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Chapter 3 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Am i being unfair??

Since the day,armaan helped shilpa....she hasnt been able to stop thinking abt him...she keeps wondering why is he helping her so much? Vivek n his friends have not said anything to anyone but instead they too joined armaan in coming to the maid cafe everyday n requesting me to b their maids. They have changed....they say they are in love with me...n would do anything to win me. All armaan does is...glare at them when they say such things n they immediately shut up.

Shilpa:"uhm...oh rahul...tell me what happened?"
Rahul:"Shilpa actually...I....uhmm"
Shilpa:"wat is it rahul??"
Rahul:"Shilpa look dont b angry ok...i cannot do the work u've given of calculating the expenditure on school fest. M sorry something is going wrong....n besides m in hurry...i have a date...soo...hmm....u understand right??"

Shilpa gets really angry but then imagines muskaan waiting for rahul n then she coming to her n scolding her for not letting her boyfriend early n spoiling her date...etc etc. Shilpa calms herself n says:"I'll do it....u go....Have fun with muskaan"
Rahul thanks shilpa n leaves.
Shilpa smiles at him n as soon as he goes she just holds her head. She has been getting headache from past two days. She hasnt eaten anything n has been feeling weak a lot lately. She knew she needs rest but there is so much to do....she has no time for rest at all.
She gathers her strength n start doing the calculation work. In between she hears a noise.....out of curiosity she follows the path from which the sound was coming. She enters a class to see a group of boys reading some magazine. She moves forward n grabs the magazine.....the magazine is full of girls pics in two piece n some perverted talks.Shilpa gets angry.
A guy:" If ur unaware...then i would like to tell u...that all the books in the library r either studious stuff or either something which only girls can read....we boys dont have anything interesting to read there"
Another guy:"yeaa prezz...ur so unfair....u provide girls everything they want....what about our needs huh?"
This strikes shilpa hard....she wonders if she is really unfair...she tries to think of something she has done for the guys but could come up with nothing.
Shilpa:"hmm i will think abt this...for now this magazine is confiscated....n u'll find guys type books in library in about 2 weeks."
Guys:"oh really?? we'll see prezz"
Shilpa leaves. Armaan stares at her as she passes through the corridor. He heard everything tht went on inside the class. He quietly goes to the School council room n sees shilpa working but there is something different. He realizes she is looking really pale n weak but still doing her work with dedication. He sees her getting up from her desk n going towards the window.
He hears her say
Shilpa:"am i really being unfair?? just because i want more girls in this skul i cannot overlook the boys needs....i have to provide them with equal facilities...isnt tht my job?? but i dont noe wat kind of magazines n books do guys like....wat should i do??"
She suddenly feels her legs giving away....n thts when armaan enters the room n holds her....preventing her from falling.Shilpa stares at armaan n they share a eye-lock. Shilpa is the first one to snap out of it as her phone rings. She goes n picks it up
V:"shilpa where r u?? r u going to come to the cafe for work today?"
Shilpa:"yes boss...i will b coming....i just got stuck in some work...i'll b der in half an hour...m really sorry for the delay"
Before she could continue....Armaan snatches the mob from her hand
Armaan:"hello...this is armaan....m sorry but shilpa will not be coming for work today...she is not well n m worried if she overworks herself...which she is planning to do....she might fall sick n something bad might i request u to grant her leave.."
Shilpa snatches the phone back n gives an angry glare to armaan.
Shilpa:"sorry abt tht boss....i'll be there for work in half an hour"
Boss:"No shilpa....ur taking a leave today...i dont want u to risk ur health...n that guy armaan is the same one who comes here everyday n requests for u isnt he?? how can i not accept the request of my regular customer....plz shilpa do take rest for one day....n dear he is really worried abt u...plz dont make him worry too much by not taking care of urself. I will see you day after.M giving u leave of today n tomorrow. Take care sweety."
She cuts the call. Shilpa stares at armaan n says:" Why r u bothered about me??"
Armaan gives a smile n then comes close to shilpa n whispers in her ears:"because ur my maid....n i dont want u falling sick n guys trying to misbehave n take advantage of ur weakness...if they do tht...too bad for them as i will break each bone of their to save lifes m doing all this"
He moves back. Shilpa is unable to say anything. She wonders why is he behaving like this with me?? Is it only me or does he behave like that with everyone?? She is brought back to the world hearing armaan
Armaan:"so the guys blame u for being unfair huh....n honestly i dont blame them....u also know ur being unfair."
Shilpa:"I know....its just tht some of the guys here dont noe how to behave with girls n the reputation of this skul is so bad tht girls dont want to join this skul....i want same population of boys n girls....i dont mean to be unfair or unjust....i just.."
Armaan:".....want girls to feel comfortable n help the guys n gals to develop a good relation n make guys respect girls.."
He completed her sentence.
Shilpa looks at him surprised:"ya exactly...."
Armaan:"but this doesnt mean u have to b partial. U should fulfill the needs n provide equal facilities to the guys also.."
Shilpa:"hmm ur right...i will certainly do something"
Armaan:"thats good...if u need my help....m always der ok"
Armaan starts to leave but shilpa calls him
Armaan gives a slight smile n then turns back wiping the smile of his face givin an innocent look
Shilpa:"hmm actually i do need help...i dont know wat kind of books or magazines guys like...n it should b something different...i have other work to do so i cant spend my time on this...i would be grateful if u help me."
Armaan:"ofcourse...u do ur other work....i will write down the names of the books n magazines in a paper n give it to u...u can ask the librarian to order them then"
Shilpa:"thanks a write on this"
She hands him a notebook n a pen n gives him a wide smile. He smiles back n sets to work.
They both spend time together doing the work....armaan not only writes the names of the books but also helps shilpa in other works.
After everything is finished she thanks him n starts to leave.
Armaan:"hmm Shilpa...wait..."
She turns back
Armaan:"i actually wanted to say tht u better take rest for tomorrow...i mean dont come to skul....u really need take a day off"
Shilpa laughs n armaan looks at her confused.
Shilpa:"Armaan there is no skul tomorrow. Remember its a holiday....m very surprised boss let me an off tomorrow...usually during the holidays....the cafe is full n we need waitresses to work hard. I dunno how she gave me leave...thanks to u i can rest n enjoy my day with m family"
She smiles at him n he smiles back.
Armaan:"m glad to help...hmm can i drop u home?? i have my car"
Shilpa:"no u have done enough favors to me today...plz no more i should leave now....bye..n thanks once again"
Armaan:"ok bye n take care"
Shilpa:"u too"

Reaching his car....armaan thinks why doesnt he ask shilpa's number....he can try his luck...n she seems in a good mood today n is behaving frndly with him....she might give him her no. Thinking so he turns back n follows the path of shilpa.
He just walks a bit from the skul when he sees shilpa lying on the road. She had fainted. He quickly rushes towards her n checks her. Her head was burning hot...she had fever n she was here doing so much of could he not see how pale n tired she was....she was so could at hiding her pain...even he could not see it. Thanking to god tht he came back n shuddering at the thought of what would have happened to shilpa if he wouldnt have come back he picks her up n takes her in his car. He calls her home n asks for the directions after explaining shilpa's condition.
In no time, he reaches her home...picks her up n takes her inside. Shilpa's mom had already cleaned shilpa's room so tht armaan just has to place her on bed. She had even called the doctor.
After checking her the doc said shilpa is fine n had fainted due to weakness one days rest will make her feel better.
After he leaves, Shilpa's mom thanks armaan for everything he has done. Armaan says it was his duty to help his frnd n he gives his no. n he tells her to call him as soon as shilpa wakes up. He would feel relaxed only after hearing shilpas voice.
Shilpa's mom said she would tell shilpa to call him.
Armaan leaves bidding goodbye.
After he leaves,Shilpa's mom thinks"he is such a nice guy...m glad shilpa has started making friendship with boys too. Looks like he has some feelings towards her...i have to ask shilpa what she feels abt him"
She then goes n does her work.
The next day when shilpa wakes up she hears her mom praising armaan n silently thanks armaan for wat he has done. Her mom gives her his no. n she calls him up. Armaan says he is glad she called him he was all ready to come to her place if she wouldnt have called in another 5 mins. Shilpa says he doesnt have to take the trouble of coming here n tht she is fine now.
They talk for sometime n then hang up.
Shilpa's mom thinks she will talk to shilpa abt armaan after a few days n it seems just a beginning for shilpa n shilpa hasnt realized anything yet.
Shilpa rests for the whole day n thinks only abt armaan.
Precap: School festival. ArSh moments.

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