Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Chapter 2 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

My secret is revealed to more people

Shilpa goes with muskaan n anjali to check wat the problem was. When she reaches the spot,she sees a sand bag kept on the stairs blocking the path to reach the terrace. She gets angry n asks "who the hell brought this here?"
Anjali says some guys from the boxing club brought it here. They said they would remove it later but...
Shilpa tries to remove the bag...she is able to lift it but only a bit.
Just then Armaan passes by n sees the scene. He offers to help.Shilpa accepts thinking if she behaves rudely with him...he might leak out her secret.
Armaan in one swift movement carries the sandbag n throws it out of the school.
The girls thank him n he goes.

Anjali:"He is soo hawt n strong!!No wonder he is popular among girls. Good looks,strong body n smart mind. He is the desire of every girl."
Muskaan:"did u see the way he picked up the sandbag as if it was a small piece of stone? Did u see that shilpa??He is so cool."
Shilpa:"yes i did. n its no big deal girls. I could have also lifted it up if he wouldnt have come."
Anjali:"oh really? dont like prez...u were havin difficulty lifting it. Accept it."
Shilpa:" watever. m gng now. have to punish the boxing club for this mess."

She goes leaving anjali n muskaan dream abt armaan.

After school, when shilpa is on her way to work...she thinks abt armaan

Shilpa:" How much ever i try to decline it...but the fact is he is strong. Even i couldnt have lifted tht sandbag the way he did. So many girls drool over him....y doesnt he accept anyone? Does he think no-one is good enough for him? Well tht might be the case. After all today when i saw his file i was shocked. He is good at sports n studies as well. Every sport team wants him to be their with them. His grades are even better than mine. He always get the first place. He is rich too......arghhh shilpa wats this?? u thinking abt a GUY???omg this armaan mallik will drive me crazy!!"

She immediately stops thinking abt him n enters her cafe. She changes into waitress clothes n comes out. At her cafe,the waitress r suppose to treat the customers as their masters n take care of everything so tht they are happy. Her boss feels tht by giving others happiness u feel satisfied. Its the best thing to do n thts y she opened this cafe.

The bell rang indicating the arrival of a customer. Shilpa goes to the front door n says " Welcome back Master" but her jaw drops as she sees who the guy was.
It was the guy she was thinking abt THE " ARMAAN MALLIK"

He coolly goes n takes his seat. Shilpa goes to him n asks "Wat r u doing here??"
Armaan:"can i get a cup of coffee??"
Shilpa stares at him n then walks off.
She keeps thinking why is he here? does he want to challenge me? is he here to make fun of me? god this guy....i need to talk to him soon.
Shilpa gets armaan his coffee n goes n serves her other customers.
During her work she notices armaan's gaze on her. She tries ignoring it.

After her work,on her way back home.


With this the day ends.

Next day

Shilpa searches for armaan at skul. While searching she comes across Vivek n his gang who were upto some mischief again n she was as usual blasting them punishments. All this was seen by armaan who was at his class sitting near the window. He got the clear view of the ground where shilpa n the guys were. During the break, he approached a guy named Atul.

Armaan:"Atul u were with the prez from her childhood na? was she always like this?"
Atul:"Why r u asking this so suddenly?"
Armaan:"ntn i was just wondering."
Atul:"No prez never used to b like this. She used to b another normal girl as far as i remember. She was happy n cheerful. During our middle skul she got many proposals from guys. She used to b the cutest n the most beautiful girl ever. She was very sweet too. But then there were rumors tht there was some prob at her home. n from then she became like this."
Armaan:"oh k thanks."
Atul:"no problem. Looks like ur interested in her. anyway i gotta go now. bye"

Armaan looked at shilpa again n went to terrace. Fortunately for shilpa, she saw him going there n followed.

Shilpa:"Armaan i want to talk to u"
Armaan:" Prezz....i was w8ing for u"
Shilpa:" Y didnt u tell anyone abt me being a maid? I thought u hated me n would have loved to make fun. or do u want me to b grateful to u n obey watever u say? is tht why u came at cafe yesterday just to remind me tht u noe my truth??"
Armaan comes close to her n says:"U really think m tht bad prez?"
Shilpa:"Mayb n stay away n talk.
Armaan moves back.
Armaan:"I dont hate u shilpa. I understand u work at tht cafe to support ur family. I dont want u to b embarrassed. Besides I...I...."
He comes close to her again
Armaan:"I want u to b my maid. I want to b ur only master."
Shilpa stares at armaan.
Armaan smiles n leaves.

After few moments


That evening armaan once again came to the cafe n requested them to appoint shilpa for him.
The other waitress working over there teased her even her boss too.
Boss:"oo shilpa looks like he is head over heels for u"
Waitress 1:"yep. he keeps looking at u"
Boss:"He is really worried for u. He cares for u."
Waitress 1:" Ur so lucky shilpa!"
Shilpa:"shut up its nothing like tht. i'll be back."

Shilpa goes out to dump the waste n curses armaan. She feels week as its been one week since she had a proper rest. There was too much work at skul n as she is the prez she had to do it then working at cafe n studying late night gave her a hard time. yet she never complained n kept doing her work.

Suddenly she hears

Guy:"look thts prez..isnt she?"

Shilpa turns to look n sees VIvek n two of his frnds.

Vivek:"look nikhil n ranbir. It is really the skul prez."

They come closer to shilpa

Nikhil:"ur such a s***. "
Ranbir:"u behave as if u hate guys at skul n u also work at a cafe like this. huh u also want attention dont u?"
Vivek:"lets tell everyone at skul. It'll b so much fun. This would our revenge for the ring stuff prez."
Nikhil:"comeon ur a maid us ur master or something"
Ranbir:"n since ur in these clothes lets have some fun"

They laugh n start troubling her. Due to weakness she is unable to fight just then Armaan comes as he got worried thinking wat was taking shilpa so long.

Armaan:"Dont u dare touch just because she looks CUTE."
Shilpa is shocked hearing this.
Armaan:"Get lost before i beat u up n dont u dare say anything to anyone. I swear to kill u if u breathe a word out."

The guys get scared n run screaming sorry.

Shilpa thanks armaan.

N with this ends another day where in shilpa realizes armaan is different from other guys n he has a very caring side. n armaan well he just gets to know shilpa's vulnerable side which she hides.

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