Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Chapter 1 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

 The school president is a MAID!!!!

Girl's voice: " How many times do i have to tell u?? Your hair should b black...not coloured...earings are forbidden for guys.You must wear a belt...only the first button of ur shirt can be left open. Cant the rules just get inside ur head???...ur not allowed to enter this school untill u dress up properly...now GO!!!
She closes the front door...n the guys who she just scolded were left out. They stared at her as she went

This is Seika High. n the girl is non other than...the school president SHILPA MALHOTRA.

Seika high used to be all boys school in the past...its been only 3 yrs since it has become an co-ed school. As a result, 80% of the school population is of males. Shilpa is the first girl president n the reason as to why she wanted to be the president is she wants more girls to join Seika for which she needs to teach guys a lesson on how to behave with girls.

Shilpa is walking through the corridors n thinking how hard she worked to gain the trust of her teachers,so tht she could be the president...suddenly she hears something

Guy:"oh comeon...we r just telling u to clean this classroom for today..."
Girl:"but its ur duty not mine"
Guy:"so wat just do it for us today plz"
Girl:"but i dont want to"
Shilpa:"Wats going on here? Vivek stop making the girls do ur work. If u dont clean this classroom today...i'll make u clean the whole school for  ONE MONTH!!
The other girl runs away.
Vivek:"wats ur prob Prez?"
Shilpa:"u are my prob! n wats with tht earring?? didnt i tell u to take it off??"
Vivek:"like i'll listen to u!!"
Shilpa:"fine ur wish...ur earring r CONFISCATED!!
She mercilessly pulls off the earring from the ears of vivek n his gang. Screaming in pain,the gang runs.

Shilpa moves forward...but suddenly stops when she hears a girl crying.
She sees a guy n a girl...n the girls crying.
She asks," Wats going on here??"
The guy turns n answers." Just rejecting another confession."
The girl goes crying n shilpa gets angry
Shilpa:"You again, ARMAAN MALLIK!! making a girl cry for no reason. You should at least think about how you word it...Dont let me catch u making a girl cry again."
Armaan:"How many times are you gonna repeat the same thing??"
Shilpa:"thts cause u never stop doing it!!"
She goes away.
From behind comes another guy...a member of vivek's gang.
Guy:"armaan dude...lets plan something n beat up the Prez.We'll teach her a lesson n then she'll noe wat she gets for messing up with us"
Armaan:"Do it yourself...i am not interested".
He goes.

Scene shifts

Shilpa:" I hate guys! The reason is simple...my dad left a huge debt n vanished. My mom,me n my sis were betrayed by the man we trusted the most. Because of him, me n my mom have to work everyday. We dont even have time to rest.Ever since i became the school president...things for me have been hard. But i cant quit my job. If i do,my family will be in a great problem.I am a maid or say waitress at Maid Cafe."
She mumbles to herself n opens the back door of the cafe n goes for throwing the waste. When she is about to enter the cafe again from the back door
She turns only to find
Shilpa:"ARMAAN MALLIK!!!!"
She goes red n goes inside the cafe..shutting the door.
While doing her work inside...she keeps thinking how screwed she is...armaan wont spare her...he would go tell everyone at school...n all her hard work to achieve the post of president would just vanish...she would be laughed at...all the guys at school will now tease her...mock her.
With all this depressing thoughts she changes back to her normal clothes n leaves the cafe. When she goes out she sees armaan waiting for her.
Armaan:"so u've changed back"
Shilpa:"y r u still here?"
Armaan:"just wanted to check if the maid i saw was the school prez.Why do you do this job?"
Shilpa:"come with me i'll explain."
She takes him to the park...n tells him everything about her problem.

Armaan:"so its all because of your family problem.Isnt it hard?"
Shilpa:"My mom is sickly n my sister is too young to work. If i dont work my mom will have to overwork herself n i am scared she'll collapse"
Armaan:"you hate guys so much..you keep beating them. You still work at a maid cafe that too in such a far neighbourhood. Why dont u do physical labor nearby?"
Shilpa:"My stamina isnt tht great. Plus being the school prez my grades shouldnt slip."
Armaan:"so when do u study?"
Shilpa:"after work...i study late at night...thts the only time m free n can study"
Armaan:"hmm thts y you entered a school like Seika...the costs r cheap here...especially for girls"
Armaan:"Its been hard on you."

They end up talking n go back to their places.

After three days

Shilpa:"I was all ready to be laughed at...i was sure everyone must be knowing my secret now but three days have passed n nothings changed. I wonder  y didnt he tell everyone"
Just then two girls come calling shilpa.
Shilpa:"wat is it muskaan n anjali??"
Muskaan:"shilpa we need ur help"
Anjali:"come with us plz"

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