Friday, 31 January 2020

ARSH OS: Who's the boss?

"Armaan...please take her upstairs jana..yahan bohot pareshan kar rhi hai..." and as angel realized her mother was talking about her,she quickly ran to her father and wrapped both her arms around his legs in amusement...
"Yeah bacha...kya kar rhe ho aap? Mumma ko pareshan kar rhi h angel? Come baby.." he took her in his arms and started moving upstairs..
"Mummmaaa..." armaan looked back at shilpa for he thought angel was pointing at her, but when he saw shilpa busy in cooking, he looked back only to realize that angel had been pointing towards one of the photos hung on the wall besides the stairs. Angel tugged at his black vest in her tiny fists, to make him look at what she was seeing..
"Haan baby..mumma." armaan shook his head and moved upstairs to their bedroom.
He made angel stand on the bed whilst he switched on the tv and put it to their favorite thomas and friends. Angel started to run all over the bed,pretending to be a train engine like thomas and armaan stuffed all boundaries of the bed with pillows. He had hoped she'd fall asleep watching tv so then he and shilpa would be able to have their dinner in peace. Shilpa had already fed angel and now if she slept on time, would be the best thing to ask for. But just as he thought he saw her eyes drooping with tiredness, and he tried to shift her on to his tummy since that was her most comfortable bed, angel's eyes spat wide open disturbed by armaan's phone ringtone. He cursed it under his breath before getting up and taking the call...

"Mr. Armaan mallik.." he said n a strict prifessional the same time making sure that his voice isn't too loud to wake his baby up, no she wasn't asleep, but he still hoped she will fall asleep..
"I'm sorry i didn't recognize you.." he spoke in th phone seeing angel getting up and walking to him in her tiny little steps..angel put her arms round him clinging to him like a monkey. He held her from one hand, while from the other he held the phone. "Oh yeah, i know you mr. Raj but these are  not my working hours and you should know i don't entertain any media people when i am not in the office." Angel was wide awake now..she again tried to be thomas the engine with her 'chuk chuk' voice in armaan's ears. " bacha.." he moved his head away and spoke back into the phone.."i donot even listen to any questions, i listen to o ly what i want to listen mister.." spoke the businessman armaan mallik trying to soothe angel from the other hand while she made him listen to her 'chuk chuk', obviusly without caring if he wanted to listen or not!
A little convinced by her dadda's pleas, she stopped being thomas and came back to simply being angel. She saw her dadda's expressions now. He looked so angry. "See mister, i don't care how many powerful people are behind you, one thing you should know is that nobody can touch me. And i mean NO BODY." his eyes became even bigger and angel tried to touch them,the big eyes. She poked her finger in one of his eyes and "oww" he nearly dropped his phone as he rubbed his eye that somebody had apparantly touched! "No baby...please na kar na.." he pled her and put her down on the floor and gave her shilpa's hairbrush to play with..
"Oh! Do you even know who you're talking to? 'Please' and me! I don't request people!they request me...i am the one who needs to be convinced."
Angel,meanwhile tried to eat the hairbrush and armaan too sat down on the floor with her,taking the brush out of her mouth.
"I don't care what poeple think. And just so you know, i don't even want to come down to earth..if they believe i think highly of myself then let them.." he warned the press reporter while he himself half lied on the floor,in front of his baby so she couldn't escape. Angel whined when she saw no escape, and then when armaan got busy on the phone,his bacha stealthily got up and crawled to the other side,towards the wardrobe. " people talk all kinds of shit. Okay then, i am a stone hearted man and am not considerate towards my staff..think all you want to.." armaan was quick enough to notice, and considering she wil hurt herself, he too got up and picked her from her arm, back so she clinged herself on his chest. "See raj, i am the boss in my office. People will have to follow my orders and deal with my anger. I don't care if my strictness scares them."
He tried to fake anger and stare at angel angrily warning her to stop her antics. " and nobody has the Right to defy my orders." Angel kept her hand on his big angry eyes to shoo him away, being the brave one here. He removed her palm shaking his head iritatingly and when angel did not like this behavior, she tried to stop him by slapping his cheek. Ok not slapping, just tapping a little harshly. And he stopped too. Finding the best time, she quickly freed herself and ran towards the glass window.." i don't run after poeple to get my work done, if they need me, they come after me.." he answered on the phone about his arrogant business laws as he ran after angel to make sure she didnt do any shaitani now..
"See i dnt wanna know or say anything more...its just that.." he heard shilpa's voice from downstairs..
"Armaan...dinner ready hai bebu...come down.."
" haan aaya.." he answered her and picked up angel to go down while still speaking on the fone..
" its just that i dont follow any orders..i only give them..i dont aplogize..i onoy make poeple do.." and he cut the call with that.
"Sulaya nhi angel ko?" Shilpa asked frowning at him and he settled in the dining table aplogizing "sorry..ek call aa gya tha.."
"Tum bhi na armaan...maar khaoge ek din mujhse apne kaam ke chakkar me.." she served his plate and made angel sit in her crib,stuffing it with soft toys and shifting it in front of the tv and herself came back to eat with him.
"Acha're taking a week long off next month..we're going to delhi..and i wont let you delay it this time..thats it." She ordered him Serving herself in the same plate..
"As you say boss!" He chuckled and kissed her lips before starting to eat.


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