Friday, 17 January 2020

Chapter 11- Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Next morning

Shilpa's room

Shilpa's alarm rang but was she in the mood of gtting up?? naa after a wonderful blissful night who would want to get up?...
Hearing the alarm shilpa's mom(SM) entered the room
SM:shilpa...get up...its time for school
S:mom 5mins
SM:no shilpa get up now!!
n she dozes off
"whats wrong with her?? she never sleeps like that" thought shilpa's mom
oh god shilpa get up!! u will b late!!! she screamed at her daughter
when ntn seemed to b working she got an idea
"ok fine..go to sleep" she turned n then pretended to b shocked
"armaan ...u?? here?"

shilpa jerked her eyes open n sat on the bed
"armaan?? armaan wat u..."
she searched the whole room but didnt see him...she looked confusedly at her mom n asked
"mom...where is armaan?"
shilpa's mom started laughing...
"sry shilpa...this was the only way to wake u up"
"mom!!!! arghhh!!"
shilpa got down of her bed...stomped her foot...n went to get ready leaving her mom laughing at her expressions

after a while when shilpa was getting ready her mom enters the room
SM:"get ready fast n have ur breakfast...armaan has come to pick u up for school"
S:"plz mom...the same trick doesnt work everytime"
SM:"m serious shilpa...he is here only"
S:'oh god mom stop lying"
SM:"but shilpa..."
They both didnt notice tht armaan had come to the room n was listening their conversation with an amused smile
S:"mom look...i dont care if armaan is here or doesnt matter to plz dont play the same trick"
A:"oh really shilpa? it doesnt matter eh?"
Shilpa turned around hearing his voice...
s:"armaann!! ur actually here...i thought mom was joking"
A:"joking or not...u really dont care of my presence"
S:"armaan u noe its ntn lyk tht...u noe tht i..."
she looks at her mom n stops
A:"i..wat shilpa?"
S:"ntn armaan"
A:"i love u too shilpa"
Shilpa's mom gasped...OMG now she knew what was going on
She looked at shilpa..then at armaan n back at shilpa
she smiled widely!!
SM:"omg!! u guys r together!! finally!...i thought i wouldnt b able to see this day"
A:"hey can i deprive u of ur wishes...i knew this would make u happy n thts why i sacrificed my heart n gave it to ur daughter who is not as beautiful as u are"
Both armaan n shilpa's mom started laughing at her anger...god why is every1 laughing on me today?? wonderd shilpa.
S:"fine u both laugh n m leaving!!!"
shilpa grabbed her bag n started to leave when armaan pulled her back
A:"ur not leaving without having breakfast!"
S:"but m nt hungry"
A:"but i am hungry...go eat for me"
S:"if ur hungry u eat would my eating help filling ur stomach"
A:"tch tch u want me to force u n feed u?? dont u think its better u stop arguing n eat"
S:"but armaan..."
suddenly she felt him kissing her on the cheek
when armaan moved back he saw shilpa staring at him wide eyed n open mouthed..
A:"now shilpa...if u dont eat i'll make sure i eat u up to satisfy my hunger"
Shilpa was shocked to say anything...she saw tht her mom had left the room n sighed with relief...atleast she wouldnt b embarassed noe
She knew there is no point in she went to the kitchen...n started having her breakfast which was kept at the table like a good girl
SM:"wow armaan! ur the first to make her have her breakfast...tell me the magic trick"
A:"ah aunty,,,a good magician never reveals his tricks"
Sm:"oh really...i see...anyway u also hav some breakfast n go"
A:"no thank u aunty...i already had mine"
SM:"okay..but u have to have dinner at our 8pm okay?"
A:"ok sure aunty"
S:"what okay? no way mom...he isnt eating a our place!!!"
A:"why shilpa jealous tht i might b more close to ur mom?"
S:"jealous n me?? pleaseee"
SM:"ok enough both of get going orelse u will b late"
S:"yeah...bye mom love u"
SM:"love u too...take care"
A:"bye aunty..see u at 8"
SM:"bye armaan"
with that shilpa n armaan left to begin a new day at skul...

Shilpa didnt talk to armaan the whole ride...he sensed she was still angry with him...before she got down
A:"shilpa...i love u...plz dont b mad at me"
S:"ah armaan...i.."
A:"i was just pulling ur leg sweetheart..."
S:"umm...fine...anyway mom got a companion to trouble me now"
A:"yea she is so much more fun"
S:"thats my mom armaan"
A:"so?? she is my MOTHER-IN-LAW"
Shilpa started blushing hearing this
A:"i love the pink colour of ur cheeks"
saying tht he kissed her cheeks making her go deep red
S:"armaan let me go"
A:"but i havent even held u shilpa"
Shilpa looked down...n got out of the car n ran inside leaving a dreamy armaan in the car
A:"i love u shilpa malhotra!!" he whispered to himself

As he went inside...he caught up with her n held her hand slowly...she looked at him n smiled blushingly...he gave her a wink n they walked hand in hand
All the people at school were staring at them open-mouthed. ARMAAN N SHILPA HOLDING HANDS!!! gosh tht was certainly shocking as they had always seen the two of them fighting. Anjali came upto Shilpa
AN:"shilpa? what u doing with armaan? u guys.."
A:"yea we are dating"
The whole school gasped hearing tht...shilpa n armaan two individuals who never dated anyone were dating each tht was a shocker

Armaan n shilpa was the new hot topic of the school for rest of the day

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