Friday, 24 January 2020

AR os :I came back for you

"Riddhima?",his voice startled her , but she still smiled wide at him.
It was the obvious Armaan Mallik-style entry and there was nothing but him she wanted in her life.She needed him.Right then.And Forever.
Slowly,but hesitantly,he put his arms around her,and sighed.
"I can't believe we're here,Basket...I mean-I've never...Felt so..Nervous before..."
She laughed a shaky laugh to hide her own nervousness," Armaan Mallik..And Nervous?"
" Oh,Come on...You're talking as if its my 10th wedding suhagraat..!!"

She now withdrew his arms from her waist and  looked at him," Is it?"
He rolled his eyes," Ya,ya..Go on,tease me..let me get off this nervousness..then you'll see I'll take my revenge..Heehaa..",he gave a evil laugh.

"Okay,get to the point Mr.Supercool..What are you exactly nervous about?"
He stayed silent. She continued again,"About the night?"

He shook his head,"Its Just that I am not the exactly the man you deserve to be with,Riddhima.I am mad,crazzy,irresponsible,hugely possesive,yes,of course..A doctor,but look at you..Perfect,Studious,One of the best doctors in Sanjeevani,Sabki aankhon ka tara,Innocent,beautiful...I Love you a Lot and I've never,ever,ever loved anyone,not even myself the way I love you..I want you to be happy,I want to keep you like the most loved girl in this whole world..I want our children to be like you..I want to cry with you when you're sad,kiss you when you're happy..and shout to the world that you're mine..but I doubt myself..Can I ever be the perfect man of your life?"

Riddhima blinked at him,"You're crazzy Armaan!",she said laughing,"If you weren't the perfect man of my life..Why would I marry you,stupid? and yes..You're not irresponsible..You're one of the best doctors I have ever seen..and that makes you responsible enough for me.I don't care if we don't deserve each other,Armaan..Because we belong to each other..We are meant to be together..and.."
"And what?"
"And I love you,you idiot."

He blushed at this and gently pulled her to him,"I Love you too."
"Then what more do we need?"
"Okay..Now that all our doubts are cleared..",he paused momentarily,"You really want to know?"
"Of course!"

He grinned and pressed his lips to her.She was initially taken aback,but then she responded to him,kissing him back,gripping his hair to pull him closer.She was out of breath already when his lips left her,and his kisses proceeded to her neck,wet and damp.She moaned slowly,surrendering herself to him fully.It was their moment,their wedding night...and it was just them..
They became ArmaanRiddhima..One in body and soul..

Riddhima's tears didn't stop.A few more spilled down her cheek,as she realised she had been thinking about their memories again.She glanced at Armaan lying motionless on the bed,as he was from 3 weeks. He was in coma,he was shot by some kidnappers when he tried to call the parents of a girl who had been kidnapped.Riddhima had seen the girl herself,her name was Minnie,and at the moment..she was back with her family..but Armaan..
Her thought was left unfinished as she wiped out the tears from her cheeks and held his hand..whispering for what seemed the zillionth time,"Come back Armaan..I need you.."

She could hear the rustle of footsteps and sensed it was the doctor.
"Hi Dr.Keerti..",she said,passing a weak smile to her.
"Riddhima,how are you?Have you eaten?"
"I am fine Mam..Yes,I ate breakfast.",she lied again.

She had to lie to everyone to hide her pain..How could she be "fine" when the sole reason of her living,her husband...her Armaan..wasn't with her?
It seemed like ages when she had last seen his dimpled smile..his eyes dancing as he saw her..his husky voice as he called out "Basket"..his arms that held her,his fussy annoyance at her stupidities,his peaceful smile when he kissed her..Everything seemed light years away..

"How is he doing,Dr.Keerti?",she asked,already knowing the answer.
"We're trying,Riddhima..He is responding a little..But we're trying.."
She nodded and watched as she left the room.

She wanted to shout at everybody..Why?Why isn't Armaan waking up if you're trying?Are you even trying?Can't you see that I need him?He needs to come back! He has to come back!
But deep inside..she kept a ray of hope alive,that her Armaan would come her,For her.They had promised each other that they live together..die together.Armaan wouldn't break his promise.He loved her.

She tried hard to suppress her tears and smiled,whispering,"Remember,Armaan?"

Riddhima jerked her head back and told Rahul firmly,"I don't want to talk to him.That's final."
"But Riddhima.."
"Please Rahul ! You heard what I said,right...Armaan forgot to pick me up from the mall! I mean,that..That's..Just..Urgh!",I threw up my hands in exasperation.
"Riddhima,don't you think this small thing has gone too far..He's told you he's sorry,and.."
"Rahul,can you SHUT up?"

Riddhima could see that he was taken aback.And somehow,she felt gulity.She bit her lip.
"Sorry Rahul.I didn't mean to shout at you."
"Right now,Riddhima..That doesn't matter...What matters is him,Armaan."

He said it so seriously that she was worried.
"Is everything okay Rahul?Why are you..I mean,why are you saying this so seriously?"
"Riddhima,Armaan had a accident.He is in the hospital."

A flurry of events followed.She rushed to the hospital in her car,only to find a traffic. After a lot of panicking and shouting at Rahul as to why he didn't tell her before,she finally reached there.Practically running with her heart beating like hell,she reached the room in which Armaan lay,with one hand in a plaster.
He looked calmer than ever,"Hey there Basket."
"Whats this?Does it hurt?Can't you drive little carefully,you idiot?"
"It doesn't hurt."
"Ya,ya..Superman,of course.Now let me see,please?"
"Riddhima,it doesn't hurt,seriously."
"No time for jokes now,Armaan."
"Riddhima..",he withdrew her hand from the plaster on his hand,and then,began to untie the plaster,leaving Riddhima horrified.

She watched as he took out the whole plaster.She was shocked.There wasn't even one scratch on his arm,and no where else.He was perfectly alright.
"I was joking..Sorry..Basket."
"YOU...didn't have.."
" accident..I wanted to come to me and talk..this was the only way.."
"ARMAAN MALLIK! I HATE YOU!",I turned to leave,he held my wrist.
"Please...don't go..I'm sorry,baby,that I forgot to pick you up..But I promise that'll never ever happen again..I don't like you getting angry with me..I can't stay without talking to you..I Love you.."
I sighed and sat down,"Really sorry?"
I hugged him,"You're forgiven."
"REALLY?",he seemed shocked,"You're talking like you sensed this joke earlier."
"Yeah,I did.",I said,breaking the hug.
"But...,Then why did you come back to me..?"
"I came back for you..",I replied.

It was the same routine for her now,talking to a senseless person..but today,when she related the incident,Armaan stirred.
She pinched herself thrice,but saw it wasn't a dream....Her Armaan was coming back.


The events that followed dazed Riddhima..She was kept out of Armaan's room and the doctors checked him,did the test..And finally,she was allowed to go inside.
Armaan sat there,smiling his dimpled smile at her,and holding out his arms for her.She ran to him and hugged him,and Armaan brought her face to his and kissed her deeply,and passionately.Riddhima felt as if she had got her world back. Her eyes brimming with tears..she could barely speak..

"Armaan..I Love you..I Love You.."
"I Love you too Basket..I much u suffered..I'm sorry,baby.."
"Are you okay?You're really back...To me?"
He kissed her forehead,very gently,"Yes baby..I'm here with you.."
She laughed and cried as he gently carressed her hair,whispering constantly,"I'll not go anywhere..I'm here.."
"Armaan..I can't believe it..I.."
He smiled at her again,"Riddhima..I came back for you.."


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