Wednesday, 22 January 2020

AR os : our Love Story

Dear Riddhima,Sid and Shilpa ,

I know you guys are terrified seeing my house empty and must have guessed that I left Sanjeevani and Mumbai..Quite shocking I know.Now comes the reason why I left the places I loved the most..Well I had no choice..I couldn't just live here..I didn't feel at peace here…I dunno why but it's just that I felt I couldn't live here any more..I miss all my buddies and all the memories keep rushing back in my mind and don't let me happy…I love all of you and will cherish all the memories I had here..Please don't try finding me cause I am giving up medical and trying my hand on some thing else..So if you go in all the hospitals of the world I won't be there..Shilpa you're a great girl..Seriously I love your care free attitude..Take care of yourself and take care of my bike which you stole.LOL! Sid I'll miss you man..You're a like bro to me..After Rahul and Atul you're my bestie..Take care and be the happy go lucky person you are.Riddhima….All I wanna say is….just be happy..

- Armaan Mallik

'Aise kaise ja sakta hai vo' all 3 of them thought..Riddhima took the letter from Sid's hand and looked at the place where he had written a message for her..She could see the feel the tears on the paper…A tear rolled down her cheek..He could never love some one else now.His each and every heart beat took her name..It would be impossible for him to love some one else cause she knew Armaan wouldn't love the girl whole heartedly and that wouldn't be fair on his part..Her heart cried for the tears he shed..How could she be so stone hearted..She knew she still loved Armaan..and then why wasn't she going back to him.."Cause of you're scared of what people will say..You're scared that you'll have a tag of a divorcee..And you're afraid of going against the world" Her inner self told her.."No!That's not true..I am not  scared " Her mind fought back.."Oh really ? Then why didn't you ask Armaan how he was when he came back!He had just recovered..Couldn't you just ask me how he was?But no what did you do just ran away every time he met you.Do you have an answer to this?HUH?" Her brain went blank..She didn't have any reason for the mistake she made..She clutched the letter to her heart..She felt the pain Armaan was going through..The pain when Armaan tried to make her marriage work..The pain when he saw Sid and her together.."I'll find you Armaan..I will.I've gained the courage Armaan to fight the world with you..I love you" she muttered and left Armaan's house leaving Sid and Shilpa confused


"Sid..I love Armaan.." Riddhima finally said..."What?" a confused Sid replied back..."I love Armaan..I can't live with out him and even he can't live with out me Sid..He needs me..I'm the only one he's loved more than himself..He can't love some one else..I want to be with him Sid.." Riddhima confessed..Sid got angry "How can you say that Riddhima!I asked you to choose between me and Armaan and you choosed me then why are you doing this?"..Riddhima turned away "I didn't have the strength to fight..I cared about what people would say..I didn't listen tio my heart..Please let me go..Armaan needs me..please Sid..I beg of you" Sid harshly said "I should have known from start..You love Armaan..You can't love some one else..I was a fool who thought our marriage would work.I was a fool who thought you started loving me"..Riddhima apologetically said "I'm sorry Sid..I really am..but I can't anything..I gave my heart to Armaan and he isn't letting it go..and honestly I don't want Armaan to let go my heart..cause he keeps it safely..and loves it purely.."


3 years had passed since Armaan left..Riddhima convinced Shashank to allow her to divorce Sid and after alot of pleading Shashank agreed..Riddhima tried finding Armaan..but she couldn't find him..It was as if he vanished from earth..Shashank again asked Riddhima to re-marry Sid but Riddhima was adamant..She would find Armaan..She thought "I made a mistake by not waiting..This time I will wait..You're right Armaan..Armaan Riddhima do naam hai jo kabhi alag nahi ho sakte"

Riddhima , Sid , Shilpa had go to Kasauli for a medical check up..Riddhima had tears in eyes and thought "How could I forget Kasauli!Armaan shayad vahi hoga..Kasauli is his birth place!".She went to the place where the statue of Ganesha was kept "Please bhagwaan muje mere Armaan se mila do.Mai uske bina nahi jee paungi..Please"..

The 3 of them reached Kasauli in the morning..Through out the full journey Riddhima remembered the times she spent with Armaan..Some memories made her smile and some made her sad..She didn't realise they had reached Kasauli till Shilpa shook her..They went to the Ashram where they had to go..All 3 of them bonded very well with the people in Kasauli..In the evening..Riddhima went for a walk in Kasauli praying she would bump in to Armaan some where..When Riddhima left the kids started talking about the boxing match that was going to take place in Kasauli..

"Is baar Zaku ko bahut maar padegi" said one girl clapping her hands.."Ha..I hope Ammy bhaiya is baar unhe davai na de.." said a boy .. "Arey agar usse chot lagi hogi toh usse davai toh deni padegi na " said Shilpa pulling the boy's cheeks .. "Arey par " the boy went quite when he saw the care taker coming.."Phir se boxing ki baate ho rahi hai" the care taker said in a stern voice..The kids looked down and nodded.."Is baar toh Ammy ko dant padegi hi padegi." said the care taker…"Nahiii!! Bua please aisa mat karo..Ammy bhaiya bahut acche hai..please unhe mat danto" a girl said pleading her bua not to scold her Ammy bhaiya..Bua had a smile on her face and said "Accha hai nahi datungi ab chalo…Maths ka home work karna hai chalo" All the kids sulked..Seeing their faces Bua said "Accha theek hai 5 min khelo phir ana theek hai"..All the kids were very happy said screamt "Yeaahhh!!" Bua smiled and went inside

"Kya baate ho rahi hai?" Riddhima said while coming in the Ashram.."All the kids had a smile on their faces when they saw Riddhima..All of them loved Riddhima cause they felt Riddhima was like their Ammy bhaiya.."Didii!Kuch nahi bas hume aj ki boxing match ka result sunna tha.." Riddhima got alert and said "Aj boxing match hai?? " .. The kids nodded and said "Haa..par Bua hume nahi jane degi..par hume janna hai ki kaun jita?"…Riddhima cooked up some thing in her mind and said "Mai jaungi aur phir ap sab ko bataungi ki kaun jeeta theek hai"..The kids got excited and thanked Riddhima..After a few minutes Bua called all of them inside..Riddhima asked "Par match khelne kauna vala hai??" While going inside one kid replied "Zakku aur Kasauli ka rockstar ke beech mai match hai adhe gante mai…Result batana okay didi.."

"Kasauli ka rock star..Hmmmm" thought Riddhima.."Tum jaogi Riddhima?" asked a curious Sid .." Ha mai jaungi Sid.." Riddhima said with a determined look on her face…"Par kyun I mean boxing place!" Shilpa said disgusted look on her face.. "Tum dono nahi samjhoge…Ye boxing match ek bahut important opportunity hai mere liye…Armaan yaha ho sakta hai" .."Tum pagal hogayi ho Riddhima..Armaan yaha kya karega…I mean Kasauli mai" Sid said "Kasauli Armaan ka birth place hai Sid..Usne apni college life yehi spend ki hai..aur Armaan kaha kaha ja sakta hai vo mujse better koi nahi jan saka..Armaan ko dundna ab meri hobby ban gayi hai..Maine usse humesha dundha hai aur is baar bhi mai usse dundhugi" Riddhima argued and left the Ashram.


Riddhima entered the boxing place..which read AM's boxing club.."Please bhagwan ye AM Armaan hi ho please" .. She went near the boxing ring..Riddhima saw one guy standing.."Yeh Armaan nahi hai lagta hai yeh Zaka hai" and she was right..The next moment she heard the referee introducing him as Zaka..Riddhima joined her hands and closed her eyes and silently prayed to God.."Aur ab humare dusre khiladi ki baari hai…Use toh hum sab jante hai after all ye club usi ka hai..humare dusre khiladi hai Ammy Mallik!"

Riddhima opened her eyes when she heard 'Ammy'..She smiled and looked up in the sky  "Yes!Muje mera Armaan mil gaya..Bhagwaan ne muje mere Armaan ke paas pahucha diya..Thank you God..Ab mai Armaan ko kabhi apne se dur nahi hone dungi..kabhi nahi"…Riddhima looked ahead and she saw the man she longed to see..her Armaan…He was still the same..those deep grey eyes..that well built body and his hot tattoo's..He had a small stuble and his eyes were full of anger and they were looking towards Zaka..

The match started..Armaan played all his moves right..When he got puched or kicked by Zaka..Riddhima felt as if some one had stabbed her..and when he puched she felt happy..

The 1st half of the match was over.Armaan was looking at his audience like he did every time..but this time his eyes caught some thing which made him wonder..He saw Riddhima.."Riddhima!Yaha..Naaa you're dreaming Armaan…Riddhima toh abhi Sanjeevani mai Sid ke saath hogi…aur ho sakta hai uska ek baccha bhi ho…Kash ye Riddhima asli vali Riddhima hoti..Abhi ke abhi ye match chodke uske pass jata aur usko gale laga leta..I love you so much Riddhima!" he thought."HALF TIME OVER" said the referee..

Armaan got back to his match but after every punch he used to look in Riddhima's direction and to his surprise she was still standing.."Armaan concentrate.Tuje haarna nahi hai come on Zaka ke bache ko harade aur phir uski treatment kar " Armaan thought and smiled..

The match was coming to an end when Riddhima left..She went and stood near the gate of the AM boxing club..

The match got over and the winner was Armaan..Armaan one of the bouncers to take Zaka to the Ashram..Armaan looked at the place where Riddhima stood and he saw no one there..he thought "Maine theek socha vo Riddhima mera bhram tha..Riddhima ab meri nahi rahi"..

Riddhima bent and saw Armaan talking to one people..She heard him say he was going to his house..Without wasting time Riddhima asked one of the people for Armaan's address and left for Armaan's house.. She took a auto and reached at Armaan's house..It was a small cottage.. with a bench outside…She went and sat on the bench waiting for Armaan to come..

Armaan took his bike and went straight to his house in between he stopped at a medical store and took some medicines to heal the bruises he got while fighting..He also took some chocolates..Chocolates had become his favorite in this 3 years..He hadn't changed..He still had the hope of Riddhima coming back to him and that made him live..Imaging him and Riddhima romancing together had become his pass time..He would sit on the couch and stare at the kitchen where he imagined him and Riddhima getting naughty..Often he used to cry while thinking about all this..When ever he used to feel lonely he used to go the Ashram and interact with the kids…He used to play with them..All his sadness would go away after a playing , talking , joking with the kids..Bua was like a mom to Armaan..Shenaaz Bi had was out of Kasauli for some time and would be back in few days..

Armaan was about to reach to his house when he saw a female figure sitting on the bench..To him the female figure looked like Riddhima…He fasten the speed of the bike and his doubt was right..Riddhima was sitting there.."Riddhima" Armaan said with a daze..Riddhima  got up and said "Armaan!Finally tum mill gaye muje.."..Armaan went up to Riddhima.."Tum yaha?" Armaan asked.."Kyu yaha ana mana hai?" Riddhima joked.."Nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai vo bas tumhe yaha dekha toh.." "Shocked ho?" Riddhima interrupted him..Armaan nodded.."Shocks deni ki adaat hai meri haina"..Armaan forced a smile and whispered "Yeah"..."Andar nahi lejaoge?" Riddhima asked.."Huh??Ha vo sorry.." Armaan said and removed his house keys and opened the lock.."Aao..Kuch logi?" Armaan said while keeping the keys on the table.."Nahi thanks.." Riddhima said and sat on the couch...

"Kitne din tak ho yaha pe?" Armaan asked avoiding any eye contact with Riddhima.."2 – 3 din tak hu ...Vo actually mai , Sid aur Shilpa Ashram ke baccho ke check up ke liye aye the" Riddhima said.."Oh..Tum Sid ke saath ayi ho" Armaan said with a tinge of dissappointment in his voice which didn't go unnoticed by Riddhima "Ha kyu tumhe kya laga"..Riddhima asked "Nahi muje laga ki...forget it" Armaan said and started making coffee for himself..."Tumhe laga ki mai tumhe dundhne ayi hu?Right.." "Tum muje kyu dundhogi..Sid haine tumhare saath..your husband" Armaan said trying not spill out tears from his eyes "Sid hai par tum toh nahi ho na.." Riddhima said and went to the kitchen where Armaan was standing..'What?' Armaan said

"Armaan..tumne aisa soch bhi kaise liya mai tumhare bina jee paungi…Muje chodne ki adaat nahi gayi na..Tum humesha aisa karte ho..Jab bhi humare beech kuch ho jata hai tum dur chale jate ho…jab tum khud kehte ho Armaan Riddhima do naam hai jo humesha ek saath liye jate hai…Armaan Riddhima ki takat you even realise that Armaan..I love you Armaan..I want to be with you..Agar tum mere ho to mai is puri duniya se lad sakti hu..mai tumhare bina kuch nahi hu.Come back to me Armaan please.." Riddhima confessed with a few tears coming out of her eyes

Armaan's happiness knew no bounds…He wanted to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dream..He hesitantly cupped her face with his hand .. Tears started flowing out his deep grey eyes..He hugged her tight.He was so happy to get his Riddhima back..He kissed her hair and broke the hug..He stared at her..He sucked the tear on her cheek…Riddhima shivered..His touch was magical…He again hugged her…"Mai…I don't know what to say Riddhima..It's like a dream come true for me..Jab se tumhe khoya tha my heart stopped beating…Bas dill mai ek choti si umeed thi ki tum mere vapad aogi.." He broke the hug and said "Mai janta tha ki humara pyaar itna kamzoor nahi hai…Lekin seeing you and Sid together muje bahut dard hota tha Riddhima..Seeing Sid in my place made me jealous of him..aur tum janti ho ki jabhi mai tumhe kisi aur ke saath dekhta hu muje kitna dard hota hai..Thoda possesive hu na.." Riddhima interuppted and said "Thoda??Bahut possesive ho tum..But I like you being possesive about me"..Armaan smiled and said "Oye Hoyye…Tum boxing club mai thi?" Riddhima nodded.."Phir chali kyu gayi..muje laga ki I was hallucinating.." Riddhima giggled and said "Tum jante ho na I don't like boxing matches…vo toh muje laga tum boxing club mai hoge toh mai vaha chali gayi aur Ashram ke baccho ko janna tha ki kaun jeeta…They love you a lot na"..Armaan nodded and said "Yeah they do..I'm like a rockstar for them…" "Why not superman?" Riddhima asked "Kyuki mai sirf tumhara superman hu" Armaan said and caught Riddhima by her waist and pulled her closer to him

"Tum ab muje chodke nahi jaoge na ?" Riddhima asked "Agar tum mere saath ho toh mai tumhe kabhi chodke nahi jaunga.." Riddhima kept her hand on Armaan's heart "Mai toh tumhare saath hu humesha ke liye"…Some thing striked Armaan and he said "Lekin tumhari toh shaadi ho chuki hai "…"Mai kya tumhe idiot dekhti hu ki divorce kia bina tumhare pass aungi" Riddhima replied sarcastically.."You divorced Sid!!" Armaan said.."Haa..tumhare us stupid letter ke baad muje realise hua ki I love you so much aur phir maine ko bola tha I love you..Papa ko bhi convince kia..and then tada I am Miss Riddhima Shashank Gupta..well soon to be Mrs Riddhima Armaan Mallik haina?" Riddhima blushed while saying that.."God Riddhima you've so brave!!I love you so much and regarding Mrs Mallik..maan kar raha hai ki abhi ke abhi kisi temple mai jaake tumse shaadi karlu" Armaan replied enthusiastically…"Armaaaan!!"..Riddhima blushed and hid her face in his chest…"Love you Riddhima…".."Love you too Armaan"

  There are many coma's in a love story but there's never a full stop :)


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