have the courage to face her after what he had done. It was 3, a.m ..she must have been asleep. He sighed. There was no escape now. He couldn't redo what he had done and he couldn't run away from it. He had to be with her. He would have to face everything she says. He feared if she would even want to see hi face now..he would have to go upstairs and tell her himself. And then face the consequences too. She would probably leave him and go..she would never talk to him again. He expected it all. She had all the rights to do that. She had all the rights to behave with him the ways he wanted to. And he would let her, he resolved. He won't say a word. After all, it was all his fault. He was the guilty one. He was the one who had forgotten to bring his pregnant wife her favorite ice cream.

kritika kashian 

Part 7 : In My Heart

The ladies had come to a shopping mall and Armaan was forced to tag along as their personal chauffeur. Armaan was bored just after the first 30 minutes; he couldn't understand what Muskaan & Naina were trying to do. They would enter every store in a line, see things, argue over prices and leave without any purchase. Armaan felt sorry for the shopkeepers, who had to bear this daily. Armaan decided to get out before he goes mad and so leaves on pretense of a call. It had been long and Armaan hadn't returned Prerna went to see where he was and found him staring in space while leaning on the railing: tu yahan kyun hai, ho gayi baat? Armaan nods: Ma can we please go back. I'm tired.                                                                                                             
Pr: Kuch hua kya? Abhi to aye hain, girls have just begun seeing things.   

Monday, 21 September 2020

Part 6 : In My Heart

It was Christmas Eve and everything was glowing with lights and ornaments inside out and the atmosphere reverberated with Carols. Shanti Nagar was no less. It had been decorated with utmost love & dedication by Riddhima and the kids. The entire Villa glistened in small lights outside and depicted winter land from within. A large lush green Christmas tree adorned with silver, white and gold snowflakes of different materials and sizes stood in the corner of the living room. Its branches were accented with bunches of small red berries, a sheer ribbon garland and lights. Artificial snow was put in heaps near the tree and scattered on the white pristine floor to portray winters. Delicate paper cut snowflakes and icicles were stringed together around the walls. The staircase railing had garlands of shimmering ribbons with metallic red and green ornaments. A small Christmas tree was placed in both kitchen and kids room. The one in kids' room was adorned with miniature toys, sports items and twinkling lights that made it work as night light. The kitchen's tree was placed near the counter and was decorated with miniature kitchen items. The dining table had a crystal white silk table cloth spread over it. In the center was a silver platter with colorful balls on green twigs. A special menu was decided for the occasion and Christmas Party next day.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

AR OS : My Best Valentine's Day Ever!

 Only three words registered in his mind:
She is gone.
Riddhima is gone.
He felt lost,broken,shattered...As if the world was being destroyed around him..His heart ached and he wanted to cry..but the tears wouldn't come..just a known sensation of pain..killing him inside.
His heart was telling him all along,nudging him,'Go on..get her..She loves you,but she wants you to get her.."
He realized that his heart was right all along....He had never stopped loving her.She was his life,she is his life and she would be his life...Till he breathed his last.
What would it take?Just a simple "I still love you Basket..and I won't let a small misunderstanding come our way.."
What would it cost?Nothing.Nothing at all.Maybe he'd even get her back..in his arms..in his life.
"Armaan,are you okay?",it was Nikki.
Nikki was still his best friend,and still understood him better than any of his friends.She knew him more than he knew himself,and that fact was not unknown to him.Therefore,figuring that she already knew the answer to her question,he didn't answer,he just lowered his eyes and gave a small nod.
"You know,you're still such a bad liar.I guess,marriage didn't change you,huh?"
He felt the pain stinging his heart again.

Part 5 : In My Heart

It was the mid of December and Riddhima's spirits were at their highest. This was her favorite month of the year. She always waited eagerly throughout the year for this month. Riddhima loved it when everything was decorated & lit up for Christmas & New Year Eve. She would decorate her whole house in & out for the special occasions. Her family & friends would stay together the entire winter break doing lots of fun. She being the most loved by all was showered with lots of love & loads of gifts. This year was different because she wasn't home but that didn't mean she wasn't excited. Riddhima had taken up the task of making this Christmas & New Year memorable for the kids at Shanti Nagar. She had planned out everything on her own & was now all set to execute it. She had decided to buy clothes & accessories for kids first & then start with the decorations of the Villa cause that would go on till the last minute.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Part 4 : In My Heart

Armaan entered the arts room and saw the kids seated around a square table, so busy in
painting the large black mugs in their hands, that nobody noticed his presence. "Good Morning!" as soon as he greeted them from the door, kids turned their heads and saw him smiling. They left all their work and rushed towards him. Gappu's hand hit the paint bottles while running, and they dropped on the person sitting on the floor. The kids gasped seeing this. Armaan stood still at his place taking in the beauty in front of him. The paints had dropped on Riddhima, who was holding a black mug, having purple morning glory painted on it, in her hand. Her hair was tied in a loose pony tail with few flickers falling on her forehead and tip of paint brush in her mouth. As the paints fell on her, her mouth opened in an "O" and eyes narrowed, she lifted her gaze towards the kids glaring at them. Gappu mumbled a sorry with his head down. Armaan was amazed at how beautiful she looked in this messy state too, she looked so cute and innocent, just like a kid. Dadi and Maasi rushed in the room on hearing the sound of something break. They saw kids and Armaan at the entrance and Riddhima's dress covered in paints. "sorry Dadi mujhse galti se gir gaye paints." Riddhima said with a sorry face. "tu bhi na Riddhima, bachon se bari bachi hai, chal ja ke change kar, Ananya safai kar wa degi." Dadi said. Riddhima stood up carefully from the mess of paints and glass and moved towards the gate mumbling "relax" to kids and winking at them. She greeted Armaan with a smile saying"will be back", he nodded his head.

Friday, 18 September 2020

Part 3 : In My Heart

Armaan and Riddhima had reached the villa in time to have their breakfast with kids. Riddhima got to know how much Armaan loved allu parathas and gajar ka halwa, he just couldn't stop praising Dadi's culinary skills even after the breakfast was over.They all settled in the lounge to decide the action for the day. After lots of arguments it was decided that they'll first play outdoors. Armaan went out with the kids to play basketball. He taught them a few tricks to do a basket and after a warming session, they decided to play a match. They divided into four players on each side. But one player was short. Harsh jumped with an idea to call Riddhi di to join them for the play. "nahi beta ap log khelo main abhi busy hun. I'll join you later." She was not really inclined on going out because she wanted to talk to her friend back home. Armaan did not like the fact that she wasn't paying much attention to him after receiving a call. "Let's go guys; we can do very well without her." Riddhima suddenly looked up from the laptop on hearing Armaan's irritated voice. "And besides she doesn't

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Last Part : Pyar ke rang (TS)

Now Its two month passed from armaan and riddhima's wedding and they comes back from their Honey Moon but still they are not enough of each-other especially armaan he never leaves a single chance to love with her getting cozy with her and seeing the hickies she has and as he also as always hickies as well riddhima is always teased by that thing especially the hickies he gave her on her collar bone, she zillionath time said to him not to gave there as it will be wuite visible but he never listened at all as he is always drowned in her love and passion riddhima also never mind as its his love only thats now her breaths and she always blushed seeing his love and seeing them nikki and anjali dii cum bhabhi always teased her to no extent says

Ni:"lagta hai kisii ka Honey Moon period abhie finish nahin hua hai"

Part 2 : In My Heart

A guy wearing black shirt and jacket with dark blue denims entered "Shanti Nagar" with lots of bags in his hands. As he stepped in the garden, he yelled "hey, I'm home!"Gappu peeped through the curtains of art room and screamed "Armaan bhaiyya aa gaye." Everybody rushed towards the garden, where they were greeted by Armaan, who was on his knees with his arms wide open. The kids engulfed him in a group hug and said in chorus "Happy Birthday Armaan bhaiyya." As Armaan saw Dadi coming towards him, he parted from the kids and stood up. He greeted Dadi and touched her feet to take blessings. Dadi moved her hand on his head "jeetay raho, a very Happy birthday to you beta, hamesha khush raho" she said cupping his face in her palms and kissed his forehead.The others present there wished him too. He stood smiling listening to kids who were all speaking together trying to tell him everything that happened since they last met. Ananya maasi told the kids to help Armaan with the bags and move in as it was cold outside.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Part 2 : Pyar ke rang (TS)

As he completed all of them looked at them in disbelief everyone and anjali is the first one who reacted at situation
An:''matalab dad ridzi hii merii khoyi hui behen hai''
As shashank and samriti nodded everyone needs a explanation how, what when but there is one person who is not at all interested in this, he is interested in just one thing that how his jaan was feeling with this sudden change in her life and as he expected she looked totally shocked and he start taking immediate steps towards her he knows she is the one who is affected much more than anyone else with the sudden arrival of this news as he took his steps towards her he saw her leaving from there running from there to upstairs while just shouting that
Ri:''no yeh nahin ho sakta hai nahin yeh sachh nahin hai''
And everyone looked at her  especially shashank and samriti as her voice echoed in their ears as anjali tried to stop him armaan looked at her as she heard her calling

Intro & Part 1 : In My Heart


Armaan Mallik is the MD of Mallik Empire. His hard work,concentration, dedication and passion towards his work have earned him the title of "Most Successful Businessman" in India at the very young age of 26. He is gem of a person to be with. He is affectionate, caring and devoted towards
his family and friends. Armaan's deep blue eyes and a dimpled smile add charms to his enigmatic persona.

   Riddhima Garewal is 21 years old studying in 2nd year of MBA at the Leeds University. She is a soft spoken & kind hearted person. For her, her family and loved ones come before herself, as she adores and values them a lot. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. She aspires to become a successful businesswoman. Her hazel eyes, beautiful smile, charming personality and innocence can cast a magic on anybody.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Part 1 : Pyar ke rang (TS)

She walked all alone towards the end of the street near the temple where everyone will come for the pooja done before holii and she start doing the pooja, as soon as her gaze fell on the newly wedded couple who was doing the pooja together, happily, with shine in their eyes, she can saw the happiness in girl's eyes, and a lone tear fell on her cheeks, seeing them, it may be her first holii after her wedding and she also come with her husband to do the pooja but all her dreams shattered, may be love and happiness is not in her destiny, or rather say it's her destiny which makes her life full of sadness, she quickly cleared her tears which were glistening in her eyes before anyone can see them and after performing the pooja she left from there, unaware of the fact one pair of eyes was looking at her intently, was confused why those pretty two green almond shaped eyes has sad, but he brushed his thoughts aside thinking why did it matter to him and start concentrating on his pooja, unaware only these two eyes was going to hold his life, his dreams, his hopes everything.
It was holii the festival of colors, the colors which brings joys in everyone's life, the colors which brings friends closer, the colors which makes everyone's life filled with its brightness and joyfulness but will these colors brings life to her life which was perfect for others but for her was nothing just a burden.

last part : my new journey


vo1-madam ji meri choti madam bola rahi hai

vo2-plz aap sambhal lo ya fir mummy ji ya mom ko de ayo

 vo1-are yaar mom puja kar rahi hai aur mummy bhar hai aur ye meri baat nahi sun rahi

vo2-vo 8 months ki hai vo abhi baat kese manegi aapko uska mind divert karna hoga

vo1- ye badi kab hogi mhuje toh laga bache kitne sarif hote hai par ye toh...ouchhh...oye gandi bachi papa ko katte nahi hai mai kya koi kahane ki chez ho ...

Sunday, 13 September 2020

part 3 : my new journey

na -hi ridhima beta
armaan ne abhi tak ridhima ko nahi dekha tha aur  jab apni mom ke mu se ridhima ka nam suna tho he was shocked aur ridhima bhi naina ke awaz sun kar shock se bhar ayi

ri- nameste aunty

(yuvi bhi waiter ko order deke table par aa jata hai )

yv-hello dr naina

ra- wase mom ab bhai ko yaha kyo layi

na-isne na subha se kuch nahi kya hai mai tho paresan ho gayi ho is ladke se 

ar- are isme meri galthi thodi na thi emergency tha

part 2 : my new journey

 Vahi purnana suraj , vahi purani sunrays par ye sab ek nayi ridhima ke room me ayi  Ridhima in sun rays se phele he jag gayi thi aaj usko apni internship start karni thi na 'sanjivani mai aur usko intajar bhi tha armaan ke jawab uska bas chaltha tho bed mai hi rahthi armaan ke bare me sochthe hoye par aisa nahi ho saktha tha use jana tha sanjivani apni carrer ki survat karne tho vo ready ho kar  nache a gayi.nache a kar usne dekha ki padma ne breakfast laga diya hai aur shashank and muskaan is eating there breakfast 



Sh- are riddima! goodmorning beta (with a warm smile ) Smile


r- good morning  papa ,mom and muski Smile


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Intro & part 1 : My new Journey

introduction   https://img824.imageshack.us/img824/9751/hrfngrxj5d.jpg ( THIS IS THE BAANAR  plz check it 

the malik family

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Last Part : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 Armaan turned around to face his girlfriend who looked very proud of herself at that moment and he would have said something if only his mouth had been co - operating with him. But alas, his mouth preferred to remain shut as his brain tried to make sense of the events around him. "Wha.........ho...........er............th..........." was all that his tongue could come up with as he looked at Riddhima pointing at the absurd scene of Rahul and Muskaan who were smiling at each other now.

Riddhima tried to hide her smile as she looked at a tongue tied Armaan infront of her but it proved to be too much when he started waaving his hands towards Rahul and Muskaan as if accepting his sudden inability to speak. A small giggle escaped her which made Armaan look at her fiercely with his hands on his hips, his eyes demanding an explanation.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Part 4 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 "Cmon guysss, help me out here. Don't you notice the covert looks they give each other? Don't you think they are a perfect match? Don't you want to bring them together? This is your chance to play cupid" Riddhima gushed as she looked pleadingly at Anjali and Nikita.

"Oh yes! They are made for each other, specially their lungs" Nikita muttered rolling her eyes.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Part 3 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 "Now the Gresham's Law states that 'Bad money drives good money out of circulation'. It has it roots in human psyche and it was given by Queen Elizabeth's economic advisor who was also a trader by profession. But this law can only be applicable when Bimentalism is in operation". Riddhima bit her nails in anxiety as she pretended to listen to Professor Burton's lecture on the discovery of money. Armaan's basketball game was going to start in 10 mins and she had almost an hour more of her lecture to endure. If she would not be there before the game begins then she could say bye bye to a whole week because thats how long it would take her to appease him, not to mention all the things that he would make her to do and all the guilt that came with the package. The gymnasium was a 15 mins walk away but if she made a run for it then she could still be there in 8, only if ( and this was a big IF ) she could get out of class NOW.

Monday, 7 September 2020

Part 2 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 It was supper time, the various cafetarias were buzzing with people in them while a few delivery guys were roaming around delivering food to the various dorms in the campus. Riddhima snuggled in her thick overcoat, it was starting to get chilly in London. Armaan brought her closer to himself and rubbed his arms to bring her relief as he walked her to her dorm. Riddhima smiled gratefully at him and leaned into him further. Placing a light kiss on her forehead, Armaan asked,"You sure you don't wanna eat first??? We could grab a bite at Paulo's, it wouldn't take too much time".

"No Armaan, I am not hungry, I will just have some soup and go to sleep, its been a long day" Riddhima mumbled as she suppressed a yawn. Armaan looked at her and smiled realizing how beautiful she looked to him even now, with strands of her hair falling out of the ponytail she had tied in the morning, her eyes droopy with sleep, the end of her nose turning red due to the chill. He came to an abrupt halt and turning her to him kissed her on the nose saying,"I love you".

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Part 1 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 Armaan and Riddhima sat close to each other in the library pretending to read but truthfully they were busy whispering in each other's ears. But then who could blame them??? They were in love and could hardly find time to be together, what with them being in their final year at the university and on top of that they hardly had any classes together. If Armaan was free then Riddhima would be called in by a professor for a project and if Riddhima was free then Armaan would have an important lecture. Seriously it was enough to drive anybody crazy. So they had to make the most of their free time and still manage to study, so the library was the best bet. They could sit together quietly without anybody interrupting them and also take peeks at their books in the middle. Really it was perfect.

 "Oh cmon Ridzie, you have to come to the game" Armaan whined,"How would it look that the captain's girlfriend is not there to cheer him to victory".

Saturday, 5 September 2020


 Padma smiled seeing Shashank accepting Armaan's request but she still was not sure as to how things will be done in such a short span of time.So she thought to interrupt and talk to Armaan.

P: Armaan tumhare jazbaton ki main qadr karti hoon aur samajh sakti hoon ki apne pyaar se alag hona kaisa lagta hai lekin beta shadi abhi kaise hogi.Itni saari tayyariyan karni hoti hain,panditji ko bhi toh dekhna hoga aur shubh muhurat bhi toh zaroori hai.

Armaan smiled and putting his arms around her shoulder he made her sat on the seat once more making himself confortable on the chair next to her.

Friday, 4 September 2020


 Note -

After the final proposal by Ridz ,I'm continuing this one shot which is divided in two parts. hope you will like it.

part 1 

They could not believe that after going through so many things finally they are together.Just a few minutes before Riddhima proposed Armaan on her knees.Everything that had went wrong since the past one year was made absolutely right just in a fraction of seconds.

Both felt as if they were dreaming.A few hours before,Riddhima was thinking of going away from her life and Armaan was determined not to stop her.But fate always brings unexpected surprises. The moment Armaan realized what his basket actually wanted to say to him,the tme slipped and he felt that he had lost her forever.The instant Riddhima came back to Sanjeevani to bid a final good-bye,she

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Epilogue : Khwabon ki manzil

 Five years later.

A boy was running after a girl.

Boy: Arima stop plz.

Girl: no bhaiya.agar main rukoongi toh aap mujhey marogi.

They were running like crazy n then the girl entered her mom's room.

She id herself in the wardrobe of her mom.

The boy searched for her in the room n then went out.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Last Part : Khwabon ki manzil

 Armaan was missing riddhima badly.He was just waiting for the evening wen he'll go n get back his love.

Just enjoy the song while the love birds are away.

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Part 7 : Khwabon ki manzil

 Part 7 

Armaan n Ridz got seperated from the hug n riddhima wiped his tears.

RI: ab kyun ro rahey ho ab toh sab theek ho gaya hai na.

AR: ya u r right.pata hai aaj se pehlay mainay kabhi bhi is baaray mein baat nahin ki lekin aaj pata nahin kyun dil ne kaha ki tumhain apni saari bata doon.

RI: Armaan tum ek bahut hi qabil aur achey insaan hoon aur main bahut lucky hoon ki mujhey tum miley ho.ab dobara toh mera saath nahin chodogay na.

He hald both hands of hers firmly..

AR: kabhi nahin.

Monday, 31 August 2020

Part 5 & 6 : Khwabon ki manzil

 Part 5

just enjoy this song in the background imagining the wedding of Riddhima wid Armaan completing all the rituals.

Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke

Mathe Uthe Jhumkar Dame

Palka Uth Diya Ne Thum Thum Ke

Main Vari Vari Java

Soni Banno Chan Si Chamke

Mathe Uthe Jhumkar Dame

Palka Uth Diya Ne Thum Thum Ke

Main Vari Vari Java

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Part 3 & 4 : Khwabon ki manzil

 part 3 


tumhain toh poata hai na ki tenth mein hamein ek bhi din holiday nahin milta tha.sundays ko extra classes hoti thin.15 days ko chod kar poory summer hamnay extra classes attend ki hain.

well summers kay baat toh sundays wali extra classes better hi lagi theen.ghar par poora din thoda bore hojatey they.sab ladkiyan jeans top skirts etc pahenti theen lekin mkain main hamesha suits prefer karti thi.pata nahin kyun but I felt most comfortble in suits.Nidhi toh kehti thi ki main woh din ka wait karegi jab main usey western outfit mein nazar aaungi aur main bolti ki aisa kabhi nahin hoga.He used to wear very gud dresses.I luvd his style of dressing.He lukd gud in anything he wore.I liked his vilolet shirt n black jeans a lot.White shirt n blue jeans also suits m\him well n many more.uff kya kya bataun uski toh har baat nirali thi siwaye us Nancy chipku kay.

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Part 2 : Khwabon ki Manzil (ss)

 Diary pata hai woh thoda naughty bhi tha.aksar homework karkay nahin laata tha aur class main karta tha.us din bilogy kay perirod mein humnay seats change kar li thin aur woh mere paas wali row mein baitha tha.He was grumbling making diagrams.Awe he was looking sooooooo cute .mera dil kar raha tha ki uskay gal pyaar se kheenchoon.par nahin aisa nahin kar sakti main.I slowly asked him if he wanted any help.

P: arey yaar yeh diagrams kitna time letay hain bananay mein I just hate them.

I said:" lao main bana doon.

I still remember his lightened face

Friday, 28 August 2020

Intro & Part 1 : Khwabon ki Manzil (ss)


Dear diary,

aaj mainay itnay saalon kay baad tumhain yaad kiya.I'm sorry par kya

karoon main apni har feelings tumsay share karti thi lekin class 10th

kay baad meri duniya hi badal gayi.jab hum alag huey fir meri himmat

hi nahin hui ki main tumsay dobara baat kar sakoon lekin kal kal meri

shaadi hai.Aaj itni nervousness ho rahi thi ki tumhain yaad kiye bina

mujhey chain nahin milta.kitna kuch bataya hai na mainey tumhain.tum

hi toh mere dil ki saari baatein janti thi.awe I missed u sooooooo

much.zara dekhoon toh mainey kya kya likha hai ek baar.

She turned around the pages from the beginning.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Last Part : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 Armaan handled everything…………….he told everyone that they both need the time to come to a decision……Riddhima felt more proud of him………he truly understands her and moreover that…….he gave her the courage to fight…..from her memories, past…..for her beautiful memories, she will make in coming future and for her life…

Smriti, Shashank, Anjali and Atul were quite happy with this proposal………and just waited for answer………..Riddhima's answer that can bring more pleasure into there lives…..and as well as of………………………………………Armaan

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Part 3 : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 **Tring Tring**

hearing the phone bell, smriti stop cutting vegetables and rush to it…………..as she hold the phone in her hand…she started



Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Part 2 : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 Armaan slowly drove his new BMW, his parents gifted him……………Minnee was totally engrossed in her ice-cream cup……Armaan smiled seeing his little ever adorable sister and ruffled her hairs……which she didn't mind as she love armaan as much as he do

Armaan look ahead when he saw a car, standing on the one side of the door and felt someone working in its engine………he slow down his car and make a light brake right beside that car…...He pressed the window button and it get down as he look out and said

Last part : my every breathe in ur name

(Adult content is present. Advisable for those above 16!)


Armaan's POV

As soon as we reached our home, I closed Riddhima's eyes with my fingers and instructed her to walk forward. "Armaan! What is this? Take your hands off my eyes." She protested at first, ordered next and finally pleaded me. I smiled to myself but never took my hands off her eyes. "Shhh Basket. Please keep quite. I have a gift for you." I whispered in her ears. She trembled slightly when my lips brushed against her ears and I loved it.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Part 1 : Trust Me, LOVE (ss)

 "Riddhima, you have to marry now……….Either our choice or yours…..but this time, no excuse" Riddhima's mother give her an ultimatum

"But mom, I need to complete my studies first and then I am planning to do my practice, as what I learned all these years………I don't want to let it go down like this" Riddhima said sitting….opening her book infront of her as her mother started

"You definitely going to be a good lawyer as your excuse seem really genuine but we are not like those stupid judges, who just lingered the cases by giving dates and more dates…" Riddhima felt helpless but her mother was determind………..seeing her sad face, Smriti sit down beside her and move her hand affectionately on her hairs

part 15 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 15 :The most waited day of my life

Armaan's POV

I was shocked at the person who stood at my door. "Sid? You here? This early?" I mumbled not expecting him at that time.

"Hi" said Sid with a smile.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize that I was blocking the way in. "Oh! Yeah come in" I walked him inside. "Sorry, I was a bit lost as few of my friends came to meet me after a long time." I tried to explain something.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

part 13 & 14 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 13: You are my everything


Armaan's POV

'Riddhima was standing in a red sari – sauce wala red, looking gorgeous as always and I was in white Kurta. She was very happy about something and so was I. She walked towards me but I was still, grounded at the place where I was standing. I tried to move towards her but in vain. Atleast I was glad that she was coming towards me. I held out my hand to reach her. When she was about to reach me, something pulled her back. Later I noticed that it was myself who was being pulled back, very strongly. I tried to reach her again but in vain. After a moment I saw her presence fading away and she vanished completely. I kept screaming her name to find her, but she was gone – leaving me alone.'

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Last Part : Pyar

AJ: Armaan''

Armaan was shocked'.

Ar(to him self): anjali ne sab sun liya hoga to kya hoga'.god save me'..

Ar: haan..anjali..

Aj: ammy'.tum aaj kal mujse milte hi nahi'..apne ghar chale gaye to phir dost ko bhul gaye'

Ar: thank god'..

part 11 & 12 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 11: Rediscovering the inner feelings

Riddhima's POV

As we walked towards the parking lot, I thanked God trillionth time for giving me Armaan back in my life. What else could I ask him for? After so many struggles I was back with the person I always wished to be with. The person who loved me unconditionally or rather madly. The thought brought a soft smile to my lips. I was very much aware of Armaan looking at me all the time, his arm around my waist. I felt so complete, being in Armaan's arms.

"What happened basket? Why are you smiling to yourself?" said Armaan after we were seated in the car, heading back. He slowly shifted in his seat to face me, moving his fingertips along the length of my jaw, looking straight into my eyes. God! His mere touch sent sweet shivers down my spine. I so badly missed his touch. I wanted to say to him how badly I missed him.

Friday, 21 August 2020

part 9 & 10 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 9 : I could sense her presence


Sid's POV

We reached Sanjeevani. Riddhima and I stepped out of the car. As we walked towards the entrance, I asked Riddhima one question that was bothering me "Riddhima you will not forget me. Will you?" I said and bit my lips. It was not the right time to ask such a question.

Riddhima turned to face me, she smiled softly with eyes cloudy "Sid, you have a special place in my heart, you know that and it will never be replaced. You are a beautiful chapter in my life. I'll protect it throughout my life safely." She said with her full heart.

GIF : riddhima


Part 3 : Pyar

 At: ridhima woh ladki tum….

He look at armaan…armaan was saying no….

At: woh ladki tum nahi ho….

R: thank god…..aaj me bhagavan ko parasad chadhaugi…..

Thursday, 20 August 2020

GIF : Arman


Part 2 : Pyar

 Ar: oh I m sorry.

Girl turn and said it's okay.

Ar: tum?

R: ha me to kya?

Ar: lagta hai ki mera aaj ka din bahot bura hai.

R: mera bhi.

Ar: kya kaha tumne?

part 7 & 8 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 7 - Sid: I want to be someone's Armaan


Sid's POV

(Waiting in Riddhima's cabin in Sanjeevani)

I was determined to talk to Riddhima at any cost today. I had to know what's going on in her mind – or rather heart, to be accurate. Armaan is miserable. Riddhima is in pathetic state and I am not happy as well. Three lives are getting spoiled. I had to end this. Infact I am the only person who can end this.

Just then Riddhima entered her cabin. I took a deep breath and prepared myself.

"Sid……. Here?" she said not expecting me. She looked very tired and completely lost. I can never relate her to the Ridhhima that Dr.Atul told me about. She is just breathing, not living and so is Armaan. I concluded. And what about me? The question rose in brain immediately.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

GIF : Armaan


Intro & Part 1 : Pyar


 Armaan: he finishes his medical school. He is a rich guy. He doesn't believe in love. He like too be cool.

 Ridhima: she is sweet girl. She thinks love is every thing. She loves her sister and her family. She has two best friends: kunal and sapna.


Kunal: he is rich. He is ridhima's best friend. His father is ridhima's father's best friend.(eijaz khan from kavyanjali and kya hoga nimmo ka)


part 5 & 6 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 5 - A talks to Dr.Keerthi

Armaan's POV

(In Lonavala Orphanage)

My heart broke into innumerable pieces. I felt all alone once again, yet like never before with all gloominess surrounding me. My mind went numb. But amidst all these, only one question haunted me ' Why am I alive? Why did I survive? What did I gain being alive? Only an endless misery.

I didn't know how three days just passed at the orphanage. I had tried hard enough not to bother Riddhima, anymore by my presence. Now that the kids are doing well, it's time to get back to Sanjeevani. But I have decided what to do.

epilogue : Khushiyon ka Intezaar


I slowly opened my eyes, I don't know for how many hours or minutes I was sleeping. I looked around and that's when I realised that I am in a hospital. Suddenly I realised the reason why I was here and then all those talks of armaan came in my mind. As soon as armaan's talks came in my mind I woke up and sat on the bed holding my head.

"Was it a dream?" I whispered to myself.

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

part 3 & 4 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 3 - Sid talks to Atul about AR's past

Armaan's POV

(Armaan in the forest)

I spent the whole night in the forest staring into space thinking where the destiny bought me in my life. When I thought that I would never loose my heart to a vulnerable girl like Riddhima, I fell in love with her. I was crazy about her. When I was about to step into a serious phase of relationship with her, I was forced to leave her alone. When I fought with the fate to be back to her, there is no way to reach my destination. It's believed that we don't get what we desire but rather land up with what we deserve. Is this what I deserve?

The soft rays of the sun extending slowly over the forest brought me out of my thoughts. I stood up and walked towards the orphanage not sure of what to do. I went straight to my room and fell flat on my bed.

last part : Khushiyon ka Intezaar


Armaan was so happy today because his detective told him that he has found riddhima's address, though he couldn't find the exact address but he was able to find the area where riddhima stays.

Armaan rahul muskaan were so happy that finally after two months they received some positive news, even though the exact location wasn't known but still the area was known and all three of them decided to find riddhima in that area. Even armaan's friend's atul anjali abhimanyu Nikki and sapna amit also joined hands in the mission of finding riddhima.

Monday, 17 August 2020

Part 2 : My every breathe in ur name

 AR in jungle


(Scene changes to Sanjeevani)

Sid's POV

(Sitting on the bench in the locker room)

Why Riddhima? Why are you hurting me? Why are you hurting yourself? I really can't understand your feelings. You are confusing me. Why are you playing with my feelings? I know I have done mistakes. But now that I want to sought them out, why are you pushing me away? I always want to see you happy. But you never let me know what your real happiness is? What should I do Riddhima?

part 10 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

(Armaan's POV)

2 months later
It's been two months since riddhima left me and since then there has been no news of riddhima. I have searched her eyewhere but it seems like she is fulfiling her promise of not coming in front of me. The diary which riddhima had given me to forward it to rahul and muskaan, I did it but not before reading it. I know its bad manners to read someones personal diary but I couldn't hold my anxiety, I wanted to know about her and this enquisitiveness led to me read her diary.

Abstracts from Riddhima's Diary

Dear diary,
Aaj I won an award for topping in the class but when I looked towards the audience I had tears in my eyes rather than smile. Everyone was clapping for my success but that smile was not genuine as they were sad that their child wasn't winning this award. I was searching for that one genuine smile amongst the entire crowd which would be solely for me. But sadly I can't see that one person, papa nahiin aye ek vahi toh the jo dil se mere liye clap karte baki sab toh sirf clap karne ke liye clap kar rahe hain. After taking the trophey I went home expecting papa to be at home but as usual he hadnt come home, he was still in office. I kept my trophey in his study room hoping he would see it and then would congratulate me while hugging me tight.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Part 1 : My every breathe in ur name

Part 1 - A-R in Lonavla

Armaan's POV

(Sitting in his room in Lonavala Orphanage)

I looked into her eyes. All I can understand is that she is not comfortable with me. The feeling hit my heart very hard. I know I am the person who is hurting her the most. But why am I not able to suppress my feelings for Riddhima? Will I be able to live without Riddhima once again?

"Armaan Bhaiya! Armman Bhaiya!" Tamanna's screams brought me back to reality and Riddhima and I turned around to Tamanna. She was crying.

"What happened Tamanna?" Riddhima tried to console her.

Last part : Life Behind A Camera (ss)

 "Alright guys. Let's make this the last scene for today. Both of you give it your best, I don't want to stick around here any longer" Mohit said, rubbing the tiredness out of his eyes, his sixth cup of coffee on its way. Ridhima nodded, as she looked back at the mirror, fixing her hair and make-up. She could do this. She was an actor for crying out loud! When she had signed up for this as her career choice, she knew that she would be required to act in any sorts of scenes, and she just had to view the next scene as part of her acting learning experience.

So what if it was Armaan as her co-star? She could still do it. She just had to put on an act, and get through this last shot. So what if her heart was racing madly, and her palm were sweaty, she had to get through this.

part 9 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

Riddhima entered the house and straight away went to her room without bothering about ananya. After sometime armaan too came back and saw a note on the table. He picked it up and read it. it was from ananya saying due to some emergency she and his father are flying out of the country for two days to attend some business conference. Armaan sighed as ananya won't see riddhima in this condition.


Armaan was totally confused with rahul and muskaan's talk. When he couldn't take the confusion he thought to ask them.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

part 4 : Life Behind A Camera (ss)

Ridhima went over her lines in her head as she looked at the set being prepared in front of her; the fireplace. Taking in a deep breath, Ridhima tried calming her nerves. She was a professional, she could do this. She had been acting since she was a kid, had acted with some renowned actors and had found her calling in this TV show. She could do this. She had to.

"Ridhima, we are ready when you are" Mohit called out as he glanced around at the set, ordering to a few set-designers to add in a few touches.

'Here we go' Ridhima thought, as she took a few steps towards the fireplace. This was the scene. She could do this.

part 8 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

It has been two months ever since my first day in this house and lots of things have changed. I completely changed myself and my behaviour. I was successful in what I had said.

I guess armaan has forgotten that someone else also stays in this house along with him. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad. Happy because I was successful in letting him feel that no one stays here other than him and this wasn't new for me I had done that before too with papa.

Friday, 14 August 2020

part 3 : Life Behind A Camera (ss)

Ridhima walked into the sets, her head bowed down and the sunglasses covering most of her face. She had her iPod earphones plugged into her ears and the music turned up to block out the noise and the voices of people. But mostly it was done to avoid hearing him, and to have minimum association and contact with him.

Going into her dressing room, Ridhima closed the door behind her and went and sat in front of the mirror, analyzing the face staring back at her. She probably wouldn't have been able to recognize herself if she hadn't seen the exact same face the week after he had left.

Ridhima walked into the set of DMG, and began to fiddle with the strap of her purse to avoid the pity glances she was getting from everyone. She wanted to shout at them to look away, she didn't need their glances, she knew he was going to come back. It was probably some emergency, why weren't they understanding? Why couldn't they understand that Armaan wouldn't just abandon everyone like that if it hadn't been some life-threatening situation.

part 7 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

Armaan and I sat in the car and the journey towards the new house began. Before leaving the house I had hugged everyone but when I hugged ananya aunty I felt the warmth of a mother. but then my eyes fell on armaan and it reminded of the reality. I can't attach with her as, in few months I will be leaving armaan for ever and then I

The road on which we were driving has my house as well and I so wanted to stop there for few minutes. I wanted to see my room where I have spent my entire life and feel the presence of my mother. All these thoughts made my eyes moist. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the window.

After few seconds I heard armaan's voice "iss raste pe toh apka ghar hain na"

Thursday, 13 August 2020

part 2 : Life Behind A Camera

"Alright! Everyone ready? LIGHTS, CAMERA AND ACTION!"

Jennifer stood next to her patient, holding the stethoscope in her hand, she tried focussing on the file in front of her.

"Dr. Winget? We have a call for you" The nurse came into the room. Jennifer nodded, put the file back, and walked towards the reception. Picking up the receiver, Jennifer held it to her ear, and said , "hello?"

"Babe, I am so sorry about last night. Emergency at the hospital. I am really, very, very sorry. I promise, I'll make it up to you. How about tonight? Candlelight dinner, with some music and amazing food?" Karan said on the other line, as Jennifer held the receiver close to her.

part 6 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

During my entire car journey I didn't cry neither looked at armaan just kept starring outside the window. I don't know whether this new life would give or bring happiness in my life or not. But whatever happens I'll accept it, be it sadness only.

I hope the later doesn't happens, only happiness come but knowing God I know he wouldn't make it simple for me. I would have to walk the path of sadness and I guess I am not prepared for it.

I have seen enough of sadness and lost all hopes of happiness but I still hope my new life that is marriage brings only happiness. I don't know whether expecting happiness is right or wrong but I just wish it doesn't shatters like always.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Intro & part 1 : Life Behind A Camera

Characters : Ridhima
Mohit (a new character)

Summary : The life of entertainment is filled with gossip, peer-pressure and spotlight. Whether it's the small screen or the big screen. For Ridhima Gupta, being a part of the most popular show, Dil Mil Gaye, playing Dr. Jennifer;  she was constantly the topic of interest amongst many people, whether they wanted to know of her life, or of her personal life. Which is why when her co-star and love of her life, Armaan Malik suddenly left everyone without a phone call or message or letter, she found herself to be in the spotlight not only in the media, but also at her workplace.
A year later Ridhima had carefully constructed a wall around her fragile heart and forced herself to move on. So why is it that the directer, Mohit, is once again hiring Armaan to come back into the show. What would you do if the man who left you without a word, suddenly was forced back into your life?

part 4 & 5 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

Part 4 

Time flies really fast I had met armaan on Monday and now its Friday, the day of my marriage oops the day of our marriage. In these four days a lot has happened. Firstly armaan never called me neither tried meeting me and all these things were just making me more negative.

I don't know why like every bride I just wasn't enthusiastic may be the negative thoughts in my mind were the reason of less enthusiasm.

Apart from negative thoughts since childhood I never had dreams of my prince charming or for my marriage because of my fears, that my dreams would get shattered.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

part 2 & 3 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

Part 2 

I was sitting in the caf coffee day waiting for the person namely Armaan Mallik to come. The name itself shows positivity don't know what to believe the famous saying says 'don't judge the book by its cover'. His name may give positivity but he can be totally opposite too. After waiting for half an hour finally someone came to the table other than the waiter.

 "Hi I am Armaan mallik and you must be riddhima, riddhima gupta right?"

 The moment I saw him I went to flashback, he was in my school infact we were in the same batch and most importantly he was my first crush. I can't believe he is the same guy. He is still a charmer, he is looking much handsome than before. Is this a sign from my destiny that everything would now be alright? Will I get the much awaited happiness in my life?

 'riddhima calm down you know if you are happy surely something bad is gonna happen so don't raise your hopes high'.

epilogue : Jalan

He was beyond shocked; he solely laid on the comfortable bed, staring at her in utter shock. She seductively smiled at him making her way towards him. She crawled on top of him seducing and tracing his abs with her finger, she made her way up to his lips tracing it, "Ridh-" she placed her finger top of his lips whispering "Ssssshhhhhh Armaan". She was inches away from his face whispering "Tonight no talking" without giving him a chance to complete a word, her lips brushed against his, teasingly not meeting his lips in a passionate indulgence.

She smiled seeing his eyes closed. Her hand slowly went under his singlet playing with abs before slowly lifting it up and taking it off. She begun kissing it and traced every inch of his muscles with her soft pink lips adorning it with love. He hissed in pain as she bit his earlobe, his eyes were now thirsty, she knew the look very well, his sly smile made her turn crimson knowing very well what she had provoked. In a swift of motion his body now laid on top of her, she was trapped by him, he began kissing every secret place, his lips painting her with kisses.

Monday, 10 August 2020

part 1 : Khushiyon ka Intezaar

Dear Diary,

 I am twenty five years old, I have a satisfying job, my salary is enough for me to enjoy and have a comfortable life. Life is going pretty much ok but still I am searching for one question that is even after having a satisfying job few friends or rather just two best friends I am not happy why? Why happiness is not meant for me? Is it because I was the reason for my mother's death? My father Mr. shashank gupta a reputed doctor and head of sanjeevni  never talked much with me because

Last Part : Jalan

 ~*~*~*~*~**~*~2 years Later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

She flicked open the light in the dark of her bedroom, without a chance to gaze around or to process a thought; a blindfold was placed on her eyes. She tried to scream as the darkness took over her vision but his hands were too quick placing itself on her mouth. She started kicking and hitting the person as she panicked rapidly.  "Ridhimma sssshhh" he spoke softly.

 She stopped immediately, her heart running at great speed, his husky voice still made her skip a beat, she was too shocked from his actions to announce any words out of her lips. His hand entwined itself on hers slowly dragging her out of the room. "Armaan?" she whispered walking the mansions stairs, "Ridhimma?" he said with the same tone before letting a soft laugh.  "Armaan" she said in a demanding voice wanting to know what's going on, he didn't say anything only dragging her towards their lounge room, she assumed.