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Chapter 4 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

 School fest

School fest was the time when students from other schools visited Seika high...this fest was conducted at every school...this gives the oppurtunity for the students to know each other n also to know more abt other schools. each school had only one make their fest the best one so tht more n more students enroll. Seika high hasnt been able to make a good image..n thus...there werent many new comers at school...n also there was less girl population. However, this year Shilpa promised herself to make the school fest the best one...n encourage more n more girls to join in next year.

Shilpa walked through the corridors monitoring every class n every work going on. Each class was setting up something n it was her duty to go around n see if they needed anything n also help them by giving her advice n opinion. She was instructing the class who was setting up a cafe on how to treat the guests, wat kind of food to be on the menu...etc, etc. Everyone were shocked n kept asking her how come she knew this very hide the truth...she said that her little sister was interested in all this stuff n was working at a cafe. Everyone believed her n she sighed in relief.

After a while, when everyone was having a break...shilpa realised she hasnt seen armaan today...she didnt know why but she was a bit depressed...n to her surprise she missed him...she missed his talks n his antics...she went n asked one of her classmates abt armaan's whereabouts. They gave her a suspicious look n wondered why was the school prez soo interested in armaan...shilpa made an excuse tht she had some work from armaan n that if he doesnt participate in setting up the fest...he might not b able to enjoy it...armaan's frnds believed her as they knew the school prez was strict abt discipline n rules. Thye tol her that they didnt know where armaan is n tht he hasnt come to school today. Shilpa felt disappointed n said thank you n left.

Going to a corner, she called armaan...but armaan didnt pick her call. This worried shilpa to the core...n she hoped he was fine. She thought of calling armaan again when a student came n called her for help. Shilpa again set to work n forgot all about the call.

When shilpa went to the cafe...she had a hope of meeting armaan there as he was a regular customer now. But she was disappointed as he did not turn up. She went home n tried calling him again but in vain. She went to sleep with her thoughts full of armaan n she kept praying tht he was fine.

The next day when shilpa entered the school...she asked her classmates if armaan had come to school...they all nodded n told her tht he went on the terrace. Shilpa said a thank you n left for the terrace in a hurry. Reaching the terrace, she saw armaan sitting,his back against the wall with his eyes closed. She went near him n called out


Armaan opened his eyes n smiled seeing shilpa.

"Yes prez"

"Armaan where the hell were you yesterday?? u didnt even pick up my call nor u called me back!! whats wrong with you?? i asked ur friends also...they too didnt know where u were. Give an answer armaan...dont just stand there...n y r u smiling? u think m cracking a joke or something??..ARMAAN!! answer me!!"

Armaan came close to shilpa n put a finger on her lips

"Shhh...i can give ur answers only when u care to shutup."

Shilpa jerked armaan's hand away.

"Fine...answer now"

"My dad needed my help in some office work. It was very important. Thats why i couldnt come. I was busy with it. I finished my work around midnight...n then saw ur missed calls...i thought u would b sleeping so didnt call back. "

"Armaan!! you got me so worried u noe...u should have atleast texted me...i was soo worried i thought u were sick or time dont do anything like this k?"

Armaan looked at her surprised n then suddenly hugged her. Shilpa was surprised n shocked at his action but stil hugged him back


"Thank you shilpa...thank you so much...n m sorry tht i got u worried. Shilpa no1 has ever bothered about me. Being the only son of a rich dad...every1 thought i got everything i wanted...but my parents had no time for me...they only spoke to me if they had some work for me. My servants were the one who raised me n all the did was for money...even my frnds were with me just becoz i had loads of money to spend...they truly didnt care abt me..they were fake in showing their care n frndship..i never felt tht any1 would bother abt my absence...but when u said u were worried abt me n the way u blasted on me...for the first time i felt some1 missed me."

Shilpa was even more shocked by his confession. She felt bad for him. Like every1 else even she thought armaan got everything he needed now she realized he hadnt got what a person needed the most in his life Love n frnds. She felt him move back.

"I am sorry shilpa...i shouldnt have hugged u like tht...i just lost control...sorry"

"Armaan...its k...dont worry abt it. I nevr knew u missed so much in ur life. Armaan will u be my frnd?? i promise i wont b fake as ur other frnds."

She forwarded her hand. Armaan looked at her n then readily said "Friends forever"

Shilpa smiled.

"Armaan...i have to go is the last day for preparation i have to give instructions to every1 abt tomorrow's fest also. I'll see you later k...n ya plz do some work instead of sitting here n wasting ur time."

"Yez Ms.President"

Both of them got back to their respective works. Shilpa lectured the guys on how to behave with the girls tomorrow. With that school ended.

At the cafe,

The usual thing happened. Armaan had come n requested for shilpa again. He saw shipa's boss coming with shilpa.

"Hello master armaan. I wanted to ask u for a favor"

Armaan looked at shilpa...then at her boss n then said

"Plz call me Armaan only...n do tell what can i do for u?"

"k Armaan...since you have been our regular customer n kept asking for shilpa only...we request u to chose a color for shilpa's outfit. We are going to have a little change in our cafe. The maids r going to wear the outfit of the colour her regular master chooses for her. Plz do select a colour that matches shilpa's personality n tell me. Oh n u also have to tell why u chose the color for her."

Armaan looked thoughtful for a while.

"I will choose white for her. Shilpa is kind hearted. She cant handle any wrong doings n blasts the person doing it. Her frndhsip n love are loyal.She also an independent girl n gives her 100% to everything. Seeing her try she gives others also an energy to overcome the problem. N the main reason i chose this girl is becoz..she hasnt yet let anyone else influence her n dye her into their colours...but i want to dye it with mine."

Shilpa looks at armaan shocked. She hadnt expected this. Wat doesn he mean by he wants to dye me with his colour?? she thought. But got back to work as per her boss's instructions. Armaan had left the cafe early..n so she coulnt talk to him abt the meaning of his sentence. She left it n went back home.


Everything was going great. Shilpa could see people enjoying themselves. She saw the guys being a true gentlemen n really appreciated it. She was very happy as she heard some girls expressing their thoughts of joining Seika high. Shilpa smiled whole-heartedly..n started enjoying herself too. The guys were surprised at this as they had never seen their prez smile...n they couldnt help but agree tht their prez was very beautiful like an angel but when angry she turne a devil. Armaan was also dumbstruck by shilpa's beauty. He went towards her n said

"You look beautiful when u smile."

Shilpa mumbled a small thanks n then asked him abt wat he meant last night saying he wanted to dye her with his color.

"Prez it really didnt mean anything...i just said it..dont take it seriously."

Shilpa let the matter go n went along with some teachers n students to arrange for a bonfire... they were arranging it for all the students of seika high who deserved to have fun for a while atleast.

The evening arrived.All the other school students had left. It was only Seika high students now. They came near the bonfire n started enjoying themselves. After a long day of taking care of others need this wat they exactly wanted. A long night with frnds with no rules ntn just them n fun. Armaan was also present...his eyes searching for someone. He frowned noticing her absence. He went to Anjali n Muskaan n asked abt shilpa's whereabouts...they told him she had gone towards the forest. He thanked him n started walking towards the place they told him.

Reaching the spot...he saw shilpa sitting under a tree...with closed eyes. She looked tired.He went n sat next to her. Shilpa looked up sensing some1's presence. She gave a smile to armaan n asked

"What are you doing here?"

"Ntn was getting bored without came here to take you...arent you gonna enjoy the evening?"

"Armaan...m really tired...i dont want anything except some rest n a peaceful place to go."

"K Come with me"

"But armaan...m tired...plzz"

"Trust me shilpa...i am not taking u to the bonfire...m taking u somewhere else...the kind of place u wanna go to...come na"

"K fine if u say so"

She got up n followed armaan. Armaan took her to a beach. The beach was was only them. Shilpa smiled gratefully at armaan n went n stood facing the water. Armaan soon joined her. He looked at mesmerized n wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms.Shilpa turned topwards him n looked at him confusedly...armaan shook his head n looked at the water...shilpa stared at armaan for a while as if trying to make out what he was thinking...but then left i n thought to enjoy her time on the beach. She saw a huge rock in between the waters. she told armaan she was gng n siting on the rock n then asked if he wanted to come along. Armaan readily agreed. Both of them went n sat. but shilpa had a difficulty maintaing her balnce so she held armaan's arm tightly. Armaan kept his hand on hers. Anyone who would see them would think they were a couple totally in love with each other. Armaan n shilpa didnt talk...they just sat quietly...they let the silence do the work.

After an hour or so...they decided to leave. Armaan dropped shilpa home n then proceeded towards his.

Shilpa's mom saw them together n smiled to herself.

That was the first night when shilpa dreamed abt armaan, but it definately wasnt the last one.

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