Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Chapter fourteen(Last Part): 25 With 18

            "I must say this is by far the best year I have seen, I would like to present to you the speaker of the graduating class of 2013 at Yale University." The dean of the University said as he made way for Ridhima to make her speech.
            Ridhima like all the other students was wearing a black gown with a tassel on her hat. The only difference was that she was graduating at the top of her class.
            "Thank you every one, I would like to say that as the years go on we will remember the moments'" Ridhima trailed off on her speech as she noticed someone walking down the aisle of where the graduating class was seated. It wasn't just Ridhima who was staring at the man; everyone all around was staring at Armaan Khanna!

            Over the past five years Armaan had become more famous than ever. He was like a legend in the world of the rich. The man who gave up everything to be an art teacher.
            Through out the years Ridhima and Armaan had lived their separate lives. They would talk on the phone on occasions but their worlds were different. Armaan gave Ridhima her chance in collage to grow up. He gave her the chance to date other men, to figure out more of life, and today he came to claim her back.
            When Ridhima visited home when she had been in collage she would see Armaan, but still it wasn't the same as it was when she had be his student. They had never gotten the time or chances to spend with each other as they had during the first few months of Ridhima's senior year of high school.
            "' I am suppose to give a speech of inspiration at the moment but instead I want to leave behind a message." Ridhima started to say as she looked at Armaan slowly walking towards her. He was the man that showed her that love has no time or age. She had fallen in love with him in a matter or few weeks and months while others do not find the same till years. She was a lucky person. A lucky girl. And now it was her chance to be with Armaan Khanna. She had waited the same as him for five years to be together.
            "I want to leave a message about love. It is a subject that could never be taught in books, love is not complicated at they make it sound in books. Love is simple and pure. It is the matter of the heart'" the students sitting listening to Ridhima's speech looked over at Armaan Khanna. Just last week he had been on the Ohpra Show giving an interview of his life as a regular guy and then there he was walks slowly towards the stage speaker with a grin on his face.
            No one bothered to stop Armaan as he was a famous man. it was like the idea of Justin Timberlake walking in during the middle of a graduating class speaker. "' love has no time limit, love is just love. If you love someone in a matter of a day or a year, tell them, because you may be surprised by the answer you can receive." By the time Ridhima reached this point in her speech, Armaan was in front of the stage, waiting for her.
            "I now give to you the graduating class of 2013 at Yale University." Ridhima then go her diploma from the dean, she was the first one to receive her diploma as she had back in high school, but instead of taking her seat with the graduating class after receiving the diploma, Ridhima went off the stage towards Armaan with a smile.
            "Hi" She said looking into his eyes
            "Hi back" Armaan said with a grin. He kissed her. In form of every one he kissed her! She was twenty two and he was twenty nine. Everyone was surprised. The entire Graduating class at Yale university were surprised. They had known Ridhima, but never had they known that she was a girl in love with such a rich and powerful man. she was a delicate young girl and he was a strong standing tall man.
"Marry me" Armaan said as he had his lips on Ridhima. He had one hand around Ridhima's waist and other hand held a big fat diamond ring.
            "I wouldn't have it any other way" Ridhima said breaking away her passionate kiss with Armaan. He slipped the ring on Ridhima's ring figure and took her away. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her away from the mid of her graduation.
            He was going to take her back home. To his home and make love to her passionately has he had done years ago back when she had been in high school. In the end it was just them a twenty nine year old man with a twenty two year old girl. Twenty nine with twenty two.


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