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Chapter 10- Soul meets soul ARSH ss

The next day Shilpa went to school...with thoughts full of armaan. She wanted to see spend time with him...maybe then she could identify her feelings for him. She entered the school gates n took a deep breath. 'Omg the air feels so blissful' she thought n closed her eyes.
"Morning Miss.President"
Shilpa opened her eyes n stared at his blue eyes.
"Good morning Armaan", she replied smiling.
"Wow, is today my lucky day? Shilpa Malhotra herself smiled at me n wished me Good mornin??"..said armaan sarcastically with a smirk
"Oh shut up armaan!! i am just in a good mood!!!"
Armaan came closer n whispered in her ear.
"Why shilpa? had some thoughts about me in ur mind thts making u so chirpy and happy?"
Shilpa closed her eyes feeling his warm breath.She wished to hug him n stay like tht forever. 'Argghh!! shilpa get out of your trance!! wat the hell is wrong with u!!!' Shilpa scolded herself in her mind.

She opened her eyes n pushed armaan back
"Dream on Mallik"
"All I dream is about u shilpa..." he said huskily...making her heart stop
"...with ur little maid dress on..treating me as your only sexy master!"
he winked n went.
Shilpa stared at him open-mouthed.
"I hate you armaan mallik!!!" she thought

Scene shifts

Its break time now n shilpa is in the conference room going through some details. She had to report about the latest happenings at school n put forward her plans infront of the principal n other head teachers. She always had been able to impress them with her dedication and hardwork.Shilpa was preparing herself when she heard a weird noise on the speaker.
She was confused..was there someone in the announcement room? Shilpa headed out to check what the noise was all about..she could see the students getting irritated.

Scene shifts

Armaan is on the school terrace thinking about shilpa...he was planning to take her for a date...maybe she needed some time to trust him n taking her out n making her feel special must b the right way. He planned on asking her today.
He took out a picture of them from his pocket. It had been clicked when they were busy staring at each other.
he very well remembered the day.


Armaan was at the cafe as usual...eyeing shilpa...God she is beautiful. He followed her every movement n stared at her gorgeous eyes n lips when she spoke. They always fascinated him...her eyes were mesmerizing n her virgin lips wanted to b ruined...he just wanted to take her in his arms n kiss her deeply showing his love...but he knew he had to wait. He sighed.

Suddenly, Shilpa's boss(SB) came over

SB:"hey armaan"
SB:"hmm..actually armaan...we are having a competition among our customers...whoever wins get to have a picture with their favourite maid...we thought u might be interested"
A:"ofcourse I am!! what kind of competition?
'Wow..if i win i get a picture of me n shilpa together...gosh why wouldnt i join...jeez shilpa's boss asks such dumb questions!'..armaan thought excited to get a picture with his lady love
Armaan came out of his trance..n looked around seeing people staring at him...he smiled sheepishly at them n looked at shilpa's boss who looked apologetically at him
SB:"sorry armaan..u werent replying so"
A:"ya its what were u saying?"
SB:"i said the competition is of eating the dish our cooks made...its huge n heavy...the person who finishes it the fastest...wins! should i write down ur name"
A:"ya please do so"

Flashback over

Shilpa had tried to change my mind...she didnt want me to participate saying it was too heavy for me to eat it n i might spoil my health...but didnt she know i would even die for her?...i went ahead with the competition..n yes they had done a good job making it difficult for us competitors to win...i had my eye on shilpa all the time n i remember her looking worried for me...i finished off the food before anyone else...n won the competition and as expected i had a picture with shilpa who refused at first but later gave in.
I had placed my hand on her waist lightly caressing it sending shivers in her body,...thts when shilpa looked at me n i too turned my head towards her n her boss had clicked our pic without our knowledge. It was picture perfect
We were perfect...i just hope she realises this soon

Armaan was lost in his thoughts when he saw shilpa entering the anouncement room with a frown on her face.He decided to go n ask her for a date

(p.s. guys the announcement room corridor can b seen from the terrace through a window)

Scene shifts

Shilpa entered the room n saw a weird looking guy sitting on the was him making those weird noise...
S:"Who are you? n what the hell are u doing here??"
He was the student of seika high itself cause he was wearing the uniform but he covered his face with a mask. He came forward n looked shilpa in the eye. He was an expert at hypnotising people...he took out his pendulum n started to hypnotise shilpa.

Shilpa felt her head heavy n she fainted. The guy took off his mask n said:" time to say bye bye to seika high miss.president"
He took out an injection from his pocket n injected her...he then removed her coat n threw it away...he opened her hair n smudged her kajal n lip gloss...making her look like wh*** who had just made out...
He gave a sly smile n ran a finger through her face
"Its such a shame i have to let go of a beauty like you! but u have to b out of this school so that i can take the presidents place n show the girls their position...they have gained tooo much confidence since u became the prez!"

He went out to bring the principal of the show what his loyal student had been doing...he was certain tht she would b thrown out!

After a while...he comes back with the principal of the school

G:"look she is "
P:"there is no-one here!"
 He turns to look n sees shilpa is not there...everything of hers was gone...he is shocked
G:"but sir...she was here...n her makeup smudged...she looked like she had made out"
P:"Shame on u! u lost ur elections to her so ur making such rumours...i am warning u...u do this again i will expell you! as for now...i am suspending u for a day...i wont tolerate such undecent behaviour towards a girl! i hope i made myself clear!"
He doesnt get any response
He shouts out loud...the guy stammers n says "yy..yes...ssir"

Principal leaves the room.

The guy wonders where shilpa went...he was sure he had drugged her...she would wake up in 3-4 mins n blabber utter nonsense...thts the effect of the drug...his plan was perfect...her reputation would have been ruined...but his plan backfired...someone must have taken her away...but who? or did she no thts not possible he was sure she wasnt in her senses...n wouldnt b untill the next day...then what went wrong??

He goes out n leaves for his home...still wondering what happened to shilpa

Scene shifts

Shilpa is on the bed sleeping with a smile...she twists n turns...just as the guy had mentioned she woke up in a min or two...she looked around n saw a figure standing at the balcony with his back towards her. She kicked the blanket off her n walked towards the guy...her legs were shaky n she walked as if she was drunk...she put her hand on the person's shoulder...he turned n caught her before she could fall...shilpa stared into his blue eyes
"armaan..." she whispered softly

A:"Shilpa?? are you okay?"

she hugged him tightly putting her head on his chest...armaan sighed..he always wanted this but no this was wrong she wasnt in her senses

Shilpa slowly moved her head n placed a light kiss on his chest just next to his heart...armaan lost control feeling her touch...he put his hands on her waist n pulled her closer...he took her name with desire...Shilpa moved her lips from his chest to his neck...she bit his neck n sucked at the same spot...leaving a love bite...she moved her hands towards his hair to massage them...Armaan was having a hard time...he knew this has to stop before they end up doing something that they would regret especially her...

He pulled out of the hug...n saw shilpa looking at him with confused expression

S:"whats wrong armaan? did i do something wrong?"
A:"no shilpa...look...listen...this isnt right...ur not in ur should..."
S(cutting him off):"armaan...plzzz...plzz hug me back...i need u"
she came forward...armaan was pinned to the railing of the balcony...she hugged him n rubbed her nose on his chest...making armaan moan with pleasure...but he controlled himself n pushed her off him

S:"u too want me...then why u stopping me"
A:"yes i want u shilpa...i want to kiss u... to hold u...but not lyk this,...ur not in ur senses shilpa...u need rest...plz understand"

She came close once again...n ran her finger from the top of his face to his chest...slowly n sexily..."kiss me armaan...hold me...,love me...forget everything" Armaan closed his eyes feeling her...he knew if he loses his control...they would end up making love...but...but she was making it so difficult for him to control...her finger was replaced with her lips...she was kissing him gentely yet passionately...god!! this girl would drive him crazy if she doesnt stop...armaan tried to wriggle out but shilpa didnt let him...he prayed tht she would go unconcious again...he sighed when she moved back...he looked into her eyes n gulped...he saw her eyes filled with desire...

S:"I...I really really like you armaan"
S:"hmm u drive me crazy...i never felt like this with any other guy...i dont like guys but make me feel different...n special...i love ur blue eyes...they make me feel calm...they show ur sincerity...its like m seeing a sea thts sooo huge (she spreads her arms wide making armaan chuckle)...i can drown in them because i dont know swimming (she pouts)...n u noe u make me feel so safe n secure (she gives him sweet smile)...its lyk m home...but...but..."
A:"but what shilpa?"
S:"but...m scared"
A:"why? dont u trust me?"
S:"i do armaan...i trust u more than anyone else...but what if u also leave me...we have so many fights...what if u get fed up of me n leave me? what if u dont love me? what if u find someone better? i cant lose u armaan! m scared...i dont want to lose u...what if u dont feel the same way? what if i dont fit in ur status n ur style...i wont b able to live without love..."
She says in an unaudible tone n faints in his arms. He picks her up n puts her on bed...he covers her with the blanket n sits beside her holding her hand
A:"Dumbo!! ofcourse i wont ever leave u darling...i love you too shona..."
he kisses her forehead n sees her sleeping with a smile
A:"i love u"
he looks at her sleepin n promises himself to brush away all her insecurities

After sometime he gets up n sees tht the break must b over at the school...he calls up the principal

A:"hello sir...armaan here"
P:"yes armaan...tell me what can i do for u?"
A:"sir actually shilpa is not well..she fainted in school n i brought her home...the doctor said she needs rest" he came up with a reason
P:"oh..ok...i was wondering where she was anyway...umm i will give u both a break of 2 days...tell her to take complete rest...she over works herself for the betterment of the school...n plz take care of her  n give me timely reports"
A:"yes sir i will...thank u so much sir"
P:"no problem...ok armaan i need to go for some important meeting"
A:"ok sir...thank u again...bye"
P:"bye son"

Armaan keeps the phone n goes back to shilpa...he had alreayd called up the cafe n said she wouldnt b coming for 2-3 days n he had told her mom also tht she would b staying with him untill he finds out what actually happened n make sure she is safe...shilpa's mom had agreed knowing armaan is the best for her daughter n would never hurt her or break her trust
 Armaan looked at shilpa...he went to flashback of how he found her


Armaan entered the announcement room only to get the shock of his life...there on the chair sat shilpa...looking like a s*** he wondered who had done this to her...knowing shilpa he knew she would never do this...he looked at her coat lying far off...he picked it up n made shilpa wear it covering her completely..he also found the injection...he was sure some1 must have injected her forcefully..he kept it in his pocket ..he sweared to himself to find out who the bas***d was...he quickly lifted her up in his arms n walked out...on his way he told everyone tht shilpa was having fevr n tht she fainted so he was taking her to the doctor...but in reality he took her to his place...

Flashback over

He took out the injection from hi pocket...he called up his family doctor n told him to come home straight away with his medical kit

Now armaan was sitting with the doctor...the doc had done some tests on the injection trying to find out what was exactly injected to shilpa...he had also taken shilpa's blood sample...n now he was back with the reports

DR:"Armaan the girl has been injected with a strong drug...its very hard to find in our city...but there are ome suppliers for it...seeing her blood reports it looks as if this is the first time she is injected with it so i guess ur right someone has forcefully put it in her...but i dont see any forcing marks...also i did her checkup...i think she was hypnotised before she was injected..."
A:"okay doctor...i will take over now...i will find out who did this n make sure that guy gets his punishment"
DR:"ok son...n yes there r no fingerprints on the injection except urs so m guessing the guy must have wore gloves"
A:"oh ok...thank u doctor"
DR:"its ok son...i'll tak ur leave now...take care"

The doctor leaves. Armaan thinks who did this to her...he calls up his frnd atul

A:"atul listen i need u to do something for me..."

Armaan tells atul some details n tells him to find out who n all went to tht announcement room before n after shilpa n what was the reason for shilpa going in there

he got to know abt the weird noises n he guessed tht the person who injected her planned all this...he says atul to find who was behind all this n tell him as soon as possible n not to tell anything to anyone.

he keeps the phone...its late at night...armaan goes to sleep in the other room...thinking over the days event

Next morning

Shilpa wakes up to find herself on armaan's bed till in her school clothes,...she gets confused n tries to remember how she got here..but all she could remember was going inside the announcement room n seeing a guy after tht her mind was blank...she couldnt remember anything...she felt scared...did anything happen?? she tried her bst to remember but couldnt...her head started throbbing with pain...

A:"dont think much miss.prez...i wil tell u everything. Here take this medicine u will feel better n get freshen up...i'll wait for u outside for breakfast...opps sorry i mean lunch..."
A:"yep its 2...come on shilpa...hurry up...n ur clothes r kept there on the table...ur mom dropped it here when she went for work..."
S:"mom?? eh? armaan? i?"
A:"shh shilpa...i promise to tell u evrythin...first freshen up n take these meds okay...cya"
he goes out leaving shilpa staring at him

She does as he told her n goes out to see armaan had placd their lunch on the table just the same way as they had done on their dinner night...
Armaan gives her a warm smile n they both n have lunch

Armaan gives her all details of what happened with her...he shies out when coming to the part of their closeness at his balcony...shilpa demands to know n he had to tell her...he sees her shocked n horror face but then he assures her tht this wouldnt change anything

S:"but armaan??"
A:"look shilpa...i know how ur feling...n trust me i am not judging u...i noe u werent in ur senses...but shilpa tell me one thing honestly...did u realy mean what u told me?"
" dont noe"
she fumbled n finally answered
"i want an honest reply"
"do u care abt me?
"just ans"
"do u like spending time with me?"
"do u like whn i compliment u?"
"do u trust me?"
"do u get jealous seeing me with some1 else?"
"do u love me?"
Shilpa gets shocked...n looks at armaan who seems as if he has achieved something big!!
"uh...i i mean ya..i mean"
"i know what u mean"
"armaan ...i...think..u got it all wrong...ya look..."
"i love u shilpa"
"no listen i think...wait what??"
"yes shilpa...i love u very very much"
"but can u? i mean i.."
he gets up from his seat n moves towards her...he bends down infront of her...he looks in her eyes...his eyes showing honesty care n immense love

"i have always loved u shilpa...ur different from others...ur so strong yet so weak...ur so sweet yet so spicy...ur so bold yet so shy...ur funloving yet reserved...u have so many different shades shilpa...ur just beautiful gorgeous n amazing...i love spending time with u...i love it when u trust me...i love it when u call me names n fight with me...i love it because i love u shilpa...i love everything abt u...yesterday when u expressed ur feelings i cant tell u how happy i was...yet i was sad cause u said it when ur not in ur senses...i need u to noe shilpa tht whatever happens m never gonna leave u...just leave ur insecurities n give me a chance...i promise with time...all ur fears will run away...i wanna make u feel loved n wanted...will u give me the right to? will u b my girlfriend miss shilpa malhotra?"

"what? armaan...did u just...i mean.."

"Yes shilpa...m asking u out...will u give a jerk like me a chance? pleasee? i promise to never let u b always der for u n love u till my last breath...plz b my girlfriend"

"armaan i would love to...but ther r so many girls btter than me who u can get n so many asked u out...why me?"

"because ur special...i dont care abt other girls...i always rejcted them cause ur the only one i want...only one i love...i love u shilpa"

"i love u too armaan"



armaan n shilpa both have tears of joy...they hug each other feeling complete...armaan was contented he will make sure he wont lose her n shilpa was just over whelmed listening to his confession...she never imagined armaan would love her...she was happy...n complete...both of them stood their hugging each other for a good 10mins

shilpa's phone rang n she had to let go of him...


it was shilpa's sis who requested her to come back home as she wanted to go out n couldnt leave the house cause her mom told her not to...her mom was expecting some parcel...shilpa told her she would b there in sometime

"i'll have to go armaan..."
"hmm okay...but u will have to go on a date with me"
" evening ready i'll come to pick u up"
"no buts...please shilpa"
"i love u girlfriend"
he gave her a kiss on her cheek...shilpa blushed n ran away
armaan looked after her then looked up n said "thank u"
he ran behind her n both of them left for shilpa's house

The stars lean down to kiss you
  And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere [ shilpa gets into her room n lies on her thinking abt armaan...n there armaan is staring at their picture thinking abt her]

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me [both doze off into their dreamland]
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here[ when shilpa gets up..she sees armaans text saying , "i miss you...i wish u were with me" she replies saying "me too"]

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
 Because it takes two to whisper quietly [ they somehow pass their time till the tym comes for their date]

The silence isn't so bad [armaan drives shilpa to the beach...they havent spoken anything...silence is comfortable n they are stealing glances at each other]
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly [ while walking on the beach...armaan feels shilpa intervening their fingers..]

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days '
Cause cold nostalgia Chills me to the bone
But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you
 I don't feel so alone
I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone[shilpa n armaan spend a wonderful time together...armaan drops her home...n they share an eyelock before shilpa goes in]

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again
And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you Oh,
if my voice could reach Back through the past I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here
[both of them feel contented n happy]

They both had the best time of their life...though it was simple date...shilpa couldnt b out for long as she still needed rest so they just went to the beach later ate n icecream n came was ntn too romantic or flashy but still spending time with each other everything turned out perfect...yes shilpa's dream came true...her perfct simple date n all thanks to armaan!

they texted each other for a while n then armaan ordred her to sleep she had to go to school n cafe tomorrow...n abt the relationship...both of them didnt mind going yes no hiding their relation if any1 would ask they would say they wre dating

life felt perfect but was it??

Armaan was in his room thinking abt his wonderful day...when suddnly he got a was from atul

Atul:"armaan i have found out who the guy was"
Armaan remembered the incident n his eyes filled with anger
A:"who is it?"
Atul:"Carter Parker...the one who lost elections to shilpa"
A:"tht bas***d!! i m gonna kill him tomo"
Atul:"calm down armaan"
A:"no atul...whatever he did was too much...he will get his punishment...anyway i will talk to u later bye"
Atul:"bye take care"

A:"Mr.Carter Parker...ur finished!! ur finished for touching armaan mallik's girlfriend...i am gonna make ur life hell...i promise! Ur games over!"

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