Sunday, 5 January 2020

Chapter eleven :25 With 18

            Saturday morning was a bore. More then a bore, Ridhima had already finished her homework that was due on Monday, and she had already finished her studying for all her test and quizzes for the rest of the week.
            She felt like more and more of her life seemed to revolve around Armaan Khanna than it did around everything else. Before she used to think about just school, she walked talked and breathed school, but with Armaan around it was different. Because of him for the first time in her life she had gotten a ninety four on her test, never in her life had she made a grade below ninety five.
            Ridhima was in her room just lying in bed thinking of him, when she heard a knock on her bed room door. Her aunt Sheena's voice boomed through "Ridhima, there are reporters outside waiting on you" Ridhima was confused. What could reporters have to do with her when…

            Ridhima quickly got out of bed and flipped open the door. It wasn't a mob or anything just three people in her living room. All three of the reporters were from different companies. There were two young men in black suits and one woman in a dress skirt and fancy blouse. "Miss Ridhima Gupta?" The lady asked
            "Yes?" Ridhima replied hoping they weren't in her living room for what she thought them to be there for.
            "I'm from Time Magazine and I was here on a rumor which had started that you are having an affair with Mr. Khanna" When the lady said this. Ridhima's aunt who was also in the room became wide eye.
            "What! Excuse me; this is my niece you are talking about. She is not having an affair with her teacher, that's absolutely ridicules" Sheena said heading to the front door to have her uninvited guest leave.
            "sorry to say but you are not welcome here" Sheena said opening the front door having the three reporters leave her home.
            As soon as they were gone Sheena turned to Ridhima in surprise "What were they talking about!" She yelled at her. It was the first time Sheena had ever yelled at Ridhima, but it was for her own good. The last thing Sheena wanted was Ridhima to get into such a mess and not be able to get in to a good collage because of it.
            Collage for Ridhima was set. No one in their family had ever gone to college and Ridhima had a bright future ahead of her and there was no way Sheena was going to let a couple of reporters with false accusations destroy Ridhima's life.
            Ridhima did not want to lie to her aunt, but she could not tell the truth either. Her silence would just have to speak for her. She just could not say anything. Ridhima all her life had been a quite person but never in her life had she been speechless as she was at the moment.
            Sheena was wide eyes all surprised. Ridhima's silence really did speak for her own. "Oh my god, your having an affair with Armaan Khanna" this time Sheena's words were a mere whisper. She felt weak in her knees. How could she have missed such a big thing in Ridhima's life? Sheena put both her hands over her mouth as she took a seat on the couch.
            "Have you slept with the man" this was Sheena's first concern. Ridhima had been raised right although Sheena herself hadn't waited till marriage she had always expected Ridhima to, or at least expected her to wait till she was absolutely sure of it.
            "No, I haven't" Ridhima said, glad that her aunt had not continued to yell. Never had she been afraid of Sheena as she had been a few seconds ago.
            "Ridhima, I love you, and care for you, it is my job to make sure that ill will does not come upon you. You need to tell me start to end. What exactly is going on between you and Armaan Khanna" Sheena said looking at Ridhima. Never had Sheena and Ridhima have a heart to heart talk on the matter of the heart. But Ridhima needed Sheena's advice. She knew nothing of love of affection. She was blind to the world of attraction and seduction.
            Ridhima told Sheena from beginning to the end, from how she had first met Armaan to last night kissing him in his library. Ridhima liked how her aunt did not judge her at the moment. she listened without interrupting. Her aunt did not make face of disgust of horror but just listened. She laughed at the moments when Ridhima told her something funny and listened carefully to the moments when Ridhima said she felt scared.
            "Listen Ridhima, I need to call Armaan up and talk about this. It's better if we talk to him and figure out what to do next. We do not have experience with journalist and big time new men and word is going to spread fast." Sheena said as she picked up the home phone to dial Armaan's number but before she could the phone rang and it was no other then Armaan Khanna himself.
            "Hello is Ridhima there? This is Armaan Khanna, her art teacher" Armaan said through the phone.
            Sheena waved to Ridhima to go in her room "This is her aunt speaking, I would rather you talk to me from now on until the matter gets straightened out" Sheena said
            "So they came to your house first." Armaan said confirming his fears.
            "So what are we going to do about this? Is there some place we can meet in person?" Sheena asked. She did not want trouble for Ridhima and at the moment what it seemed liked was troubled troubled, and more trouble.
            "Truth is told it's probably not a good idea if we meet in person, the press will hype up anything that connects me to your niece. I'm going to send over three of my best lawyers to your house to help out. I have already be give suggestions from my lawyers as to what I should to but it would better if you choose which way yawl want to go with this and I will just follow along." Armaan said sitting in his dining room. In the dining room sat with him his seven lawyers and four of whom had graduated from Harvard.
            "Mr. Khanna, I do not know you well but can I get an honest answer from you?"
            "sure" Armaan said as his lawyers shuffled through books and papers of all kind.
            "If you had a daughter who was in the same situation as Ridhima is at the moment, what would you do?" There was a pause after Sheena's worlds. She wasn't sure what Armaan was going to say but she expected him to say something that would help him sound favorable, but instead he did the exact opposite.
            "I would probably kill that man with my bare hands." Armaan finally said. He had given an honest answer to an honest question.
            "Thank you" Sheena said as she turned the phone off to cut off Armaan's handsome voice. From Armaan's honest answer Sheena knew he was a good person. He did not lie by saying that he would give someone a chance, he said it like it was. And the truth was Sheena felt like killing the man for maybe ruing her niece's life.

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