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Chapter 5- Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Dinner with armaan at his place

The next day was a holiday for the school as the students had to get over with the tiredness of the previous day school fest. But shilpa couldnt rest, she left for the cafe. Her boss asked her to change in the dress, armaan had selected for her. After wearing it, all the maids praised shilpa...she was really looking pretty, as if the dress ws meant for her n only her. shilpa smiled unknowingly...n resumed her work. When she enetered the kitchen, she was left shocked. Armaan was standing there...n he was COOKING!!!

omgg shilpa thought...y is he here? n y is he cooking? where r the normal maids who cook here? but the food smells good..should i ask him or should i ask boss?

she was brought out of her thinking world when she heard armaan speaking to her

"prezz...the normal cooks here have taken a leave...n ur boss was tensed n didnt noe wat to i offered to cook for today."

"you can cook??"

"ya i stay alone...i have to cook for i learned cooking. will u plz taste n tell me how the food is?"


shilpa tasted it n was impressed. Armaan had cooked delicious food.

"wow!! amazing."

"thanks prez...btw is this the dress i selected for u?"

"yep it is"

"u look really beautiful in it prez"

hearin his comment for the first time in her life shilpa blushed..she turned away from armaan so tht he doesnt see her blushin but she was too late...armaan smiled seeing her blushin. he came closer to her from behind n whispered huskily in her ear

"u look breathtaking when u blush like tht"

shilpa gasped hearing him. n turned around only to find armaan very close to her. She looked in his eyes n lost herself in it. the world was on a standstill for both of them. they kept starin at each other when.

"ahem ahem"

they came out of their world...n saw shilpa's co-workers standin their n smiling at them knowingly.

armaan spoke "the food is ready to b served...u guys can take them"

he went back to his cooking...shilpa quickly took the tray containin the order of her master n went out to avoid her friends
the whole day the cafe was in a busy mode. Every1 praised the new cooking.

While taking a break, shilpa's boss offered armaan a job at the cafe for every sunday only...which armaan gladly accepted. So it was decided every sunday would b cafe special with armaan's delicious cooking. Every1 cheered n celebrated n went back to work again.

At the eve, after the cafe got closed...with shilpa n the other maids...armaan too got his payment...though he rfused first but accepted upon boss's insisting. Armaan n shilpa left together.

"prez is it necessary for u to reach home early"

" no y?"

"i was thinking...if..u...u would...would like to have dinner with me"

"...for the celebration of my first salary" armaan added seeing shilpa's confused n questioning face

"But armaan shouldnt u spend this time with ur family?"

"They dont have time to celebrate my happiness with me...its k prez if u dont want to...i understand"

Seeing armaan's dissapointed face shilpa agreed
"ok i'll have dinner with u but on two conditions"

armaan's face lit up

"anything u say prez"

"u will have to call me by my name throughout the dinner n i want to have dinner with the food u cooked"

"ok no prez only shilpa n for eating food made by me...u'll have to come to my home"

"i noe lets go...let me also see how is the home of the great armaan mallik"

He gave her a huge grin n together they proceeded towards armaan's place. On their way,shilpa called her mom saying she would have dinner with armaan. She was confused when she heard her mom's happy n excited voice.

Shilpa was surprised when she entered armaan's house. It was on the 13th floor of a really expensive apartment n his home was for a family... she wondered how come he stays alone. Armaan's house was unexpectedly clean...when shilpa expressed this...armaan said he liked a clean place rather than a messy one. While armaan cooked, shilpa wandered through armaan's house. She saw some of his pics with his frnds. Shilpa was confused seeing only 1-2 family pics. She thought of asking him but then thought against it. When she finished taking a tour of his house...she quietly went to the kitchen

" can i help u armaan?"

" no shilpa...m almost tell me did u like my house?"

"ya its really nice n huge n spaceous"

"this is nothing...u should see the view from the balcony. Its really heavenly. did u see it?"

"No i couldnt. the balcony was locked"

"Oh ya...i usually keep it locked for safety measures. we'll have our dinner there"


"if u want to ask me something u can"

"how do u noe i wanted to ask u something?" asked shilpa surprised

"mayb i just know u too shoot ur ques"

"hmm y do u leave alone in such a huge house? n y is der only 1-2 pics of urs with ur family"

"Well my family is quiet rich but no1 has time for each other.Dad has brought different houses for every1. No1 stays together. For namesake we are a family...but we dont behave like one."

"Oh m sorry"

"dont b the starting i used to feel bad n m just used to it...sometimes i wonder it would b gud if we werent rich..atleast i would have my family."

"its k armaan...m sure ur family loves u a lot"

"i dont think so...well lets not talk abt it...the dinners ready"

"oh great"

"hmm heres the balcony key...u go open it...i'll get the food"

"ya ok"

 Shilpa goes to his room's balcony n opens it. She is mesmerized by wat she sees

The view is really heavenly just as armaan described. Being on the top floor,everythin in the city looks small. The houses n shops lit up gives it a beautiful look.
imagine the pic with lil more darkness

Armaan comes with the food n keeps on the table kept there. He sees shilpa staring at the view with the smiling face. She looked beautiful to him under the moon light.He ons the light of the balcony which brings shilpa out of her land. Armaan smiled n went n stood next to her.

" now u know y i like this place"

"ya...its really beautiful"

They watch the view together for sometime silently. n then armaan says

"Lets have dinner first orelse the food will get cold"

"ya sure"

Armaan set the food properly on the table. Shilpa sat on the chair n asked

"How come u have kept a dining table for two here?"

"I usually have my dinner here. But only one chair looked weird so i kept two of them n its of a great use today"

As Armaan was abt to take his seat..the lights went off. the whole place was dark. It looked as if the whole city had a power cut

"oho.." shilpa said

"I guess there is a power cut...look there is no electricity in the whole town. Let me go bring some candles."


Soon, Armaan came with the candle. He lit it in the middle of the table.

"Wow i never thought i would b having my first candle-light dinner like this n with u, shilpa"

"I bet u expected some other beautiful girl with u"

"u think ur not beautiful?"

"eh..hmm...lets have our dinner"

"sure. n Shilpa...ur realy beautiful n gorgeous. M glad m having this dinner with u"

Shilpa blushed n didnt answer anything.

The dinner went on with them talking abt everything and anything. They shared their dreams,their aims,their fav things,the things they dislike.In short they discussed their whole life. Even after the dinner they kept talking.They didnbt realize the time untill the light came back n at the same time shilpa's mom called shilpa.It was really late...almost gng to b midnight.

Armaan offered to drop shilpa home n also said sry...he should have kept a check on time.

Shilpa replied " its k armaan. i really enjoyed my time with u. n it wasnt ur fault. can we leave now?"

"ya sure. n shilpa i too had a lovely time with u. i dont think i have ever spoken to a girl so much before"

Shilpa smiled n armaan dropped her home.

"Bye armaan n thanks for the dinner. The food was amazing"

"Ur welcome. Bye."

"oh btw call me after u reach home k?"

"ya sure. bye"


Shilpa stayed untill armaan's car went off n then went inside

"Mom m back home"

"oh here u are. I got so worried. so how was ur dinner?"

"it was gud...armaan has a huge house...n unlike other guys he keeps his house really neat...u noe he has a balcony in his room from where..."
 n on n on she went explaining her mom everything. Her mom smiled n thought its the right time to talk to shilpa abt armaan.

But before she could talk shilpa's phone rang. It was armaan.


"Hey..i reached home"

"ok gr8"

"so wat ya doing?"

"ntn juz talking to mom"

"oh k did i disturb a mom-daughter moment?"

"No no...ntn lyk tht"

"ok...u talk to ur mom...we'll meet tomo at skul k"

"ya sure..bye...gud nite"

"bye. gud nite"

She kept the phone n saw her mom staring at her with a huge smile

"wat?? why r u looking like this at me?"

"u like armaan rite?"

"wattt???...noway mom"

"dont lie shilpa...there is always a glow on ur face when u speak to him n ur face lights up when u talk abt him or hear his name"

"ntn like tht mom...just ur imagination"

"oh comeon shilpa...dont lie to me...n anyway i like armaan...i wouldnt mind if he becomes ur boyfrnd"

"watt?? me n armaan r just gud frnds...n u noe i dont date guys"

"y shilpa? y dont u date guys??.,.u always work hard for the family...u dont think abt ur own life...y dont live ur life shilpa? y dont u behave like other girls who shop, go out, date boys, etc"

"becoz m not like life is not like them...i have the responsibility of this family mom."

"no shilpa...having responsibility doesnt deprieve u from enjoying ur life. Learn to balance  ur life. n y r u making tht poor guy suffer. cant u see how much he lyks u?"

"he doesnt mom...n all the boys r same...they cant like one girl...i dont trust boys mom...n u noe tht"

"just becoz of wat ur father did...dont blame n punish other boys...n shilpa...u n me both know...tht armaan is different."

"mayb he wat mom...i dont wanna date him k"

"i hope u accept him before its too late shilpa. Happiness is at ur door in form of armaan. Dont let him go.. If u do then whole life u'll b cursing urself n  somewhere i'll blame myself too"

"plz mom...m going to sleep...gud night. love u"

"gud night. love u too"

shilpa's mom thinks i hope u really understand ur feelings for armaan, shilpa. Plz god do help her. I dont want her life to b like mine.

the whole night shilpa thought abt wat her mom had told. Before gng to sleep she decided tht her mom was right n she should give it a chance

the next mornin she told her mom tht she was ready to give armaan a chance but only after she is sure abt her feelings for armaan. shilpa's mom was a bit relieved n agreed.

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