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Chapter 8 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

our dance 1

A month later

Shilpa was at the cafe. Sh was waiting with the other maids for her boss to come...boss had said there was an important announcement to make...Shilpa wondered what it was...
Her boss enters the room

Boss: k guys i noe u must b thinking why have i called u all here...i have a good news for u all...we have gotta contract of serving in a grand party hosted by the Desires...one of the best companies in the world...Its a ballroom party...n ya big ppl from all over the country r gonna come...i want everything to b perfect...i want all of u to come there n for this u will b getting three times ur salary...so r u guys with me?
 all: yes ma'am

Boss: good...we have lots of things to decide...the party is tomo...so what are we waiting for...lets get started guys!!

All of them start doing their jobs...The next day was also very hectic for them...preparing everything,...for thousands of ppl was difficult but they wanted to b perfect n they managed to do so...

At the eve...in the party

Boss: omg...guys look...everything is being decorated so perfectly...its so beautiful...n omg look at their dress...so elegant yet expensive...ppl like us cant even think of such gowns...n the masks omg

Shilpa: boss control urself..r u forgetting tht we r here on job? if u only behave like this...who will monitor us?...lets go boss...comeon
Boss: ur right shilpa lets go

Her boss diverts everyone's attention n gives them their respective jobs...she tells shilpa to go n start serving with other 5 maids

Shilpa is walking around the hall...serving...suddenly she dashed a girl

girl: watch where ur gng
Shilpa: m sorry ma'am..it wont happen again
girl: it better not!!!

Shilpa started to leave when...

Girl: wait!!
Shilpa tuns around: yes ma'am??
Girl: come with me
Shilpa: but...
Girl: no buts...juz follow me
Left with no other option...shilpa follows the girl...she then notices tht the girl was taking her into one of the hotel rooms...she was confused...what was this girl upto??

They enter a room n the girl closes the door behind her...Shilpa keeps the tray on the table n looks at the girl in confusion...the girl walks to the cupboard n searches for something...she catches hold of a box n then comes towards shilpa

Girl: look i noe this is very confusing for u...but plz help me out...before tht let me introduce myself...m natasha...look i dont want to b here in this party...but my parents have kept some guys to watch over me...i really have to get out of here...i have to meet my boyfriend...r u understanding??
Shilpa: but ma'am how can i help u?
Girl: look u just have to wear this dress in the box n wear the mask...my parents will think i am u...n i will wear ur dress n sneak out of the party...no-one will know...n i will come back before the party ends..n we will switch positions again
Shilpa looks at the girl in horror: noway!! m sorry ma'am but i cannot do this...
Natasha: look girl...ur getting a chance to wear such an expensive dress...i know ppl like u wouldnt get this kinda chance...ur lucky...juz accept it...i would pay u also if u want...but just do this work...
Shilpa: but what will i say to my boss?? n what if i do something worng? what if...
Natasha: dont b scared...ntn will happen...i will speak to ur boss...juz do this work...
Shilpa was reluctant at first...but then somehow natasha convinced her...natasha had called shilpa's boss n explained the whole situation...she even told tht she would pay more cash to them if they wanted...but she wanted this work done...shilpa's boss wanted money for her personal reasons...she agreed to the deal n convinced shilpa to do the same...
So here shilpa was in the party...not knowing what to do..some of them were enjoying their drinks...some were talking abt business...some ppl were dancing...n some were jus standing like her...she could feel ppl's gaze on her n it made her self conscious...

 She thought it would b better if she moves away to the garden...n have some fresh air...as she was proceeding towards the exit door...she bumped into someone

"Sorry" she whispered at the same as the other person did. Wait...she knew tht voice...how can she not recognize it??
"Armaan???" she said softly.She looked up n saw armaan in a suit...looking hot n handsome as always...the best thing was the guys didnt have to wear any kind of mask..so she could happily stare at his handsome face...stare?? omg shilpa...wats wrong with u?? how can u think like this???...she was brought back to reality hearing his voice
"Shilpa?? what r u doing here in this party...n tht too in such a dress??" he asked. Armaan was hell shocked...more than shocked he was happy...he was glad she was here...he had being missing her
"I would tell u everything...but can we plz move out of here??"
"ya sure"...they were abt to move when a guy comes upto them..

Guy: hey armaan...long time dude...btw great party man!!
Armaan: thanks!
Guy: anytime dude...its ur party n ur only not dancing?? i have heard a lot of ppl praising ur dance...would love to see it...why dont u go on the dancefloor??
Armaan: no partner
Guy: r u kidding me? the famous ARMAAN MALLIK got no partner?? girls die to dance with u man!! u juz have to choose...why dont u dance with this beatiful lady beside u

Shilpa's head shot up...dance?? with armaan?? NOWAY!!!!
Armaan sensed her discomfort...he was abt to say no...but too late...his frnd had attracted a lot of attention...now everyone wanted to see him dancing...having no other choice he turns towards shilpa...he moves closer n whispers in her ear...so tht no one can hear him except her

Armaan: shilpa...i noe ur really uncomfortable...n all this is very new to u...but we have no other choice...i would lyk to dance with u rather than dancing with any other random girl...plz trust me...
Shilpa nods her head...armaan smiles...
Their dance starts as the track changes n light goes dim

Take my hand [ armaan puts his hand forward n shilpa accepts it]
Take a breath [ armaan takes a deep breath]
Pull me close [ he pulls shilpa close to him]
And take one step [ they move with the music]
Keep your eyes
Locked on mine and let the music be your guide. [ they look into each others eyes...both of them lost in each other n in the music]

Won't you promise me (Now won't you promise me)
That you'll never forget (We'll keep dancing)
To keep dancing
Wherever we go next [ they do some slow steps catching the attention of the on-lookers]

It's like catching lightning
The chances of finding someone Like you
It's one in a million
The chances of feeling the way We do
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance? (Can i have this dance?)
Can I have this dance? [ they do their steps perfectly in sync]

Take my hand
I'll take the lead [ armaan takes the lead now]
And every turn
Will be safe with me [ he turns her ]
Don't be afraid
Afraid to fall
You know I'll catch you through it all [ he lifts her n turns ]

And you can't keep us apart (Even a thousand miles can't keep us apart) [ shilpa gets down n goes far away from him]
Cause my heart is where ever you are (Cause my heart is where ever you are) [ she comes back n he pulls her close]

The chances of finding someone Like you
It's one in a million
The chances of feeling the way We do
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance? (Can i have this dance?)
Can I have this dance? [ they dance feeling the music...it was somehow perfect for them...it reflected their feelings]

No mountain's too high
And no ocean's too wide
Cause together or not
Our dance won't stop
Let it rain, let it pour
What we have is worth fighting for
You know I believe
That we were meant to be,
[ they do some amazing lifts justifying the lyrics ]
It's like catching lightning
The chances of finding someone
Like you (Like you)
It's one in a million
The chances of feeling the way
We (way we do) do
And with every step together
We just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance? (Can I have this dance?)
Can I have this dance?

Can I have this dance?
Can I have this dance?
Can I have this dance?
[they do some more wonderful steps n then stop with shilpa completely in armaan's arms...both of them stare at each other unaware of the whole world]

The light comes back n everyone starts to clap bringing the lovely couple back to reality...they bow down n move off the dancefloor. Everyone starts complimenting them...they stare at each other...both of them knew they wanted to b alone...armaan asks shilpa to meet him outside in the garden in 5mins...he somehow passes through the crowd n moves out...shilpa keeps following him...as soon as he is out...she too slowly makes her way out...


The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere
[ shilpa is lying on her bed thinking of armaan n the moments they spent together n same is the case with armaan]

The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly
[ they are walking on the beach...when suddenly armaan feels shilpa intervening her fingers with his]

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here

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