Thursday, 2 January 2020

Chapter Eight :25 With 18

Ridhima just could not get him out of her head. She lied in bed just thinking. Today was the first day she actually got along with Armaan. He wasn't that bad of a man that she thought of him to be. He did not treat all the women around him like he treated her. He noticed her and she knew it well enough.
The clock struck midnight and still she could not sleep. After a few more minutes of tossing a turning Ridhima got out of bed to take a walk. The town would be empty at this time of night, it always was. She grabbed her coat and out the door she went. The night felt cool and calm, just how she was from the inside.

Ridhima reached the center of town thinking to head back home but then thought otherwise and continued on her path. As she walked around she became curious of the largest house in town. She knew the house belonged to Armaan, he was after all the only person able to afford it.
The house had been built as a plantation during the 1800s but after the civil war it had been abandoned for years. A few had bought the house over the years but eventually left after being bored of a small town with little entertainment of satisfaction.
Ridhima did not know why but she started to walk towards the house. It stood out as the most heavenly piece of the town. For all the years she had lived in town she had never seen it from the inside. She wasn't planning on seeing it any time soon from the inside; she just wanted a closer look from the out.
It was dark at night as Ridhima approached the house. There was a large gate at the front of the house made of big black iron bars. It did not have any fancy security all Ridhima had to do was push on the gate a little and the gates popped open.
There was a dead center path that lead to the front door but she did not dare walk upon it, she just stood at the gate a good fifty feet from the front door of the house just looking at the large white creamed color house. It was wide and long, beautiful with a fountain in the front.
From the darkness of his house Armaan saw her, it was a dark shadow but he knew it was her. From his bedroom window his bedroom lights were turned off as he watched her from the window.
He had a grin at his face he could not decided if he should walk out to invite her in or if she would run away before he could do so. She was looking at his house, he liked at she was there. He wanted to go out to her. Everyone in town was asleep; no one would ever know that she was in his home, but what if someone found out?
            If someone found out or not, what did it matter to him? He wanted her to see his home, just yesterday he had gotten the whole house to look just the way he liked it. His room was a mess but he wasn't planning on bringing her in him room any way.
            Armaan quickly grabbed his coat before Ridhima left and ran out the front door towards her.
            Ridhima stopped breathing when she saw a dark shadow running towards her from the front door. She knew it was him, and she knew he knew it was her. Ridhima's first thought was to run the other way, but then she thought it would be more embarrassing if she ran and he caught her. In Ridhima's indecisive nature, it was too late for her to run as Armaan already reached her at the gate.
            "You just gonna stand there all night or come in?" Armaan said a little taking out of breath. He was giving her a choice, it wasn't like he was gonna force her to come in, he understood the awkwardness in would be for her to come in to a man's home how just happened to want…, well he just understood.
            "I… I just wanted to…" Ridhima felt so flushed being caught outside Armaan Khanna's house. It was a good thing it was dark outside otherwise Armaan would have seen Ridhima's cheek rosy red and the tips of her fingers shaking a little for unknown reasons.
            "Come on in, I'll give you a tour of the house" Armaan said assertive enough to where Ridhima could not say anything to him except for follow behind him. It felt a little weird she had to admit. She was supposed to be sitting in Armaan's classroom in the morning and here she was a little bit past midnight at his home.
 "Well here we are the grand hall" Armaan said as Ridhima entered behind him into the home. Armaan closed the front door and opened the lights.
Ridhima was amazed, absolutely astounded. The house was just as grander from the inside as it was from the outside. The wall was decorated with fine detail. The floor so smooth and shiny.
"You have a beautiful home Mr. Khanna." Ridhima said looking up at the decorated ceiling. Never had Ridhima called Armaan by his first name as she had gotten so used to calling him Mr. Khanna in class. Honestly said even Armaan liked the idea of her calling him Mr. Khanna it was a different ring to his name.
 "Come, you have to see my favorite room." Without thinking Armaan grabbed Ridhima's wrist pulling her towards the empty ballroom, but Ridhima felt the touch, and smiled at the feeling. His hands were big and strong. It did not seem like a man how had sat behind a corporate desk would have hands like his.
Once in the ballroom Armaan let go of Ridhima's hand moving to turn on the lights but stopped. Instead of going to turn the lights on he grabbed Ridhima's hand again pulling her to the center of the ballroom.
Ridhima froze still like a statue at the center of that room. The moonlight which had been reflecting the pool water glittered on their faces to only leave shadows for each of them to see.
Armaan did not say a word, he could not make out her eyes but he knew they were looking into his. He waited for her to say something but she didn't. she could not say a word. She should have never come to the house. What had she been thinking to go all the way to Armaan Khanna's house in the middle of the night?
Ridhima inhaled a deep breath as she felt Armaan's hand slide from her hand up her arm to her shoulder and around her neck, while his other hand slid around her waist. He took a step towards Ridhima to erase the little space that had once been between them just moments ago.
He leaned over to Ridhima's ear to whisper "Have you ever been kissed?" he asked as his lips lightly brushed her ears. Ridhima tried to shrug away but he held her firm in place.
"No" She whispered back in reply, taking in slow deep breaths.
"Do you want to know what it's like?" Now her slow deep breaths stopped. Armaan heard them stop. She was stiff under is hand which was resting on her waist. He waited for her replay; he waited for her to relax. The seconds passed but he waited. He stood there holding her in closeness but he waited. 
"This isn't right" She finally said.
"The question was not if it was right or wrong, the question was do you want to know what it's like to be kissed?" He asked again he moved his lips away from her ear breathing slowly down to her neck, he was careful not to have his lip touch her skin, he wanted to aggravate her. He wanted her to say yes. He knew she wanted his lips to touch her neck but he didn't, he just lightly blew his breath down her neck so slowly, so teasingly.
Her answer came slowly, hesitantly, unwillingly, but the words came out none the less "yes" Armaan did not waste time, he did not bother the tease her any longer. The moment the word yes came out of Ridhima's lips his mouth found hers.
He pressed his lips on hers pushing her back all the way to the tall windows. He pressed her back to the glass as his lips took over her virgin untouched lips. Never in his life had he kissed a woman who had never been kissed, it was completely different kissing Ridhima, he crushed her mouth with his trying to force her to open her mouth for him, soon enough she did.
Ridhima felt over ruled with Armaan's lips on her. She felt a little dirty kissing him. She felt a little disgusted too, but that feeling of desire was in her again, that same feeling she had gotten when Armaan had looked at her in his car. Her stomach dropped a hundred miles an hour. She felt empty between her legs and she wanted him right then and there.
Ridhima started to slid down wards in need but Armaan held on to her sliding her back up a little on the glass. Armaan slid his hand away from the back of Ridhim's waist to the front of her stomach. He started to lift up the bottom of her t-shirt when Ridhima felt his hand push on her bare stomach. She pushed Armaan away, feeling invaded.
They both took in deep breaths of fresh air, feeling as if they had forgotten how to breathe. Never in Armaan's life had he kissed any one the way he had kissed her. His entire body screamed to take Ridhima to his bed. The evil in side in wanted to force her if she refused, but he was made more of good than evil to be that cruel to her. 
"What happened?" Armaan asked once he was able to get his breathing back to level.
"I can't do this" Ridhima said still being able to feel his touch on her lips, and especially her stomach.
"Why not?"
"Because your expectation of me is something I can't give you, I'm just not ready for that." When Ridhima said this, Armaan was truly surprised. She knew him to well. If she had continued the kiss the way they had been, sure enough he would have had her exposed in front of him within minutes. 
"I understand that you're scared but…" He never got to finish his sentence.
"No, buts I just can't do it. I…I have to go" By saying that Ridhima ran out of the house in tears. She felt so ashamed. She loved every feeling and touch Armaan gave her but what he wanted was more which she just couldn't give. She was not raised in such a way to do so. She did not know one thing about bedding with a man her aunt and her had never talked about it and in school she did not have that many close friends to joke of it.
She was raised differently every beat in her heart raced at the thought of Armaan touching her in that way, holding her in her bare skin. It scared her to the death. Ridhima continued to run until she was safely back home in her room behind closed doors. She looked at her clock in her bedroom. It felt like she had only felt the house for half an hour but the clock read two A.M., she had been out of the house for two hours and spent one and a half in Armaan Khanna's house.
            How in the world was she going to face him tomorrow in school and pretend like nothing was wrong.


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